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  1. To Nikasil or Not to Nikasil - That is the question.

    Had a reply re the nikasil, Nothing really apart from, before the nikasil he worked on the ports a little... his words, and then had the barrel treated, used standard rings after t hat Carburation standard, as mentioned as well he nikasiled the clutch for a smoother action. Hope that helps and good luck.
  2. To Nikasil or Not to Nikasil - That is the question.

    This bike I mention does not rattle, and goes very very well. I have ridden it several times and I have to say compared to my original 434 that in itself goes well, its chalk and cheese. I have sent him an email and posed the questions and will see if he is happy to divulge further what he has done beyond the barrel, will update if and when.
  3. To Nikasil or Not to Nikasil - That is the question.

    You can write on the back of stamp, what I know about engines. However a guy in France I know Nikasiled his 250 434 as well as a few other mods, airbox and exhaust and its the sweetest sounding Yamaha I have every heard. While we are at it he Nikasiled the clutch basket as well, and yep its the sweetest smoothest TY clutch I have ever felt . There is my two euro's for what is worth, hope it helps.
  4. Ty250 a 434 piston

    A guy I know has a really nice 434 Ty that he has nikasiled the bore, when he had it rebored. Would this be a good recommendation, his bike does run very quietly and and very well. I would love to have my 434 pepped a little but would like opinions before I decide which way to go. Cheers
  5. Mont Ventoux Classic " theme" Mick Andrews.

    Its will be the usual, registration document, valid insurance. But as mentioned, they have changed federation recently and this is causing a real issue, at the moment I don't know whether Non French riders will have to have a day licence or able to ride on the back of their Acu licence with the normal release. All will be revealed shortly I am led to believe. I will post as soon as I know more.
  6. The pre entries for this trial open 27/06, apparently there will be a full explanation in English this year, as " must have documents " to ride have changed from previous years, as it is being run under a new federation . I understand a full effort is being made to welcome non French riders, but as yet that's all I know. Bear in mind an entry is not deemed accepted until all relavent paper work is received and agreed. As explained on a previous thread, regarding this trial you need a three man team, or you get teamed up with other Larry no mates.....so you might spend the weekend speaking French or Spanish. Hope that helps
  7. Magical Mick is doing a trials school in Sardent the end of July maybe he could help.
  8. 340 Dellorto carb settings

    I have replied to motoswm via email, but the response I got from El Puma that the carb he puts on his 325 and 340 Bultacos are 28 mm and not 26mm , and the set up varies on how the engine has been built. There doesn t seem to be a difinative, set in stone, set up, more how the rider wants his bike. Hope this helps anybody following this particular thread. Out of interest my 199a has a PHBH 28 on it and its the dogs, in terms of performance.
  9. 340 Dellorto carb settings

    Martin, As I know you, I will try the Puma's hotline... its not easy, certainly in the afternoon, if not I know a man who know's a man.
  10. TY250 Mono Questions #3 Piston

    I have just bought a Ty Mono and its done very little work around 2000kms on the trails from new. The engine runs well but it whistles, and it seems to come from around the crankcases. Is this a sympton of bearing issues big or small . The bike has stood around for many years and can this cause bearing to become noisy. The oil seals seem fine , but is a lower engine rebuild on the cards.. Thanks.
  11. WES pipes - 1 box or two?

    I had a a full two box system on a Majesty few years back and now have just the back silencer on my Ty now. I think the difference is questionable. The only thing I would say was I kept burnng my leg on the Majesty middle box, certainly if my riding trousers became damp or wet... They look nice save a bit of weight but.... Thats my two euro's worth.
  12. Any reason for a beginner not to get a 250 4t?

    Yes, but there is riding and there is riding, when you start putting begins cards and a few markers carefully placed, it changes everything and your all singing and dancing 300 Factory is going to cause a novice rider and or someone with a 40 odd year layoff... more problems than a nice gentle lower capacity bike, that is more than capable of doing everything you need of it. This is a common mistake made by sooooo many people for sooo many years they buy the wrong bike for their ability, because they can.
  13. Any reason for a beginner not to get a 250 4t?

    Does anybody really go better on a fourstroke... maybe Sammy Miller, and Gorden Jackson had a good ride one year in Scotland, anybody else, Perhaps Eddy Legeurne come to think of it ...but mere mortals, stick with a two stroke and not a too powerful one at that.
  14. Bultaco 199a Frame Mods

    Do an internet search for Puma Bultaco, there you will see in most cases bikes prepared by him have the rear loop removed. What is left is warmed and then lifted to give it a more racing look as he himself says. I think they look good , but not so if its cut too short like some I have seen. A support is added under the seat to strenghten. He also fits Del Orto carbs Hope this helps
  15. Hello from Bordeaux

    Don't forget Le Classic Roulage a Sarlat la Caneda 28 / 29 Avril. Excellent pour le Ty meme le Beamish....