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  1. Regarding the sticking clutch. After riding my bike it was parked in the garage and the clutch lever tied back onto the bars with a rubber band (slice of old inner tube). No more sticking.
  2. Had both, preffered the 250 with additional flywheel weight and a cam profile throttle tube.
  3. Everything from the poor education system to my toast catching fire
  4. I blame Honda
  5. Or a crank seal
  6. My Gas Gas throttle sometimes sticks too.
  7. I tried an RK O ring, too wide for the guide and there may be clearance issues at the gearbox sprocket/case area.
  8. Compare it with the other new seals and swap into one of the other cylinders to see if the problem moves to that one. Do the seals have a tapered cross section, if so, is it fitted correctly. Is the piston correct. On assembly use brake fluid or specific rubber grease as lubrication. The above presumes the caliper is disconnected from the system, if not, open the bleed valve or remove the reservoir cap to allow fluid to return/escape, otherwise you'll be fighting back pressure.
  9. Any suspicion of a defect and the gearbox needs inspection via engine removal/stripdown. They are a bit fragile, but ignore warning signs at your expense.
  10. I'd be happy if they'd kicked those rocks away before my turn. At one of the world rounds held near Penrith a few years back, same thing was going on, dry rocks and riders/helpers were pouring water on. How does it help?
  11. Here's a quick thought without any depth. A front wheel rotation sensor, similar to ABS, connected to a transponder, signals the observer with flashing lights and sirens. I'm going to the air raid shelter now.
  12. Swap these from bike to bike at MOT time. Other hooters are available.
  13. Me too. Chop chop get it bought.
  14. Polishing. The act of reducing size and amount of scratches. On line kits are good value but it's a dirty tedious job.
  15. No, but it's a surprise if I get through a section without a dab.