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  1. Fake news. Just some designer messing about.
  2. Announced
  3. Some technical issues last night, but full results and pics now on front page here
  4. I'm on it now. Long drive home 😴 I hate Faecebook myself but it's the only platform i know of that lets me do the live streaming thing right now
  5. Whole pile of video from Sheffield tonight over on the Trials Central Facebook page. Quality isn't bad considering it was done live on a phone.
  6. Guy has gone his entire life with no idea who Jake Miller is and now you've spoiled it.
  7. Cabestany just unveiled himself in Beta gear on instagram
  8. You might want to clarify that for our American members πŸ˜‚
  9. I am removing far too many posts offering to sell items. The no selling rule in the forums is the only rule that is firmly enforced. If someone posts a where can I get ????? topic and you have whatever they're looking for then do it by PM. What I dont see doesn't break the rules...
  10. Dunno. Neil Crosswaite is behind Sheffield. Suspect promoter would want too much money. That's why Sheffield disappeared from the Championship previously. It does badly need a shake-up and refresh though. I'm kinda with Cabby on this. Not into the Indoor stuff at all personally, but I'd say there are bigger questions need answered like how can it be a "World Championship" when five of the eight rounds are in France? Why have they shoe-horned Benoit Bincaz in as a fixed rider, to the detriment of far more capable riders, apart from the fact he's French? Why not Franz Kadlec or Iwan Roberts, Trial2 World Champ.
  11. A few points: 1) The series now has a promoter in 2Play who are responsible for everything so media coverage is nothing to do with the FIM as the topic title suggests. 2) From their media releases, the opening round was to be shown live in a number of countries with a highlights programme to follow. See though I have no idea if that actually happened, which countries it was shown in and if that will be continued for future rounds, but you can contact them via their website to ask. They've been pretty fast in responding when I've had to contact them and their English is okay. 3) The topic was moved from General Trials Talk to World Championship because it relates to the Indoor World Championship so that is where it belongs, though I don't see why that matters. It's not like it was removed.
  12. Iwan to TRS confirmed
  13. You are, no problem unless you own one of said businesses
  14. Thought episode one was brilliant. A proper look at the Scottish from what is basically a first time Clubman's perspective. πŸ‘