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Hi Delbert! Take it to ARK in sileby they are all bikers. You only need continuous tone horn, no reflector required., make sure your spokes are tight.When I took mine all they did was weigh it and pap the horn! Are you riding at rileys tomorrow? Nick.

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I was told you don't need a reflector for a day time MOT if the bike hasn't got lights fitted. If it has lights you need a reflector, if not, you don't.

Horn can be battery operated so long as it has a continuous tone (i.e not an old fashioned horn that you squeeze).

Ironically a speedo isn't required for MOT but you 'd be breaking the law to ride on the road without one.

I was advised to get a wireless, battery operated mountain bike speedo (available on eBay for about 6 to 10 quid). Good thing about this type is they unclip when going off road but please Mr Plod if you get stopped.

Either way, I'd check with your local MOT tester as from experience they all seem to interpret the regs slightly differently.

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