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  1. Don't even feel embarrassed asking a Bultaco related question on this forum. Simply because they are quirky and had loads of changes which happened during production and parts been later superseded. Back in the day, I had from new a early red model 199 with fibre glass tank. Which had a duplex primary drive chain, tensioner and corresponding clutch basket, which I thought was standard equipment as this is how it came from the favtory. However, it wasn't until many years later that I found out these components were normally only fitted to the Pursang motocrossers and not the Sherpa's.
  2. That's the great advantage "works" riders have, they can change absolutely anything on their bike without worrying about the costs. Back in the day, a bike would be taken back to the factory or to Comerfords and completely rebuilt for the next event, noting what changes the rider wanted. If new bit 'n pieces became available from the factory, it would be a case of try that during the week and let us know if you want it on the bike for the next event.
  3. I'd stick with the Mikuni. Bings are incredibly fickle and in my experience go out of tune very quickly.
  4. The rear wheel is a common fitting on the later model Alpina's. The Alpina was a very big seller in the US for Bultaco, I would hazard a guess that it might well have been their biggest seller. Here in Ireland the Alpina sold very well, but seldom to the general public, as it was sold in volume, principally to a Government agency (Bord na Mona*) which processed Peat for fuel and gardening purposes. Bikes were auctioned off to the public from time to time. However they mostly ended up as "field bikes" and were gradually hacked to death and finally scrapped. The Alpina's were gradually phased out and replaced by the Honda XL250 in the mid 80's. Its rumoured that a lot of spares and a quantity bikes were simply buried in a big hole in the ground, rather than going to the bother of selling off the parts and bikes. Nice to see my hard earned tax been put to such good use, the swines! 😤 *The name is in the Irish language and simply means "The Turf Board" in English.
  5. One restored Model 80 and one proud owner. Almost 12 months later than anticipated, my Father officially unveiled his fully restored Sherpa T Model 80. I think you'll all agree it was well worth the wait.
  6. Thanks Steve, much appreciated. 😎
  7. Alright lad, I going to go at this from a different angle, as I find your response confusing and I fail to understand it! My dilemma is as follows, I recently purchased a new airbox and when I attempted to bolt the seat on top I cannot get it to fit properly without squashing the tallest snorkel. Many thanks. Pat
  8. Best I ever got out of mine in competition was 38 miles, before I hit reserve.
  9. I'm afraid not nigel me ould pal. Call me thick or what, but there you! As someone with a far better grasp of things said once, " a picture paints a thousand words".
  10. I'm afraid that I don't have either parts book to hand. However based on my knowledge of Bultaco parts books, I can almost be sure that these parts will have different part numbers. Can you be a little more specific? As the hub, brake plate, spokes, rim etc... will all have bike specific part numbers.
  11. Would anyone have a photo of the 199B airbox, showing the snorkels? Thanks
  12. A frustrating evening in the garage! Started off with two "simple" jobs to do this evening and ended up accomplishing neither. Decided to put new swinging arm bushes and inserts into the 199B and ordered the nylon/plastic bushes as I felt they be the easier to fit. The bushings and inserts fitted the swinging arm like a glove, the fun began when I attempted to marry the swinging arm and the frame. Needless to say after many attempts the swinging arm remains unfitted to the frame. Will have to now spread the frame to make it wide enough to accept the swinging arm complete with bushes and inserts, I reckon a car jack should do the trick. Following all that trauma, I deceided to fit the new airbox I received from InMotion. Now all looked well, however I noted that drilling would be required for both attachment to the frame and the fitting of the side panels. I also noted that no side panel gromets are supplied with the airbox. Anyway it is almost fitted at this stage My question is does anyone have a photo of a 199B airbox as I would like to see how the snorkels are arranged on the airbox. Many thanks in advance.
  13. Well after a number of false starts, I finally got the frame away to the powder coaters, collected it today and I'm delighted with the finish. Of course as soon as I got it home I couldn't resist fitting the bash plate that I got from Todotrial. Which fitted perfectly and offers way more protection than the original. Next on the list will be swinging arm bushes and a new airbox.
  14. Out of curiosity, can I ask why you need such a large amount of information? Are you restoring multiple Alpinas or writing a thesis on Bultaco Alpina frame geometry 😀
  15. If you want to realise the highest possible price for resale, get it professionally stripped and powder coated.