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  1. Might be easier ... being a techno knob.. if you come to the trial and take a hard copy home....
  2. I have been here before, and some what shouted down.... whatever you did back in the day did little to make them competitive, in my view. The Sammy Miller spares, new parts brochure of the day was littered with mods and add on's , but it was better to bite the bullet and buy a TY 175... as we did. I don t wish to open up any heated discussions, on how good or bad the Honda was, merely my opinion at the time, as it is well imprinted in my early trialing history. Apart from an Ariel I have always had twostrokes over the last and continued forty years of riding.. . . of how bloody useless it was and the fact nowadays you hardly ever see one passed a begins card.
  3. I hated my Honda TL 125 from then on its been twostrokes...
  4. Similar story, when I asked once why there are very few trials in France, in the winter, the response, so the observers don't get cold.
  5. Sport is not cheap certainly motorsport. Trials remains very affordable, and there are some great trials out there that make taking the test, taxing and insuring your bike worthwhile. It might mean you spend a few hours in the car and you are not home to watch Songs of Praise.. Less is more.
  6. From somebody that started in schoolboy trials where we rode 4 laps of 10 sections, I couldn t wait to ride in road trials and took my test on my 240 Fantic the day after my 17 th Birthday. This subject has been done and done again over the last thirty years or more. If you are committed to your sport ie. trials you go to the expense of passing your test and buying a bike registered for the road as most did way back when. I seem to remember a certain sales extra road tax that came in the name I can t remember, and this dented new registrations for a while, but where there was a will there was a way and you didn t often bump into the rozzer's on a sunday morning down some distant lane. Land used in road trials is still there I am sure just a knock on the door to the landowner might be all it needs to get it used again, whether the appetite for this type of event is there is another matter. I hear people say they want to ride and be done and home early to take the missus to tesco's or to watch the footie on the telly. Either way in my humble opinion a road based one lap trial the norm in the late seventies early eighties can never be bettered, and if you have never ridden in a proper trial you have really missed out. It seems the proof this year the classic events in the uk are booming, I guess they are ridden by the real trials riders and not the fairweather ones.
  7. Gary Player a famous golfer OF many moons ago said " The more I practise, the luckier I get " .
  8. Could it be that there are too many trials and people just become bored of riding. A 5 lap of 8 sections, or a trial with an entry of 25 riders hardly gets many people excited. Harpy back, to coin a phrase, trials ran September ish to April ish.. after a summer break, less a few evening / afternoon trials, riders we champing and ready to get back into it. Less is more.... better quality events, better date planning may help.
  9. Just seen a post on a classic French site regarding prices for Spanish 2018 licences, though I might share. To ride some Trials in Catalunya 210 euros they were listed, the classic's 210 euros, to ride these and few more in this and adjacent area 275 euros and if you want to ride there and the rest of Spain 305 euros. How much is an Acu licence, and how many trialing weekends in the Uk...
  10. Mine uses a Del orto, came from Spain, bike built by a guy that knows what he is doing.
  11. My son recently restored a pretty ropey Fantic 200 tank using similar methods. The most important thing is making as stand as shown to hold the tank, worth the effort, followed by a good radio station and take your time. It does work .
  12. Some reading this may already know about this website in France, if not check it out, some great photo's and video's and reports.
  13. Hi I am thinking of going over to the darkside and buying a modernish mono trials bike and a very nice unmolested 2005/6/7 not sure, 250 scorpa lays ready to go a stones throw from me. I will not be launching at huge things and riding modern trials to get my fitness and eye in for classic events this year. They seem to be bullet proof and at around 1700 euros good value. Is there anything I should look out for when viewing, and are plastics and bits ok to find.. not that I intend to fall off too much. Might have to learn to bounce it around a little too .. old dog new tricks so ... thanks in advance.
  14. On the off chance that someone reading this might want to visit this beautiful region at the end of April, and just might be able to sneak a bike onto the rack or into the motorhome, we are running for the fourth time our Classic trial. It is planned for the weekend of the 28 th and 29th. It is open to all classic classes with three routes easy, bit harder, and a little bit harder still. We will take riders on modern bikes over 50 officially, but any younger Brits wanting ride in this class, due to Brexit I will relax the rules.. You can enter on the day, you can camp on site, and if you so wish you can join us in emptying the French wine lake on Saturday evening enjoying local cusine at a resto walking distance to the start. The trial will be old fashion with no big steps, no tight turns and as many second and third gear climbs I can find, it will be quite relaxed 20 sections and 25 km ride round. There will be sections on the saturday to ride if you so wish. Any further info or advice please email. hamish.eadie@gmail,com Might see you there .... Happy new
  15. Fantics were always fantastic years ago unmolested when the sections were open, now the trend is to tightened the angle at the headstock. I did this too following the trend and correcting the lazy bend of many years of abuse. Not sure really if its an improvement depends where I am riding. I would say the Ty 250 I have rides and steers as well as anything.