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  1. Is it just me?

    Other countries get a lot of support from their national federations, local government, tourism offices etc. The nature of many of the events abroad makes it impossible to charge people - can you imagine trying to police what could be a 10-15km loop making sure everyone had passes? (Some of them do charge for passes to take a bike round, but that's another story). All UK events - Hawkstone, Fort William, Nord Vue, Tong and now Addingham have been closed circuit, compact venues. Easy for spectators to move around, but also make charging for the privilege possible. They don't have all the red tape/bureaucracy/health and safety bollocks hoops that have to be jumped through in the UK. All that said, the World round at Tong last year was free to ACU Members and it was hardly bursting at the seams. In fact spectator numbers were surprisingly low given how much Trials folk like free stuff.
  2. Andy, PM me please.

  3. Kenny The Rooster - Contains Adult Humour

    One of the better newspaper corrections
  4. Class act from Gas Gas / Torrot

    I've had a bit of a clearout so you may find other topics like that.
  5. www.trialonline.org

    Charly retired when Kim Jong Jake took over. He was supposed to have a new role as archivist, but I don't know what happened with that.
  6. Arnau farre dropped

    Vertigo have released the following: Vertigo Motors regrets to announce that, exclusively for industrial reasons, it has decided to end its contract with trials young prospect Arnau Farré. From the Factory, we want to state clearly that Vertigo has no doubt about Farré’s talent and projection to become one of the best trials rider worldwide, and so, this isn’t the reason for such a decision. The deal with Farré was specifically linked to the development of the Vandal model, which because of promotional goals, was meant to compete in several international Championships during the season. However, following product development issues, Vertigo has decided to stop temporally its launch, and with that, also all the activity and presence of the bike in competition, what means the Vandal won’t be competing neither in the Spanish Championship or in the TrialGP Series from now on. We want to state as well, the fact that the rider has received the entire economic compensation of the contract in force, giving him the chance to find new opportunities and challenges in other brands or structures as soon as possible. We wish Arnau Farré all the best, as well as good luck on continuing with his meteoric progression as a professional trials rider.
  7. Should I buy a 1986 Honda TLR200 that won't start?

    Until I get fed up of your blatant trolling...
  8. Efi

    Are you going to have another hissy fit when I start deleting your posts again? All that Solar activity really isn't good for you...
  9. I wonder...

    Don't know if things have changed in the last couple of years, but when I was going it was done at random post-competition. I recall podiums and press conferences being delayed because riders were off peeing in cups.
  10. I wonder...

    Doping control already happens. http://www.trialgp-noticeboard.com/images/pdfs/2018-Anti-Doping-Code.pdf
  11. Highland Classic Trial.....Montesa Edition

    Ahh, thought it was this weekend. Maybe. Motohome hasn't had it's post-winter clean yet. That's on the cards for this weekend. If I get it cleaned up, take it out for a run and all is okay then I might appear.
  12. Highland Classic Trial.....Montesa Edition

    Not this year. Ed sheeran this weekend the young hipster that I am
  13. Hi Andy

    My free advert has just expired and i would like to re advertise it for another month ,  how soon after me paying the £ 10 joining fee should i wait before the system will allow me to renew my add ?  (  I paid 4 hours ago )

    Kind regards    Paul 397        or Paul Pearson      07593 112177.

  14. Hello and looking for a new bike

    If I did a username of the month award...
  15. Popped up on the TC instagram feed. Some amazing scenery (and thanks for not having the usual banging techno music)