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  1. It could be that the air screw is in too far. One and a half turns to two and a half turns out from fully in is the normal adjustment range, providing somebody hasn't faffed with jetting. On a used bike I would check the jet sizes are standard and it has a clean air filter.
  2. Good assumption. I was told by a 4 stroke rider that their bike was 4 stroking, I asked if it was like having the choke on and yes it was. 8 stroking is something else.
  3. Is your bike 2 or 4 stroke?
  4. Most chemists sell powerbands
  5. It's true dear wife, the Gas Gas factory were so impressed with my riding that they gave me this brand new bike on condition that I signed the contract to do a trial every Sunday to promote their range.
  6. It'll go until the petrol tank's empty.
  7. It isn't officially a crash or a 5 until you aren't touching the bike.
  8. I'm going to live for eternity, I'm still here to prove it.
  9. It's a sad fact that apathy is the biggest ally of authority.
  10. I missed this, where/what do I sign?
  11. I ride a 2015 GG 250 racing and tried a friends Vertigo 300, handling and suspension matched my bike, maybe a bit firmer and stable, nothing weird. Although it was a 300 the off idle response wasn't abrupt or snappy (it's got additional flywheel weight) it picked up revs quickly past 1/4 throttle but only as expected with a bigger engine. The fueling was faultless too.
  12. I used a long 12mm bolt with the hex sides shaved down to fit. Grip the bolt in a vice, turn the caliper around it, or use 2 nuts as lock nuts on the bolt threads and use a spanner.
  13. Fitted one to Beta 200, made it very sleepy to respond al low revs which meant I had to slip the clutch to climb rocks, worse than standard. But if you don't use above 1/4 throttle on eady courses it was fine. All my 250's have had one and suit me, the 200 wss the only one I've removed. Youre only adding/changing inertia, not power.
  14. Whether it's considered the champs or the clowns bike, buy the one you really want and to hell with the consequences. Buying with the heart, not the head, is usually impractical but for me gives more satisfaction. Mick Jagger obviously bought with the head.
  15. Found I used the clutch on decelerating to reduce unwanted engine braking. I never got the hang of riding one uphill on compact clay/mud as I do with a 2stroke.