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  1. ACU licence in Italy

    Mmmmh I don't know which kind of trials you want to do: - modern trials, national: "Italiano e Centro Sud" the regional trials series Campionato: regioale Ligure, regionale Piemonte and Trofe Asi Piemonte, regionale Lombardo, regionale Triveneto - classic trials, "Trial Gr. 5 Trofeo" - trials riding in the high mountains / Motocavalcade or "Motoalpinismo" or "Mulatrial" Therefor (in own experience) do some homework before you ride, look up the trials you want to visit in advance and contact the club or event manager, the Italians are super strict with their rules* which too vary also, thus mean you might still need a "Tessera Sport" or a "Licenza superiore". Your bike might too have a road registration, "Registro Storico" may be even an international insurance, as most trials are held on public places. * Some of the Italian rules: Entering the sections (for example when visiting) is only permitted with a helmet on the head! - wearing of gloves is mandatory. Without gloves under certain circumstances no start! - Arm protection is required (long-sleeved clothing). also for hot days, do not forget about long sleeved but breathable Trial shirts!
  2. ACU licence in Italy

    To get the international version of the licence you need the eyesight and medical report too, so prepare to open the wallet wide for this "service"!
  3. Silencer repack

    If you want to do it use the loose stuff which is easier to apply, you can also easier determine the quantity you need. The quantity depends of course to the volume of the muffler / xhaust you want to repack. With the pads, these are made for a certain diameter or thickness and might not always fit so well to every type of silencer / muffler as there are geometric differences.
  4. Green Cota

    There where some rumors about green Montesas but they did not exist, this photo was taken as an example of 1975 green Montesa: But this is a film negative used as an dia positive if you look at the badge.
  5. Pro's and cons..........242 v 247/8 cota

    The mechanism is crap in one and a half year in ownership I had to replaced the mechanism now twice. To the first time I even mounted a decompression valve but that won't help if you get kick back which lead to a colorfull leg and a teethless gear which all the other issues you have then. Anyway riding wise the 242 is doing it so well I do forget the issues ...
  6. Pro's and cons..........242 v 247/8 cota

    The 247 is nice a bit like an OSSA MAR, or any pre 1977 trials bike. When the 348 came the 247 and so the 248 came out of interest as everyone liked to have more cc and beef. The 348 has certainly more power but I wouldn't say that the 247/8 has to little it is more then enough for classic trials. The 247 have it's own chassis which is OK but a bit dated. The 248 has the same chassis as the 348 or 349 Cia but just less cc. The 247 and 248 are robust bikes spare parts especially for the 248 are a bit rare. The 242 is the most modern twinshock Cota and was also the forerunner to the 394, 307, 309 and 310, thus the most advanced chassis and engine, But spare pat situation is critical and the kick starter mechanism is nuts and fragil, reparation will hit with ease 500GBP mark, so be avare. Otherwise I like the 242 very much and there are just two bikes that are as good like the Fantic 300 and the Aprilia TX 300.
  7. Reed effects on engine character

    Last not least, no adjustment in need everything worked great with the once adjusted carb. The differences to me are the much more sensitive throttle response with the carbon reeds compared with other reeds, this is once experienced something I won't miss in future so I don't claim.
  8. Reed effects on engine character

    It was constantly riding in high mountain areas where the routes where between 30 - 50km and 50 - 100km per day. That is much more what you will archive during training or most trials events. The carbon reeds are suppose to have a limited time of use and before anything crack I replace them.
  9. Reed effects on engine character

    Here You can see how wide and well the carbon type Boyesen reeds are opening at a Beta TR 34, the shadow was created by the fuel gas mixture that constantly washed the walls of the intake. It looks too me that the carbon reeds open very well. They worked flawless but one reed showed a bit wear where the reeds hitted the cage. The reeds where too not parallel to the reedcage, thus replaced them now after 15 days of riding, (Motoalpinismo).
  10. Bultaco model 212 piston

    If you want to get an answer to your question and may be a NOS piston to your Bultaco Alpina model 212 you might ask Orlando Calonder, he was the main Importer for Bultaco Europe main land has all the knowledge papers documentations and spare parts. He lives in Switzerland speaks German, French, Spanish, Catalan and Italian, but not English he will also most likely not communicate in English, there must have been some issues in the past between UK and him so here you have to be very sensitive. As an example: I've got the original main road reg. card for my Bultaco model to get the bike road registered in all the countries he imported the bikes back then which was super useful to get my bike through as to mine the papers where lost. He also has most parts and all technical information for Bultaco's in general from trials, Enduro, MX to street bikes. He has an own internet page, www.orlandocalondersa.com but easiest way to communicate or to do orders is by phone, letter and fax.
  11. 320TL running rough. Crankshaft oil seals gone?

    The passages of the fuel screw can be clogged easily, even by some cloth lint while cleaning, might be worth a look. The main jet should be 90 may be 100 depending to your climate? Last not least you might look up if the air filter is not clogged or over oiled ore has started to dissolve, or the perforated sheets where the filter is mounted in between are clogged or last not least a too fine filter material is used. The original filterfoam has to be pretty coarse and just very little oiled, too much and the engine won't get enough air and will perform astmathic.
  12. Reed effects on engine character

    Have Boyesen CarbonTech mounted now the second set. They work fine but should be looked through every 20h for wear and mini cracks which can occur at the base and at the ends. Beside that I can't blame them for anything bad, they give a crisp response and you can even hear them when they hit the red cage in lower rev the engine not under load.
  13. Five or not?

    On the continent it is the front wheel spindle that has to go through the Exit and then you are through the section, as too when when you start a section, and to movement here it is too the front wheel that has to move. To the rear wheel we just have the rule that the rear wheel is not allowed to cross the route once. Rolling around is OK to simultanious having the feet down while still moving and the engine out, this is wicked ...
  14. Kickstart

    Then you might have an issue with the ratchet or the spring inside, I would guess the spring and may be too the tension of it. Did you tried to change oil and accidently untightened the lowest screw underneath the motor?
  15. Beta 240

    Italian gumtree/craiglist for parts, that's where I get them from, from plastic to chassis and engine parts to my TR34. The only ressource that do work as there is nothing substaincel or in still fairly good condition available anymore neither to the TR 240 nor to TR 32/33/34/35, The only problem for just english speaking people communication is just in Italian sometimes French or German and first contact always through phone! Get an Italian English dictionary I would suggest. www.subito.it