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  1. There's plenty of footage of the beer stop on YouTube, definitely Carla at Namur. It was his brother who handed it to him.
  2. That's a 348 - right shape tailpipe and frame loop over the rear mudguard, just has a 349 type alteration to the frame to integrate the bash plate. 349 bash plate had straight edges - see HERE.
  3. I suspect the appointment of the likes of Inch Perfect will have a very positive effect in sales. Did you see the scale of the first batch they had from Honda on their Facebook page? Time will tell.....
  4. Peter Cartwright 👍
  5. Doh. 🤓 Let's start a petition to get him to do it, would definitely add a bit of interest.
  6. Will he blitz it just as much as the trials scene? Big chance of injury potentially opening up the trials WTC?
  7. Good. Keep 'em coming.
  8. Wednesday, then start tapering down by Friday. It's all about keeping relaxed.
  9. ...with Mr Percival featuring. ?
  10. Just refreshing this again to see if anyone has a spare tank - I wantto keep the new one for best.
  11. Seems to be some chat around saying Dave Taylor did a full lap of the TT course in the seventies (it's clear he didnt), but did a quick search on Youtube for Dave Taylor TT and found this gem........ John Noakes, Trials, Shep, what's not to like?
  12. Perce, I'll arrange for some slow release, high carb complex energy food to be on hand somewhere above Gunnerside Gill. Doughnuts alright?
  13. 29 Vertigos. Surprisingly high number. 101 Betas, only 39 Gassers, 40 Sherco, 17 Scorpa, 50 Mont, (+ 3 Honda) 4 TRS, 6 Jota and 5 Ossa. I bet that's a major difference to previous years in terms of numbers of the different makes.