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  1. You never had this problem back in the day. Most dads were there simply to drive there charges to the event and observe if required. It was up to junior to get on with it . Now I have to wet nurse the wee boy round every trial it's pityful ,he broke an exhaust a brake lever and a fuel tap at the weekend .If he knew he had to push his bike half way along the Mamore road after crashing he'd be a sight more careful. Trying my patience and taking advantage of my good nature I say. Should be a rule parents can't go within 100 yards of there kids during a trial ,make my day anyway.
  2. I was watching an Austrailian Trials video on youtube a few months back. It roughly said that nearly all trials riders are nice people which is true. However it was stated there aways seems to be one insufferable a***hole who is generally tolerated by rest. I try not to be that person at every trial.
  3. It's bad form to complain about any classic rider queue jumping as you've got to bear in mind most of them haven't much time left.
  4. This probably wont help but I kick mine over slowly half a dozen times when cold before I push the button and go for it. Also I have the bike leaning against something so I can really use all my 12 stone. Normally starts first ,second kick. It's rubbish when hot (Maybe 5/6 kicks) unless I give it a proper planned kick, leave it running if I can. Cheers the noo
  5. Thanks for the invite but they wont be "my kind" of riders. Yesterday was a disgrace half didn't know the rules and some had full face helmets and one even had a home made bike. I can't associate with these people. Seriously assume Penkridge is just like Lothian so keep the faith.
  6. You're moving off topic old bean however let me inform you that I have patented the 5 section 8 lap trial. In a few months all organisers will be begging me to allow them to use the format Back on topic Lothian had a misely 82 entries today I don't know why clubs bother with these fun trials only about half the entry were new folk.
  7. Today I'm heading to Lothian Trials Club certainly for what I would class a fun trial. Two easy routes one aimed at the raw novices other at very average clubmen/women. THere's no awards or really classes mark yourself . Free tea/coffee biscuits at the sign on totally laid back £10 to enter. Advice/help for any new folk that turn up. All there trials are the same just trying to get folk to dip there toe in the trials water. A great day out on the bike and I would suggest every club trial should be run that way mine too if the committee would
  8. I didn't know this about the FIM.Pretty rubbish if it's fact that they've priced things out. Listening to the radio yesterday I heard Glasgow City womans fc bemoan the fact that they get no publicity compared to the mens despite the fact they've won 10 consecutive Scottish championships. The slogan on their away strip is "You can't be what you can't see".to highlight this....
  9. Good on you, now that front wheel's well over the max height allowed for a 63 year old .
  10. Pretty neat I've never seen one of these in the flesh . My standard 300s so light this must feel like a pushbike. Just a wild rumour I heard "Gas Gas" were going to start making that Ossa engine be great if they did .
  11. My 11 year olds got a 16 Beta 80 with 19/17 in wheels. Fantastic performance same motor as the big one pretty robust though some of the bits are a bit agricultural. Obviously limited by wheel and tyre size aginst full size 80s but very confidence inspiring. Best bike Beta make.
  12. Sure most of us regularly trawl through the classifieds to see what latest trials bargain is on offer. Always a laugh when someone waxes lyrical about there pride and joy only to be undone by a major no no like motocross bars or Pirelli tyres. You just know this guy wouldn'y know a trials bike if Toni Bou jumped over his fence on his Repsol. Just now I had to laugh because sometimes it's quite a subtle mistake nice new chain and sprockets with the tensioner pad fitted upside down.
  13. It's a shared problem it's hard to get decent staff these days. I've been trying to get this wall between Englandshire and Teuchterland built for decades. There's enough empty Irn Bru bottles lager cans, empty crisp packets and sweetie wrappers lying around to build it three times over so there's no shortage of material.
  14. At least most Scots are doing the decent thing. Most specially through west are paticipating in a kind of mass suicide by drinking and eating themselves to death. Not be too many make 70. I like the idea of being towed out into the Atlantic but it probably wont be needed. Pretty sure one high tide and most off South East Englandshire may be rather damp for a wee while.
  15. Personally I would support a cull for over 70s. Solve the pensions NHS and housing crisis in a oner. The state the country's in It's the only decent thing to do .