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  1. Hi big mike, I,ve just started a project ....tlr200 and am looking for info too...I am fortunate enough to b able to make a lot of parts and mods but definitely retired from work... I simply measured my gas gas and set about replicating the fork angle....got a long way towards this by making parallel yokes ....you can buy them....I,ve also made a longer swinging arm, clutch sorted by cleaning up 30 years of wear on driving dogs and face , fitting bell spring and plate to matc, adding oil holes to hub..making extension for actuator arm......playing with Spring pressures now...I.m still not happy as there is a moments delay for clutch to separate or disengage. Currently trying to buy a clutch cover gasket ...would you believe....mine has auto decompressor bit and most advertised gaskets are different. Anyway my search for suppliers and knowledge on the bike continues good luck
  2. Fred Adams GL Motorcycle Tech apprentice served self employed trials and enduro rider
  3. just in case anybody on holiday or passing http://savoie.planetekiosque.com/165-114824-5-trial-moto-amical.html
  4. chewy

    18 GG?

    http://www.dherbeymoto.com/marchand/moto_neuves since at least last March.....
  5. reed valve...piston rings...???????? just guessing...something strange going on in there is this same with any plug?....is resistor plug standard?
  6. I liked it rob warner showed some enthusiasm and knowledge with his commentary which would help anybody understand why we like trials.
  7. chewy

    Rear suspension

    Generally what is reffered to as ride height or sag is how to verify the spring is right for you, some say 2 cm of sag some prefer none. Once you establish the spring is capable of supporting your weight etc you then set up damping which on O.E.M shocks is usually one adjustment for compression and extension. Most springs from from OEM or factory are suitable for 70 to 80 Kilo riders. Given that most of us are over that weight including myself you end up with a compromise by overdamping to help the spring under compression. Folk spend large amounts on aftermarket shock/spring assembies as a well set up "rear end" helps get better results. Not sure about beta shocks ,when I was riding Betas with OEM shocks the rear end was never better than OK. Why not ask Beta Importer or dealer what is available for you. I don.t think you can specify springyness by length.
  8. chewy


    looks like they having a cash collection drive we currently having a similar set to with them over a car .Why do we allow ourselves to be bullied by legalised gangsters????? All part of UK PLC I suppose We read the notes on the log book regards SORN it says (and the same online) if you dont have the logbook to notify them in writing ..did that but they are of course are allowed it seems to simply ignore that. Bunch of ****'s should try some productive work.
  9. Entries are open for this trial which has some spectacular interzone.. done the interzone with a friend never done the trial going this year, entries are here http://www.motoclubarinsal.com/2016/12/16/trial-darinsal-2017/ http://www.motoclubarinsal.com/inscripcio.php?idioma=en check out videos on Y tube.
  10. Cantal was great especially as Janet AND I got to the podium in our classes, run by trials enthusiasts for trials riders. I have just dome our entries for thier hivernal (autumn) trial same mob of people different venue based around Entraiges sur Truyere in the Aveyron department. entries (inscriptions) here (Max speaks english and is very helpful) https://www.trial-truyere.fr/ The Aveyron is run by Moto club 12 who were mostly enduro based members when last we rode. A loose comment regarding leboskis concern regarding advanced; there really are classes for everyone if Janet at 60 years young can make 2nd step on the podium all you strong young men should be well in. It is true to say that in general the sections for classes above S3 are more a series of obstacles reather than simple line choosing and riding....they love dry grippy impressive looking sections and of course publicity is aimed at ambitious riders who learn 1 metre negative steps before they leave primary school ...I,m not kidding. European trials are not neccesarily hard but involve different skills which are easier to learn than grip finding but involve better fitness. We havn.t done Aveyron or the Creuse for the last 4 years I hear the club has taken note of all the criticisms and have changed thier ways but at our age 2 or 3 of these events/year is enough. Incidentally I came on to post the entries for Arinsal 2 day in Andorra will do seperate post with link.
  11. There are some really good kids around here ...eg. Hugo Dufressi only thing is most discover girls and beer around the age of 16 ! so forcasting is not an exact science.
  12. you just need road legal bike and ACU licence with FIM (£30) international add on I refer you to http://www.trial-club.com/webzine-trial/actualites/infos-nationales/news/article/janet-la-star-dintras/
  13. http://classique.trialhautesvosges.fr/ there you go 4 hrs from Calais 3 days of excellent trialing classes for everone.
  14. chewy

    2018 EC models

    very well mate, the bikes have settled now; we just finished a 3 day here 280 k 60 sections so maybe they ,re now run in. We discussed Janets starting issues with Dherbey motos (the suppliers) who gave us a flywheel weight for the 125 which has calmed it a bit as far as stalling and getting away from her for the starting its just a problem of short legs ...you need to kick a gasser backwards which means you need to be in front of the kickstart. Just as a possible temptation , the 3 days of Haut Vosges is coming up at end of July only a few hours from Calais I.ve done every one of them since inception and reccomend them classes for all if you want a pot do S3 if you want a challenge involving deplacing wheels do S2 or go in between S3+. TRS very nice bike it was a close run decision for me ref GG or TRS.
  15. chewy

    2018 EC models

    Goudarges as in valley of the Ceze river....riding is fantastic even as an overage hooligan I.ve learned new skills as it is very different from my native wessex centre stuff. Sautadet rings a bell also .
  16. chewy


    A little tip for Michael from a long time rider AND observer... try not to gob in the sections .. a stupid comment but pschology affects observers as well as competitors. As an official I,ve had "run ins" with Douggie over the years but he is so professional and able...barring disasters it,s his to lose.
  17. Looks like Janet and I are sole UK riders again It,s a pity as these trials have something for everyone. http://www.trial-cantal.fr/engagements/
  18. chewy

    lost it ?

    I ,ve been looking on this forum more as we get closer hoping to find a few titbits. However trials are for doing more than watching and there is plenty to do at the SSDT whichever side of the section markers you are. It,s also true that this is an open forum;...nothing to stop us speculating, reminicing etc etc. Lets be constructive and positive, as Andy said it,s all voluntary.
  19. chewy

    2018 EC models

    Just a note, We now done 6 hrs running in found a few build faults ...chain tensioner sticking, a cylinder head bolt on the 125 was ready to fall out (noticed leak of coolant) other comments lots of small adjustments to personalize the bikes had to set air mix a tad towards rich and pick up the tickover as the bike was rushing me or trying to stall..now that the clutch and I are getting along it,s fine although Janet is still having problems ( the motor is much crisper/cleaner than her 2014 model, probably due to the kehin carb). So far so good just hope Torrot can come up with the correct COC,s to get reg.d and insured before the Cantal.
  20. I just bought 2018 Gas Gas here in France...Crazy but true...doing a bit of a blog within Gas Gas forum as I seem to be only owner of 2018 model anything at moment.
  21. chewy

    2018 EC models

    Boiught from Dherbey Moto in france (we living here) dherbeymoto.com to check it out. Model TXT Pro racing/E4 http://dherbeymoto.com/marchand/moto_neuves.php?sel_annee_num=8&sel_marque_num=2&sel_moto_num=284 PS Monday riding session was good, probably got used to the bikes now ....still feel I,m being rushed re stalling but the motors are still tight which is good. All adjustments need to be very precise (10 deg. on air screw changes it completely). Steering is great, you would need a 3 way shock if you.re good enough I should fit a fat git spring ( Ihave to use the damping to "help" the spring which compromises/slows the extension when rock hopping or tring to deplace le arriere)...if my legs were 40 years younger it would be no problem but then I would have all the problems of a 25 year old...money,job,career, taxes,family, etc.. Clutch is OK ..plenty of feel but still drags a tiny bit ...hope imminent oil change will help that. I have yet to benifit from the racing headlight but lights are compulsory here as is registration and insurance so just as soon as the C.O. C. arrives we.ll be "in business". Just reminded myself that what I started out trying to find out is eg.; are there "fat spark" plugs available? What G.box oil is best? (these are first new Gassers I.ve had in the last 20 years).
  22. happy memories of doing the Manx Gazzer Scrivs was similarly incenced so he went up to the guy asked him what he saw....."riders??" no its a f ing queu and thats the back of it now get back there....it worked.......Some guys have thier head so far up thier own a*** they find it impossible to consider others especially when it.s a competion. They need to be told is the message, I mean what is the worst they can do or say once the position is made clear. Usual answer is oh I had a problem/puncture /etc and need to catch up. Invariably these types are first to be finished ,loaded and on their happy way home ....maybe they,re pussy wipped or their mum told them to be home early??? Its a long time since I rode in championship events where you used to have to grow big elbows and push and shove with the rest of em. Takes the edge off of a day out though. We also had the same old faces doing this back when I rode in our centre trials...maybe naming and shaming what with all this social media would calm them down a bit........rant over...... you.re not alone oni nou
  23. Lets hope this becomes a very hot topic...some real competition for Michelin is long overdue.......is Dunlop still the preferred tyre for the SSDT (stays on rim better when punctures arrive). what we all want to know is how good is it.s grip and feel how easy to fit how long does it keep its edges how much is it
  24. chewy

    2018 EC models

    well its strange ; I spent an hour tinkering on saturday; effectivly ..air mix richened by 1/4 turn ..just off lumpy tickover clutch master cylinder/lever adjusted 1/2 mm leaving just minimum free play for the piston to return to its stop position fork preload off by two turns ...(rear spring on by 2 turns &handlebars raised 5 mm on mine.. I suppose i should have a fat man spring as I am now 83Kg..but if i was serious i would have bought the 3 way rear damper these bikes have Reiger two way i.e spring preload and Damping adjust for compression;rebound is single adjuster) I did find the chain tensioner on mine was sticking.....take off /lube and refit.....all part of ADI process. Et voila they are different bikes... Sundays session restored our faith... today is confirmation session at Goudarges which is a very unforgiving venue. PS Yes they are trials bikes...The clutch "rework" is typically vague sales publicity, both bikes have kehin carbs... I can.t spell... I wonder if it may be something to do with heat cycle through the clutches because they are so much better (Sunday evening )
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