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  1. mickey oates are official service dealers to the 2014 ssdt
  2. left my dunlop on , no complaint's riding in mud !
  3. are they not available here?
  4. munch

    Black Spokes...

    ok ,ill measure them
  5. realy ? 460 miles from FW! 15 years and counting and fellow locals can double my score . easy if your local !!
  6. munch

    Black Spokes...

    has the repsol wheel got the fat aluminium spoke nuts?
  7. munch

    Black Spokes...

    what years your bike?
  8. send me the frame number, contact details via profile
  9. munch

    Black Box

    why put it there ? there is a correct position for it . 6inches away .
  10. mj ? well , MICHAEL JACKSON
  11. some of us have known about this for nearly a year , yet respect the fact that the businessman has reasons for not revealing himself just yet !
  12. munch

    Black Box

    out of interest ,are you in the uk or usa?
  13. munch

    Black Box

    you get a small aluminium bracket with the repsol bracket . it bolts to the rhs front mudguad bolt and replicates the integral bracket fitted originally . ps the carbon brackets are as strong as the original
  14. munch

    Black Box

    it clearly is the fan relay . 2 x red a blue and blu /blk wire . shocking pdi ! but have seen worse from the previous 'official' importer! . as jj 65 has illustrated it slides onto a bracket in front of the airbox, it is a little tricky! as there is only just enough wiring . it squeezes between the head and frame ( just the plug ,relay removed ) and then down in front of the brake resevoir . but that is where it sits. if you go for a simplified breather system it slots on to the breather catch tank bracket . it's importtant that it is relocated ,as in later life it will from experience give issues.
  15. munch

    2014 Montesa?

    you mean the cota RACE REPLICA! CK price reduction only for the std cota 260
  16. munch

    Beta 300 4T

    sounds like it , west country windings in harlow will help
  17. munch

    Beta 300 4T

    only had 1 stator go . the plug on the module next to the engine corrodes ,is this all ok
  18. linkpin , can you remove your comments as i sent the link to ben and he was not happy !
  19. munch

    1995 Techno Carb

    look in the topics at the top they are pinned .
  20. nasty , do you have oil pressure at the top end? where the tappets adjusted on the correct mark? you can pm me your e mail and ill try and help
  21. munch

    realy bilc0 ?
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