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  1. Fuel cap was a standard one that i cut the top out of and bonded in a red bull can top into and then painted the outside blue. Originally i was going to do it in red bull colours...(this was about 2003 mind you) If you are going to paint the rear guard be sure to use a plastic primer and add plastiser to the paint and then it will not crack when it bends and flexes. Upol used to do special plastic car bumper paint in rattle cans that had etching primers etc in a step by step idea if they still do.
  2. Yeah, no rattle cans. (though have found the matt black by Wurth to resist petrol very well) All done using proffesional 2k paint system. (ie vehicle spray paint) It is the finish coat that is crucial to resist the fuel, so technically you could pretty much use anything for the base colour if you want to do most of the job yourself and then get the top coat shot over in 2k clear by somebody in a bodyshop if they were preppared to do so.
  3. Yep, pretty straight forward and a good shaped tank to paint on the Scorpa. I have done a few in the past when i had them... :-)
  4. Double sided tape on the inside does the trick and looks much better than multiple zips
  5. Seems i have not put up a build for a while. Project Christmas tree we called this one :-D
  6. Sorry Dabster, was maybe not clear. I am with you and also agree it is not really needed for those lads in the marginal gains side and maybe over the top, but a spot of yours to mention it. I simply meant the usual comments about what a waste of time it was to try and save weight here and there over the bike.
  7. Because they knew that some idiot would come along and say 'try eating one less pie' .....jeeez
  8. I am running tubeless on the front of my 4RT, using a standard Michelin front x-lite tyre. Seemed to blow up and pop on fine?
  9. Have imports not been banned yet to the US? ;-)
  10. Vince was in Spain at the Factory at the weekend, so the myths continue to come but it was very much there when he went.
  11. Looking good Perce!! 1st order of eggs has just come
  12. May i ask why you think it is harder to touch up the powder coat finish? Also, even wet paint needs keeping out of the threads etc surely? (ps..if your powder coater does not mask off threads etc themselves, then i guess that says a lot about the type of finish you are receiving!)
  13. I'm looking forward to October now more than ever. Time to start saving up good throwing stones
  14. Rubbish! It is both easy to match and easy to touch in. The problems arise when a cheap job has been done like any other process!!
  15. Is this not what Gas Gas did???