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  1. Nothing changed on that front with the upgrade. Free members have an overall storage limit of 15MB which includes images and personal messages. TC Supporters have no limits in place.
  2. It should be Trumpton these days.
  3. If copying and pasting into this topic please only copy and paste text and check post after posting. Some of the recent replies have contained code that buggers the topic layout.
  4. Not tyres, but these are brilliant. Got them for the motorhome: Also got Emma Bristow's motorhome out at Bootle last year and it's a big rear wheel drive beast that was well stuck. Just lay them out, pass the long string back under the van and tie it to the back bumper or something. It drives out then tows the grips behind so you don't have to stop till you're on solid ground.
  5. Worth a watch
  6. ACU RT Keedwell British Solo Trials Championship inc ACU British Solo Youth A Trials Championship March 4 - Hookwoods Trials Club April 16 - Lakes MTA May 21 - Neath MC, St Davids Trial June 3 - Scarborough DMC July 1 - West of England, Anthony Rew Trial Aug 13 - Guisborough DMC Hardaker Trial Sept 30/Oct 1 - East Lothian MC
  7. It is confirmed. He said it himself this morning in an Instagram post. I agree with your point, but I guess in terms of media coverage for the brand, the WTC will get more than the SSDT does. It's disappointing as the Gas Gas release about his signing indicated he's not riding British Championship either, electing instead to ride the Spanish Championship.
  8. Yes and I explained that one to you. I'm not going to explain it again.
  9. There is a very strange issue with this forum (but only this forum) where, if a topic title contains the word "register", "registering", or "registered" then it takes you to the site sign-up page. I am looking into this, but it's a really wierd one. Johnnyboxer - I've temporarily hidded your NOVA topic till I get to the bottom of this. Tried to PM you, but Inbox full.
  10. This should now be fixed and working properly
  11. I'm aware of an error when trying to access document files attached to forum posts. Am on the case.
  12. Results now added to front page
  13. I have them but am away from base this week. Home tonight