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Yes I am using TY 250 forks with Magical springs, valving,and adjustable spring load caps. The triple clamps are billet aluminium that basically make the forks parallel with the steering stem, stock Ty clamps have approx 3/8 inch of taper from the top clamp to the bottom, mine have no taper, I'm using modern Fat style handlebars I have moved the rear shock upper mounts down about 2/1/2 inches and welded new tabs on the swingarm to lengthen the wheelbase 2 inches. The complete package is very nice to ride turns great feels very modern , I'm also using Betor/ Sammy Miller pro rear shocks.

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I have been working on this restoration or clean-up or whatever you want to call it for about nine months. It is not quite ready to ride. The carburetor has proved to be a challenge. I am on it, and with some gaskets and seals from TY Trials and an ultrasonic cleaning unit I expect to figure out the issues. As a last resort, I have a Chinese Mikuni ready to go. Dimensionally it is identical to the standard/stock carburetor. I have not installed it yet because I really want to figure out the original carburetor, and I do not have the correct throttle cable.

You can follow the trials and tribulations of this build as well as my parallel build of my TLR on my blog at:



I hope that you want to take a look...


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I have shared with you guys many trials and tribulations over the past year...basically I have been looking for advice as I moved through the build of my elderly TY 175. I thought that I had it finished a couple of months ago, but in fact I had screwed-up the installation of one of my crank seals and so I took it apart once again. Now it is actually done and I've gone for a couple of rides. It is a way better bike than my TLR which I finished about six months ago.


Below is a side view of the finished product which shows some of the "modifications" necessary to get the WES exhaust to fit on the bike. There are still projects to do. I have new fork seals to fit...a new Dunlop trials tire to fit...cases to polish or paint, etc...You are really never done with one of these projects...you just stop at some point.


More and better pictures and descriptions of this build at my blog...



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