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  1. Age less when used regularly that's the best news I've had in ages. I'll be keeping an eye on that dog turd in the Scorpas side wall to see when it heals up.
  2. Used to go to work on a Suzuli RL don't really fancy doing the rounds on the Ossa. Fact is things are worse now than they were 40 years ago from Mars Bars to Presidents.
  3. We're spoiled about here local AMCA clubs run about 35/40 trials with 70 miles of my bit. Sacu probably about 20/30 trials within a similar distance. Most clubs get 50+ for a club trial and Nationals can reach 100. Most weeks there a choice of Trials or even an organised play, Today we had 50 at out local trial and the other trial on likely had nearer 100 not bad considering it's freezing. I probably ride 40 + club trials and an odd National really intermediate level these days.
  4. Hello there. if you pick up one with higher spec paiolis there is compression/rebound adjustment as well as spring preload on the other leg. There doesn't seem to be any way of telling what forks a particular bike will be fitted with. Suspension is pretty basic and hardy ;rear shock has a basic damping adjuster. No many around and the 163 is the one to have. Ground clearance is the biggest issue with these bikes. Happy hunting.
  5. Good man 'those gas bottles should make things interesting. Maybe we'll see you out east sometime if the bug really bites plenty stuff on here, Don't worry about sections get the basics hardwired in first.
  6. Reading ridgruns post shows not all 's better in uncle Sam land than old Blighty. No living Scotsman would drive 300 miles to a trial let alone stop drinking at 5am just to get there on time.
  7. I think Mull moved to Fintry (not the Dundee one) I guess the logistics were problematic. Saying that Lanarkshire are serial odd venue fans. Try Galashields,Penicuik and Dalrigh for regular trials. It's like they don't want any members from Lanarkshire,
  8. I look at what my friends (Do have the odd one) and their families do at the weekends and compare it to what we do. It's normally gie mundane like read the papers,walk in the park, couple of pints, visit relations. watch the footie etc. I'm jumping off big rocks on a 20hp pogo stick with junior there's nothing better.
  9. Guessing at the Academy still plenty time for an entry.
  10. I asked about that on your old forum. I think it's set up just to keep everything tight as you know club members with different opinions can cause a lot of bother. Sandy Mack's the boss I'm told so it'll be spot on.
  11. The on board footage of GJ is well worth a watch. It's an education in itself the course was just so will be sweating watching it. Emporer Hirohito was kinder to his Kamikazi pilots than the CoC was to those riders. Even ice cool Jarvis had a moment or 2 it must have taken all his patience not to launch into the Husky into the great blue yonder Awsome riding
  12. So cruel; Off topic we could be brothers, I've got a Scorpa 163 too. Had it since new frame No 3. Tell me it's the best bike you've ever owned,mine is by a mile. The Ossas only for show.
  13. Look on the bright side everyone's moved up a place.
  14. I liked this what harm was he doing ,he didn't even run his kids over. Anyway on topic this bike was more than good even in the hands of a rusty trainer shod clubbie. Would beginners and clubmen ride better on one of these, I think most would, I must admit though it looked hellish and the noise sounded like a seagull caught in a mangle. Run time would be my worry, you would have to get a decent club trial out of one for it to be a goer.
  15. Imagine it would be good in UK conditions rather than the test conditions with plenty grip. Bit of a waste but at least Gas Gas is still on the go. Hope they invoiced the FIM and Honda for all that work.