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  1. If you've not ridden a trials bike before, compared to a road bike, they're designed by Martians. There's a lot to adjust to and a 250s 20 or so very tractable horse powers is one of them, along with very low gearing.
  2. Buy black.
  3. I had one but didn't try a bike in, I think the roof will be too low unless you ratchet down the front suspension/pivot the handle bars. Try before you buy if it doesn't burst into flames first.
  4. Like metal polishing but cleaner.
  5. PJ 1 isn't what it used to be, petrol wrecks it.
  6. To me Gas Gas's 4th and 5th gears seem the same, it pretends to be 6 speed. Beta's 1st is low enough to tickle through cobbly streams without using the clutch, but not much use in other sections. My Sherco used to rev too high in 5th on the road sections but was OK otherwise. My 4RT was best on the roads but a heavy numb thing on sections. For me it's a tie between Gas Gas and Beta for range of gearing. Let's see what TRS's turn out like.
  7. Dell Orto carbs have a fuel adjustment screw, not air adjustment, screwing it in clockwise will weaken the fuel to air mix, the opposite to an air adjustment screw fitted to Kehein carbs. If it's a Gas Gas Pro I'm surprised it has a Dell Orto, Kehein have been fitted to UK models for a few years
  8. For me, colder weather, hot engines being plunged into cold streams equals milky oil through condensation. I just live with it and change the oil more often.
  9. I think the courier has a different sole. I've sidi trials and Forma Boulder boots the Formas are fine and an inch taller. Best protection I had was MX boots with a commando sole fitted by a local cobbler
  10. Said a Vertigo owner
  11. Borrow your friends Beta to eliminate items.
  12. Mine clack clacked the other week because the chains connecting link spring clip and outer link plate had vanished, allowing the link plate with the pins fitted to back out and clack its way against the chain tensioner, luckily no damage.
  13. Good choice. I once bought a Vee Rubber rear tyre, it didn't grip or last very long because it went in the bin.
  14. Here's my order of choice; 1. MICHELIN 2. Everything else.
  15. I've got a one piece boiler suit, en Vogue retro stylee