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2019 4rt has died on me, cut out and would not start


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Help please , I was riding in a trial today and whilst in a section my 4rt just cut out, I couldn’t get it to restart, did the usual reset but no joy, it was like as if I’d ran out of fuel but I hadn’t. I Retired and went home. 
Any ideas ? 


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As lineawy indicated adjusting the idle is an easy check and worth a quick try. 

As above check spark, if you have that then the next in my mind is compression because its an easy check and then fuel.  However with what you indicated I would expect it to be spark or fuel as compression usually would show up as early starting or other hard running issues first before just not starting.  

My 2 cents on how I would look into it... If you do not have spark I would try disconnecting the kill switch and checking spark again, if still no spark start checking the wires and see where you might have a loose wire or wet connectors from the muddy conditions.  If you have a gauge to check compression I would do that next just because its quick and easy.  Now If you have spark I would use a 12 v battery to check the fuel pump, if that works then continue down the line to see if you have fuel coming out of the injector. 

If you hit a wall with all of the above let us know.

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Went in my garage to try kick the 4rt up today, didn’t kick up so I did a reset doing the 3 slow kicks with the throttle open, then tried again, 2nd kick it’s burst into life, I let it run until the fan came on. So it seems it’s fixed it’s self??? 

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