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  1. graham66

    Belgium GP

    Hi, yeah I'm driving from UK.
  2. graham66

    2018 Belgium Trial GP - which date?

    Hello, the updated calendar (where Guatemala is now not included) states 21st and 22nd. I am sure this is correct and intend to go myself, however I am driving from UK and can easily change plans. Please do not book on my say so or blame me if they change. Regards
  3. graham66

    2006 Montesa 4rt

    Hello, I don't bother to lay bike on side but I do grease the gasket. Make sure you push the new filter fully in and that cover is flat against engine before tightening the cover otherwise the thing that sticks out of the cover will not be perpendicular and will not locate on casing when you refit the casing. Also, be very careful when tightening the bolts onto the casing. Very easy to strip thread in alloy, don't even tighten, as long as they are equal. I torque drain plug to 20Nm and it doesn't leak, I think it says 25 in manual. I use a little funnel to add oil. I use Putoline nano trans and Putoline nanotech with good results but they're not cheap. Regards
  4. graham66

    Cotton Cavalier Minarelli motor parts

    Hello again. No real negatives or positives - it was 40 years ago. One problem was when the bolts which hold the sprocket onto the hub worked loose/came undone and punched holes in the hub. I had this repaired by a local dealer in Bradford (I am from Saltaire originally) who rebuilt the wheel with a Montesa hub and converted the rear end for it to fit. I also remember that it had a Dellorto carb and the nipple came off the cable at the carb end - I put a blob of solder on. Other than that I only changed the oil and filled it with petrol. I had it a fair few years and spent loads of hours on it. It had a dark blue fibreglass tank. I have photos somewhere. I could dig them out and scan if you're interested, all I need is some motivation. Also, before I passed my test I had an "L" plate stuck to the back of my jacket, which caused the police some amusement when they stopped me. Regards
  5. graham66

    Cotton Cavalier Minarelli motor parts

    Hi otf, cannot help with parts - sorry, but if the reg no. Is GYG 26J I used to own it, in the mid seventies. Great bike, oh the nostalgia.
  6. graham66

    Two Very Different Events 12 To 14 June

    Hi Dad, don't want to cause offence here but what exactly is your point? I find it hard to believe there is one until you state it. The facts may be right, i would not know, i'd never heard of the swimming event. I was at Nord View to see the best trials riders in the world, who were amazing. If you need to see videos to determine how many were there then i guess that you weren't there, and yet you seem to whine about the declining popularity of the sport (if that is what you are doing). People can attend whatever competition they want, i would not want to see 10,000 swimmers even if one of them was the best in the world. Again, the facts you state may be correct - so what. regards
  7. graham66

    Removal And Install Of Oem Graphics

    Hello, try using dental floss to remove stickers then a cloth soaked in white spirit to remove adhesive residue. Could warm first with a hair dryer to soften adhesive. regards
  8. graham66

    Sherco Kehin Carb

    Hello, i have no experience of the bike or carb but if it "runs on" after blipping throttle it may have flywheel weights on.
  9. graham66

    Best 4Rt Sump Guard

    Hello Dug, H and D Racing in Yorkshire supply various bash plates for 4RT along with many other trick bits. Postage is very quick and they are very helpful. Tel: 01653 618717 or 07720 058860 handracing.com regards G66
  10. graham66

    Neoprene Trials Gloves....thoughts?

    Hello, check out cyclists winter gloves for when it 's cold. Waterproof, windproof and long enough to cover the wrists. My hands are always warm and snug when trialing in winter. regards
  11. graham66

    Is This Ok?

    Hello, just to add my little bit, this is insane. Cannot see how far the front tyre is off the tarmac but if any passengers are in the rear the back end of the car will sink and/or if the car goes over a "whump" at speed the front tyre may hit the tarmac. If i saw this i'd keep well clear. Buy a trailer. regards
  12. graham66

    Speedo Help Needed.

    Hello, 2stroke is correct but remember that for accuracy one wheel rotation must be measured exactly (to the mm) when you are on the bike with the usual tyre pressure. The circumference of the tyre will be different without your weight etc. The help of a mate is essential. I have always found that "radio" speedo's are rubbish and that the only decent ones are those with a wire which connects the sensor with the display unit. regards
  13. graham66

    280 Txt Pro Big End Bearing

    Hello, ride it until it doesn't go, take it to Behind Bars, say to Andy "it doesn't go" pick it up a week later, flash your card, bob's your uncle.
  14. graham66

    Looking For 4Rt Parts

    The new importer in UK is Craigs Motorcycles who are very helpfull with information/advice, prompt dispatch and have had in stock all of the parts i have wanted for the Montesa 4RT (some quite obscure). I suppose they will ship worldwide - phone and ask. Do not know how to add a link but easy to find by search. regards