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  2. It's the lowest screw on the pump cover if I recall correctly (the one with the sealing washer on it).
  3. That's like saying 'Every car with a manual transmission should shift them same'. They obviously don't. Why? Because every manufacturer builds their own to different specs. It's the same thing.
  4. or not to ....that is the question! .Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune Or to take arms against a sea of troubles; And by opposing end them? As a youth I yooooosed to weep in butchers shoppes.
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  6. can any body tell me if there is a drain plug for the coolant or do i just use the lowest hose?
  7. It doesn't feel underpowered compared to the 4rt or 200 beta I had, just different. I'm pretty happy with it Yes, its a good idea. I also want to get a guard to protect the linkage too, the bash plate doesn't extend very far back. Already got some frame guards on her tho. Thanks. OK, I will try to get around to doing a video. I'm not doing very advanced stuff, at most double blips over the odd back, log or boulder. Starting to get a feel for bouncing the front off of things and getting the rear round, it takes a long time. I'll have to ask my partner to play camera man! The 4rt is a pretty unique bike
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  9. "We'll get your taxes down—don't worry about it" POTUS-elect Trump tells diners at NYC's 21 Club Is this what he meant when he said: "I will drain the swamp"
  10. For the novice rider needing to learn clutch and throttle control this bike is all you need, as has been said above stick a better set of tires on it once you feel the existing ones are holding you back. The performance of the GasGas is not going to be streached by someone new to trials, you need to get the basics of machine control and line selection through a section right before you start worrying about fully adjustable suspension We have seen plenty of new riders join the sport over the years with top spec bikes only to become disappointed when they get thrashed on the easy route by the pensioners, don't forget the pensioners have probably been riding for decades and that is what cannot be short cut. I would go for the 2T option over the 4RT, around my part of the world ( muddy south east England) not many are ridden above novice level, they may be low on maintainance but in general the vast majority of harder course riders are on 2T !
  11. My point is that as pastietwin says the rr is light but lineaway says it isnt and one ossa is very much better than the others yet a gas gas is the best (heffgem). With a diapragm clutch it needs to be the right pack height if not then it wont be that good regardless of make...... So to say this clutch is best just probably means its correctly adjusted?
  12. Very nice, clearly a gifted fabricator. Ill keep my original, opened it up last night and the packing had clearly left the box many years ago, not even a trace of it just lots of carbon deposits.
  13. Outlaw Trial has a nice 3 bottle bag. Gas-Pak&itemprice=$145 (bottles not supplied)&description=We designed and tested this on the Joss Mountain ride - latest model comes with built in pouch to hold a water bladder.
  14. If you want to test a bike to destruction, the Scott's the boy for you. Jrsunt p****s around it like it's a quick spin, I am the other end of the spectrum. Ive done both and it's fair to say the the Scott is as hard as the ssdt times all 6 days into 1! Speed is so crucial to finishing, and reliability is key too. If you don't want the hassle, dont block the rad and cook it, avoid punctures and ride it on a bullit proof 4rt!
  15. To me the big plus is the fuel injection. Just like my 4rt, it never fluffs and is always spot on. That aside, I don't really see any other massive advantages. The technology is great, but if riding is what it's all about it didn't really impress me that much, and i know of a few boys that had electrical issues with them. To be fair, the warranty has always stood up to any issues I've heard, do you really need the hassle on a new bike. Before you buy one try a TRS 250. A little cracker, a fair bit cheaper and a lot less to go wrong!
  16. You'll catch him in the pub this Sunday.
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  18. I think given that you have a perfectly good spark at the plug you need to first set your float height correctly then try that...if it does not start then check your choke is working.. as in is it sealing when you close it, is it allowing fuel to flow from the bottom of the bowl.If that is ok check that your flywheel has not moved on the crank[get a puller and pull it off to make sure the woodruff key is intact] if that is ok and it still will not fire up then check your cylinder compression is over 100psi ........At the moment It sounds like you have fuel starvation but with a float height of 16mm the float bowl should be filling the bowl more than at 18.5 so it is odd. anyway goodluck and concentrate on the pilot circuit and choke circuit in the carb and making sure the float bowl is filling up as your priority [ make sure the vents on the sides of the top part of the carb are clear] clic this for carb info.
  19. It is a six spring clutch, you could just leave two springs completely out. Worst thing that could happen is some slippage in 5th and 6th.
  20. Go to gas gas motos and compare the parts book. Oh, gee they do not list the contact. Ever wonder why?
  21. The CONTACT is a fantastic buy. You may have lower spec suspension (rear shock and front forks) than the RACING, but the CONTACTS set are more than adequate for your size and ability. The only big difference from the RACING in regards the motor is it runs the Dellorto PHBL 26 carb, and not the Keihin PWK, but the Dellorto is a great carby for the job. The frame is exactly the same. It has the older style Morad rims, not the new flanged style rims, and runs the Pirelli tyres. It is a very good package for the price. I would buy the CONTACT and chuck a set of IRC tyres on it and you will be set for anything.
  22. Personally I would never buy a 4rt as Honda is just not my bag. However if I lived in the middle of nowhere with ltd mechanical skills buying one would be a no brainer.
  23. Been OK today,nothing special,had a Saharan dust storm last night - everything is covered in red dust. Great day on the bikes yesterday,warm and sunshine all day, 160miles, which I think half of it was off tarmac. Monkey Butt by the time we got home !
  24. Flexosprings is definately the place to buy springs.
  25. Loads of great info here fellas. Thanks very much- really appreciate your efforts. The mont 315 master cylinder I had heard of before but I think I'm going to try a washer on each spring to start with. I'm running basic silkolene light gear oil at the moment which may not be the best for the clutch but is hopefully going to look after the gear bearings. The ability to order specific springs for £20 sounds tailor made. That's my second best plan. I'll let you know how I get on. Jeff
  26. Description: Looking for a long ride tank seat unit for my sy250. Price negotiable. May need postage or courier as I'm in scotland. Please email if anyone can help. Thanks. View the full article
  27. My dads garage...
  28. Where can you get one?
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