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  1. I do miss it, but last one was getting old and because of the high emissions the road tax on it alone was costing me £500 a year (or 680 of your Trump tokens)
  2. Class sadly I've been subaru-less for over a year now. I miss the power
  3. A while back I was given a rare copy of the book "Trials and Trials Riding" by A.B. Bourne, published in 1939. It was passed to me by a gentleman who had found it amongst his father's possessions and thought it would be of interest. He believes his father picked it up during his National Service and the book has "Orderly Room" written in pencil on the front and "Supplied for the public service" stamped inside the front cover which would support that theory. I've read it (it's amazing how little has changed) and it's now just gathering dust so I'll be donating it to the Scott Trial Charity Auction. Definitely one for a collector of Trials memorabilia.
  4. Honda/Montesa treated Eddie very poorly because he wasn't one of the chosen ones.
  5. Details now on front page
  6. Article now on front page with more details and link to map etc. Clickety
  7. Nice video and good to have a cultured soundtrack instead of the usual banging techno crap.
  8. Test

  9. No issues in naming the company unless you represent that company (which happens surprisingly often) or you are receiving backhanders for promoting that company (which also happens). Guilty parties always get caught.
  10. Topic moved
  11. First pics
  12. Full details here
  13. Outdoor is normally on youtube a few days after the event. Half an hour or so. TC carries all results and standings here (other years, both indoor and outdoor available too)
  14. Getting pissed, mostly.