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  1. Whats the weather like Jon v8 ? dismal here inDevon !
  2. Strange no trials clubs ? Hi Jon v8 , glad to hear your positive comments on trail riding as we are out there next month doing same !, where did you go roughly ?
  3. Break the rollers and cage ,and IF you have an arc welder quickly weld a good blob on opposite sides of the remaining inner , with a punch I can always lightly then tap inner off .
  4. Over 50,s going back on standard route is a good move , and will keep more people happy than the few who wanted to ride 50 50 route. I do genuinely think that the series could have included a twinshock and pre65 class riding the easier route if only to generate good entry levels . Having ridden many of these rounds the section severity of the easier route is generally spot on for those classic riders who desire a bit of a challenge . I am sure Mr average over 50/60 can mix well with Mr average twinshock /pre 65 and therefore should pose no problems ?.
  5. A chap in the cotswolds may be able to help with this , Jon Bliss , in actual fact I was looking at a sherco 4t creation of his only this weekend at a local trial, A newcomer to the sport had bought a really nice Late ? 4t ,I noted that it had been extensively worked on as it had a larger flywheel etc along with J Bliss stamped on the mods . An interesting bike along with the purchaser not knowing what he had bought either !. Sorry no contact details of Mr Bliss but somebody on here local to him may . Good luck .
  6. Strange thing is ,and others tell me that they get the same , I tend to be more tired on the Tuesday after the trial ! , I rode Sat and sunday this weekend ,was fine yesterday but feeling tired today . Any thoughts ? .
  7. Whats next ? blue badge area in queue ?
  8. Thanks for the response ,I ask because i am just about to do a full rebuild on my 305 including a re plate and piston so at this stage could fit whats best .
  9. I have heard that a piston from a later 309 can be fitted to the 305 motor to help the noise issue , is this true ? (ask greeves ) Thanks.
  10. There is no definitive answer , is down to what you want out of the sport and at the end of the day it is you on the bike getting the pleasure or not !. Iam very fortunate to have a bike for all disciplines and can honestly say that I enjoy riding them all and thats what its all about . Nothing is best its down to you to make your mind up .
  11. Thanks Gasser Guy ,see you soon !
  12. Where can we purchase the L R SO markers that we see in road based trials . thanks
  13. 2017 acu classic trials championship ?
  14. In all honesty having ridden the series since around 2007 I have always felt that the series was ,and should remain the domain of the older pre 65 bike ,and us twin shockers have really been there by invite and to make the numbers up therefore making the event viable . I have had no problem with this and have enjoyed many fine events held in lovely parts of Britain . I know its putting the clock back but I think the day has come for the series to revert back to its roots and become a British bike only event , what bikes qualify for that I will leave to the experts . I have also noted that the main problem areas relate to the pre65 class and very little is actually mentioned about twinshock so maybe its best if we stay out of the way . I remain doubtful that many of the people who post on this forum still would not follow a revamped series !. Lets be clear , call a spade a spade , the Kia series has hit the spot with a lot of twin shockers , expertly coordinated by Gerry Minshall and team ,good venues , well organised etc etc I have only ridden a couple since their conception but the numbers speak for themselves . I have concentrated on the Sammy series this year ,last round cancelled at short notice ,the one before that poorly supported this year . I think my mind is made up now as to what series I will follow next year !.