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  1. Ulf Karlsson

    James Dabill tweeting RIP Ulf Karlsson.
  2. Busto and Fajardo to Gas Gas

    http://www.todotrial.com/en/news/item/5962-gas-gas-se-refuerza-con-jaime-busto-y-jeroni-fajardo.html#.WhVDeFVl8kI Official.
  3. British WTC 2018

    ......like 'where will we park the doughnut vans?'
  4. Many congratulations to the British riders who have won their respective championships. It's really sad that there's no comment on here at all when it has been a good year for so many Brits.
  5. Hakan Carlqvist R.I.P.

    There's plenty of footage of the beer stop on YouTube, definitely Carla at Namur. It was his brother who handed it to him.
  6. New Cota 348 Owner

    That's a 348 - right shape tailpipe and frame loop over the rear mudguard, just has a 349 type alteration to the frame to integrate the bash plate. 349 bash plate had straight edges - see HERE.
  7. The One Honda Have Never Won

    I suspect the appointment of the likes of Inch Perfect will have a very positive effect in sales. Did you see the scale of the first batch they had from Honda on their Facebook page? Time will tell.....
  8. TWINSHOCKS ARE A'COMING............

    Peter Cartwright 👍
  9. Toni Bou - Hard Enduro

    Doh. 🤓 Let's start a petition to get him to do it, would definitely add a bit of interest.
  10. Will he blitz it just as much as the trials scene? Big chance of injury potentially opening up the trials WTC?
  11. World Outdoor Series

    Good. Keep 'em coming.
  12. Scott Entry List?

    Wednesday, then start tapering down by Friday. It's all about keeping relaxed.
  13. Scott Entry List?

    ...with Mr Percival featuring. ?