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  1. Contact Mr Wylde. Ask him why he decided to launch an attack on the very website that put extensive time and effort into helping him with it. The same website that ran it at a loss to help him. It won't be coming back on here.
  2. One thing that people really do need to consider is how much they are giving away themselves on social media. For example, I know of one guy who has all his Arsebook posts set as public so viewable by absolutely anybody. He posts photos of himself, his bikes and himself riding his bikes. In some photos his bikes are on the driveway with the house clearly visible in the background. On top of that he also has a business he runs from home and he shares posts from his business Arsebook page to his personal page. What does that business page have on it? A map with his house pinpointed. Might as well stick a sign up saying "Motorcycles here, just take them". Think carefully what you put on social media. Check your privacy settings are friends only and then check you actually KNOW all your friends and don't just accept friend requests willy-nilly. Like phishing, these things are becoming more targeted.
  3. There may be some value in that. A "Gute Fahrt" might provide a bit of extra propulsion.
  4. Apparently on Dave on the 7th, 14th and 21st of December. Three episode series from what I heard.
  5. Phase two of this now in place. Dependent on the package they choose, businesses listed on Trial Directory can advise of any special offers they may have running. To ensure these are publicised without people having to remember to visit the Directory to check, there is now a dedicated forum for these offers, further down the Forum index. Offers posted to the Directory by businesses will automatically be posted to this forum.
  6. It’s a project that’s been two years in the making, but we’re delighted to finally launch the latest member of the Trials Central family with our new dedicated Trials Business Directory at The need for such a facility was identified a long time ago as there isn’t a week goes by when there aren’t multiple enquiries come into the Trials Central Inbox asking “Where can I get X?”, “I need parts for Y”, “I live in Z, where’s my nearest bike shop?” and questions of a similar nature. This is also reflected in the number of “Where can I get?” questions that are asked in our forums. Extremely simple to use, both for users and for advertisers, this all-new site also addresses the number of advertising enquiries we get from businesses that die a death when we start talking about banner requirements and pixel sizes. Generally, people don’t have the skills to produce the banners themselves and often the cost of having banners made exceeds the cost of the advertising. With packages starting at FREE (as we know how much Trials people like free things!) the site has been designed to be extremely affordable to every business out there – from one man operations upwards. We will be using vast monthly global reach of Trials Central to promote this with permanent links across TC and commencing paid advertising campaigns on popular platforms. We’ll also be pulling information from the directory for presentation on Trials Central – events, offers and banners for those selecting the Platinum package bringing further reach and exposure. BUSINESS OWNERS Got a Trials related business? It literally takes few minutes to add your listing and you can go back at any point and edit/change/add to it. There is also extensive help on making the most of your listing available on the site with support available to get it just right and reach your target market. Personalised statistics are also available to judge effectiveness. NOT IN THE UK? No problem. The site is designed to be global and we’ll be adding multi-language support in due course. With the Internet totally changing global sales, this is the ideal platform for any Trial related business, regardless of location. TRIALS CENTRAL SPONSORS Note for Trials Central Advertisers – Your package includes free top-level Platinum listing on Trial Directory. You should have received a code to input when creating your listing that will make it free of charge. If you haven’t then please contact us.
  7. @hillary over to you
  8. Ian Austermuhle was first man back. Not bad for a bloke who's more into the MTB scene these days. Dabill had an early puncture that put him a fair bit back, but stormed right back to be amongst the early finishers. Jack price was a good bit ahead at Surrender, but had dropped back come the finish. He could have had problems. Normally get results between 10 and 11. Gallery on front page
  9. Strangely we were having this exact conversation at the lakes last weekend. The vast majority don't give two hoots about the world championship and, from a vertigo standpoint, Doug's SSDT wins will have done far more for the brand than the WTC ever could.
  10. John Lampkin for #1 rider.
  11. Perfect timing for Johnboy's WTC comeback
  12. Bernard Estripeau, the new X-Trial series promoter is French. That'll be why. To be fair, he knows how to put on a good show. They often have a theme with nice set dressing and fancy lighting. It is a circus, but people seem to enjoy it.
  13. I've had a good dig and can't understand why that topic doesn't exist. Only two people can delete topics - me and the person who started the topic. I can't see anything in that archive that would suggest either I would have reason to remove it or OTF would have had reason to remove it himself.
  14. We have been advised by his family that, sadly, former DOT factory rider, Wilf Couldwell passed away peacefully last Friday, 29th September at the age of 81. The funeral will be held on 14th Oct at 11am. St Teilos Church Llantilio Crossenny Abergavenny Monmouthshire Wales NP7 8TD