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  1. For sure it's an Ossa swingarm most of the frame too and plastics.
  2. Good crowd though specially considering there's probably about 10 Trials riders in Luxembourg.
  3. As a side issue the rear mudguard is superb mines done 3 SSDTs without a crack, Pity they didn't make the main bearings out of the same stuff.
  4. Hi as mines got Beta foks on it I can't really help, however what I generally do with forks is guess and I'm never far off. Try about 275 ml in each leg and see how they feel you can always add a bit more if they're bottoming out. Check there's clearance at the clutch lever as this will cerainly cause clutch fix if it is. Cheers.
  5. You'll always get the odd rubbish decision be it stop or non stop in the long run they'll balance out' never heard anyone complaining about not getting a 5 for a stop. I imagine Bou will get the benefit of the doubt pretty often ,however I suppose all those years ago when he wasn't world champ he got plenty dodgy 5s just like any other upcoming rider.
  6. Can't be many about I've a 250 and run it about 80.1 . Frames are poor look for cracks and look carfully at the rear of the engine where it bolts on to the swingarm.. Imagine some stuffs really hard to get for them as they're so rare.
  7. Quite right it's a national disgrace and while I'm on have you ever seen a hill walker smile? Here's another one have you noticed that ever acre of sloping wood land now has a makeshift downhill MTB track on it.This envolves moving tons of soil cutting down trees and geneally depositing a wide selection of litter througout, Can hardly get the Ossa down some of them.
  8. Cabby my wee Scorpas run with the old dog turd strip in it for months right on the outer edge of the sidewall too.
  9. Sure was an awsome ride on the wee bike, The clubmen probably need a bigger motor than the good guys to lug them out of trouble when it goes wrong but I'll put my hands up. I also thought the 4rts were total puddins up there didn't like the dry conditions one bit lucky if a couple made the top 50.
  10. You're rubbish there's one on our kid on forum with the laudie fair doos he's just sitting on the bike asking for a fag.
  11. Aye sure it'll do trials profile a lot of good, you'll know he's got previous up here did a Lothian Trial a few years back .
  12. Good on him not like you can't make the Scottish that easy even the cross country would tax most riders in fact those sections get in the way of a good trial. Real seek I'm no there, think half the Wobblers are up there. Controversially who's better for the trial Ross Noble or James Dabill?
  13. Heard top Geordie comic and trials fan Ross Noble is up and about at the Fort. Making a programme for the Dave TV channel. Real good news on the publicity front I would say as the Trial has always been a bit Masonic just like most trials to be fair
  14. A couple of bags of cold set tarmac!
  15. This may be the stupidest thing I've said on TC(Which is quite an achivement) I assume you're aware the Transmission and engine oil are seperate on these Tractors and are not getting them mixed up.