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  2. My 14 4rt rear wheel is really stiff when turning the wheel by hand , this is even if the chain is off the wheel has newish bearings in and everything is greased up well, when I just put the spindle through the wheel with out the brake caliper it spins freely, when I try the spindle through the caliper with out the wheel it spins freely but when I mount everything together how it should it's really stiff , anyone had this before or know where I'm going wrong??
  3. My 14 4rt rear wheel is really stiff when turning the wheel by hand , this is even if the chain is off the wheel has newish bearings in and everything is greased up well, when I just put the spindle through the wheel with out the brake caliper it spins freely, when I try the spindle through the caliper with out the wheel it spins freely but when I mount everything together how it should it's really stiff , anyone had this before or know where I'm going wrong??
  4. Hello Everyone, I have a 2006 Montesa 4rt, i think it holds roughly 1/2 gal of fuel. If i stay in 1st and 2nd gear(a lot of heavy woods around me, can't really get moving etc) how far or hours before i go empty? I understand driving conditions, high revs, etc. just a "ballpark"? thanks!
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  6. This is Ted Clarkson with his friendly Labrador spectating at the renowned Scott Trial section 'Goats' at Holgate courtesy of farmerJacky Lynas on Sunday afternoon during the Reeth Three Day Trial.Ted is a past grass tracker and sand races on a 1000cc blown Suzuki outfit.He has ridden at Navenby, Sleaford, Pickering, Northallerton (Faceby) Lane Endand Bainbridge on grass in the early eighties plus Scarborough, Filey, Redcar, Skegness and Mablethtorpe beach races. Three weeks ago he drove 170 miles with his tractor in the three day annual Tractor Run near Richmond andthat raised £1100 for North Yorkshire Air Ambulance.
  7. Hi Rob, Have a look at viewranger GPS, just click on the landrover and put in post code. Cheers, Rich.
  8. Description: Beta Rev 3 250 cc - Spares or Repairs I have had this bike since 2011 but it is not being used so it is time for it to go. I recently rebuild the top end of the engine (Piston rings, small end bearing etc.) and seems to be running well. I also have a spare pair of forks which come with the sale. One is broken at the bottom so is only for spares but the other (clutch lever side) looks complete and working though I have never had it on the bike. Viewing welcome and cash on collection only please from Richmond(North Yorkshire). Thanks for looking View the full article
  9. Throttle body is 2012 Honda standard, modified slightly by Future. Modification done: 28mm to 30mm opening.. Som function is normal as all Montesa, just a bit more flow. You have to remember that the Future Montesa is 99% same as any Montesa Repsol. Only difference is long stroke 80mm 292CC, cylinder head slightly modified valve out-take widen, and the throttle body as i said 30mm. So all functions are same as any Montesa Repsol/Cot a/RR or.. any 4RT. You can read about the modifications here:
  10. Description: 4400 miles with one over 60s rider. Used for trail riding and long distance trials. Good chain, sprockets, tyres and new wheel bearings. Battery conditioner, some spares and clothing also included. Tunbridge Wells. 07748997106 View the full article
  11. number 3 was kurt nicoll and number 5 was mervyn anstie, you are correct that the bike number was the position they finished in the championship the previous year ,for both the support and main championship,
  12. Hi I am looking to do some green lanes etc as well and was wondering does anyone know of an app the you can down load that has these routes/maps cheers
  13. i think they are for attaching a spark arrester on mine has one attached
  14. So I'm starting to notice that when the bike is warm, on starting it it wants to, and sometimes does, stall immediately after starting if you give it a bit of throttle. It acts like a lean bog from a carb bike. It seems to be less an issue if it gets a really good kick to restart it, and/or you immediately give it a blip as it's firing. Anyone else know what I'm talking about here, or am I special?
  15. Replaced oil seal, still weeps. Next suggestion? Maybe the sleeve?
  16. If you know anyone who owns one then I'd recommend riding it for a full day as well as the 315 so you can see for yourself. That's the only way you're really gonna know what you want or what's best.
  17. Cheers. I had just wondered about whether or not it was the preload, although as you say, it may be a slight change in frame design. Now the question of suspension set up is another issue. Static sag is when?
  18. Allan Jefferies Trophy Trial 30th July 2017 This prestigious event is typically well supported, but this year, in common with some other events, the number of entries received, at least to date, is unusually low and unless there is a late influx of entries, there is a risk that the organisers may be forced to cancel. There is still time to enter and the club are particularly keen to have more serious trials riders entering to compete over the Principal Allan Jefferies Course. However, if this doesn’t suit, there will also be an easier Clubman’s Course. Supplementary Regulations with Entry Form are available online from various sources, including the ACU’s website, but if you wish to receive “Regs” directly via email, please make this request to the organisers using either the telephone number or email address listed below. Eligible riders wishing to enter should act now, before it is too late. --------------------------------------------------------------- As always, there is the thorny problem of getting sufficient Observers and as some of the more remote sections are typically only accessible by bike or on foot “Observers with Bikes” would be particularly welcome. Volunteers should be guaranteed a good run out on the day, as well as a food voucher for the excellent fare available at the café. Anyone willing to help should contact the oganisers c/o 07784186021 or email --------------------------------------------------------------- As the course includes PUBLIC HIGHWAY and in places also crosses PUBLIC footpaths, competitors are reminded that they should moderate their speed accordingly and ride with consideration at all times. Each competitor is further reminded that the machine on which they will be competing MUST be appropriately registered, taxed and insured. Riders must comply with all legal requirements and entries are conditional upon these important factors being met. Bradford & District Motor Club
  19. Stick some duct tape over it and borrow a bicycle computer for the MOT test - tbe easy answer.
  20. If the lfarmer has to look after the land,... as in not polluting it to get his money off the government then runnining offroad gasoline powered motorcycles over it with possible oil and petrol spillage along with damage to flora etc will not be in their interests. As stated in the OP this is something being discussed and brought forward as a result of leaving the EU ;so it having little to do with Europe as you state seems a bit odd
  21. You forgot to mention that this bike is a 300cc Future Montesa [This may have some bearing on the answer you receive as your throttle body is probably the HRC one used on the Montesa works bikes around 2006/2007 ] or as a well informed Trials bike seller on Ebuy states in his ad for one a 'Futura' Montesa .....nothing like a seller who knows his products..
  22. Description: Hebo Youths trials boots in very little used condition size 37 - uk size 5 , kept for lad , but no interest in bikes ..£40 no offers North linc's .. collect from a Scunthorpe trial or maybe Yorkshire area Eastburn /Steeton /Silden area sometime ...07962182162 View the full article
  23. Everytime i fix one problem.. a new appear. This time, fuel consumption is way to high. If we give full throttle, it kinda just lose power. Driving normal, we have flame from exhaust, also sounds like a Ferrari.. hehe. Explosions from exhaust. We checked the injector and sealings. All looking good. Tested the fuel pump and replacement fuel pump. Still same.. What else can do this? Grim
  24. Had a look at Companies House details and Greeves Motorcycles is still registered as an active company, with Richard Deal as director. Think they must be trading on a small scale, rather than as the new-found saviour of British offroad motorcycle manufacturing as was originally touted. Personally I've no time for any firm that hangs its reputation on a website which last received any input from its owner seven or eight years ago.
  25. I did hear a while ago it was for sale ..
  26. Bad move that is owned by Jim Snell,someone else put that on youtube and he had it are just going to pXXX him off. And perhaps TRS owners may not receive as much information because he gets sick of people doing what they want with his stuff.
  27. Still located in Girona.From what I read in Spanish trials Moto magazines Pibernat is not interested in expanding and funding a team to travel round the World...this being the reason Tarres and Arano left to form TRS ;both having greater ambitions, I read somewhere that the previous incarnation of the GasGas factory when Pibernat was still on the board was spending close to 700,000 EUROS per season on its World championship teams....perhaps his first hand experience has something to do with his lack of interest and the fact that he is an Enduro enthusiast not a trials aficionado 2017 Jotagas projected production figures for worldwide sales are around 1000 units,if you put those against other manufacturers that have outputs closer to 3000 trials units per year then its possible to see that Pibernat likes his operation to be more of a cottage industry just ticking over.Abit of a business mans hobby in his retirement.
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