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    BETA EVO 250 2016

    Had 5 betas and ran them all at 75:1 1000 ml super unleaded fuel : 13 ml two stroke oil. They all ran clean with no issues what so ever.
  2. I had this issue once on a rev 3. It was moisture / water in the stop button ??
  3. Had same issues on both beta 50 and 80. I managed to get the original tap fully open and then fitted one of these in the line. Leaving the original beta one in the always open position. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/INLINE-PETROL-FUEL-TAP-FITS-BRIGGS-STRATTON-HONDA-ETC-WP43502-/161872906731?hash=item25b06089eb:g:DGEAAOSwT5tWMd-x These are easy for the kids to turn and you can see straight away if the fuel in on or off. Cheers.
  4. Hi, Had 6 Beta's now. Run them all at 75:1 fuel/oil mix using Putoline Strawberry TT Trial Oil. Used Putoline GP10 gear oil in gearbox and changed it regular. Ran tyres at 4 PSI rear and 8 PSI front. Spark plug NGK BP5ES ... Never had any trouble with this setup. Cheers.
  5. Elf HTX 740 is the best I've used !! http://www.bvm-moto.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=1221
  6. Hi, I have the same issue a few times on different bikes including a 315r and it was the sparkplug. Kicked it and kicked it but nothing happening, fitted a new plug and they started straight away ????
  7. Hi, you could buy a small sheet of 3mm thick EPDM rubber and make a gasket to go between the tap base and the tank. If you have a good thread on the fixing it should pull it up ? Here's a link to one on eBay, 100mm sq x 3mm thick = £2.40 delivered. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=121210592045
  8. Hi, I had an issue with a new domino throttle. The slot where the round barb on the end of the cable sits in the tube wasn't formed properly and some times the barb would twist causing the throttle to not return fully and it would rev high. It did this about 3 times on a ride and took me a while to find it as when I restarted the bike it had reseated and all was well. I filed the slot a little deeper so the barb sat right and the problem was cured. Make sure when the throttle is returned there is some slack on the cable.
  9. Thanks for your help twinshockdude ......
  10. Thanks for all your replies ... twinshockdude - Please tell me where you measured the 16mm from ? Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, We have a 2010 Beta Evo 80 Big Wheel, which needs the pilot jet cleaning regular as it seems to block quite easily. It is a #38 and i was wanting to know if this is the right size ? The bike can also momentarily cut when on half throttle and it catches the lad out when on a climb, is this connected to the pilot jet size ? Any suggestions are welcome ? Thanks.
  12. darrensn

    Rev3 Wont Idle

    Hi, I had the exact problem on a 2006 rev 3 250 cutting out when on a slight downhill. I sent the carb to BVM in stroud and they changed the needle valve seat and set the tangs on the float height. It cost £48 with post and it run/idled spot on, problem gone !!
  13. Hi, thanks for the replies. reading the above, I think its a bad idea to convert the bike as milkybarkidtech has pointed out the senior and junior are different bikes. I think I will take lineaways advice and let him ride the rev 50 until he's ready for the bw 80 I wasn't trying to get him on the 80 to make him a better rider it was just because its a newer bike Cheers to all ......
  14. Hi, as the topic says I am pondering converting my 13 year olds Evo 80 Senior to a small wheel for my 9 year old. My 9 year old already has a beta rev 50 (4 speed) small wheel and the thought crossed my mind to use the wheels etc to convert the evo ????? I know the shaft sizes for the axle are different but does any one think it is possible to do using a sleeve over the axle ? Not sure on brake disc , sprocket etc. Looked around for a small wheel 80 and they are daft money as they are rare. I know you can buy a small wheel kit for the 80 senior but its around £800. Thanks
  15. Hi, you can fit raceline levers for £6 a side but they break easily, the apico levers around £8 are much better http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Raceline-Front-Clutch-Lever-AJP-Replica-Gas-Gas-Trials-/160853142337 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Apico-Forged-Silver-Long-Brake-Lever-AJP-Trials-Fits-In-Description-/360526336756?pt=UK_Motorcycle_Parts&hash=item53f10b52f4 not sure on gear lever, £25 seems about right to me !!!!
  16. Hi, I just used Rustoleum Hard Hat Black High Temp paint with great results, It's good for upto 750 degree c and It can take a knock without chipping easily ... I applied it in around 4 coats and then baked it in a paint oven at 160 degree c for about 2 hours. It's the best high temp paint I have ever used, much better quality than the bbq type ones ...... I paid about £11 for a 500ml can. See link below to see spec' http://www.promain.co.uk/product/1078_Black_1015__1078_HeatResistant_Coating_id3524_clid201
  17. darrensn

    Cold Feet!

    I use these, found they really helped in the cold .... http://alturl.com/2cne7
  18. Hi, just got a 2003 Beta Rev 50 (4 speed) for my son, The screw on top of the gearbox where you fill it with gear oil has a strange female socket type bore ? It looks like a standard hex bore but with the corner points removed ? So It looks like a splined bore Is there a special tool to remove this , as an allen key does not work. Not sure if its a original part, but its in really tight. Any help appreciated ? Also, whats the best sparkplug to use. I have BP5ES for my other sons Evo 80, are these OK ? Thanks ......
  19. I use Putoline GP10, I get it online from Dennis Winters ......
  20. darrensn

    Best Premix Oil?

    Hi, I use Castrol TTS oil with super unleaded fuel 70:1. Used it for 3 years in Evo without any problems. I also used it in my Rev 3 prior to that, also no problems.
  21. Hi, I have experienced this on my sons bike, it was dirt in one of the jets in the carb. It would rev easily on tick over, but as soon as you moved off it would die. Blow through every port & jet in the carb, also make sure you clutch plates aren't stuck together. With engine off, put it in 3rd and rock the bike backwards and forwards. Once the plates are apart drain & refill with decent gear oil. I have always used Putoline GP10 in my beta's and it's worked well for me. Hope this helps.
  22. darrensn

    Bike Size

    Hi, my son is the same age and size as your lad. He had never rode a geared bike before so I thought a Beta Rev 50 would be ideal. I went to buy him the bike and when we got there it was too small. I realised a Beta 80 was the way to go. I got him a 2010 Beta 80 (full size wheels) and he has now rode it 4 times. He is already at home on it and the 50 would have been a mistake. I also have a 7yr old lad who has a Beta minitrial, he sat on another lads rev 50 last time out and it suited his size way better than the 11yr old. Hope this helps !
  23. I hear solid wheels are coming next !!!
  24. If its mint, I would say you should get more than £2k, there are shed loads of battered bikes out there and in my experience people will pay more for an as new bike regardless of its year. I would wait for the right buyer rather than give it away.
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