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  1. After a few queries as to how to edit/delete a Classified Advert, it's apparent it's not obvious how to do this. Towards the bottom left of the advert page you will see an "Advert Actions" dropdown menu. In there you can edit/delete etc. It's on my to-do list to make this more prominent.
  2. Just For Reference

    Will I start an extensive thread on you not knowing the difference between losing and loosing?
  3. Just For Reference

    Yup. I used the swear filter to set up a rule a while ago to change braketec to braktec in the hope it would stop Mr. Nou rabbiting on about it. It didn't work.
  4. Just For Reference

    I ask myself that with most of his posts...
  5. Where to Spectate - with my young lad!

    It's hard to say until the routes are out, but you'll find at least one spot every day you can get to without too much hassle. Most of the popular sections are easy to get to, but you may have to park a bit away depending on when you get there. The programme is normally pretty good at telling you where to go. On the subject of routes, last year each day's route was published on the SSDT website on the morning of that day. It was a bad idea which I have to take the blame for as it made it hard for those heading up through the week in planning their trip and deciding where to go. It won't be repeated this year.
  6. Just received from FIM... Despite the intention of the FIM and 2Play to add a new date to the FIM X-Trial World Championship calendar to replace the cancelled X-Trial Seville, this has not been found possible. As a result, the calendar is reduced to seven events, rather than the eight initially anticipated. With two rounds remaining, the gap of points regarding the second rider in the standings and the fact that the regulations discard the worst result of the season, this therefore means Toni Bou has achieved his twelfth consecutive FIM X-Trial world title. The Championship continues tonight with X-Trial Paris and concludes with X-Trial Budapest on the 29 March.
  7. More buggering about

    Literally just fixed that
  8. More buggering about

    T'is the season for me buggering about with things. I've been doing some more work, but deep under the hood this time and site-wide, not just forums. If there's anything you spot that's not working, or if you get a white screen trying to access any part of the site, please reply here and let me know.
  9. Confirmed he will ride here
  10. You can pay people to shut up on social media? I can think of a few who could benefit from that
  11. Forum Tip: Activity Feed

    One of the best ways to read the TC Forums is via the Activity feed. Using this allows you to pick out the bits that interest you and quickly skip over or exclude those that don't. If you're a user of "social media" then you can liken this to your news feed, but with one big difference - There aren't any robots or fancy algorithms deciding what you see and you don't get presented with a load of irrelevant bollocks that's of zero interest. YOU control what appears and it's easily customised. To access the activity feed, head for the Unread Content link towards the upper right of the main forum index: The first screen is pretty straightforward, but the white selection bar at the top is important. By default the activity feed will show you all activity, but using this menu bar you can select exactly what you want (or don't want) to appear in your feed. Don't want to see Ads from the Classifieds? Simple - just select "Content Types" then tick all the boxes apart from the one for Adverts. Once customised, you need to save the feed settings so it remembers them for future visits: It's all dead simple and can be changed at any time.
  12. Newbee, Pontypool area

    I'm starting to think there's far too much pish being posted recently...
  13. BMX bicycle training for 2018 Trials Season

    Pat came over and rode in the Youth Championship in 2007.He did very well, but didn't take to life in Europe. A shame as he could have gone far, but no point in doing it if you're not happy.