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  1. Good representation at this year's Scottish with no less than seven riders entered. Managed to grab them for a team shot...
  2. Friday 28th April 2017 will go down in history as the day Cabby posted something i actually agree with
  3. Leave him alone guys. He's from Dundee and they have enough challenges. Like where to find riding gloves with six fingers.
  4. It's not just landowners. From one of the numerous previous articles on this subject: Scottish National Heritage issue consent to the club on the basis that the level of activity created by the SSDT each year is sustainable for the habitats for which the sites are designated. Additional activity is likely to lead to an unsustainable level of use, especially when this is spread throughout the year as it prevents habitats recovering. Unconsented activity leaves the landowner or the person undertaking the activity open to prosecution for damage. This is a criminal offence under the Nature Conservation (Scotland) Act 2004 (as amended) and carries financial penalties of up to £40,000. Use of a vehicle except on a dedicated, built vehicle track would constitute an operation requiring consent on any of the local designated sites with habitat features. Vehicular access to private land also requires the permission of the landowner. Any motorised activity without landowner's permission constitutes an offence (trespass) and is not permitted under the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003. A number of the areas used are also SSSIs (Sites of Special Scientific Interest). Details on them here where it clearly states "It is an offence for any person to intentionally or recklessly damage the protected natural features of an SSSI. "
  5. Folk can bleat all they like about how unfair it is, but it is what it is and people need to forget the modern "it's all about me" ethos and respect that for the greater good. Every year articles have to appear about this. It's not like it's a new thing.
  6. Clickety click
  7. I can see your point. Friday's the one day that never changes much so is no secret. Pretty much all sections by roadside out round Moidart peninsula.
  8. I've just had a chat wth the CoC and it's as I said - everyone is too busy, but we're going to try and do some stuff over the next week - sneak previews of new sections etc. The whole not publishing routes thing is as much to do with maximising programme sales as anything else. With Trials folk being so notoriously tight thrifty, in the past people have printed the routes before leaving home to save themselves the £3 cost of a programme. With the proceeds of programme sales going to charity, more sales can only be a good thing.
  9. Since I run the SSDT site I'm aware of the shortage of content. There is a preview article due to run on Monday and obviously there's a lot more during Trial week itself. A big part of the problem is who is going to provide that content? Who's going to take the time to sit down and write it? Everyone involved is a volunteer and, as the event gets closer, they're more and more tied up with whatever their main role is within the Trial as well as having their day jobs to do.
  10. I can think of one or two for whom that would be a major achievement
  11. I'm having a tow bar fitted to disco sport next week. Land Rover price £970! Not using them but still costing me £500
  12. There was a previous story that said "(FIM Trial2 World Championship) for machines up to 250cc 2T / up to 300cc 4T - all days counting towards overall championship - limited to 35 maximum riders. "
  13. Just noticed there isn't an option if accessing via a mobile device. I'll get that sorted but for now link is
  14. More details on the front page article, but delighted to finally launch the TC results database. All the site's results history right back to the launch in 2003, indexed and searchable. Available via Results tab on main site menu or via Results Database in the menu bar above. I want this to continue to grow so clubs - just email your results, either historical or current to for inclusion and I'll sort the rest.