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  1. Don't think many trials riders are fooled by this I think most buy new bikes to keep maintainence down to a minimum.Frankly I couldn't tell the difference between any Evo beta and much the same goes for Gas Gas and Montesa.
  2. I've already said you can't run a trial to please all abilities. It seems obvious to me that club trials should be there to bring riders into the sport and a bit of fun for the rest of the entry National/Centre trials should cater for experienced riders. Up here the 3 AMCA clubs really only run a beginners route with a few extra gates for the more experienced .Never really had a poor entry and always new folk at every event. Dead easy to run . You get a bit of stick though because as riders get better they want the trials stiffened up as they don't really get what it's all about.You've got to let them go,
  3. Things aside I imagine Trials must be the biggest participant motorsport in the UK. I know no ones heard of it but there's a few thousand of us out and about every weekend.. I've said many a time there's plenty trials riders out there they just haven't heard about trials yet.
  4. While I agree with most of your points I feel too many routes is not the answer. You've got to ask who are you running the trial for and if you're answer is everyone it wont work. You try to please everyone and it just turns out a compromise. We run trials for beginners and casual riders and basically ignore the more advanced types I really don't believe club trials should be used as a training ground for experienced riders . Trial really consists of only one easy route with a maximum of 3 extra gates for the more experienced. This way the new folk don't get intimidated. So my point really is don't try to run a trial for all abilities. As for getting new folk in .running entry level trials concentrating on the fun element seems to work
  5. I feel riding Trials is so time consuming and people are just so busy these days it's hard to fit events in. If you ride on Sunday it's the whole day plus a few hours later in the week giving the bike a going over and washing the gear.. That's if you don't have kids if so add another couple of hours for each of them. As we're all aware the old 8 till 5 shift is a thing of the past work spills out over the weekend and nights now. I know at our club the guys you can rely on are the 40 plus brigade the ones that are free from heavy parental responsibilities, young folk with kids are a rarity they just can't fit a trial in. There's plenty riders around but a lot can't get out but I do think modern trials with multi routes and more classes than you can shake a stick it are how can I put it crap.
  6. breagh ! how did the the wobblers start out M8, just thinking, there is a club in lanarkshire and you guys in fife but nothing inbetween, Central region needs a club lol


    1. breagh


      Hi laud, we just wanted something cheap and cheerful for the locals at the time you needed a £50 licence before you could even turn up at any trial in Scotland which was a massive barrier to new folk.

      Once we got a bit land (Which we do contribute towards) the AMCA were contacted and things sorted out the rest is history.

      THere's a good bit work though to start with and you do kind of have to know what you're doing with layout.

      I agree the central area is crying out for a decent beginners club but it hasn't happened just need some to see the light.

      Just for the record the Montrose club was the first AMCA trials club up here it wasn't our idea.

      Also getting land is much harder than you might think.

      If I had time and a bit money I would try to get one going sadly I don't.

      Maybe there's someone out there that's keen .

      Anyway thanks for asking.

    2. asmara


      why is getting land to use so hard ? and thanks for the response bud

      are you from the falkirk area ?


    3. breagh


      Folk just don't want bikes on there land , they're noisy do a bit of damage livestock issues and there 's nothing in it for the farmer.

      Also you need land with parking and it has to be away from houses as well as insurance implications.

      Of our locations 2 belong to club members our main one we put parking in ourself and spent a load of money getting it suitable and we still rely on the landowner who could back out anytime.

      It's not easy, I'm live in North East Fife.

  7. Osets are an area of Trials that I'm pretty ignorant to be honest. Richard Younie and Alan Drysdale are the 2 lads I know as keen Oset supporters. You'll get Alan at Drysdale motorcycles in Perth. The Oset trials often run alongside regular trials on a separate course so check the SACU site. As for our Lothian/Wobblers/Montrose AMCA events we've never really had enough interest to run an Oset route though I have tried. Still I would encorage any Oset riders to come along for a play. Pesonally 4 is quite young and trials is hard even or an adult to get there head round my wee boy (nearly 8) just plays on his at the trial he could probably get round but it would take the fun out of it.
  8. Double standards old bean, go into any local woodland on a slope and you'll find it's some sort of improvised downhill MTB track. You put one wheelmark down and you're for the Tower even though moving tons of earth cutting trees and breaking up walls seems to be tolerated if you've a set of pedals. All this "digging" is usually accompanied by a wide range of litter just to top the whole thing off. Like yourself I like the old MTBs too but haven't fitted the optional shovel /axe carrier.
  9. I don't know most us Scots up here are on a disability benefit of some kind so this could be a goer. Mind you as we're all all about clinically obese I think run time could be further ruduced hardly make it to the local chippy on the old EM.
  10. Hi Cabby I don't think there's a problem as I don't think any electric bike would finish a decent wobblers trial on the one battery. Be fantastic for the first hour and a real workout for the next 4 pushing it off the hill.. Give the hill walkers a good laugh.
  11. Tip I would give is regardless of the bike have it well set up. Controls', tyre pressures suspension carb etc just get it spot on. I ride loads of different bikes thers always give aways on most beginners bike like a loose grip loads of play in the throttle tickover to high/low just basic stuff that an experienced rider wouldn't have. Happy hunting.
  12. I'm not familiar with the Falkirk area but imagine there's a few places where a wee play on a Trials bike will go unnoticed. Personally I would be discreet as getting permission is tricky for a lot of reasons. Not like you need much ground a grassy bank would be enough to practice the basics. No doubt the locals will have places they go so keep an eye out. Disclaimer The author in no way condones illegal practicing on this forum.
  13. Hello Gordon got a few riders in your area that would certainly offer a bit help transports a big ask though? Some are regular TC users so might get in touch. I would suggest go to a local trial to get the lowdown we've one on Sunday but there's plenty more if you check the SACU website. Maybe see you around.
  14. I really don't know how trials riders think. Vertigo have won the SSDT 3 times on the trot and the only Vertigo in the top 50 this year was Lampkins also there was no Montesas in the top 50 though Bou's won everything. Round here there's loads of Scorpas because we have a great dealer thats the way I go support the local guy it pays in the long run. .
  15. Looks the part too, could this be the thin end of the wedge for petrol bikes? .