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  1. 2018 Jotagas R

    The thing is it's nice to be different and to be a trials rider is a bit odd to start with. I suppose if we all did the sensible thing we would all be on 4rts. As far as odd bikes go the Jotagas doesn't even scratch the surface of the gird's I've owned and Trialled. Some bikes are brilliant but totally boring I.e every 4rt and Beta ever made.
  2. A Class act!

    Three years it's been going and I didn't know, next thing you'll be telling me is Sammy Miller is no longer British Champion. Don't know about this dragonfly looks like they raided the Ossa parts bin to finish it off that probably gives you a clue as to what happened to it . Regardless not one person has turned up to any of our club's trials on an E bike (Osets excepted)and we run a lot could it be because we would refuse to put them in a separate class? Maybe there's hundreds of E bikers out there chomping at the bit to ride only deterred by the lack of a plastic trophy on offer.
  3. A Class act!

    Can't help noticing that the FIM has introduced a new E bike class in there WTC. Normally the introduction of a new class even at club level grinds my gears and take it from a man with massive respect for delicate trials transmissions it's the proverbial red flag. However I feel I must embrace it as the championships are now so fragmented I could be in with as shout if I can just hang on in there. I really see an over 55 clapped out Scorpa living within the East Neuk "World championship" could have my name written all over the Trophy.
  4. Setting Race Sag? '17 Raga (Reiger)

    Hi Walz questions a bit above my pay grade. Thing I would say and you probably know this the suspension will soften off considerably after a few hours use so I wouldn't rush to set up right away. What I do know is that riders set ups vary so going by the book if there is one might not suit you. As an old guy I set up my bikes really soft as I'm not exactly hitting steps flat out in 3rd and really all I want is the bike to grip. As I say I don't think it's an exact science happy fiddling.
  5. Anyone know about this?

    Well they came second which is better than the 250th place my son got in the Scottish. As a few up here would say they did no bad.
  6. Anyone know about this?

    Cheers I'll give them a call.
  7. Hi, I'm running a trial this evening up here in Jockland. Anyway I've been informed that some sort of Football/kick about is taking place at this time ? I can't have this affecting the entry! Anyone know about this and can there date be changed?
  8. Gas Gas factory bike detail

    All the bikes should be standard production models keep the cost down for all of us . What's this adding weight nonsense? That bike should be illegal.
  9. Spares Availability

    The best thing about having an Ossa is that it's different. I know Beta's are like a plague in most places, round here it's Scorpas as we've a very good dealer. Still looks more modern than anything love it when folk are moaning about dirt in there carbs. Would I buy a new one if they started up again? No because I'm a miserable tight Fifer and anyway this one runs spot on. Oh, and the local Scorpa knows all about Ossa's too.
  10. New challenges ...

    Hi there you're clutch should ideally clear before the lever reaches you're spare fingers. you can likely adjust it with some fine tuning but if you're really green get someone who knows there stuff to set it up or it could cost you a clutch. Neb's right too a shorty lever might be the answer. Also sounds like you're gripping the bike too tightly, most beginners do this and it takes a bit of time to learn how to relax. Have fun.
  11. Beginning of the end?

    A month! I bought a new Fantic 307 in 1990 it broke my heart, couldn't ride for over a decade.
  12. Efi

    I'd have kept my old TY 250f if I knew it was that good and I was blaming the bike for all those 5s. Only chat we'll be having on here about the E Yam is when the battery ran out and how much fun it was pushing it off the hill. Tell me I'm wrong and that you won't need banks of spare batteries and a generator to get round. Not a wee short circuit pardon the pun clubbie but a half decent trial.
  13. Efi

    I've said this before we should be reluctant to criticise coming from the UK as the last decent bike we made was probably that AJS. We've a cheek knocking any maker and come brexit I can imagine prices rising if the makers can even be bothered to send us some new bikes. Anyway it'll be an ideal opportunity for some one like Manual Jane in the UK to start up it'll be great.
  14. Efi

    Hi Neb like the AJS, but not very far in the SSDT maybe slightly further in the Pre65 but I could claim the moral high ground even though I probably wouldn't see Blackwater. Just need the right rider anyone called Jackson or Viney on here?.
  15. Efi

    I seem to remember that Vertigo won the last 3 SSDTs with a pensioner on board ? I though they were quite good I must have been mistaken. As for that replica Triumph I would say it looks like it could be mistaken for a pre 65 trials bike . And b40 that solar powered strimmer is running perfect but it's a bit tricky on the night shift. Sorry 4 SSDTs I've lost count.