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  1. Hi. I had the same thing happen twice in nationals recently. Its usually the throttle cable sleeve being pulled on causing the slide to lift. make sure your cable is routed correctly and doesn't get pulled or bind when steering is at full lock. I zip tied my cable at various points points to prevent this from happening. I also used small zip ties to secure the rubber boot to the throttle housing and to the cable (NB use small ties here so that you can still yank the cable out in a run away situation).
  2. Hi. No one responded to your previous post as is a question that has been asked a million times and has been answered a million and one times.....resulting in a million and two different answers. please use the search function next time. ill help you out though..... use fully synthetic two stroke oil. I use 66:1 but alot of others use 80:1 Take your pick. ps: welcome
  3. If all your adjustments are maxed out, some guys shorten the cable by clipping it shorter and fitting a new stop (little lead ball that hooks into the slide). I have crimped new stops onto cables but should the stop fail, itll full into your carb and get sucked in. if you dont want to buy a new cable, rather put a spacer in by one of your adjusters.
  4. I agree with nelly, buy a new cable....however it is very unlikely that a throttle cable has stretched as not much force is applied at all. I would suggest against adjusting length on the slide side because if the new cable stop is not thoroughly secured to the cable, it can fail/fall off and will get sucked right through your motor. rather buy a new one.
  5. You beat me to it. Dont know scorpa at all but also noticed the missing chain tensioner.
  6. -2/-3 C is cold.....you tougher than me . Our winters are awesome. Cold in the mornings but quickly warms up to mid 20's and slim to no chance of rain.
  7. Howzit mags. The heater was a life saver....got well below zero on the first night. Even let my baby sleep inside .
  8. Hi guys. Got back yesterday after KZN nationals. What a great experience. It was well worth the $$$ and the 1800km drive . The trial was at a awesome venue with all the sections being close to the campsite. The spectators seemed to enjoy it as they could easily walk and watch almost all the sections. the standard was great as ive never dropped so many 5's and still thoroughly enjoyed it. out of 19 riders in my class, I took 8th on day 1 and pulled off 6th for day 2. Im chuffed with that as my goal was top 10 and to beat one fine gentleman (got him by 1 point ). I also had the pleasure of meeting and watching 7 times champ, Tony Orrey. His riding style is amazing to watch. I also, unfortunately, experienced 2 runaway motors. Mine was easy to sort out, yanked the cable out. The other not so easy and we failed.....engine screamed its t!ts off for about 6/7 seconds and came to a sudden stop. We pulled plug lead off, yanked cable and I tried to glove the pipe (dont ever do this with thin trials gloves, burnt 3 fingers and melted my gloves to peaces). We didnt have time to turn the bike upside down. All in all, a excellent and unforgettable weekend. Loved every moment!
  9. Hi. Sorry I cant help with the year but should it indeed be a 2009, check the frame around the fuel tap for leaks. Mate of mine had fuel leaking out of a crack by the fuel petcock. It was a known issue by beta and beta replaced his frame with a new one free of charge.
  10. Sorry about the pics flipping. ...no idea what thats about. Anyway, got some new rubber on the rear. Trying a goldent tyre....woooohooowoooo..... (waiting for the chirps:)). Our #1 rider, Brent le riche, apparently doesnt feel a difference, so im quite sure I wont . That slime stuff makes a mess when you pull a tire but cleans up very easily. Im set on my anti flat technique. Havent had a flat since. Started packing for my loooong haul down for nationals. Gonna be a blast, even if I ride like a chop!
  11. Hi guys Was searching the classifieds and came across this bike. 2012 Xprisa 280cc, apparently made in Spain and is a sherco copy. Price is ZAR 17 000 (about £1000 , $2000us).....not a bad price but what is it and how is it? (I dont plan on trading my EVO in, dont worry ). Cheers
  12. Drop offs are scarey. Drop offs at the bottom of a steep down hill are worse. I would approach very slow and then give just enogh juice to hold the front up (bike level) until the bike clears and drops level and hit both brakes on landing (training thinking going on here), ready to negotiate next obstacle. Thats what id attempt but ive seen who has responded and I would take their advice over mine. I need to work on down hill and then a vert drop off......still sh!t scared of them.
  13. Not sure why my cell flips my pics sometimes. Thought id shave some weight off Had a awesome training session today....got a mate to set sections for me and he took great pride in making me fail to clean sections set by him. It helped alot as I pushed myself hard to show him I can do it. I failed most of the time but eventually got the technique sort of sorted and cleaned a few. I also climbed a wall I said I wont do (too close to nationals to try dumb stuff), but I guess that show off instinct took over.....and it was a piece of cake......but did scare the cr@p out of me I made sure I had a play afterwards to boost my confidence as the sections my mate set really made me work and its not nice failing all the time. Overall, a great day on the bike.
  14. Thanks guys Lineaway - i think im gonna do the 2 hours the day before, basically just want to remind my coordination what to do. My schedule so far is: Tuesday - Sunday: Train Monday - Tuesday: Prep bike Wednesday: drive 300km to JHB Thursday: buy supplies and load up Friday: depart at 5am, 600 km to event, set up camp and get a 2 hour play in, drink a cold one. Sat - Sun: Ride well
  15. Looks like the beta 06 and before triple clamps/tree? Sure I am wrong but I did notice the clamps between the beta 06 and 07.
  16. Hi guys I think most of you have read a bit of my story, and I appreciate all the help given. I have less than 2 weeks untill my next comp....South African nationals round 3 &4. A 2 day trials in unfamiliar terain. It will be my second comp riding intermediate so im still unsure what to expect but im doing my best to be ready. I would desperately like a top 5 position although I doubt it (will be p!ssed with myself if I dont get top 10). Yes I put pressure on myself but thats what drives me In my less than 2 weeks build up......how should I train? (I know what to work on but what sort of schedule). I have a dodgy shoulder and dont want to flare it up (hopping). Ive noticed that I ride worse if im off the bike for a week...takes a bit of time to get in the groove. What ive been thinking is hit the training fairly hard (1.5-2hours a day solid), then have a few days rest just before the event and just have a play around for a bit the afternoon before to get that groove thing going. For me its a big event.....and my competitive nature drives me mad but I like to know its not because I didn't try..... What is the lead up for your "big" events? Thanks guys
  17. Hi mags Ill also be taking my canvas tent. As you can see, I hate my bike getting so cold. Im sure these temperature fluctuations dont do it any good. Shell be be sleeping next to me in the tent. Ill be packing the thermals, 2x warm sleeping bags and will be on a airbed. The spot im going to has power points so ill also run a lead and pop a small fan heater in the tent......im just worried about condensation ??? Have you ever run a heater in your tent? Temp will be similar. ..0-3 degrees C.
  18. Wierd.....havent seen that on my 13 evo 300 or 07 rev. I would guess rear shock or linkage. What size bolt? 6mm/8/10? Let us know.....im curious how this came loose on the trailer and you have all the parts minus the nut ???
  19. Howzit guys. Ive started training quite hard for nationals coming up. 13 more sleeps......cant wait. Gonna be a loooooong/expensive trip but I just have to go. Im hooked on now having to climb the intermediate ladder. Thanks brumby . To keep costs down, ill be camping at the nationals for 3 nights.....in winter....brrrrrr. My front wheel hopping is coming along nicely. I was showing off today and hopped a complete 360 d both ways so I started working on little rear wheel hops. Doable but not as easy or near as reliable. I did soon realise that hopping is what kills my left shoulder so I better leave that out so close to nationals. Oh yes, the dude that was gonna come with me pulled out so costs are all up to me now.....a trip I cant afford in the first place but im so syked up I just have to go.
  20. My standard tire preasure is 3.5 rear and 5 front. Ive hit some stuff pretty hard with no issues. If I know im gonna be doing lots of rock I might go 4 rear 6 front just for peace of mind really. ....doubt it makes that much difference.
  21. Found the ideal solution to our (mine and zippys) trials needs. A local product (MADE IN SOUTH AFRICA), very light weight, allows full movement, burn resistant genuine leather and will help support the local community. .....a win win situation. Mags, this all leather option might work for you too..... Ok I will stop now
  22. Im confused. .......why do you need a under garment? Lycra is so smooth and soft.......
  23. Hey Zippy...lets combine your shorts with my man tights.....cycling shorts! Hows that for a good idea It would drive 0007 wild, hes already picturing me from the rear in a lineup.....
  24. Good question Dan...would also like to know. Everything looks so neat and well machined. What helped for me was polishing the clutch basket tabs. I failed to do this the first time and its been well worth doing it now. After a year, there were noticeable notches worn into the basket.
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