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  1. Standard warranty.
  2. Your need a shorter chain or take some links out.
  3. It's 1984. They only made them that year.. The Fantics went mono shock the year after. It's a 250cc. Not 300cc Fantic went bust a few times. Although Fantics are still made, it was another company who purchased the name so no parts available from them. A good few trials specialists such as In Motion plus others in the UK + places in France and Italy seem to keep most items and post around the world. A few bike breakers also have parts. Attached is a Fantic 300 riders manual, Non English & a parts list... Someone may have a English version but this should help. Tyres, inner tubes, oils, throttle cables, metric nuts & bolts, chains and other common items should be available from most local trials dealers in Canada as the same on many model bikes. Have fun... Fantic 300 rider manual.pdf Fantic_300_Partslist.pdf
  4. Just order one from In Motion in the UK. They send worldwide........
  5. Get a 2 stroke....... lol
  6. Loads of 2 stroke trials bikes around these days so why worry about what Honda are doing!
  7. MSM will do this.
  8. New stickers.....
  9. I know you may want to fix but it's not needed for an MOT so no need to delay...... 99% of trials bike don't even have a speedo and it's not part of the MOT test.
  10. Bultaco UK (In Motion stock them)
  11. If the police write you up for a small number plate it will be chucked out. No such thing. Simple. They need to give you a ticket for wrong size lettering and spacing. Yes, every trials bike i've seen is worth a warning or ticket........
  12. Any of the 250's, Just fit a slow action throttle, Low compression head and flywheel weight. All will be much nicer to ride even more so with winter around the corner and mud! Or just get a modern'ish 125. Plenty of power for a novice rider.
  13. No such thing as a small number plate. It's the lettering size and a spacing measurement.
  14. Any ACU club, Makes no odds. It's just so you can get a number for your ACU licence application. You don't need a AMCA licence or be a club member to ride AMCA trials but it does at some events reduce the entry price by a couple of quid.. If your Bristol then Mendip Vale or Kingswood are good ACU clubs. The West contry trial forum on F/BOOK covers all the events that are on ACU/AMCA and most trials topic in the area.
  15. Try Richard Allen. Used parts... Or TBB. They have some listed.