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  1. 300! 125 or 250 is plenty............
  2. You may need these!
  3. What part of the world are you ?
  4. Cancelled weeks ago, Always check the club or centre web site. Best place is on F/book as most clubs or centres have group pages that is updated very quickly..
  6. Just this form then.
  7. If that was the right reg all you need to do is this form.. If not you need to have a MOT by frame number, V55/5 form completed, A NOVA referance and a dating certificate form someone like the VMCC. I do have a idiots guide on completing a V55/5 form. Look at this guide from the VMCC..
  8. So am i, Have been waiting since January for a 250 RR. Had 4 dates now and all past so don't get 2 excited just yet! If it's not here soon it will be another Gasser.............
  9. If In Motion are so clueless buy one elsewhere... They stock very hard to get Montesa parts and a top service. Don't slate off at one of the best twin shock parts suppliers in the UK.....
  10. Have you spoken to Dave at Bultaco UK ? They have many more parts than listed on the web site!
  11. Contact Dave at Bultaco UK with the frame number as he has all the import documents from Comerfords....... .
  12. Because the engine is not from the right period. Simples.. You could ride it in the modern class but not twin shock class. That's what the rules say. ACU here,,,,,,,, Machine eligibility criteria i Engine and gearbox must be original or the same type manufactured for the appropriate class ii Replica frames or small changes allowed. Must be suitable for the class and period silhouette of those used at the time. iii Drum brakes only, pattern or original for period iv Forks must look like the correct period but can have any internal modifications v Maximum fork diameter 35mm.
  13. It may have 2 shocks but it's not a twin shock you can ride in the Kia or ACU air cooled class so what's the point!
  14. Local to you......
  15. Didn't ask you to explain it again...