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  1. Topic moved
  2. First pics
  3. Full details here
  4. Outdoor is normally on youtube a few days after the event. Half an hour or so. TC carries all results and standings here (other years, both indoor and outdoor available too)
  5. Getting pissed, mostly.
  6. Regardless of who made the report, it sets a dangerous precedent and creates a horrible situation for a small sport. 13 years I travelled the world and the paddock was always a very friendly place where everybody was buddies. Turning rider against rider, minder against minder and team against team is not going to be pretty.
  7. Looking at the results, he picked up 20 additional points, presumably on time. The only GP rider to do so. Assume it's something to do with that.
  8. Toni Bou practices at Naturlandia. That about 5 miles up the hill from Sant Julia de Loria in Andorra (which you will be passing through) and well signposted, but obviously going to be a bit hit or miss whether he's there or not. It's worth the trip to Naturlandia anyway to do the mega toboggan run
  9. I've just checked and the ability to delete attachments wasn't enabled for normal members. That is now enabled. As Stan says, TC Supporters have unlimited storage so for them this is not a concern.
  10. Too funny!
  11. Nah. We have our conference in Vegas every year. The 11 hour flight sucks - and that's after another 2 hours to get to London. Plenty events in the UK for me to cover and interest in the WTC has been waning for a few years now.
  12. Nope. After 13 years of hauling my ass round the world, I've hung up my cameras as far as the world championship is concerned.
  13. Nice pics on website home page