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  1. This certainly raises questions. Kind of makes all petrol bikes kind of obsolete overnight. 15kg lighter than the best about ,easier to ride and more social with no noise and pollution issues.
  2. Hi there and welcome. The old scorpas are fine but still buy on condition don't get too caught up in thinking a newer bike will be better because it doessn't really work that way . As I say don't buy anything rough it never works out. Happy hunting.
  3. Town hall Brae as you go through the ends cards on Sat afternoon, I've a dog called Coire surprisingly no conction to any section bit it's left plenty teethmarks on Michelins
  4. I saw this coming and changed my name to Kevin Bridges before I entered this should up my chances a bit. Anyway back to Where are all the entries ? Well it seems like some of us that should know better are looking down there noses at the Average wobbler Trial maybe this puts folk off? None of the big events mentioned really bring in new folk even probably Dougie started at a club trial.
  5. Guilty as charged to post 2901 I'm trying to make people that are not Trials Riders ,Trials riders. So you're saying the entire grassroots club scene is rubbish, that's what it reads like.
  6. Are you two saying that single lap /route very stiff trial with roadwork and a large entry fee is what the average rider is looking for? I've been doing this trials thing wrong for years. What have I been thinking?
  7. Great for Trials and the SSDT . His minder James Burroughs? looked worried at the first lunchstop Ross certainly had DNF written all over him at that point. A hero .
  8. 46 years that's even longer than me. There is a lack of consistency for sure , Not just between clubs but in clubs themselves, a complete luckybag. It would be good to have a standard level/layout for club trials. Well done for lasting so long.
  9. Plenty riders about but as Jimmyl says you've got to run trials that suit them. On it says he doesn't ride trials anymore but there could be good reasons for this not all clubs make you welcome . Why don't you go to trials now Onit?
  10. My only thing with my Ossa is how hard I have to kick it to start it. Though it starts well the sudden stop of the kickstart againt the frame knocks hell out of my Achilles. I am quite old though so maybe that's more of a problem mind it's a full 300 the 280 is easier to kick. THe best bits are that you never really have to clean the air filter unlike most bikes where it's a constant job and the radiator always stays clean . The plastics are also great and the exhast is well protected. But as I said before if it plays up you need someone that knows them to help out.
  11. As an Ossa owner I'll give you my Tuppence. Early ones were kind of used for R&D tricky to start and the transmisions were problematic. They kind of had it all sorted by the time they went bust which was a pity as some of the ideas they had were superb. They're not as easy to get hold of as some would suggest I certainly wouldn't be giving it away, mine it also runs better than any carb bike I've tried.only issues I've had is faulty crank bearings which I'm assured was a manufacturing problem The importer repaired it at minimal cost. Would I buy an early one ? Only if I had a really good dealer nearby who knows them.
  12. Here's my take on one part of the scene. Club trials should have an easy route with a slightly harder route tacked on. That's it nothing else. Set out for beginners and casual riders Nothing for hard core riders or a practice session for aspiring champions. Should be the same wheater it be in Cornwall or Inverness so a rider would know roughly what they're in for. Nationals/Centre champs leave them for the experienced folk, We've ended up with club Trials like Nationals and vice versa it doesn't work,
  13. The bikes are too complicated but so are the rules and the way multi routes have developed. The whole sport needs streamlined . Generally speaking the more enjoyable a hobby the simpler it is and Trials flies in the face of this at all levels.
  14. Quality plenty Wobblers in that clip and the legendary Mr C probably giving Ross a few pointers on his delivery.
  15. For sure I've not seen many Montesa 4rts with a gun mount fitted. Should come as standard.