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  1. Tech Forks Service

  2. gasgas 250 2013 fan stays on.

    Do a continuity test on the switch terminals with the engine cold/off.
  3. BOOTS!

    Had a few Sidis, they're sized a bit small, go a size up to allow for hardening/shrinking after getting soaked and your feet will stay warmer with a bit of air trapped inside. I've had no problem with Forma Boulders, I like the extra height on the shins compared to Sidis, for the price they're a good boot that I have totally abused for nearly 3 years without any bother.
  4. big end woe

    Wot he said. While it's stripped down that far do a good job and you shouldn't need to repeat again for years.
  5. Trials new boy!!

    About time, you'll wonder why you didn't start earlier. By the way, you've bought one of my favourite trials bikes.
  6. txt linkage play

    When new mine had about 6mm / 1/4" of free play at end of the swinging arm
  7. Need a rear tyre, any good deals on anywhere?

    Every time this question is asked the price goes up by a tenner.
  8. Clubfoot verse Banana Muffler.

    No don't, it's what got my attention.
  9. Clubfoot verse Banana Muffler.

    I haven't got a clue but you get my vote for daftest subject title.
  10. Garage alarm

    Depending on the position of your garage, baby monitors are also worth considering
  11. Sherco 2014 st300 running lean problems

    What make of carburettor does it have?
  12. 2 stroke VS 4?????

    My 4RT ran more relaxed over long distance trials, had double the amount of engine revs if needed and carried a straight line up rocky sections. But I prefer 2 strokes, grip better on compact clay/mud, easier on downhills, less starting issues and easier to change direction in a hurry.
  13. Marzocchi 40mm fork settings for 2015 TXT Pro 300

    I've same bike, same year bike but a 250. Had it from new, the adjusters were set midway. No guarantee this is correct. You might need to keep check on the the fork pressurising during use, loosen the air bleed screws to release excess with the bike on its stand. Careful the screw doesn't shoot past you.
  14. Kick Starting a 2018 Beta Evo 200

    The 125 might kick over a bit easier than the 200 but none of them are hard to start, the only difficulty some have is the left hand kick start using their left leg, if so, try standing to the left of the bike and starting with your right leg.