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  1. Filling out the v55/5

    Sent on email......... Don't 4get the NOVA or they will bounce it......
  2. Filling out the v55/5

    Try again. Cleaned out inbox
  3. Filling out the v55/5

    I have a sample if you message me a email address.....
  4. Andrew

    Richard Allen......... Give him a call, Loads of used parts..... http://www.allensusedtrialsspares.co.uk/bikes-breaking/4560010283
  5. Keihin slide return spring

    Ask the Splat shop guys. They do lots of bits for these carbs ...... https://www.splatshop.co.uk/bikes.html
  6. http://www.msminsurance.co.uk/personal-insurance/motor/motorcycle-trials-enduro
  7. Powder coating 4RT wheels

    Paul at SFX Wheels http://www.sfxwheels.moonfruit.com/
  8. 2T Petroil mix

    http://www.premixcalculator.com/ Just use one of the many pre mix calculators on the web like the one above......
  9. Goggles or not?

    Just get safety glasses from Screwfix. Miles better, Light weight, cheap and don't steam up. I use the £2.99 ones. Never had a problem. Keeps the flies, overhanhging brushes & mud out your eyes. Just a cheap version that all the pro cyclists use to protect your eyes. Cheaper than spending £100 on a new helmet just for a couple of days. https://www.screwfix.com/c/safety-workwear/safety-glasses/cat850392?cm_sp=managedredirect-_-safetyworkwear-_-safetyspecs
  10. TechnoMousse???

    You want to be 4psi or below so don't bother...
  11. Is it in NOVA?

    15th April 2013 NOVA started. So should be..... Ask MRS Sherco for a dating letter if it's for road registering and they should be able to confirm NOVA as well........
  12. hanguard install 2013 sherco 250st

    Don't waste your time & money.......
  13. Road riding to practice ground

    4 miles no problem.......... Lots of us still ride 40 mile road based trials every 2 or 3 weeks............... Just get a road reg bike, a small rucksack with a couple of small fuel bottles and insurance with MSM.
  14. trials bike insurance

  15. trials training centres

    https://www.trials-school.co.uk/ or http://www.saundersextremesports.com/trial-school/ Plus Southern Centre Trials Academy, Trials Training Days Roger Johns has rallied around and has been pivotal in setting up the Southern Centre Trials Academy. The aim is to introduce 'have a go days' and offer Trials coaching days to all abilities and ages, Youth and Adult. Four clubs in the centre have already signed up, North Berks being one of them. All of the sessions will be run under the ACU banner with accredited coaches. So an excellent days training will be guaranteed. Ringwood MCC will be holding the first session on Saturday 10th March, 10am at Hamer Warren, Ringwood. The cost for the full day is £27.50 including BBQ Lunch. The entry form is on their website, and for further info on this event contact Andy Kilbey 07836 584687 www.ringwood-mc-lcc.co.uk/events If you would like more info on the series and would like to be involved contact Roger on 07970 293452 North Berks date has been set for Saturday 14th July, at Seymours Arena, and will be running a full training day for all abilities and ages, Youth and Adult. Put the date in your diary. More info and Regs to follow. Feel free to share so we can make sure all days are a huge success. Cheers, Stu Belcher.