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  1. Looking forward to the Alwinton two day trial next year
  2. Tut Tut is one of the few noises your bike hasn't made
  3. Hopefully somebody buys it before you.
  4. Turn off petrol and drain carburettor or run the engine till it uses up the petrol in the carburettor. It may lose oil from the gearbox breather too depending on which bike. Try leaving it on its side in the garage a few hours and see what comes out.
  5. I dislike Honda intensely
  6. North East England seems to get an increase in rider entries in winter over similar courses in the summer. I guess people have less to do or go to in winter.
  7. Took me 3 months to get adjusted to Mont 4RT, gave it a good chance over 18 months, then went back to 2 stroke.
  8. I know. Barbers use the same trick, offering hair extensions to save them sweeping up.
  9. Interesting, wish i'd kept the 2004 200 (160cc), I had to force it to lose grip on wet grass. Yet I didn't get on with the 200 Beta.
  10. Regarding the sticking clutch. After riding my bike it was parked in the garage and the clutch lever tied back onto the bars with a rubber band (slice of old inner tube). No more sticking.
  11. Had both, preffered the 250 with additional flywheel weight and a cam profile throttle tube.
  12. Everything from the poor education system to my toast catching fire
  13. I blame Honda
  14. Or a crank seal
  15. My Gas Gas throttle sometimes sticks too.