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  1. I would suggest to use the half link because you have an even number of sprocket pair thus the chain will stay where it is with 102 links, with 101 links it will not instead wandering around the sprockets so providing even wear.
  2. How is the color of the plug? Can you post a photo of the plug and what kind of plug you are you using? It might be an airflow or a too rich adjusted carb problem, which I had recently?
  3. The Fantic 240 is good, the Montesa Cota 242 better, best in handling I think a tie between: The school boy Majesty TY 125/175 and the Centromoto Panda TC220.
  4. The 175cc Bultaco came in different versions: - trials version for the teenagers from 16 - 18 years, - the named rental bikes with double seat and lights, - for public service, I had a 175cc Sherpa too, the 175cc shares indeed very much with the 182 /190 but was blue and had the possibility to mount the gear lever on either side which came to our country first with the 198/199 model. The engine was a bit strange, massive amount of flywheel weight made him slow but super smooth, sadly without grunt. It was a task to lift the front wheel. The bike performed best in slippery conditions with narrow sections. For power you had to turn the throttle wide open in advance, all in all the 250cc has much more grunt.
  5. Some twinshocks some air cooled monos, one TRex.
  6. The PHBH26 BS is a Mikuni VM clone and came out in 1987 this carb is very good to archive better performance you can switch to flat slide carbs. What you might look at is the slide and how it looks, the slide of a Dell'Orto carb is made out of softer material then the carb body and cylinder so most wear happens to the slide and not the cylinder aka the carb body. Some wear of the slide can cause rattling of the slide thus not so good behavior of the bike. If there is noticeable wear you might replace slide needle and needle jet and the engine should then run much smoother, at least that is my experience in that matter. The gasoline valve is seldom a problem if just a couple of years old if there are not other issues like: - bent rod, - incorrect float hight, - damaged rubber cone on the valve.
  7. There are two needle valves: - one for adjusting gas flow attached to the floater - the other for adjusting the air gas mixture attached to the slide which are you referring too. None of them comes with a kit. The named Dell'Orto seems to be from an air cooled mono model or later. Very important id which trilasbike here brand and model name and year has to be given is attached to the carb?
  8. OK here you are:
  9. Some things I would so: 1. Chain tension is too much, there should be a 1cm distance between the upper side of the chain where the chain tensioner sits and the underside of the swing arm. 2. You should mount an chain guard, 3. The rear fender, a used OEM Aluminium fender or white plastic fender would be great...
  10. You might too join German Trial Forum. And then ... and then ... you might too go to the Hanse Classics the North German Classic trials league, see here: Seen the Bultaco 183 nice state really nice state, I have a model 199b in the shed a nice ride
  11. Best decision you could make so far, keep the bike as original as you can, just OEM parts, great look. The rusty spots will go away with the time and just some care.
  12. The choke level on would be a nice explanation!
  13. Dangerous do not follow! Dell'Orto's can have either fuel or air screws, - if it is a fuel screw it is mounted between the slide and the cylinder intake, (you screw in for leaner mixture and out for richer mixture) - if the screw is mounted between the slide and the airbox then it is a an air screw, (you screw out for leaner mixture and in for richer mixture) But these are normally not effecting the plug so much. Do a 15min. ride with the Task toi the engine to do something, very good is riding up hill or riding faster (over 50km/h), so the engine get really hot and especially the exhaust, do it for 15 minutes, then look at the plug again
  14. Two things come in my mind when I look at the plug in my experience: - engine runs too rich and get's too little air in general, (cleaning the air filter and just use very very little filter oil) - bad oil seals at the crank so the engine is sucking gear oil, thus the sooting and plenty of oil in general. How does the exhaust vapors smell after two stroke oil or more towards burnt motor oil?
  15. Obviously an leak in your coolant system, or you have held the high pressure washer a longer time to the oil fill plug which wasn't screwd tight?