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  1. My riding style gives the impression I've had a few anyway.
  2. OK, thanks, so hydrate with 2 litres of Strongbow cider and a jar of paracetamol.
  3. Yes turbo, I suffer Tuesdayitis too. Monday's are no problem. Also occasionally after a trial I get a headache, I've tried drinking plenty, bar position, different helmets without success.The Tuesdsyitis and headaches used to happen after enduros 20 years back too. I wonder if the headaches are from exhaust fumes.
  4. I agree with stpauls. I don't suffer with a chest condition, yet. There's no problem switching the engine off in a big queue then starting it again when 2nd/3rd from the front.
  5. All valid points. I've owned many makes of trials bikes, they've all had good and bad design. My hope is one day they'll take all the good designs to build perfection. Anyone care to mention one, prepare to be shot down in flames.
  6. What he said. But gortex leaks after a lot of arduous use. Plastic rain jackets don't but they may as well cos you'll be soaked in sweat.
  7. Had no problem leaving mine in.
  8. As 2stroke4stroke said, i dont know of conversions, but the Sherco 200 (160) i had was a favourite I wish i'd kept. It didn't have enough power to spin up, ideal for slippy conditions at my level.
  10. Exciting stuff. I don't, but I'd like to. Tell us more.
  11. The filter on mine stops dirt and only allows the carb to fill up with water, which is nice.
  12. You just described my lifestyle. I need one immediately.
  13. Looks ok to me. If they're free i'll have one.
  14. Early gas gas pro has an adapter sleeve on inlet manifold/carb joint. It may give you something to work off or copy using your required dimensions.
  15. If the ignition circuit is giving a good blue spark, try the carb again, petrol on, lean the bike over till petrol comes out the overflow, choke on and kick. If no petrol overflows, fix that bit. If it does, after kicking see if plug is wet. If it is, could be ignition, these can give intermittent faults.