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  1. Just phone or email Beta UK with the frame number and they will tell you.....
  2. All Bultaco stuff from here...... Manuals here or a quick ebay search and your find loads including a Haynes one .........
  3. Kingswood as they have 4 or 5 club trials a year plus 2 centre championship rounds all based around Bristol...... But it don't really matter as you can ride almost anywhere with one club and a ACU licence....
  4. My air filter cover has the same problem. Will try your tip. 250RR
  5. Just turn up on the day about an hour b4 the start......
  6. for used spares.......
  7. Dates now out for that area. Worth just going to have a chat with some of the guys & girls. Also check out
  8. Where are you located ?
  9. In the UK we have many trials that use the road to link groups of sections in differing locations. Like the SSDT and many others. Without a road gear we would be knakered be it 5th on a 5 speed box or 6th on a 6 speed.. So it's not useless.....
  11. Loads on ebay and Amazon .......
  12. Just email Beta UK with the frame number & engine number asking them.
  13. Make sure you can get a dating letter from the frame number first. Don't bother getting MOT's etc until that's sorted although no harm in ordering the forms you need like the v55/5. The dating letter will have to come from Yamaha UK as the DVLA will only accept dating letters from the manufacturer if they are still in business. They will make a small charge. Without it you will have to have a "Q" plate which doubles or triples your insurance. The rest is easy, Almost the same procedure for any older bike. If you google your find 1000's of posts with advice on it. The only thing that differs for a trials bike is most have the MOT on the frame number without lights so that will be an advisory on the MOT paper work which is not a problem. On the V/55 form "Type Approval" question put "Exempt". The reason is "TRIALS BIKE" or it will be rejected. You could put "enduro bike" or "over 10 years old" as none require type approval. Some bikes will be selected for inspection by the DVLA. Someone comes out on a arranged date. They will only want to check frame and engine numbers. If they are not clear or look iffy again it will be rejected for any type of registration.
  14. Yes, Fine now....
  15. Just wash with a bike cleaner like 6T9 or Muckoff. Mine is the same if just power washed with water. Spray this on and it's fine....