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    Gas Gas Txt Parts

    http://www.gasgasmotos.es/en/manuals/download-2001_txtpro_partlist1.pdf.html Just google the part number 9 times outta 10 you'll find a link to what ya need
  2. We all had to learn somewhere that's what the forums are for, there's nothing "stupid" about any question if you don't know the answer
  3. tazz229

    R IMG 0845

    I would hazard an educated guess that due to the swirl in the gas and it exiting out the exhaust maybe...
  4. http://www.modelshopleeds.co.uk/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=26_27_309&products_id=5219
  5. It was on a bike yes but not the gasser. It was my blade on Donnington track.
  6. I remember makin woodruff keys by cutting a penny in half lol
  7. Refer to my first post
  8. It sounds like the float is stuck and not shutting the supply off. Take the carb back off remove the bowl and check the float isn't jammed.
  9. The fact that the first 3/4 is nothing then picks up would suggest to me that its lost oil.
  10. One or two of mine leaked after refitting them. I did try to crimp them a little tighter but ended up swapping for jubilee clips. Mines an 02 mind so they are a little worn I guess. And if I'm honest although they don't look as neat and tidy as the originals I prefer jubilees cos I know exactly how tight they are after I fit them.
  11. If you put the original crimp type clips back on and they now leak I would suggest swapping them out for jubilee clips maybe.
  12. No different to riding through cold puddles and rivers.
  13. What works for me 99% of the time is drill the head off the bolt carefully, once the head is removed drill a 3mm hole in the center of the remaining stud then tap in 3.5mm Allen key and unscrew. Most of the time once the head is removed and the pressure is taken off the threads the stud will unscrew fairly easily.
  14. Took another look at my broken leg and dreamed of getting back on my bike soon lol
  15. Turn the rack round so the front wheel points the opposite way ya may find it sits better.
  16. Walked into the garage, looked at for 2 mins, thought sod it its too cold and walked back out! Not the most productive comments I admit..... But it's the truth!
  17. 80:1 12.5ml of oil per litre of fuel Some people go a little leaner but 80:1 is a good starting point. My mate has a Sherco and uses the same...
  18. There's a small Allen bolt on the left hand side behind the gear lever. I think it's the same on the later ones.... Someone may correct me there! If it is the same place this will show you http://www.sherco.com/wayne/Sherco_Setup_and_Lubrication_Guide.pdf
  19. First thing that springs to mind there is ripping the bolts out of the plastic air box on a gasser! All that weight sat on the plastics.... Hmm no Thanks. Does look bloody stupid too lol
  20. I use one on every single bike I've ever had! It's never caused a problem or done any harm and to be honest I can't remember the last time I ever found a pice of summat in the carb bowl!
  21. tazz229

    Txt 321 Water Pump

    When you say water pump which part? The impeller or shaft or both? The impeller you can get here... http://trialstribulations.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=27&products_id=2086 And the repair kit is here... http://trialstribulations.net/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=27&products_id=935 Hope that helps.
  22. tazz229

    Testing Thermostat

    For sure yes defo would appear to be the thermo... If the fan motor is the same as the earlier models (I'm not sure) then the how2 motor replacement at the strt of this forum is well worth a look! I did mine without any real problem. Last thing you want is a failed fan and overheating! Glad you found the problem
  23. tazz229

    Testing Thermostat

    As far as I'm aware on the 2006 the wires are moulded in the back, just trace them back till you find where they plug in...
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