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  1. so are you saying the sherco is more crash friendly ?
  2. youtube
  3. m6 bolt torque into aluminium is usually around 7-10 Nm depending on application. 8Nm is what i used in a star pattern. If you heat up the crankcase enough you will find the main bearings drop into the case and fully seat with no other force. when you have done this heat the bearing in the case and get it hot enough so you can put the frozen crank in the same way without force. Just make sure you have the conrod in the correct place! heat the other main bearing/ case just before you close up the halves and it should go together with no drama. Once you have them together with bolts in snug, tap either side of the crank with deadblow or hyde mallet etc until it turns freely then torque the bolts and check the crank rotates nice and free. HTH jason
  4. Bearings/crank in the freezer, warm crankcase evenly with hot air gun. drop the bearings inti case make sure they are seated. warm the bearings/casings with hot air gun again and fit the crank and then the other casing. may need a small tap on either side of the crank when the casings come together and then recheck casing bolt torques. works for me everytime
  5. did you not get the manual ? πŸ™„
  6. I use a decent pair of 90 degree external circlip pliers, just losen the top fork clamp then it should undo fine with these if it hasnt been overtightened.
  7. Welcome to the sport. Just go along to a local trial and enter on the day. There is a Lancs county mcc trial on sat 11 November. It will have an easy route with a beginer format of 2 laps instead of 4. More info on thier website. There is also Bolton mcc and Darwin mcc that have info on their websites. Hope you both enjoy.
  8. .6
  9. why did the 300 2t have no clutch or brakes
  10. There is a vid on youtube of him on an electric ktm riding with jonny walker. Im sure he could tranfer some of his incredible skills to a trials bike. IF he wanted to✊
  11. you should bring your bike next time Barrow and district, Bootle scrambe club, Lakes grasstrack, westmorland and Ccmc clubs always put quality events on in and around the lake district. At the moment heres 4 centre rounds on consecutive weekends leading up to the 2 day. 2 down 2 to goπŸ‘
  12. You could give them a call on 01229 716806
  13. well done to all the brits in trial gp. Another Well deserved championship win for Emma Bristow and an awesome performance from toby martyn for his first win. Looked great on the qualifying section easily the best rider of trial 2.
  14. forma boulder are comfy but mine come apart at the outside stiched seam after only about 10 trials in less than 6 months. 1 size up from normal shoe size to fit seal skinz and an arch support.
  15. ^^^This helps a lot ive recently found. Maybe not on slick mud though!?