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  1. Looks like the bike was registered in 2001... so the guy has probably assumed that it was registered from new? It's an early '90s bike.
  2. HAHA! Brilliant Okay Telecat (sorry... dont know your real name!). That sounds like the official word on the matter. In that case, is there a restriction on the size of a lap to cater for dads (& moms) that are less able to get about on foot so that their kids do not suffer!? Kids with a superfit parent will benefit from their presence every step of the way. Club trials are not a problem as the parent on a bike can enter and ride around with their kid (even if they are watching the kid more than trying to keep their own score down!)
  3. Fair point. But still, I dont see why the option is not there as some of the venues are huge and some parents are just not able to jog around and make time. Surely allowing a parent to have a bike would keep the trial flowing better especially for the very young riders. Parents of c-class and above riders can maybe skip a couple of the 'easier' sections whereas parents of D-class small wheel bikes generally want to be there every inch of the way to look out for their 6 to 8 yr old! Does anyone have the actual official word on why minders are not allowed!?
  4. It cant be just insurance surely!? Like I say, I bet most parents would pay a few quid for insurance if this was possible. How does it work for the adult national minders? Surely the same could apply?
  5. Does anyone know why a parent is not allowed to take a bike to the nationals?
  6. I totally agree that minders/parents (one per competing rider) should be able to ride a bike round. I'm sure most wouldnt mind paying an insurance fee. Some venues are huge, which is great as it's nice to ride a bit between sections and it can reduce queuing but it's no joke trying to keep up with your kid riding a venue like Low North Park. My lad has only just turned 8 and rides in the D class. I'm not about to let him out of my sight in any trial. I'm fairly young and fit but find it quite hard going. Then needing to drive home afterwards. What if the parent weighs 20 stone or is less able for whatever reason. That could rule the kid out of riding or put a family off entering??? Talking of the excellent Low North Park, I'm especially surprised that the also excellent Scarborough club do not allow a parent to take their bike round during the less formal youth 2-day event. Getting round the course last year was nothing short of gruelling. My lad was fed up of waiting for me to catch up with a face like a tomato puffing & panting in what was otherwise an awesome weekend! ...here's waiting to be put in my place!
  7. Think what you like! It's not nice to suggest that someone doesnt understand something as if you were some kind of superior being! So stop being a plank! I agree with Martins points, but generally the riders would have had their own reputations to uphold and would as always be riding their hearts out both for themselves and the team, so the individual scores would have been interesting to see however you look at it.
  8. I rode in the ICTT down in Cornwall and individual scores were shown on the board throughout and published afterwards. I cant see much difference really, but thanks to Martin for his view and for sharing your past experiences of this event Andy. .... still want to see the individual results!
  9. I fully understood thank you... so wind ur neck in laughing boy! I still wouldnt mind seeing the individual scores. (Some people just like the sound of their own voice and have nothing constructive to add - idiot)
  10. Still be good to see the individual scores?!???
  11. My sons chain came off on his little GasGas 50TXT Boy on the weekend. It all bunched up around the front sproket, but I managed to stand on the chain and pull it out. When I put the chain back on he rode about 5 yds and the bike made an awful crunch click noise. I thought at the time it was knackered chain that wasnt meshing with the sprokets anymore. I've taken the chain off and rotated the front sproket by hand and I can feel something catching and clicking inside. Sounds similar to the problem you describe here. I'm now in the process of removing the engine to take to the dealer. :-( What did it cost you in the end??? Did you just take the bike whole!?
  12. Are the full results online anywhere? Tried the Scarborough website, but no joy! Thanks
  13. I had a 2001 Rev 3 and I liked it, but it did seem to loose grip very easily on slow slippy stuff. I remember trying my m8's GasGas at the time (never been a fan of GasGas) on the same sections and found that it gripped much better. This could have all been down to setup though. I've often heared people say that the Rev3's are 'a bit wild'. My first Beta was a 240 '89 TR34 replica which I loved, after riding a few Monts (311, 314 & 315) I went back to Beta and the first of the Rev3's. I like the feeling of being 'inside' the bike that Beta gives you rather than being perched on top like the GasGas. I've had my '07 250 Sherco from new and I've not had any problems with it (apart from water in the airbox). Very well ballanced bike with great power delivery, suspension and brakes. I've never had any problems with any of the brakes on any of my bikes! Older Sherco's were a bit iffy!
  14. I've always been into Betas but now have a Sherco. Great bike. The only complaint I have is how easy it is for water to get into the airbox both during riding and washing. It's a pain in the ****!
  15. I rode an inter center team trial about 15 years ago (I think it was in Kent) - Graham Jarvis was the star man for that event. I was riding as an 'Inter' and found the going to be hard but I could cope (just). Back then, I think the team was made up of 2 experts, 2 inters, 2 novice & 2 youth or something like that! I'm riding again down in Cornwall and was wandering what the sections are like these days? I understand that now the youths are on the saturday and the adults ride the same route on the sunday??? Any info would be gratefuly received....
  16. First of all and more important than anything.... The engine should have only 150cc of oil and not 450cc as stated in the book. Secondly the bike will generally ease up as it gets used over time. You have geared it down with the 60T sprocket as I have done for my sons bike. This made a big difference. You can also fit a thicker clutch plate so that the bike engages and moves forward at lower revs. Instead of having to rev the thing up and it taking off like a rocket!!! I have heared of some converting the bike to a manual, but dont know how the revvy little engine will cope with that! I think that the GasGas Boy should have a manual clutch and should do away with this scooter business that doesnt suit the bike or trials in general!!! RANT OVER
  17. For us less able types... would you recommend drilling a small hole at the bottom of the flywheel case? Also, what do you think of a small hole in the bottom of the airbox???
  18. It does sound quite mad that... drilling a hole in the cover! If GGUK say its a good idea then why not! I suppose if the bike went over in a deep pool it would take water in throught the hole whereas a well sealed cover wouldnt let any water in. Many people swear by drilling a small hole in the bottom of their airbox too.
  19. I thought that was you winning the Novice class dropping just 2 marks! http://www.cnwtrials.org.uk/colw290309.html But then noticed the Welsh spelling of Gafyn! Anyway, there are loads of really helpful chaps on here, ready and willing to lend a hand with almost anything trials related. Great community spirit of trials!!! I cant imagine how I would feel if I found that my pride and joy had been stolen! Bike crime is sadly on the up so we all need to take as many steps to secure our bikes we can. Hope you enjoy your return to trials and will probably see you at an event in the future. I ride most of the Colwyn, Wrexham, Bro Cader, Cheshire Youth, Denbigh & Mold etc etc trials when I can!
  20. Hi gavind... Did you ride in the Colwyn trial last weekend?
  21. garethr

    My New Toy

    Had a tear in my eye (nearly) looking through those Fantic pics! Can remember when the 1st black and orange "Section" came out and everyone thought they were amazing... until they realised what a pig they were to ride!!!
  22. Great! Thanks for the info. My '07 Sherco is still on the original tyres from new (I need to get out more!!!), and the front tyre has had this really annoying buldge that catches my eye every time I ride quickly. I dont notice it in sections as I'm too busy looking for somewhere soft to land!!! I am hoping to change the tyres for the new X-lite Michelins soon, but notice its only the rear out there at the moment (<mention of this company is not permitted on Trials Central> have some)... or are they ONLY doing the rear!? Anyway I digress!!! I found this wheel truing stand by Park Tools and need to find out if it can also cope with cycle wheels so that I can use it for the Montys... Park Tools Wheel Truing Stand for Motorcycle wheels If it will... I'm sold!
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