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Show Me Your Twin Shocker!

sir dabs alot

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Hello, I'm a new member from Syracuse NY.

I have 6 vintage Yamahas and a 1969 Triumph Bonneville.

Here is my '74 TY250 which I adore.

I do all my own work.

I just posted a question regarding the TY autolube in this forum.



FFAC8A31-37D7-43F2-8CAD-6EAA41F4AD2B (1).jpeg

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finished this project a few months ago. 1970 Hodaka Ace 100 mildly converted into a trials bike. The only mod to the frame was relocating the foot pegs because I wanted to be able to put it back to stock. It has a flywheel weight added which was a pound and a half and I made a more tucked in exhaust but the motor is other wise stock with a fresh rebuild. I ended up putting the smaller tank on it due to leaky fuel taps on the original but I like it better so it will stay. It has proven to be a fun little bike.






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On 7/31/2018 at 3:56 AM, motom said:

I just got round to finishing my 350 Jumbo. Rode it in a local trial this past weekend for the first time and was happy with the way it rides although I need to jet the carb as we were at 6,000ft

3 (Large).JPG

2 (Large).JPG

1 (Large).JPG

At 6,000 feet... where do you mount the bikes parachute?

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3 hours ago, Ftwelder said:

My 1972 MAR barn find with super low miles (770) . I took off the fragile bits and replaced them along with filling the holes in the tank and lining with epoxy. I rode it today for the first time

and how did it go?

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