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  2. That's the thing - anything remotely oily is going to attract the sand. Like flies to s##t. I reckon KTM know a bit about off road sandy conditions....
  3. Hi all,anybody tried the new 2017 IRC tubeless rear tyres?Do they hold air and stay on the rim OK?Are they still the best in the mud,or are they still best avoided.Thanks in advance
  4. Good news, were the police involved, or are they as useless as ours ?
  5. Told you Al.
  6. I had time to do a little work on the motor yesterday, as you mentioned David, the crankshaft on the clutch side is different. From what I have measured, they would be interchangeable if you use the primary drive gear of the same year as the crank if you do not use the oil pump. Also the axle main 14t ( 434-17411-00 A model ) and the clutch ass'y won't be interchangeable. I don't have anything to check the weight of the crankshaft , but the A model look heavier, that maybe one of the reasons Yamaha added weight on the flywheel ( they sure overdone it ). On that subject, I always take the ring on the flywheel and use an A model flywheel on my B. Guy
  7. Breaking news here. Bike is found and recovered. Trials is a small community here and because of this they were quickly able to get it back. Great work trials people! —Biff
  8. Description: For sale, Beta Evo 250 2015. Absolutely superb condition for a bike of this age, you will be hard pushed to find one as good. A hand full of small marks on the frame and plastics. The front mudguard has a small crack ( which is quite common ) but has never got any worse. Has a jitsie water pump kit fitted and new frame protection stickers newly added as the original ones were a little tatty. Starts first kick from cold and has only been ridden in the south so never seen a rock. Please message me on 07961160089 or email for more info. £3,350 Ono View the full article
  9. But back then they had bikes that gripped!
  10. Tyres can definitely be an issue, some brands really struggle to maintain lower pressures. IRC are well known for it & your tyre being of an older generation may also be the problem
  11. New rim tape for rebuild... something as simple as the placement?
  12. Rim tape, if your wheel has one
  13. Fuel injection is so reliable and consistent they are obviously trying to fill the gap it leaves by not having to mess with a carb all the time with complicated switches and gizmos. having had a 2 map switch on 4rt for many years and lap to to put a multitude of options in i found a map that suited and then taped the switch in one position. Never felt the need to change maps per section etc. fuel injection should be a fit and forget once you have the map of choice.
  14. You mean it's for more than throwing dirty washing in these days? Not tried it, might give it a go actually... tyre shops usually have a trough for that. Bath / trough? Same same
  15. Well said Allan, but I thought you had "unclapped" that Scorpa now.
  16. Have you put the assembly in to water to see where the bubbles come from (a good argument against doing away with the bath)?
  17. There's varying trains of thought on this.... for sandy conditions though, I wouldn't use the dry lube (PTFE based) as it traps the dirt and turns to grinding paste. KTM recommend not using any in sandy conditions... I use the Motrex off-road lube after washing as it's synthetic oil based and the dirt/sand dries it and it just falls off. Others use a spray of WD40 to get rid of the water and prevent flash rusting... I always thought it was bad for chains, apparently not? Light oil/motor oil also used as it just flings off.
  18. Interesting last line ... with which I share my own experience. I believe I have had a successful career in sales based largely on what I learnt on a trials bike in the 70's & beyond. Persistence, self belief and determination coupled with good planning and preparation were critical elements in getting a £17.50 BSA Bantam around Fountains Fell in 1973. Getting a Fantic 201 around the SSDT and a 240 Fantic around the Scott required the same. Achieving early (semi) retirement needed these same attributes. Maybe I already had them and trialling focused them Or maybe trialling made me and I owe it all to my dad who said "lets give it a go and see how you get on". Anyway its not about me....its about you.... WELCOME HOME!
  19. As above.... anything obvious to check? Following on from my thread about a cracked rear rim on the Gas Gas sub-forum, my wheel has been rebuilt but it's not holding pressure. When I went to pick it up the tyre was pumped up to 17psi to set the bead on the rim, so I dropped it to 5psi when I went to take it for a short run to check everything, seemed ok. However it's not holding pressure, been checking it and its going flat within a few hours. Rim is going back to the shop but as above... anything obvious? Checked the tyre, edges of the rim and nipped up the valve... anything else?
  20. Why have they made it so had to change the maps? What was wrong with the button system? I love my mapping switch, the only thing I would of sorted is when its turned off it going back to map 1 not staying on the map you had it set to but what do I know..
  21. No water in the oil- I did see some drips out the ‘weep’ hole in the water pump. Since there are two seals, it can leak out but not into the oil (so I understand). It hasn’t seeped any more, but I have the parts (to be ready). Thanks mark
  22. You can do all that even better with just washers small enough to fit inside the springs. But you are still limited by the stock springs.
  23. On a slightly wider note Trials has far too many classes which combined with multi route trials makes the whole scene a guddle. I know the ACU work hard to please everyone but it's impossible. Anyway I'm away to enter the over 53, clapped out air cooled mono , must live in Fife and have a dog called Breagh class in Sundays Trial. Just have to decide what route to ride now..
  24. Hi Scorpa and welcome. Not many of these bikes around the Trials scene these day's. I've owned a 163 since late 06 and it's been the best made bike I've ever had and I've had dozens. It's totally stock and probably runs better than the first day I got it. It's done 100s of Trials and is my default bike for setting out events so it's had some stick. I've ridden ones that have been tweaked with lightened flywheels carb mods and different exhausts and they all ran worse than mine so I would say leave it stock if it runs ok,don't try to make it into something it isn't. Mine doesn't get much just the odd oil change and tape up the airbox where it joins the mudgurd to keep the mud out . Great bikes everybody should have one. Have fun.
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