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  1. Sure was an awsome ride on the wee bike, The clubmen probably need a bigger motor than the good guys to lug them out of trouble when it goes wrong but I'll put my hands up. I also thought the 4rts were total puddins up there didn't like the dry conditions one bit lucky if a couple made the top 50.
  2. You're rubbish there's one on our kid on forum with the laudie fair doos he's just sitting on the bike asking for a fag.
  3. Aye sure it'll do trials profile a lot of good, you'll know he's got previous up here did a Lothian Trial a few years back .
  4. Good on him not like you can't make the Scottish that easy even the cross country would tax most riders in fact those sections get in the way of a good trial. Real seek I'm no there, think half the Wobblers are up there. Controversially who's better for the trial Ross Noble or James Dabill?
  5. Heard top Geordie comic and trials fan Ross Noble is up and about at the Fort. Making a programme for the Dave TV channel. Real good news on the publicity front I would say as the Trial has always been a bit Masonic just like most trials to be fair
  6. A couple of bags of cold set tarmac!
  7. This may be the stupidest thing I've said on TC(Which is quite an achivement) I assume you're aware the Transmission and engine oil are seperate on these Tractors and are not getting them mixed up.
  8. Could do what I do and just wing it. Changed the wee boy's Beta's seals yesterday and just guessed felt brilliant. I think half the riders are running about with wrong capacities as seals seep away and other crap gets in through pressure washing . I don't subscribe to this method when mixing fuel, well not every time..
  9. All the best lads ( and lass) wish I was there,top tip speak to the observers it's hard to 5 someone you like plenty of our lads up there and they all like a bit banter.
  10. Naturally I would want Gary Mac to win as it would be a massive boost to trials up here. Alex Wigg has won before and Ross Danby goes well up there. Dougie had a bit luck last year with a load of sections scrapped on his early day but he's had problems up there in the past. Def non winner is CoC Jeff Horne who's got a last minuter but I'll be impressed if he get's round. Brown to win though long overdue.
  11. Just to keep the pot boiling if we found oil in Glen Nevis how long would it take for the bulldozers to move in? Probably about as long as it takes to drive up the glen from Fort William. It's double standards all round , half Fifes been mined for centuries that's ok but don't take a bike off road anywhere. There;s an SSSi a mile from me used to be an army firing range and contains a massive septic tank for the nearby caravan site. It's so crazy it's off the scale when you think about it.
  12. If he got rid of that old 4rt he could make a name for himself, Best we'll ever see I'll say.
  13. You never had this problem back in the day. Most dads were there simply to drive there charges to the event and observe if required. It was up to junior to get on with it . Now I have to wet nurse the wee boy round every trial it's pityful ,he broke an exhaust a brake lever and a fuel tap at the weekend .If he knew he had to push his bike half way along the Mamore road after crashing he'd be a sight more careful. Trying my patience and taking advantage of my good nature I say. Should be a rule parents can't go within 100 yards of there kids during a trial ,make my day anyway.
  14. I was watching an Austrailian Trials video on youtube a few months back. It roughly said that nearly all trials riders are nice people which is true. However it was stated there aways seems to be one insufferable a***hole who is generally tolerated by rest. I try not to be that person at every trial.
  15. It's bad form to complain about any classic rider queue jumping as you've got to bear in mind most of them haven't much time left.