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  1. Yorkshire Classic MCC (11/6/18 Jerichi)

    God's County. Beautiful blue skies and weather. Gorgeous countryside. Marvelous motorcycles. Wish i'd been there...
  2. TY 250 Mono (1985 jap)

    I have four 1984 Japanese market ty250 mono's. 2 in bits and 2 running., Nothing unusual to look out for. Except the usual rotten corroded DID rims internally. A lot of the early Japanese market bikes are road legal S versions with the steel tank. Autolube is easily removed or bypassed. Buy it before someone else does....
  3. Advice for a beginner...

    You had a Pinky 20 years ago. Get another ty mono. Brilliant bikes.
  4. Jordi training in BC

    Nice video, enjoyed that, looked like the "trainees" did too.
  5. YAMAHA have a new TY

    Call me a Luddite, but i think it sounds horrific, and looks awful. But then i don't even like water cooled engines, nor FI.....
  6. Do I keep it or sell it?

    Ditto here, my brief period is early in the morning, prior to 8am when it really starts to get hot. Evening before it gets dark is beer o' clock.
  7. Snow

    That 4 letter word beginning with S.... Oh, how i don't miss an English winter.....
  8. Ty 175 to pump or not to pump

    Not to pump. Pumps have no place on a proper trials bike used purely off road. Petroil mix only.
  9. BOOTS!

    +1. Forma Boulders here.
  10. Ty mono pro monty stainless steel

    Saw one on Ebay recently. Are you sitting down? Howzabout 450 quid !!!!!!!!!
  11. 1974 Montesa Cota 247

    1 option - buy another crank. 2 option - buy another engine or bottom end. Last option - repair what you've got. That mainshaft is a mess.
  12. TY250 Mono Rear Rim

    Paul @ CTC in Cambs, England is selling new Z spokes and some very nice looking 32 hole rear rims. Not cheap, but quality never is.
  13. TY175 Frame Strap/Brace

    Yes, drive side, in this case the L/H side of the frame will take more stress and strain than the non drive side, in this case the R/H side of the frame.
  14. M49 advice please!

    Just had a look at that ad. I concur with everybody so far - that is outrageous breaking that bike.
  15. Ulf Karlsson

    Thanks for that. A good read, as is a lot of stuff on that site.