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  1. I have had 2 and can honestly say I never had the chain off.
  2. Does anyone know how to take the headlight off without stopping the fan from working ?
  3. I thought a ride on Friday would be enough ?
  4. Get your entry in James you know you love it ?
  5. Have a look on Jim sandiford site.
  6. Brilliant
  7. Think standard used to be 11 tooth but from 13/14 they changed it to ten on front.
  8. I had a B in mine and lampkins said to go to D, so depends what's in yours now.
  9. I've got caliper bolts but am a bit far ?
  10. Yes you take 2 bolts out of casing and use them, actually it might come with one longer bolt too.
  11. Personally I would stick to ten on the front 42 on the back or maybe 43.
  12. Awesome if you need any help with the bike just ask.
  13. Sunday's trial wasn't just about being smooth on the throttle , it was that slippy that you had to burn through the mud by revving hard and letting it spin all the way through it.
  14. I thought I did