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That is a lovely TY. I have recently bought the same model and year, not dissimilar in condition although mine has a hiccup when it comes to running. I have bought it as a sunny day runneraround not a serious trialing steed. Once we get it up and running will try and post. A very nice bike..

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They are great bikes to ride,if in reasonable condition, Metisse, it would be a shame not to compete on it,easy motor to sort out,doesnt need electronic ignition or any modern mods to make it run nicely.

I wonder what Yamaha would have built if Mick Andrews had not spent his time with them ?

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I have resisted the temptation to go down the electronic route, however turning up a Spanish trial several years ago at great expense to find the bike heating up and stopping after only one section does however make me feel it may be worth while.

I will, if I find the right trial ride it , but it really needs to be ridden in sensible sections against bikes of a similar era.

Like many I have watched Mick Andrews in those old black and white cine films, but modern classic sections are still too modern In my view, and in any case I have other, later bikes of which I prefer.

One final thought, as discussed privately with a Scot's chum, I wouldn t mind seeing the Pre 65 Scottish changed to Pre 75. Whilst remaining a classic, I wonder if more people would now prefer this era of trials bike heading up pipeline than the 2015 pre 65's of today.

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Nice Yams,

the one with the young lady is a early one 83-84.TV in the garage,not bad.

Thanks, OK... So not having been around many more of these TY's than the two you see here..... How can you tell the year of the early one? 84.

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