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  1. I used a long 12mm bolt with the hex sides shaved down to fit. Grip the bolt in a vice, turn the caliper around it, or use 2 nuts as lock nuts on the bolt threads and use a spanner.
  2. Fitted one to Beta 200, made it very sleepy to respond al low revs which meant I had to slip the clutch to climb rocks, worse than standard. But if you don't use above 1/4 throttle on eady courses it was fine. All my 250's have had one and suit me, the 200 wss the only one I've removed. Youre only adding/changing inertia, not power.
  3. Mine is a 2015 Racing I think they all came with Keihin that year and 2014 too. The Keihin's are criticised for being temperamental, again mine have been ok week in, week out, all season's. I do get the throttle sticking intermittently in cold weather if I get water in the airbox, unless I add a drop of Silkolene SFT to the petrol. This happens with both carbs. I also had a 2005 4rt which was good at some things but the 2strokes are good at everything (pity I'm not, so I need all the help I can get).
  4. My 2013-15 Gas Gas's have been fine, fortunately no problems. Only things that wear out have worn out. They do run different with either carb, maybe a bit more friendly with a dellorto with a bit more low end grunt. Keihin seems more responsive/cleaner revving.
  5. Whether it's considered the champs or the clowns bike, buy the one you really want and to hell with the consequences. Buying with the heart, not the head, is usually impractical but for me gives more satisfaction. Mick Jagger obviously bought with the head.
  6. Found I used the clutch on decelerating to reduce unwanted engine braking. I never got the hang of riding one uphill on compact clay/mud as I do with a 2stroke.
  7. For me it's the hope of fame, fortune and sex.
  8. Exciting stuff. I guess its possible to cobble up two wheel drive easy enough using a small hub drive in the front wheel, with power supplied via two cables from the controller. No doubt there'll be a video of this on here soon.
  9. Then have a nice cup of tea.
  10. I had 2 pairs of Sidis, nice boot, no problems, not cheap. I now have Forma Boulders, 2 years, no problems, cheapish, they're also a bit longer up the leg helping avoid footpeg bites.
  11. Try this. Put bike on a stand, remove reservoir cap, top up fluid, open caliper bleed valve, make a cup of tea, have a biscuit or two, have another cup of tea, ponder lifes cruel disillusionments, take a cup of tea to your bike and see if fluid is dribbling from the bleed valve. If not, repeat above till it does, then have a cup of tea to celebrate.
  12. My riding style gives the impression I've had a few anyway.
  13. OK, thanks, so hydrate with 2 litres of Strongbow cider and a jar of paracetamol.
  14. Yes turbo, I suffer Tuesdayitis too. Monday's are no problem. Also occasionally after a trial I get a headache, I've tried drinking plenty, bar position, different helmets without success.The Tuesdsyitis and headaches used to happen after enduros 20 years back too. I wonder if the headaches are from exhaust fumes.
  15. I agree with stpauls. I don't suffer with a chest condition, yet. There's no problem switching the engine off in a big queue then starting it again when 2nd/3rd from the front.