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  1. There is a spare connection in the loom near to where the original kill button plugs in. It is blanked off, remove the blank and plug your lanyard kill switch in to it. You will run two kill buttons, the original and the lanyard one.
  2. john.b

    Fuel mixture

    Yes, that's the amount I use. Runs sweet!
  3. I have a 250 Camo 2017 and mapping is spot on. Would think the 300's would be sorted as well. Runs very clean in all gears, and revs very high if needed. I have used the first three maps and not had any problems. Starts second kick from cold and nearly always first kick once warm. There is a very noticeable difference in engine charecteristics from map to map. I would think the ice hell would run same mapping as the Camo Works. Only thing I did was buy a spare battery and keep it charged up and carry it with me at a trial. Never needed it yet but it's a just in case item. Never had any pinking issues or running backwards that some people reported on early 2016 bikes. Only high praise from me, absolutely love the bike.
  4. john.b

    Venhill Cables

    Because the bikes did nt have Domino side pull throttles in 81/82. We started fitting them in 83 ish as a mod and it looks like Swm did the same. I got caught out as well a couple of months ago, I had to trim the outer cable. Next one I order will be from the later model.
  5. john.b

    Venhill Cables

    Venhill list a throttle cable for the 82/83 model with code S03-4-004 for Domino 90' throttles, perhaps this is the one we should be ordering!
  6. john.b


    I think Heffergm is asking about the Trs 250/280 models.
  7. john.b

    Rusty Rotors

    He is not messing Papa! The plastic disc guard and caliper need swapping places. Guard to go on the bottom and the caliper on the top. Having said that I think the plastic guard will be the wrong way round once fitted, just buy a new guard!
  8. john.b

    Swm Rear Silencer.

    Thanks for the quick replies, really appreciate the help.
  9. john.b

    Swm Rear Silencer.

    Restoring a 240 Swm and the rear silencer box was full of the usual crud and also the the two baffles had come loose virtually blocking the way out for the exhaust gases. Is it best to reweld the baffles back in to their original positions or can you leave them out to let the engine breathe easier? Thanks.
  10. john.b

    Test Rides

    Your press release Dad of 2 relates to JJB Sports, Argos and Littlewoods, what it has to do with Vertigo only you seem to know!
  11. Hi dadof2, it was me that requested you delete your post about The Scott, however Andy also had the good sense to delete it quickly. You gave the locations of about 9 sections that are out of bounds to spectators, is n't it about time you started to think of the implications of posting such information!
  12. Dadof2, can you please delete your last post please. I find it offensive that you are posting information regarding locating Scott sections that are supposed to be out of bounds to spectators. As an observer of one of those sections mentioned and also a member of Richmond Motor club I feel you have jeapordised the future successful running of Trial by posting such information. Many thanks John.B DADOF2. YOU ARE RISKING THE FUTURE OF THE SCOTT TRIAL!
  13. john.b

    Trs Bike Unveiled

    I think we were all guilty of expecting more to look at however I think it should sell very well. If it is priced correctly then I think they have great future ahead.
  14. john.b

    Trs Bike Unveiled

    You are missing the point Atomant, the factory was doing a watch this space advertising ploy, keeping everybody waiting for their new bike. When it had finally arrived most people are disappointed to find it is just a copy of the Jotagas with a traditional shock and a Sherco swinging arm! at least Vertigo went with fuel injection and a different frame to grab the imagination.
  15. john.b

    Trs Bike Unveiled

    Tank capacity is 2.3 litres, that's ok for small multi lap venues but will be awkward for longer events, nationals and Scott etc. Bike looks very nice and very familiar, cross between a Jgas and a Scorpa. Any idea of prices, strong pound at the moment so bike prices should be coming down in reality. They soon shot up when the Euro was strong!
  16. I think a UK Jotagas importer would be required first before the 2016 models were shipped here or have I missed the big announcement?
  17. It's on the Spanish site as well. Wish they would just get a move and let us have a look at the bikes.
  18. Why? Why does a small factory have to send a rider, a back up team and a couple of bikes to Japan?
  19. Just because you get factory support does nt mean you ride every World round.
  20. Jack is factory supported, whereas I understand Ross and Becky ride for SXS. If Steve gets a new brand of bike then they will surely change as well.
  21. Any news about a potential importer or is nobody keen to take on the role?
  22. Unless the person at the factory speaks perfect English! ?
  23. Not true, no bikes for 8 weeks Nigel. Ordered mine two weeks ago, even got email from Steve Saunders saying they arrive when they arrive. May be dealers in other area's might have stock themselves but my dealer who I have kept loyal to over the years had none and neither did Steve.
  24. Just me being selfish Nigel, I loved the test bike I tried and would still buy one if available. Obviously if there is no importer, then no new bike for me!
  25. It would be great if the new Uk Jotagas importer could be announced quickly. Might restore a bit of confidence, especially if it is someone with a bit of experience.
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