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  2. You will need to put the country you live in before you will get a response Sir. If your in the UK then try GasGas uk in Buxton Derbys or Feetup Trials as they may have something.
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  4. Appreciate events are difficult to get sorted but would of been good to have 2107 regulations at least on there from the start of the year - 1st round is not advertised but Mansfield later in the year is??
  5. It was goin so well.
  6. If the temp sensor is going on/off and the fan works with a good 12v source then I would suspect the relay as well. And a bad fan relay would cause boil over...
  7. mmmmm very nice It'll be good to hear your impressions after the test ride, it's always good to read some candid unbiased opinions on a bike especially when the bank balance is about to take a massive hit !
  8. Not getting into the rights or wrongs of Pre 65, the irony here across the channel, is that first model Bultacos are now classed as ...yep you guessed.. I blame brexit..
  9. Hi everyone Is there anybody who could assist me please I'm rebuilding a 1994 JT35 and where do I buy full gasket set and all the bearings for the frame and seals ????? regards Alex
  10. So are you saying there's only two routes this year? Over 40 ride the harder route then over 50 and over 60 ride the same easier route? Thanks
  11. Description: nice bike it's a SCORPA 2016 250 bike has a few small marks on it you call veiw the bike at D-3 racing in kendal Cumbria call for more information on 01539 732666 or 07557 689212 £3495 View the full article
  12. I have one I scanned to PDF two files, pgs 1-62 and 63 on, also part list Have a lot of other scans and files, no longer hacve any TY80's See if these attachments work TY80 1975 Owners Service Manual 1-61.pdf TY80 1975 Owners Service Manual 62-126.pdf TY80 1975 Parts List.pdf TY80-175-250 sales brochure tech data.pdf
  13. hi grim think you will find its you fan relay its a 12v rc2208 mitsuba 6681
  14. I have just sent the finalised dates to the office at Rugby and they should be on the ACU site very soon. It has taken until now to get the last few dates sorted out due to clashes, land availability and requests to change. Whilst we do not anticipate any further changes, they certainly can't be ruled out. We like to get everything finalised before the dates are published but it has been very difficult this year due to late applications, late announcements of the FIM dates and staff changes at Rugby at a most crucial time for the Trials and Enduro committee. There is a committee meeting very soon and once the dates have been agreed by the committee I hope to put them on this website.
  15. All else being equal go for the Fantic. The Honda was underpowered even in its day and the suspension simply does not compare with the Fantic.
  16. There are a few of us looking for the same thing ..... we can get some made but only for between 10& 15 .... one of the lads has a piston to copy ..... but trying to get circa £250 - 300 of everyone seems to have slowed this down me your name & number and if it moves along I'll give you a shout !!!! cheers as always The Wobbler!!
  17. incredibile ! congratulazioni Alberto Parma Italia
  18. Hi all. New to trials and there seems a lot to learn and there is a tonne of info on here that may take a while to chug through.... Strangest thing I have learned so far is that parts are easier to find for an old Fantic than for a 2000 Beta 250 Evo3, especially rear mud guards!! Anyway I am torn between three starter bikes. Honda TL125, Fantic 200 and a Yamaha TY250 - all vgc. Anyone have any views, hoping to view the Fantic at the weekend. Looking just to play about at the moment to see if I really like it and also to ride with my son on his Oset. Thanks all!
  19. Thanks I've removed radiator, checked the Temperature sensor, Measuring it in boiling water. Result war it went from 230 OHM and slowly down to 70 OHM as the temperature rises. My first thought then was that its defective? From what i understand, the cooling fan goes on/off. So i figured the Temp sensor also should open or closed? As we start the engine now, it gets hot fast. The fan don't start(fan is tested ok at 12v).
  20. Revel in your time Roy.
  21. I saw you filming, did you get a recording of Bou's hissy fit?
  22. Been loads of posts on this. No one has any...
  23. Makes sense. Normally hear suggestion for the coming year at the last few rounds but didn't pick up on anything until the regs came out for 1st round. The normally very useful ACU web site seem very slow to catch up this year with no full dates and no 2107 condition on there yet. (not just Normandales ) If severity of easier route went up due to no 50/50 I had concerns for the O60 riders but if easier route is going back to Pre 2016 severity then should be ok. Back to the future as they say!!
  24. - Your a genius - Of course it is a HONDA - that's what we all go on about Full spec of bike appears - full comp under £90 Back of the net
  25. Airedale & Pennine Motor Club. Yorkshire Dales Classic Trial. May 7 The Yorkshire Dales Classic Trial is well on schedule to take place on May 7 and centred again on Nidderdale area and Pateley Bridge. The route willtake in many classic favourites ranging from new tests at Greenhow and Scott Trial favourite Watergate. Other new sections are planned for the Lofthouse area. The start will be again Pateley Bridge Auction Mart where the TeacupsCafé will serve breakfast and meals throughout the day. As an RAC and ACU affiliated club the Airedale and Pennine Motor Club will accept classic carsand solo and sidecar motorcycles. Full details and contacts will be issued shortly.
  26. The ACU committee does listen to comments made by riders with regard to all the championship events the ACU promotes and in the case of the Normandale series, quite a few riders over 50 found that the 50/50 mix for their class, where they had to ride some hard sections and some of the easier sections, proved to be too difficult for many of them. It needs to be borne in mind that there can be a big difference between the abilities of a rider aged just over 50 and one about to turn 60. As a member of the older category, believe me that whilst the mind may well consider that you still have the ability to tackle a particularly hard section, the body frequently finds things differently. Of course, there is no compulsion for a rider over 50 (or 60) to ride in that class. They can ride in the Over 40 class if they so wish, as can a rider over 60 take part in the over 50 category. But the main point is that the committee wanted to ensure that entries remained strong in all three classes and to make the series even more attractive, there is the new for 2017 Air cooled monoshock class, on the easier route, for riders of any age.
  27. Just used a comparison website (the one with the annoying opera singer) the 2014 onwards 259cc is listed under Honda Montesa
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