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  2. Hi there. Going to look at a fantic section 125 but cannot find much out about them with Google. Anything to look out for? What oil ratio should I use? Cheers
  3. Sorted...
  4. OK cheers I should be OK then I am sure I have the standard mikuni carb for that year of bike
  5. The only reason it will not fit is if a previous owner fitted a non standard carburettor.
  6. The tyre you bought will fit your bike and is the best available now.A 120/100R18 is the metric measurement of a 4.00x18 120 is 120mm the width of the tyre...or 4.and 3/4 inches 100 is the profile or size of the sidewall of the tyre and is a percentage of the width of the tyre this is therefore 100% or 120mm 18 the wheel size that the tyre fits and is in inches of course
  7. Sorry if this is a daft question but I'm new to trials. I ordered a Michelin X lite tyre 400x18 this week but received a 120/100x18. I thought there was only one usual size (obviously I'm wrong) but I'm assuming this is the wrong tyre? Its for a 2003 Sherco 290 cheers all
  8. I ordered one from moto merlin says it's for rev 3 2000-2007 hoping it will just be a direct replacement
  9. Im thinking of tidying my rev 3 rims up by powder coating them and was wondering if there are any spoke kits available for it? Ive seen online some spokes are £4+ each, is this right? I did my old ktm 125 a couple of years ago and it cost around £40 a wheel
  10. It would be easier for me if Eastern and other sections used the same colours for routes....I did a trial at Cambridge and ended up getting so lost I rode over and stopped on the observers a five for that as it was 'no stop' In Eastern have from easy to hard orange....white...50/ and I think
  11. A good indication for me that I picked the correct class, is finishing with an Index (total points dropped / sections ridden) of .500 or less. If my Index is .75 to 1.0+, then it could still be the correct class for me, but perhaps the conditions deteriorated quickly or rain changed traction. If I get more than 2.0 points per section average, then I feel I was in too hard of a class and need to drop down a level, or practice more to improve. I started Senior C in August 2015, felt pretty good and bumped up to Senior B in May 2016. Worked an event watching Senior Intermediate and thought their lines were within my abilities. Quickly found out that some locations have much harder Intermediate lines that others and got frustrated finishing in last place, so dropped back to SR-B and started having fun again. Decided to stick with SR-B for championship chase in 2017, with occasional attempts at Intermediate at out of region events, to pick up my skills a bit quicker.
  12. Ok final update... I have had a bit more time in both the Airoh TTR and the Hebo Zone 4 and it really is a wash, they are both, head shape wise, what I would call neutral with a slight inclination to the oval side. The Airoh I think is just a touch more oval but not much, and the Hebo is a little longer top to bottom but again not much. This gives the advantage to the Hebo if you have a tall head and need a longer chin strap. I also found the slight bit taller aspect of the Hebo is a bit nicer for my somewhat taller and more oval head as it makes my ears sit just a bit lower in the helmet so I am preferring the fit of the Hebo just a bit more as I find I don't have to adjust it as much after putting it on. Where with the Airoh I find I need to sift it a bit to get my ears to fit without the padding pressing on them a little here and there. Hope this helps someone.
  13. hi to all fantic addicts ! i've just bought an oko flatside carb (black one with chrome plated slide) i have some problems so set it up correctly,,,so 'id like to know if someone could give me basic) settings for a 300 fantic pro... other question, is a vm26 mikuni the best option for this bike, as i own a genuine one.. all point of view will be welcome cheers from france ;-) nicolas
  14. Thanks for the replies gents. So, to me, it looks like I rode the right class that day for my skill level, but I need to be aware of how different clubs/events grade their sections + weather conditions. Scores may go up (a little) or down but as long as it's still fun I'll keep going. Oh Iconic, you forgot to mention the fouled plugs!
  15. A Trials bike specialist shop that sells Beta trials bikes may be able to help or go direct to Beta UK they may also be able to help.
  16. I am needing a new throttle cable for my 2005 rev 3 where can I get a direct replacement that will fit straight on no cutting to length etc
  17. What are you talking about man
  18. You need to get that bike running as Fantic intended. A slipping clutch that drags, with an action as heavy as the water at Telemark, an idle speed up and down like a hookers knickers, brakes that don' could save an easy 30 marks there. Personally I think ya just bragging, my first trials score looked more like the start of a darts game
  19. Ohh.....and the flywheel weight and nut both had a hole for lockwire....I used threadlock when it went back together.
  20. down here the "novice" (ie red) route is shared by youth novice, over 50 clubman, twinshocks, pre65 and even sidecars - while other trials won't have these. an event without sidecars can lead to narrower gaps, and event without twinshocks and pre65 can have much tighter corners, steeper hills, etc also as above the status of the event has a major bearing on the standard. at centre championship round, for example, the "novice" route will be significantly harder than a group or club event. when we (sidcup) run our centre round the red route is pitched as being as hard as the group level "inter b" (that ride a 66% red 33% blue route). when we run a wobbler trial the blue route is easier than then red route at a centre trial - because we are catering to the respective ability ranges entering. more tellingly the conclusion you draw / ask - that because you finished last should you go down a class? - this is more telling of all trials. if the event was pitched at the right level and you are happy / can bear the score as a "new" novice then ride novice. the jump down to yellow (wobbler/beginer/sportsman etc can be a long way (ability wise). there are also some events without a yellow route (lack of entries, unsuitability of the land, etc). conversely the event could have been pitched wrong, endured worse weather, etc that means it isn't a great example of where you should be. other factors like the venue/terrain (some people don't get on with water, mud, roots, rocks, chalk, etc while others thrive) can greatly affect it.
  21. It's all back together again, never did get the basket off, but had a thought that I could of placed a suitably bolt between the end of the gearbox input shaft and the end of the puller. Changed my clutch thrust bearing (pusher) though for a brass one. The one that came out was steel and the end groove was just about missing and around 2/3mm shorter, so not a wasted few hours.
  22. Looks like it's going to be shown on MotorsportTV (Sky channel 447) at 22.35 this evening
  23. Yes spotted deliberate mistake, the Red Rose event is actually on Sunday not Saturday
  24. Thats up to you as dose it need to ? as i really dont care ! someone asked ,why? said ,why , same as why some riders like 3 & some wire 4 ties on grips coz thats what they want ! before you ask YES i have worked on top world round bikes were you are told do it & you do to keep the rider happy for them lot is in the mind
  25. I agree with stpauls, if you found it doable, fun, and a challenge then score isn't an issue. Do as many as you can and keep having fun, you will soon find that your score starts to get better and you will have even more fun!
  26. If you find it doable, then stay in the Novice class. Don't worry about the scores, just concentrate on riding as many sections as you can. The thing to remember about the Novice class is that some club's Novice routes are a lot harder than other clubs Novice routes. Also, it depends on if it is a Championship round, or not. (Championship rounds Novice sections are often a lot more difficult than ordinary club meets). Try the Novice route in as many different clubs as you can.
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