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  1. Aye Ross these auld twinshock girds should be kept as stock as practicable, just end up like these pre 65 jokers. You know you don't need to modify them just decent tyres and try a bit harder.
  2. Hi folks just to but in. My 300 I kick it over 3 or 4 times very slowly when cold before I press the button and give it one hell of a kick. More or less first time starter even when sitting a while.Not so good when hot as if I try with a sort of half assed kick I normally end up kicking it 3 or 4 times. To be honest I'm not sure if the battery is ok as I've never changed it and the bikes done a bit work. While I'm on I recently drained the fuel tank (Tipped the bike upside down) plenty water and rubbish came out. Maybe worth doing to help the filter and maybe save a pump ? Cheers the noo.
  3. Gie odd. wild guess at float hight a bit high, when you really give it gas in the high gears it;s getting enough time to burn the fuel whereas in the section it;s only a quick rev and doesn't get time to really burn the fuel. As I say bit of a longshot. See you on Sunday.
  4. Majority seem to want 300s thse day's they must be going to different trials from us.
  5. If I wanted to do well I would stick with Gas Gas , It;s hard they;re all so boring no wonder loads go twinshock. The FI would swing it on the Vertigo for me even though I consider my Ossa a better layout,
  6. "I aint an Arab" do you think anyone on here will know you're talking about Dundee's finest and there orange regalia? Suppose colours important as that's the only difference between them, as you know you get blue Scorpas or Shercos as most call them.
  7. I had this lad Tom Cholmondeley (Google him) at a wee club trial in the middle of nowhere. Rumour has it his 4rt had a rifle mount on it. Sadly he's passed away and no way will I take responsibility for him twisting his hip on section 4.
  8. Moving on and going back to where we're from. This site regularly has posters that state there location as Northern UK. Then they go to say they're from Cumbria or Newcastle or even York? Who are these people and how do they ever get to a Trial let alone finish one. Don't they own a map,
  9. My misses always makes sure we have a decent first aid kit at all our trials funny feeling it's an AMCA requirement. Both us are trained first aiders though you wouldn't want me giving you the kiss of life you couldnt handle the nightmares. Don't imagine there's any stats but I would suggest you've more chance of being seriously injured driving to a trial than actually riding one.
  10. I've not died yet though there's plenty in our club want to murder me for all the stick I've dished out over the years. What I've noticed is if someone get's hurt it's either between sections or playing about on stuff that they really shouldn't be near. Rarely in an an actual section probably because there concentrations better
  11. I've never heard of then either they've never ridden at our Trials. Don't know about Twinshocks not managing big stuff some of the sections were pretty scary back in the era of these 2 I've never heard of.
  12. Can't really help much as my mate Duncan at East Neuk Trials is my source of info. Don't kick it without the plug attached and earthed as I've heard it 's not good for them. Check all the connector pins as they do get corroded /broken, ones under the bottom of the tank too. Sorry I'm little help.
  13. Hello again done a few trials on the old section since we last spoke. Running really good if it had been dry today it would have been out but reverted to my Scorpa. Don't know anything about welding so can't help.I'll post a photo some day it looks a bit odd with the usd forks but it's not bad for a 22 year old bike. Cheers the noo.
  14. Personally I would never buy a 4rt as Honda is just not my bag. However if I lived in the middle of nowhere with ltd mechanical skills buying one would be a no brainer.
  15. My 11year old (1m45) has a Beta 80 mediun wheel which is spot on size wise. Probably last about another 18 months before he's on the big side. Thing is it's big enough that I could ride it myself in a club trial without issue though it's sprung too soft. Hard to come by and quite pricy hold there money well though..