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  1. Any reason for a beginner not to get a 250 4t?

    Yes, but there is riding and there is riding, when you start putting begins cards and a few markers carefully placed, it changes everything and your all singing and dancing 300 Factory is going to cause a novice rider and or someone with a 40 odd year layoff... more problems than a nice gentle lower capacity bike, that is more than capable of doing everything you need of it. This is a common mistake made by sooooo many people for sooo many years they buy the wrong bike for their ability, because they can.
  2. Any reason for a beginner not to get a 250 4t?

    Does anybody really go better on a fourstroke... maybe Sammy Miller, and Gorden Jackson had a good ride one year in Scotland, anybody else, Perhaps Eddy Legeurne come to think of it ...but mere mortals, stick with a two stroke and not a too powerful one at that.
  3. Bultaco 199a Frame Mods

    Do an internet search for Puma Bultaco, there you will see in most cases bikes prepared by him have the rear loop removed. What is left is warmed and then lifted to give it a more racing look as he himself says. I think they look good , but not so if its cut too short like some I have seen. A support is added under the seat to strenghten. He also fits Del Orto carbs Hope this helps
  4. Hello from Bordeaux

    Don't forget Le Classic Roulage a Sarlat la Caneda 28 / 29 Avril. Excellent pour le Ty meme le Beamish....
  5. X-TRIAL Le Mans

    It was always going to end in tears....
  6. Might be easier ... being a techno knob.. if you come to the trial and take a hard copy home....
  7. 2 stroke VS 4?????

    I have been here before, and some what shouted down.... whatever you did back in the day did little to make them competitive, in my view. The Sammy Miller spares, new parts brochure of the day was littered with mods and add on's , but it was better to bite the bullet and buy a TY 175... as we did. I don t wish to open up any heated discussions, on how good or bad the Honda was, merely my opinion at the time, as it is well imprinted in my early trialing history. Apart from an Ariel I have always had twostrokes over the last and continued forty years of riding.. . . of how bloody useless it was and the fact nowadays you hardly ever see one passed a begins card.
  8. 2 stroke VS 4?????

    I hated my Honda TL 125 from then on its been twostrokes...
  9. Queuing at Sections.

    Similar story, when I asked once why there are very few trials in France, in the winter, the response, so the observers don't get cold.
  10. Where are all the entries????

    Sport is not cheap certainly motorsport. Trials remains very affordable, and there are some great trials out there that make taking the test, taxing and insuring your bike worthwhile. It might mean you spend a few hours in the car and you are not home to watch Songs of Praise.. Less is more.
  11. Where are all the entries????

    From somebody that started in schoolboy trials where we rode 4 laps of 10 sections, I couldn t wait to ride in road trials and took my test on my 240 Fantic the day after my 17 th Birthday. This subject has been done and done again over the last thirty years or more. If you are committed to your sport ie. trials you go to the expense of passing your test and buying a bike registered for the road as most did way back when. I seem to remember a certain sales extra road tax that came in the name I can t remember, and this dented new registrations for a while, but where there was a will there was a way and you didn t often bump into the rozzer's on a sunday morning down some distant lane. Land used in road trials is still there I am sure just a knock on the door to the landowner might be all it needs to get it used again, whether the appetite for this type of event is there is another matter. I hear people say they want to ride and be done and home early to take the missus to tesco's or to watch the footie on the telly. Either way in my humble opinion a road based one lap trial the norm in the late seventies early eighties can never be bettered, and if you have never ridden in a proper trial you have really missed out. It seems the proof this year the classic events in the uk are booming, I guess they are ridden by the real trials riders and not the fairweather ones.
  12. Where are all the entries????

    Gary Player a famous golfer OF many moons ago said " The more I practise, the luckier I get " .
  13. Where are all the entries????

    Could it be that there are too many trials and people just become bored of riding. A 5 lap of 8 sections, or a trial with an entry of 25 riders hardly gets many people excited. Harpy back, to coin a phrase, trials ran September ish to April ish.. after a summer break, less a few evening / afternoon trials, riders we champing and ready to get back into it. Less is more.... better quality events, better date planning may help.
  14. Just seen a post on a classic French site regarding prices for Spanish 2018 licences, though I might share. To ride some Trials in Catalunya 210 euros they were listed, the classic's 210 euros, to ride these and few more in this and adjacent area 275 euros and if you want to ride there and the rest of Spain 305 euros. How much is an Acu licence, and how many trialing weekends in the Uk...
  15. 199A Setup

    Mine uses a Del orto, came from Spain, bike built by a guy that knows what he is doing.