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  1. Highland Classic Trial.....Montesa Edition

    Ahh, thought it was this weekend. Maybe. Motohome hasn't had it's post-winter clean yet. That's on the cards for this weekend. If I get it cleaned up, take it out for a run and all is okay then I might appear.
  2. Highland Classic Trial.....Montesa Edition

    Not this year. Ed sheeran this weekend the young hipster that I am
  3. Hi Andy

    My free advert has just expired and i would like to re advertise it for another month ,  how soon after me paying the £ 10 joining fee should i wait before the system will allow me to renew my add ?  (  I paid 4 hours ago )

    Kind regards    Paul 397        or Paul Pearson      07593 112177.

  4. Hello and looking for a new bike

    If I did a username of the month award...
  5. Popped up on the TC instagram feed. Some amazing scenery (and thanks for not having the usual banging techno music)
  6. 2018 SSDT Routes

    Now up on the SSDT Website
  7. Where to Spectate - with my young lad!

    I should have the routes later this week and they'll be published on the SSDT site straight away (well after I've dicked about for ages getting the various pages put together). The whole week will be published at once and a week in advance of the Trial.
  8. SSDT 2018 Charity Team

    BTW, I've put a story on this on the SSDT site.
  9. SSDT 2018 Charity Team

    There are two relay teams competing, both in aid of charities.
  10. After a few queries as to how to edit/delete a Classified Advert, it's apparent it's not obvious how to do this. Towards the bottom left of the advert page you will see an "Advert Actions" dropdown menu. In there you can edit/delete etc. It's on my to-do list to make this more prominent.
  11. Just For Reference

    Will I start an extensive thread on you not knowing the difference between losing and loosing?
  12. Just For Reference

    Yup. I used the swear filter to set up a rule a while ago to change braketec to braktec in the hope it would stop Mr. Nou rabbiting on about it. It didn't work.
  13. Just For Reference

    I ask myself that with most of his posts...