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  1. £1500 done up.....
  3. Yes,, £10.00 well spent.
  4. If it aint broke. don't fix it.........
  6. Not allowed. Sections must be ridden in sequence. ACU rule book... It's OK if your told to start at say section 5 but then you still ride the sections in order and finish at section 4. Some clubs will exclude riders who don't ride in sequence. We had a few cheats who would just go and ride the muddy sections first. A couple i'm sure still do...
  8. Van, then the scum can't see the bike and follow you home!!
  9. 300! 125 or 250 is plenty............
  10. You may need these!
  11. What part of the world are you ?
  12. Cancelled weeks ago, Always check the club or centre web site. Best place is on F/book as most clubs or centres have group pages that is updated very quickly..
  14. Just this form then.
  15. If that was the right reg all you need to do is this form.. If not you need to have a MOT by frame number, V55/5 form completed, A NOVA referance and a dating certificate form someone like the VMCC. I do have a idiots guide on completing a V55/5 form. Look at this guide from the VMCC..