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  1. I know all evo models fit, and I think all the Rev wheels will too
  2. Hi how much of a difference does the racing clutch make? What differences does it make? And is it worth the money? Thanks
  3. If you want the top job, go for Hopes. Quite expensive, but they are the best out there. 100% British, all machined from lumps of aluminium, great quality build, amazing stopping power, amazing customer service and look the best. I run Hopes on my mountain bike and just cant rate them enough,
  4. Are you taling aboout the full mudguard, thats a bit shorter and straighter? Im looking for one of them to!
  5. I think thats just a standard evo with the Long Ride tank/seat unit put on. http://beta-spares.com/index.php/component/virtuemart/beta-factory-parts/007450478000-detail?Itemid=0 not cheap but good for trail riding
  6. Yeah i realised that it does sometimes work right if the bike is dropped hard enough
  7. Hi again, I have recently bought a Leonelli lanyard killswitch as i was told it is the best, and it was working great witout any problems for about three trials and four practises, but now it will not cut out when it is detached from its magnet. I can start and run the bike without even having the lanyard conected. Can anyone shine some light on to why this is happening please? Thanks Also its a 2010 beta evo if thats any help
  8. jackthelad98

    Evo Sidestand?

    hi im looking to get a sidestand for my 2010 evo that currently doesnt have one, and im wondering if anyone knows if the 2012 or 2013 one fits? Thanks,
  9. Have you tried bleeding the brake or just topping up the oil pot? just a thought, good luck
  10. Yeah I looked at the TTT 'unbreakable' mudguard a few months ago, but I havnt heard any good feedback about them at all, so that's a no-go for me
  11. I had an 80, definitely no reserve, stupid fuel tap (dad got me a new one) and I think the tank is more like 1.5-1.7 litres, as 2.5l of which .5 is reserve is for the full size evo's,
  12. Also, can anyone tell me how flexible the newer mudguards are, or even give a comparison to the 2010 if possible, thanks
  13. jackthelad98

    Rear Mudguard

    Hi, I've got a 2010 evo 125 and I'm wanting to get a spare mudguard, as somewhen I'm going to snap one I was just wondering what year mudguards can fit the 2010 model, even if a bit of modifying is required. I like the 2012 and 2013 mudguards the most. I think I heard not long ago someone say the 2013 could fit every 2009 onwards model with a bit of drilling. Is this true? Has anyone done it? Thanks, Jack
  14. I've heard they make a huge difference in comparison to the standard shock, but As said above they are only really needed at top level riding, with big steps and jumps and hopping on the rear wheel etc. BUT if you have the money to blow then it's definitely worth every penny (apparently)
  15. If he's just starting, from my experience you should get him an 80, even if its just for a year or so, as it doesnt have too much power which could scare him and put him off of trials. He'll learn quick;ly on it then be able to move up to a 125 with ease
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