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  1. I know what you mean, I have the 434, my first Ty since 1979 as a fourteen year old, love them, and very underated. This one is in quite a barn find, shape , but a good source of spares. It seems the trend is now going towards these mid / late seventies bikes, as a lot of people have got a Fantic or Honda and fancy something a little different. Get them while there cheap.
  2. A friend of mine is breaking a twinshock 250 Ty. He is back from his travels now, I remember people looking for some bits a few months back . If they still are Pm and I will pass his email address on. The bike is in France but he may be travelling back to the Uk soon.
  3. I have spent time effort and money on trying to make the clutch on my Swm work. After changing the cam for the enduro model with the bigger balls, . as a last resort I have taken two springs out and it seems to be a compromise on a working clutch, easier action and not too much slip in the higher gears. Hope
  4. I have some more sections to try when your down next...
  5. Where abouts are you... there are several very good clubs here with practice grounds and regular sunday ride outs.. Would be worth getting to know likeminded people..
  6. Not come across him at any of the trials does he still ride....
  7. I know the boys from Angouleme, Francois Mapinard and Pepeto, I have ridden in several of their trials and they come to mine in Sarlat. They are indeed a good bunch and ride out every Sunday. They have a real mix of bikes there, but a Fantic is still a very good and possibly the best option. I am a little way from you but you are welcome to come and try my little 200 Fantic before you make a decision.
  8. Out of interest where are you in France. They do come up on sites here, but according to the French Fantic owners club, a lot of 200's are being bought and heading across the Channel to the Uk. That is the bike for you..
  9. They are looking for period late seventies early eighties trials shocks to send off to be rebuilted and painted. At the recent Mont Ventoux trial last weekend, I saw quite a few pairs on Fantics, and Swms, now with propal stickers on. Also Jaime Subira has entered the shock market with a very up market, quality shock for initially Fantic's, but being developed for other marques as well, according to the guy selling them, they are price around 450 euros if memory is correct.
  10. The shock market is very competative and almost overcrowed. I have the original shocks on a Ty 250 of some 40 odd years old and can ride it as well as if I fit expensive new shocks. My Swm had the orignal shocks and rode it , but changed to Rockshocks and did it improve my scores ....The NJb Girling replica's are to go on a newly restored Fantic, I doubt they will change the life of my sons riding it, but they do look very period and different. French riders are scouring the internet for knackered old Girlings to then send to Belgium for a guy to restore, to retain the period look. Most of new wave of shocks are made in the same factory i n Spain so I am informed, only the retail price is different.
  11. Ty

    Just had a quick look second page head and barrel 20 euros each.
  12. Ty

    Polish up your French and look on le bon coin.... a French website. If I see one, I ll bring it to Raydon on Boxing day
  13. Norman Blakemore at NJB has just customised some trickshocks to look like period Girlings with a similar colour scheme. He is willing to do more if demand is there with the bodies and springs powdercoated. Contact him directly if interested.
  14. The Saint Feliu trial is now full , over 320 riders in just under two weeks, with 40 Brits making the trip. Good luck and safe trip down.
  15. The entries for the Saint Feliu trial opened yesterday, and the chatter indicates there is huge demand for the 300 places avaliable. Jump about if you want to ride.