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  1. hi, does anybody know somewhat about steady eddie tuning? website? email?
  2. it'd be a air screw this type of dellorto (oval inlet) is very difficult to set up. It has a really small pilot jet and this is hidden really deep in the body so most time it is blocked
  3. are you sure the pilot jet is ok? if there is the genuine dellorto carb fitted, it'd have a 2nd slow jet and circuit in the bowl. is this circuit ok?
  4. I'd be interested! pls let me know if and when you'll made them
  5. the italian importer/distributor says that jotagas is declared bankrupt but that the new company jgas is still alive and will produce bikes
  6. only one word: INCREDIBLE!!! thanks for sharing the pics, Franck
  7. me too
  8. by the way, the exhaust pipe is amazing!
  9. Very nice and tricky bike! Head light and fork clamps are the pieces I like most, don't like the silencer and the bash plate
  10. this is Thierry's #3 works 300
  11. Hi, no it doesn't without mods
  12. hi, it looks very close to the genuine one, only thing that looks different, is the bolt
  13. I have one, original exhaust, special swing arm
  14. ok, thanks again! I presume you own a genuine comerfords, so pls tell us, is the work with the swingarm pivot point worth it? I mean, owning a comerford is one thing, the real performance of a bike is something else...
  15. thanks nigel! I know about the comerford replicas, but didn't yet see one here in italy, would really like one.. by the way, can you explain the thing with the plunger?