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  1. This is indeed to me more confusing!
  2. Yes yes in doubt keep reading Thomas F. Yezerski, see here: Click for Booktitle
  3. Mmmh then there is something different the issue. The engine sounds as it don't want to accelerate right and when it finally archieved some rev and you close throttle the motor want's to run away but doesn't have the power ... so finally decides to slow down. - Timing of the ignition? - How does the plug color picture look like?
  4. Does run but not very nice still a bit lean and still not crisp. The engine does rev a bit longer after a throttle burst then it should. I believe the carb is worn out typical slide, needle and jet. The engine can also run much slower in idle mode, Sherpas love to rev slow when ideling I strongly think there is still another issue
  5. I don't like to hassle around with heated parts and get burned by them, I recently got burned a lot while trying to replace roller bearings to a swing arm... So now using ice spray to cool down the bearings and gentle heat with an hot air gun. This combination works very well: - first heat up the parts where the bearings belong, - then a spray to the bearings to cool them down, - and finally let them drop in et celá.
  6. Yep I can confirm that to every drop of HTX oil. This stuff - albeit expensive - works fantastic in every twinshock bike I have used in different makes build from 1979 to 1984.
  7. ATF or Elf HTX 740. ATF is cheaper works btw. much better then SAE 30 and too then SAE 140 in the gear box.
  8. Does it feel compression wise like before? You might loan a endoscope there are quite good once with USB hub available these can be plugged to your notebook and do deliver quite good insights. Somikon makse an USB hub endoscope that has a 7m long wire with HD view for under 50€.
  9. Sorry but as the compression apparently hasn't come back, at least you haven't told so. The chance the engine isn't toast is not high instead the opposite. We might see or read about it ... Surly I wish you luck and will press thumps (if that can help). Looking forward to pic's in the next couple of days.
  10. I think the engine has suffered some damage it would be super interesting to know what. I believe you have blown the rings and with them everything else touched by them. The bike got too hot to little oil which caused much wear hot blow by and you will need a new top job now. Yes a bad prediction I would be glad if not.
  11. The Bing carburettor has a piston made out a softer material as the carb body to prevent wear to the cylinder. The piston therefore has to be replaced regularly. That is a good idea much better then other carburettor's of that era where piston and carb body where made out of the same material. The PHBH Dell'Orto has too a softer piston then carb body. The Mikuni VM at least also. Anyway in my experience the Bing works asthonishing well when set up right and maintained. The Dell'Orto is a bit complicated to adjust because of it's bazillion possibilities for adjusting if you have already 5 different slides to choose it's a challenge. Bing's offer not so many possibilities but need spot on adjusting too. Mikuni's or OKO carbs you can screw on and they work it doesn't matter how the carb is adjusted the engine starts and runs mostly OK. The main adjustment for OKO and Mikuni is which diameter you use. You can slightly improve the engine by fine asjusting in the carb. I have a 125cc rebuild to 200cc Yamaha and the original carb worked on the 125, is btw. with same diameter and slightly different jets also standard to the 175 and do the job even on the 200cc motor. So very forgiving carb model which pleases you fast.
  12. That is quite an early bike one of the first 200! May the force with you that's a BIG project!
  13. Here the colors they match RAL pretty well: - Frame red is RAL 3020 Verkehrsrot, - Tank blue is RAL 5013 Kobaltblau, (not Stahlblau, that color code has too little red). See here: The right picture shows gas tank and seat which is blue too.
  14. The gas will not burn slower or even faster if you have more octan it will just ignites later.., with higher octane fuel you will have less chance of detonations'. As more compress ratio the engine has as higher has to be the octane number. If you use 100 octane but you could too use 95 octane nothing will happen the bike will run as usual. As a benefit you will never have any detonations. As more you cone near by the recommended octane rate as a minimum as more is the chance getting detonations under load. gasoline with lower octane will have the tendency to be ignored prior to the spark plug, will cause heavy detonation and can damage the engine quite easy. Mostly race gas or gas with high octane is of very good quality and has less indegrents that are just mixed to the regular pump gas by law or economic benefit as bio alcohol certain stabilizer and so one, thus race gas is often a bit better in power output. In my personal experience I like Aspen gas very much invented for forest machinery and based on Alcylate instead on oil. It burns without soot and without smell can be stored for years comes with 95, 98 or 101 octane but it is expensive. For a clean exhaust and engine, your health and the environment a real good fuel.
  15. Nice job and yes the aluminium parts should be as bright blue as shown in the picture. Just the snails they have not been coloured instead left natural in aluminium grey. The parts on my bike are too purple by sun radiation...