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  1. Good choice. I once bought a Vee Rubber rear tyre, it didn't grip or last very long because it went in the bin.
  2. Here's my order of choice; 1. MICHELIN 2. Everything else.
  3. I've got a one piece boiler suit, en Vogue retro stylee
  4. I've found a lot of the spherical bearings fitted to shocks are Polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) coated inside the outer bush with a chrome plated spherical bush in the middle. They're intended to be used dry but eventually the coating wears through, I've been told adding lubricant to these types of bearing can accelerate wear, but once they've worn through the coating there's nothing to lose by adding waterproof grease.
  5. I've been tempted by an offer of a meal deal at Greggs
  6. Remembered mine was connected to fuel line from tank to carb, explains simultaneous use from both tanks. Sorry for confusion. Have you removed the check valve from the bikes petrol tank breather?
  7. Pipe that reaches to the bottom of the auxiliary tank connects to main tank breather. The petrol is drawn from both tanks at the same time, when your auxiliary tank has lost a litre so will the main tank.
  8. I've used Dampire silica bags for years, others available and I think the horsey people use similar for their boots. Leave them in you boots over the week, then hang them out to dry in the airing cupboard when going to a trial. Boots don't dry completely in a week but are still plyable enough to put on.
  9. Looking forward to the Alwinton two day trial next year
  10. Tut Tut is one of the few noises your bike hasn't made
  11. Hopefully somebody buys it before you.
  12. Turn off petrol and drain carburettor or run the engine till it uses up the petrol in the carburettor. It may lose oil from the gearbox breather too depending on which bike. Try leaving it on its side in the garage a few hours and see what comes out.
  13. I dislike Honda intensely
  14. North East England seems to get an increase in rider entries in winter over similar courses in the summer. I guess people have less to do or go to in winter.
  15. Took me 3 months to get adjusted to Mont 4RT, gave it a good chance over 18 months, then went back to 2 stroke.