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  1. Nominate Emma!

    Worthy winner I'd say the old trials is a pig of a sport for all, the list of things you have to be good at to succeed is endless.
  2. Transmission oil change

    My thinking is 99% of Trials bikes just do basic trials and in general things are fine. Now, some do get a fair bit roadwork and the oil is sometimes used to lube the main bearings. This where things get a hard time as they're not really made for this.so the oil has a really hard job being that some of them hardly have any oil in them. Just a thought as I've had problems in this area..
  3. Transmission oil change

    A club member the other day said ATF is meant to be used in a pressurised system , I've no idea could this be so?
  4. About Scorpa

    There's not many of these SRs about I had a couple and had no issues . Sherco of that year is very different with the rear mounted tank . What I would say is if the bikes nice it would be a safe enough buy.
  5. My question would be does Trials need Championships and that's at every level from club to WTC. Three most popular trials in the UK are the Scott the SSDT and the Reeth 3 three day don't do championships. We've about 200 members and try getting a decent turnout at a presentation hopeless, also the club up here that gets the best entries for it's club trials has no awards. The average Trials rider has little interest in these things they just want a fun day on the bike.
  6. Is Ossa still good?

    Much as I love my Ossa it's not really a bike for new folk or anyone who doesn't know there way round a Trials bike. They're a one off with a load of stuff different from most other bikes. If you know what you're doing great ,probably better stick to the regulars Sherco/ Scorpa would be my pick second hand.
  7. Piuma Kickstarter

    Identical to my 83 though It didn't look like that when I got rid of it. 84 had the Marzocchi forks can't mind what else was different never seen one for years.
  8. Is it just me?

    Good laugh but the reality is the US is one of the most devided countries around and you're probably quite likely to get shot going to that cabana bar at 8am. Anyway Trials is massive here compared with the US but it's all funded with good people giving up there time and energy to put a shedload of events on up and down the country. That's the British way try and help each other out. Now when it comes to promoting something like a WTC it's different and needs some outside help. No doubt the promoters will get very little help if any so it'll have to be self funding that's why they need a bit cash at the gate. Well better go now and set out tomorrows Trial.
  9. a smoky TR280i

    I think I could tell by the smell if the bikes using transmission oil imagine the exhaust would be a bit dribbly too. About 3 years ago mine went right of song like a regular bike running with the choke on. Must have felt brave and adjusted the sensor by hand mind you I didn't totally slacken it just enough as move it a minute amount. Just listening to the motor until it took throttle nice and clean and set it at that. Can't even mind which way I moved it but it'll be obvious if you give it a go and mind to mark the original position. Anyway I take no responsibility for this post if you destroy your motor all I'll say is mine's still perfect after all this time and it's done a load of work. What could possibly go wrong!
  10. Show Us Your Ossa

    Over here there's only a couple still competing on them must have been about 15/20 at one time. Funny how bikes just disappear must be loads in garages and sheds.
  11. Show Us Your Ossa

    How many of these do you think are in Canada?
  12. 2018 Jotagas R

    The thing is it's nice to be different and to be a trials rider is a bit odd to start with. I suppose if we all did the sensible thing we would all be on 4rts. As far as odd bikes go the Jotagas doesn't even scratch the surface of the gird's I've owned and Trialled. Some bikes are brilliant but totally boring I.e every 4rt and Beta ever made.
  13. A Class act!

    Three years it's been going and I didn't know, next thing you'll be telling me is Sammy Miller is no longer British Champion. Don't know about this dragonfly looks like they raided the Ossa parts bin to finish it off that probably gives you a clue as to what happened to it . Regardless not one person has turned up to any of our club's trials on an E bike (Osets excepted)and we run a lot could it be because we would refuse to put them in a separate class? Maybe there's hundreds of E bikers out there chomping at the bit to ride only deterred by the lack of a plastic trophy on offer.
  14. A Class act!

    Can't help noticing that the FIM has introduced a new E bike class in there WTC. Normally the introduction of a new class even at club level grinds my gears and take it from a man with massive respect for delicate trials transmissions it's the proverbial red flag. However I feel I must embrace it as the championships are now so fragmented I could be in with as shout if I can just hang on in there. I really see an over 55 clapped out Scorpa living within the East Neuk "World championship" could have my name written all over the Trophy.
  15. Setting Race Sag? '17 Raga (Reiger)

    Hi Walz questions a bit above my pay grade. Thing I would say and you probably know this the suspension will soften off considerably after a few hours use so I wouldn't rush to set up right away. What I do know is that riders set ups vary so going by the book if there is one might not suit you. As an old guy I set up my bikes really soft as I'm not exactly hitting steps flat out in 3rd and really all I want is the bike to grip. As I say I don't think it's an exact science happy fiddling.