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  2. Thank you Lotus54 !!! This will help me lots :-) !!!
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  4. Even the best filters are going to let a very small amount in however if the filter is correctly oiled you shouldn't see any dust after a single event. I could see where after a great deal of riding in dusty conditions you might start to see something maybe... I have 3 different bikes I have to do, my daughters Beta 80, my wife's Gas Gas 125, and my Montesa 4RT and haven't ever had any issues like this unless I didn't seat the filter correctly. As for oil amount on the filter... I soak the filter completely in the filter oil (don't use the spray on stuff), once soaked I then squeeze out the extra. When I am done I let the filter sit tell it gets slightly tacky so if touched it will create small strings of filter oil when pulling your finger away from it. If you do this and then install it with zero gaps you shouldn't have any issues with the filter letting dust past and shouldn't have any issues with over fueling unless you build up to much dust on the outside of the filter...
  5. Mud

    I ride mud a LOT. (I trail ride very tight stuff all the time). For me, I keep very low tyre pressure, very, very light throttle and lug the engine. Often I'll use 1st gear and tractor. If I'm tired or really slick, I'll site way back so the front tyre is just barely on the ground (I have a real seat). This is quite effective for me (but of course I'd likely get a 3 if in a section). I can do quite well unless the mud gets up over the foot pegs and the higher clearance enduro bikes have ridden through. Then it will just stop if going slowly. (Same in deep snow). All these other guys know way more than I do, but it seems to be effective for me. (Especially since I'm trying to save energy, just get through while not falling and not worried about 'dabs') I was trying to find a vid I've done, but couldn't really find one. this one isn't particularly muddy- but VERY steep and quite slick (wet salal). The guy in front was on an enduro bike, so have the extra weight to deal with (he is a lot better rider than I am). But perhaps my thoughts on low engine speed and no spinning will come through. Again- this just works for me, and perhaps might help in a section were you are going to get a 5 or get a 3 instead.
  6. aaaahh so refreshing to see that the USA has not cornered the market on crazies.
  7. Best time of year is either when you have the money, or the significant other gives permission.
  8. Harry, Give this a try, I've got a problem with my fan coming on as well, and can reproduce it, but haven't dug in far enough to find the cause. Here's the scenario: with the headlight switch in the on position, fan will not work. as soon as the headlight switch is pushed off, fan will come on as normal. lighting circuit interfering with the fan circuit, but how and why? try this with yours and see if there's an issue. And if anyone has any ideas as to my problem, I'm all ears.
  9. I did send a message to him. thansk
  10. Lookout Billy's grabbed his Claymore!
  11. Biff - This is Todd. I've swapped plugs probably at least 4 or 5 times. The plugs were gapped to spec. I've also replaced the spark plug cap, wire and ignition coil. I'll let you take it for a spin next time we're out at Sully's. Thanks Andrew... I'll see if the other gentleman in my club with the same bike would be kind enough to swap CDIs. If it did turn out to be the CDI, any idea where I might find one? I've had zero luck finding any of the Hidria ignition parts here in the U.S. Thanks! Doc
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  13. I think lewisport used to sell one so perhaps Adrian still has some or at least knows the fitment type
  14. Anyone have good solutions for a spark arrestor on a Termi? The exhaust doesn't stick out- but the inner (toward center of bike) part is flush. So the type I have won't fit. I suppose I can fabricate a pipe that will go inside the Termi exit and inside the arrestor. (The arrestor I use fits right on the standard exhaust) But I' like to hear if anyone has a better solution. Mark
  15. Not being funny; but surely that is exactly what tubeless rear trials tyres will be designed to run at.....if not then just exactly what are they being designed for ?...........If of course you are talking about tubeless car tyres then I agree. At muddy events I run my rear tubeless Michelin tyres at 2.5 psi and it stays on the rim[morad old type] and does not feel like it is creeping; so where does that fit in. IRC and Dunlop are both Japanese tyres so they must be using a DID rim measurement and not the morad as their standard or something similar that is giving them this problem. There will be a reason why they are not compatible with certain rims and it is probably down to one person at a high level in each company being bloody minded.
  16. Something for everyone? It looks a great bit of ground and do have a great time and in the vid they seem a cheery mob, but it looks 'advanced.' Isn't there a technical difficulty in riding in a modern mono trial in France as Brit or Yank or whatever? Things like medical certificates or similar technical compliances being quite onerous? I may have got it all wrong but with twin shockers I understood that it was a different (easier) sporting code? Hence the bigger Uk etc entries. Or maybe like everything else in France, a decent lunch with the right official sorts it!
  17. could not agree more Jon, look forward to catching up in June
  18. its been some time since i looked but tubeless tyres are effectively not designed to run at the mega low pressures we run them at
  20. No he means the opening world championship round Andrew that's why it's posted in the SSDT forum 😂😂😂. To be fair you were the only clean on my section on Sunday
  21. Ideally you don't want to see any dirt past the filter. In my opinion you can never really over-oil a filter, since any that isn't held by the foam is just going to drip out into the airbox anyway. I see you've got a GG, so I'd say make sure when you're installing the filter, it's seated all the way around the cage against the air filter housing, and don't be shy screwing it down. You want the cage to fully compress the foam and seal it tightly against the inlet. Double check your airbox/carb boot is tight and correctly seated.
  22. Perhaps your filter isn't sealing fully (?)
  23. BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Scotland is part of Britain..... (at the moment anyway)
  24. FINALLY, we agree on something !
  25. Have done a couple of dusty trials lately and have noticed very fine dust in the carb throat. Am I under oiling the filter or is this normal. Thanks.
  26. At this rate, we may have our own little expat trials club before long. Happy days, certainly got the land for it.
  27. I was not giving anyone a hard time, I know how much hard work is put in by ssdt org and I thank them for that ,What I was trying to point out is the fact of NOTHING being posted by anyone, nothing getting asked, by riders or spectators or even chatting at trials about the ssdt
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