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  1. Electronic Ignition

    Good to know! How does the engine run with the new ignition and how are the differences between the both set up's compared to the original point ignition? Did you mount it to the SWM Rotax engine or the TXR engine?
  2. TY Fork Stanchions

    You might look up ebay worldwide especially US, UK and France for forks. Also Craiglist in US, Gumtree in Britain and Leboncoin in France. I like to work with what I have and when the stanchions are too shiny!, pitted with rust and also just a little bit bent (a few mm) or not straight. They get a new chrome finish and get straightened. There are companies in the UK that do that. O sent mine to a company in Germany: Wissing Hartchrom in Vellmar They are professionalists in hardchrome stuff from propellershafts for vessels to hydraulic shafts for digging maschines. Costs are not higher then a pair of NOS ones.
  3. Electronic Ignition

    Not, working the battery solution is already used for the flashes for the techical TÜV test every two years. To any other riding with roadwork, the task is light's, stop light and horn in use, this can be easely looked up and tested by every police or forrestale as light's have to be switched on on the continent during the day!
  4. Electronic Ignition

    Yes very nice, I have already asked about an enhanced version with additional coil for providing electricity for lights, a rear stop light and a horn at least, (minimum requirement for riding street legal on the continent)
  5. Clutch FACTS - TL320

    Nice that is the old style clutch engagement lever with 7mm balls and steel lever arm. Do you have the more modern set up with 13mm balls and aluminum lever arm too?
  6. Foam air filter spray?

    I never trusted spray on filter oil it might be applied to little or too much which can cause clogging up Foamfilter with good filteroil is my personal choice, I also think it is much more frugal too.
  7. Piuma Kickstarter

    That is a IT 350 a Piuma had white plastic and a black engine, had an Aluminium Kickstarter too!
  8. Dave Cooper Bike Rack with Bak-Rak adapter

    I would not trust that set up, looks weird and unusual, also just think about driving with this thingy attached and a bike loaded over a bigger bump with 70mph. You might load a bicycle with that ... or give it back an buy a tiny trailer?
  9. New to me 73 Alpina 350: No Spark

    Great news what solved the issue when I might ask please. If the rear light is original try: Hughs Bultaco in USA, Orlando Calonder in Switzerland, or Hansjörg Pfahler in Germany, for a spare lens, otherwise try in Spain: Ivan Cirre cimes in my mind here.
  10. TR34 Electrics

    Check the ignition first you might have a faulty Motoplat ignition, the fault can be either in the coil (fiited with incast electronics) or the stator also fitted with internal electronics in both are diodes build in which fail very easy. I hope you know how to measure if thes items are sound or not with a multimeter, if not, you have to use a multimeter with diode test, you can check the flow voltage of the diodes in both directions as a quick diagnosis. The attenuated current direction is the voltage drop with a milliamperesed sample current for example 527 MV and when the two cables (red and black) are exchanged, the flow voltage of the other diode (without 30 ohm resistor) is measured, the voltage drop (or the flow voltage of the diode) should then be about 500 millivolts! However, the specified flow voltages are only indicative, because they are also highly temperature dependent. However, if one of the two flow directions does not yield a reasonable reading or infinitely high flow voltage, the fault is clearly localized. I know heavy stuff and even more worse to translate in proper english … anyway I had the same problem and with a replacement of the diodes the bike run again.
  11. Please help

    First thing sounds strange but very important to all Bultacos: You have set the distance between points to exactly 0.4mm, this is more important then the right setting to TDC. Try to start the engine and then go through gears without chain on sprockets just to confirm it ia an engine problem.
  12. First Aid at Trials

    The PO mentioned riders and observers, I can't stress enough easiest way to get first aid in first hand and fast too is to have some medic's and an Ambulance on site during the trials competitions. Some clubs even try to get contemporary vehicles to classic trials as seen here with a Mercedes flat nose ambulance truck and two ambulance girls ! You have to make something out of it … it should be a win win situation for everybody ! Modern ambulance (my club) work of course too:
  13. First Aid at Trials

    We have at all trials from club level on the ambulance on site, with at least two Medic's and an ambulance van, the costs are covered by the signing fee, which is around 5€ per participant so a third of the 15€ the signing in costs. At our club training area we have a first aid box, a fire blanket and a big fire extinguisher on site, we even had to build an extinguishing well as there are no water pipelines near by. Both together gives a certain basic security , every driver's purpose is, of course, part of it too.
  14. 199A running refurb.

    If the torx fix don't work, then I would suggest to grind a Slot (parallel groove) and use a big screwdriver, the thread might be shot, I would the insert a time sert thread form Würth, done so to the shock mount of my Sherpa. The SAE 90 oil works but AFT oil is the better stuff nowadays with less friction, drive socket, the bearing can be pulled out if you have a special bearing puller no big deal. If the speedo does not work I would recommend to check the inner cable it is mostly broken. .
  15. Condenser to capacitor?

    They are ll the same as each has to spark a plug, and for example the famos plug Champion N12Y whiuch could be used for a Bultaco 350, SWM 320, Montesa 349, but too for these British cars: Austin Healey BJ7, BJ8 Jaguar XK120, XK140, XK150 Jaguar E-Type 1961 to 1971 XJ6 1969 to 1987 MG Midget 1500 Triumph Spitfire 1968 to 1980 Triumph TR7 Triumph GT6 So we might ask where is the biff? I personal think just look up the right voltage and that the capacitator is for a ignition and not a for a hoover.