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  1. Could be homo/erotic code ?
  2. Just found a brand new one, going cheep.
  3. The world rounds are as relevant to many as football .....
  4. Try Richard Alan. https://m.facebook.com/Allens-Used-Trials-Spares-226553748274712/
  5. b40rt

    clutch basket washer!

  6. b40rt

    Ignition Troubles {:-/

    From memory, you need to disconnect the black wire if you want the points to act like a switch.
  7. b40rt

    Ignition Troubles {:-/

    Even if you get it working its probably past its best, have a look at :- https://www.motoswm.co.uk/shop/swm-rotax-trials-electronic-ignition-kit-clubman/
  8. Was it smoke (ie from exhaust) or steam from engine / radiator ? Does the fan run ? Did you squeeze hoses to check for air locks ? Are you getting a spark ? Is the plug wet or dry ?
  9. Message Patrik.
  10. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Classic-VW-Beetle-Ignition-Condenser-Condensor-Bug-Bosch-Vacuum-Distributor-71-3/113664595068?hash=item1a76f0147c:g:1fsAAOSwS3NcdAP-&redirect=mobile
  11. "lots of big words" conversation over, tawt.
  12. My friends nickname was the "clock", because he always thought before he acted/spoke. He was professionally involved with risk management, so lecturers on behaviour patterns are not required. I don't believe anyone with a modicum of intelligence, expects the general population to behave sensibly, however transferring all responsibility to the vulnerable is rather egocentric ?
  13. Excellent advice, but can you elaborate on how my friend recovering from cancer should "moderate his behaviour " ??
  14. Probably no difference in a hot climate, life and death in extreme cold.
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