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  4. OK, Not so hot on Romanian vehicle laws...... Good luck
  5. Don't bother, Take all the lights off.... Are you going to ride a road trial with lights and indicators on ? What's the reason for an inspection if it's 2017 ? If it's not a personal import then get a dating letter from Lampkins plus the NOVA referance number, fill out a v55/5, insurance by the frame number and post to the DVLA........ If it came from a dealer they will sort, £55.00 first reg fee and £41.00 for 12 months road tax.
  6. You can still get parts from the old importer....
  7. Fantic 240 parts list.... Should show what you need. Fantic 240 PM.PDF
  8. 5w so the attched service sheet says! marzochhi-40mm-forks-service-rhs (1).pdf
  9. Just what i was going to say.... Link here.......
  10. Use the ACU online entry system. The solution is already available. Then all the fields on the form have to be completed or you can't complete and only licensed riders can enter........... It's so simple to use and quick........ Some clubs now only take entries this way like the Northern Experts.....
  11. Already a link on the 4th post for this !!!
  12. No reflector...... Just horn, number plate with the correct size lettering /spacing and that everthing works like wheel bearings, steering bearings and nothing leaks. Directional tyres facing the right way. Remove any lights. The tester will just put no lights as an advisory note on the MOT. Use an MOT tester that knows trials bikes by asking your local trials dealer / riders who they use.... Some MOT testers will just fail it as no seat or some other daft reason.......... A 9volt horn will do, Not a squeeze one.. Thing is each tester has own views on things, some can't read the manual but will vary from place to place. Just keep them sweet unless they are total dickheads and go elsewhere.
  13. £1500 done up.....
  15. Yes,, £10.00 well spent.