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  1. If the police write you up for a small number plate it will be chucked out. No such thing. Simple. They need to give you a ticket for wrong size lettering and spacing. Yes, every trials bike i've seen is worth a warning or ticket........
  2. Any of the 250's, Just fit a slow action throttle, Low compression head and flywheel weight. All will be much nicer to ride even more so with winter around the corner and mud! Or just get a modern'ish 125. Plenty of power for a novice rider.
  3. No such thing as a small number plate. It's the lettering size and a spacing measurement.
  4. Any ACU club, Makes no odds. It's just so you can get a number for your ACU licence application. You don't need a AMCA licence or be a club member to ride AMCA trials but it does at some events reduce the entry price by a couple of quid.. If your Bristol then Mendip Vale or Kingswood are good ACU clubs. The West contry trial forum on F/BOOK covers all the events that are on ACU/AMCA and most trials topic in the area.
  5. Try Richard Allen. Used parts... Or TBB. They have some listed.
  6. Ask the guys at Bultaco UK, I expect they will know someone....
  7. 250cc max............
  8. Splatshop for Sherco...........
  9. Thats already been answered above............. 3rd post.
  10. Black is the standard slow action trials throttle, giving 1mm of movement for each 4.6 degrees opened and most popular choice for trials. - White has a slightly quicker action, at 1mm for each 3.7 degrees opened.
  11. I use Putoline GP10, 450ml........
  12. Good info on here......
  13. For 2017: CLARIFICATION OF YOUTH CLASSES 2017 (See ACU Handbook TSR1 for details) Youth Age Groups A Class born between 01.01.00 and 31.12.01 B Class born between 01.01.02 and 31.12.04 C Class born between 01.01.05 and 31.12.07 D Class born between 01.01.08 and 31.12.11 E Class: minimum age 4 years at the date of competition and born after 01.01.12 ENGINE CAPACITY CLASSES: The maximum engine capacity and wheel size permitted for machines used in the age groups set out in this Regulation are as follows: A Class 125cc Mono or 250cc Twinshock, and Electric up to 10 bhp measured at the rear wheel B Class 125cc Mono or 250cc Twinshock, and Electric up to 10 bhp measured at the rear wheel C Class Standard Wheel 80cc, and Electric up to 7 bhp measured at the rear wheel D Class Medium wheel 80cc, and Electric up to 7 bhp measured at the rear wheel E Class Small wheel Electric powered machines up to 2 bhp measured at the rear wheel C & D class may be split by wheel size: C class: standard and medium D class: medium and small Wheel sizes Standard Wheel – 21" Front – 18" Rear Medium Wheel – 19" Front – 17" Rear Small Wheel – 16" Front – 14" Rear The above is based on the wheels of combustion engined machines using motorcycle tyres. If other wheels are used as on current Electric powered machines then the outside diameter (total circumference) of the tyre must not exceed that of the corresponding tyre size. Engine Sizes Rebores are permitted subject to the resulting engine capacity not exceeding a tolerance of +3cc
  14. Try Bultaco UK. Not all parts are listed on the web page...