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  1. Depending on your damage I had Philpotts re chrome /repair stanchions, not cheap but perfect. Price against new just in case. Then as a theft deterrent, plug your bike into a 240v supply.
  2. I'm not sure Gas Gas know what year it is, they've released allsorts last year and this.
  3. Try nuts.
  4. Water /moisture on the throttle slide can freeze, holding throttle on, plating on slide can flake off (ask anyone who ever owned Honda CR). Both these examples usualy result in you being spat off, then when you pick yourself and the pieces of bike back up and blip the throttle, the engine ticks over as if there's nothing wrong, with no evidence of a fault. Till next time.......
  5. Few years back i did a trail that had a big entry. The organisers asked riders up to number 50 to start section 1, the rest section 5. Seemed to work, don't know if this breaks rules at local level.
  6. Ta, johnnyboxer and cleanorbust, too many rules and regs as usual
  7. Using the Doblo as example. Can the van be classed as a car by adding windows and then benefiting from cheaper road tax and higher speed limits?
  8. Check for good fuel flow from the tank, pull the fuel pipe from the carburettor, hold a jug under it, turn the petrol on and let it run for up to a minute. That's the cheap bit out of the way. Next, if you're sure the carburetor is clean and the floats and shut off needle are set up ok spend money to repair/renew the HT lead/coil or borrow another to test.
  9. I too have been riding bikes for centuries and have been able to sus out that I can't.
  10. It could be that the air screw is in too far. One and a half turns to two and a half turns out from fully in is the normal adjustment range, providing somebody hasn't faffed with jetting. On a used bike I would check the jet sizes are standard and it has a clean air filter.
  11. Good assumption. I was told by a 4 stroke rider that their bike was 4 stroking, I asked if it was like having the choke on and yes it was. 8 stroking is something else.
  12. Is your bike 2 or 4 stroke?
  13. Most chemists sell powerbands
  14. It's true dear wife, the Gas Gas factory were so impressed with my riding that they gave me this brand new bike on condition that I signed the contract to do a trial every Sunday to promote their range.
  15. It'll go until the petrol tank's empty.