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  1. Sadly, because modern classic sections need better brakes, better handling, better reliability, certainly if you don't have the know how or time to tinker in the shed several nights a week.
  2. I'm glad your still enjoying France, I am looking for observers for a trial .. spring next year here in Sarlat. I will even provide you with a nice little runner to get you to your zone... Oh and as for prices, asking is one thing, getting is another. I do however agree it seems the prices of the Spanish Marques are on the rise and not just the last Bultaco's.. perhaps people now fancy something other than a Fantic or Honda.
  3. I have been asked by a French chum, who is building a Trifield, if I could find out the gear box ratios, and also the sprocket sizes that people in the UK use. Also once found, who could furnish such items. Appriciate any help as he hope to ride in Scotland next year, after struggling a little on his big Terrot. Merci.
  4. There has been huge demand for the 350 places avaliable, whilst there is space remaining if you are interested in riding, get your entry in sharpish.....
  5. I would never buy a bike with black wheels....
  6. The entries for the Mont Ventoux aka VTC classic are now open... remember three man teams or enter on your own and go into a made up three man team decided by other teams missing a team mate.
  7. As the months fly by, just wanted to draw your attention to, two weekends later in the year that might be of interest to those looking for an outing in France or Spain. The best classic trial in France in my opinion le VTC classic , Mont Ventoux 14 th and 15 th October, entries open in a week or so... The best classic trial in Spain... in my opinion Motocats, Trial Saint Feliu , Near Girona 18 th 19th November . Places will be sort after, and there are limits to riders and followers so if you fancy riding these, start thinking about it now. For the Mont Ventoux trial you need to make up a team of three riders all on the same route. This has been explained before in detail on a previous thread . They are both fantastic weekends so....... Bonne Chance.
  8. The reason the observing isn t done correctly is in that most clubs cannot afford to be picky on who picks up the pencil. I tend to agree that non stop should be in escence that, but that fraction of a moment pause should be allowed. This without doubt raises the question on how long... and that is down to opinion. I asked several people yesterday who's other halfs have in the past helped and out of the five I asked, to a man they told me these people had no interest anymore, one because of the aggro, two they simply couldn't keep up with the rules. If people want to ride stop and want to hop about front and back, then they need to be able to do it. If after a couple of hops the foot goes down and the bike is stopped methinks it should be five.. This is just my view right or wrong.
  9. I was at a modern trial today and watched stop.. sections here in France . What a difficult job being and observer is.. I.d have fived the fecking lot of them...when in fact the level I watched, and had ridden, could have been ridden with out the pantomine of bouncing and p****** about... I was going to watch the world round in Lourdes, but watching this circus I think I will cut the hedge instead.
  10. I think to get the best out of Merlin, you need to be a very very good rider, Possibly one of the liveliest, fickle bikes I have ever ridden , motor having just been done / prepared by the famous El Puma in Spain, not for me . I have seen Luis Gallach ride his and will gladly leave to him. Hope this helps, maybe someone else may have a differing opinion.
  11. Good thread and I have been speaking about to chums on a similar line here in France. If and only if trials are set out as they used to be in the late seventies and early to mid eighties you don t need a trick Fantic , but a well fettled Bultaco, Ossa Montesa even Suzuki... is good enough if the rider is of a good standard. Certainly here twinshock trials have become tighter and tighter where you need a 200 Fantic, or Ty 175 just to negotiate the turns. I hate the fact that big bikes are dying out and that history is repeating itself where everybody thinks you have to have a Fantic, trick Yamaha or Honda to do well. We recently ran a trial here and I deliberatly put in big hills and power sections just to level the playing field. Back to the thread, I have a 340 Fantic which is the best by far however I ride a red and white SWM for the challange and a Bultaco being built to ride.
  12. Right then, better get out next week and get more of those rock sections cut out.... Now the main criteria has been sorted, ie... I can still ride my trials bike, getting a house, health system, language, and all those other minor issues that crop up, are of no significance.. n'est pas.. Life is all about priorities...
  13. At this rate, we may have our own little expat trials club before long. Happy days, certainly got the land for it.
  14. Great couple of days, shame not more of an entry, but discussions are taking place to possibly make it a two day national next year. The sun is still shining and will look at cutting a few more rock sections out for you when your next down..