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  1. Anyway the SUBARU IMPREZA WRX is a real nice to have and while you can disturb Porsches quite well it is too a family car!
  2. I thought as it must be in Russia or (Finland (and Finland was Russian from 1805 - 1917)). So I wrote it down in cryllic.* * Did I told you we had as second language French and Russian im my class ... you will get a proof soon
  3. Россия зимой может также быть Финляндией
  4. Company, very good result all processes and super price worthey, but they ned time at least 4 weeks:
  5. I know a company that do galvanic and chrom coatings very price worthey. If you are interested? Due to environment regulations prices have gone up and also less and less company's are doing this for private customers.
  6. Get a shet of thin stainless steel that is a bit longer in length then the bore of or the length of the circle of the piston. Wrap the sheet around and thigtening it with a hose clamp for example so the rings get compressed in the groove of the piston. Now you can place the piaton with the wrapped steel sheet to the bottom of the cylinder and push the piston through the stainless steel compression in the cylinder. Make shure to use some oil and make sure to pushthe piston in the exact right position inside the cylinder. Also make sure when mounting the thin steel sheet that the rings are too sitting in the right position.
  7. I assume in your first post that the bike did run before and then stopped running at once. Thus I would in your situation forst get rid of the issue and then change and optimize our electrical system, otherwise there is some risk it will take much time before the bike will run again. I would first look at your ignition system and here to the points and to the condenser. The points might have got a wrong adjustment or got burned by a malfunctioning condenser. These are the ost common issues beside a non working plug cap or an issue with the cable connection between coil and cable to the plug or cable to thr plug to plug cap.If here everything is sorted I would look up the remaining electric. To the remaining electric these parts are feed by a separate cable and there should be a crude looking restrictor between the rear stop light ans the main circuit these restrictors do fail too you might check it. To the original harness set up this should be inside all workshop manuals for Sherpas and Alpinas.
  8. Wow 6in! 6 inches = 6 Zoll = 6 x 2.54 = 15.20 cm That is very much too much and you and Venhill where talking about the same model?
  9. Riding my new TR34 in 1987:
  10. Great bike, nice arrangement with the flowers and it seems to me that you are a real Honda fan as your kid's are riding Hondas too! Thumps up for getting it started again. In my personal experience, give the carb an ultrasonic clean, especially the jets might be a bit clogged.
  11. No differences, then why is Motul producing two oils? You might change the bike shop ... I wouldn't thrust them?
  12. For explanation Motul 800 is made for road racing and the oil has a flame point of 252 deg. Celsius. While Motul 710 has a flame point of 94 deg. Celsius. This oil will burn up easily at suits much better to your needs. Even in my 500cc KTM 2stroke bike from 89 which is a monster I would not use Motul 800 too high flame point even for that high performance engine as the motor uses around 5 to 10l am hour!
  13. Motul 800 has a high burning point. When the oil is coming out of your exhaust it did not burn, I think the engine is running not hot enough for Motul 800 you might try out Motul 710 which birns up easier due to the lower flame point.
  14. 50:1 is very good works with all type of bikes you might go a bit less of oil for trials riding 75ml for 5l gasoline is my mix, (which is around 66.67:1). I am using 50:1 for my 89 KTM 500 cc 2 stroke enduro/MX bike works flawless. I use Ipone or Putoline half synthetic with a low burning temperature as oil. Gasoline is Aral Ultimate 102ROZ without ethanol or Aspen fuel. My tip: You might stay away of any fuel with ethanol very bad stuff depending your climate the storage of a fuel mix with ethanol can be very short.