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  1. The Model 49 Sherpa is the old style engine developed well before the 325cc engine. The first 325cc Sherpa engine came two models later with the M92. I don't think you would have any major difficulties dropping a complete 325 engine into a M49 frame. However converting a 250cc into a 325cc without dramatically alterating the crankcases, upgrading the crank assembly, bigger exhaust pipe etc, would prove impossible to my mind.
  2. For me Telford is a very good show, travelled over from Ireland last year for the first time and really enjoyed it. Now the show tickets bought, flight are booked, hotel accommodation secured and car hired, for this year's show. Roll on Feburary 16th & 17th cant wait.
  3. Yes, cut a slice slightly larger than the diameter of the pin through an old scoket. Just make sure that is big enough to fit over the retaining post and large enough to put a squeeze on the spring.
  4. Yeah, its a bit of a faff alright. I found removing it on the rear brake lever side always worked for me.
  5. 199B Air-filter.
  6. Replace the condenser, that will more than likely cure the problem. I would also follow pschrauber's advice and post a picture of your spark plug.
  7. I was visiting the Estapona area and went to a Trial in and around the village of Benahavis, this was at the end of May 2015 and again in 2016. If I remember correctly it was a round of the local Trials Championship. It had a mixture of everything from School Kids, Experts and Twinshocks. Here is a link to the club's website. . Can't update you further as I wasn't in the area in at that time in 2017. There was also a Trial in your area back in November organised by Moto Club Puerto De La Torre. Here is a link to the Trials page of the Andaluz Federation or as we might say the "Andalusia Centre"
  8. I read it as a throw away comment which has nothing remotely whatsoever to do with a Classic Trial in France. Screw the politics and leave it out of a Motorcycle Trial forum!
  9. Sounds like a great event. But seriously, what has Brexit got to do with a Classic Trial in France?
  10. They are as Rare a Rocking Horse $h1te. Though in fairness I'd like to know who actually made the alloy one which had the lower pivot and give them an sizable order, or buy the tooling off them.
  11. You must have been a "exceedingly good boy" this year. Are they Alloy Mudguards on the Sherpa? Snazzy looking wraparound Sump Guard as well. Would genuinely love to get my hands on one of those Green Alpina's, but will have to finish off a few projects first.
  12. Don't even feel embarrassed asking a Bultaco related question on this forum. Simply because they are quirky and had loads of changes which happened during production and parts been later superseded. Back in the day, I had from new a early red model 199 with fibre glass tank. Which had a duplex primary drive chain, tensioner and corresponding clutch basket, which I thought was standard equipment as this is how it came from the favtory. However, it wasn't until many years later that I found out these components were normally only fitted to the Pursang motocrossers and not the Sherpa's.
  13. That's the great advantage "works" riders have, they can change absolutely anything on their bike without worrying about the costs. Back in the day, a bike would be taken back to the factory or to Comerfords and completely rebuilt for the next event, noting what changes the rider wanted. If new bit 'n pieces became available from the factory, it would be a case of try that during the week and let us know if you want it on the bike for the next event.
  14. I'd stick with the Mikuni. Bings are incredibly fickle and in my experience go out of tune very quickly.
  15. The rear wheel is a common fitting on the later model Alpina's. The Alpina was a very big seller in the US for Bultaco, I would hazard a guess that it might well have been their biggest seller. Here in Ireland the Alpina sold very well, but seldom to the general public, as it was sold in volume, principally to a Government agency (Bord na Mona*) which processed Peat for fuel and gardening purposes. Bikes were auctioned off to the public from time to time. However they mostly ended up as "field bikes" and were gradually hacked to death and finally scrapped. The Alpina's were gradually phased out and replaced by the Honda XL250 in the mid 80's. Its rumoured that a lot of spares and a quantity bikes were simply buried in a big hole in the ground, rather than going to the bother of selling off the parts and bikes. Nice to see my hard earned tax been put to such good use, the swines! 😤 *The name is in the Irish language and simply means "The Turf Board" in English.