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  1. Ok Ok I can only speak about the club scene, If someone who rides say a Beta buys a 4rt they always go back; Maybe it's just a tradition up here.
  2. Fair doos must admit he's the only one that's ever got better on a Montesa.
  3. Glad he stays with Honda he would really pi$$ everyone off on a Gas Gas.
  4. Hi Matt no seen one like that before nothing like the old tl 125 I had back in the day, Looks good condition.
  5. Hi there this brings back memories but not good ones, I had a 307 new and never got it to run right fiddled with carb settings forever packed in first day of the six days as it just ran terrible. Never got it sorted . If I had one now I would get an OKO and try it I've one on and old Fantic Section runs fine. Sorry I'm little help sure there's others on here who've got them sorted,
  6. Hi Rab and welcome no much help with places in Stirling one of our members has ground near Milnathort which the public can use for a small donation if that's any good, Most riders do go to the organised trials even when just starting out because that's where you find out what's going on and they're pretty casual affairs. Hope someone posts with some more local info. Cheers.
  7. HI bearings last about 10 mins if the bikes been powerwashed cheap so mot really a problem. flick out the rubber seals on the hew ones and grease before you fit them helps a lot.. If the seals are ok on the forks I wouldn't rush to change the oil they're tricky for the home mechanic better get the shop to do it unless you're really confident as mistakes can be expensive. Oil will likely be 5 weight and you'll get a measurement from the top of the fork tube rather than a quantity because they're hard to drain the oil out as I said they're tricky. Rear damper unless it's leaking leave alone should be fine on a 15 bike unless it's been hammered, Any work on this you'll need a shock specialist no really a DIY job. Anyway stop fiddling with this thing and get out and ride it.f
  8. Mines 2 on the drive side and one on the brake side!
  9. What what what you grudge the kids a cheap ride round? Up here we've more over 40s than you can shake a stick at but kids are a problem .Normally what happens is Dad or Mum brings junior along the kid packs in and the parent keeps on riding. I don't know if you've kids that ride but I have and it's heavy work with 2or 3 loads of gear to wash extra bikes to service, repair ,wash they always grow out of things and break things. Unless a parent is totally committed it's just not happening. Anyway a cheap entry is neither here or there but it' s a nice gesture. Agree about you're second point.
  10. Forgot mines not got a disc guard which needs to be off to fit the wheel It should take seconds if you know the technique if not you're doing it wrong..
  11. PS while I mind the back wheel lifts up and out for removal taking the caliper with it, To replace it fit the caliper on the disc then slide the whole lot down and forward..It's a bit odd if you've not done it before
  12. Things to keep an eye on, kickstart bolt top and bottom check after every trial. Keep spraying the suspension linkage with light oil/chainlube seems to keep it right as long as you always do it. Tape up the tank skid plate where it meets to keep mud away from the wiring in there. Change transmission oil regularly the lowest bolt on the clutch casing should be removed to get the last of it out. Might be an idea to drain the tank I did mine and a lot of debris came out didn't think it would do the pump any good this involves turning the bike upside down which is a pain. I run fully synthetic at 120.1 seems really happy at that . That's about all I can think of anything technical see a dealer. Cheers
  13. The problem in the UK is too many youngsters are working. I hear over 25% of under 25s in Spain have no jobs giving them loads of time to play about on any bikes that are lying around.
  14. Just my tuppence. Like b40 mine came from Edgar Bros in Edinburgh in Trail Trim. Spoiled by dad as I was about 12 . We had a Bultaco which I struggled to start so the Honda was spot on. Power wasn't much of an issue as I probably only weighed about 6 stone. It also had brakes which the bultaco didn;t and a clutch and gearbox that was easy to use. Happiest time of my life riding the tl no one walked about the countryside in those days so I had a licence to roam. My pal bought one recently and gave me a play I couldn't believe how unwieldy it was. I often ride a Scorpa sy 200 f these days which kind of reminds me off it.
  15. Extra bodies are always welcome the site gives a general contact. Catherine Anderson is chief marshal maybe someone has her contact details.