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  2. I have gotten really sick of winter. I want summer weather to arrive so that I can complain about how hot it is instead of complaining about how cold it is..............
  3. Hi think i found a clear protector for my carbon termignoni the sides were wearing and turning grey. I bought this stuff about fifteen years ago and still had it laying around so i tryed a small spot first a light scuff with 300 grit. Then brushed it on let it dry over night wow you couldn't tell it was worn. The heat dosnt bother it leaves a hard finish. If and when it wears add another coat. 👍
  4. yep, also, manual says unleaded 91 0ctane or higher.
  5. I just revised my earlier post as it still does not work.......just an annoyance now!
  6. I just revised my earlier post as it still does not work.......just an annoyance now!
  7. Doesn't the 4rt have a big 'No Lead/Pb' sticker on the tank? VP110 is leaded, as is Avgas (100LL).
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  9. Sweet canada280 i will try that still waiting for my wheel bearings from ebay. So i can put my bike together again.
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  11. A bit of snow on the hills and a very plesant 17 degrees C here today. Brilliant sunshine all day and same forecast for tomorrow.
  12. In general do not use avgas in a trials engine. It has additives an characteristics a trials engine does not need and in some cases may be detrimental to the running of a trials engine. For same reasons avoid high octane race gas. Unleaded 95 to 98 Octane should be fine even if it contains ethanol. Ethanol reduces power but so little you won.t notice. Ethanol does not affect running on the 4RT so long as its not left in the tank too long. The 4RT ECU can't "sort things out" because it has neither knock nor Lambda sensors. Leaded fuel should not be used because modern spark plugs are not designed to withstand lead.
  13. So who will be the first owner to lay out a couple of sections in the local club trial at which only they can ride, a nifty way of winning a trial I fancy. In fact if it's the last section you'd have not only cleaned it but you and the bike as well !
  14. Before starting the bike be certain that the throttle closes onto the stop in the carb. Listen to it clicking when you let go of the throttle. Try this while you go from lock to lock with the handle bars.
  15. scratch what I said earlier, I now wonder if the official ossa fuel indicator is an led or regular bulb? This now has me perplexed. Mark, can you tell if the light on your explorer is led or regular? Regardless of how much fuel is in the bike an led bulb is either lit all the time or off all the time depending on which way I wire the bulb so I wonder if a regular bulb that accepts a charge regardless of how it is wired is the key.......or is my sensor just screwed because the led bulb just stays lit regardless of fuel level.......questions questions questions.....on an issue that is meaningless and now just an annoyance!
  16. Remove conical rubber from throttle housing ....pull off flat plastic cover on throttle top[it just clicks off/on] to expose plastic wheel] .....Grasp throttle cable and pull away from throttle and then unslot exposed cable wire from throttle housing and un-slot ball/nipple from its recess in the throttle tube. Remove fuel tank by unscrewing small bolt near steering tube...turn fuel tap off .....pull off fuel pipe from fuel tap.....LIFT FRONT OF TANK UP AND TOWARDS THE FRONT OF THE BIKE TO SEPERATE FROM FRAME/SEAT UNIT. take carb top off and then compress throttle spring with your fingers and unhook nipple on the end of the cable from its recess in the carb slide. route new cable in the same place as the old one then replace cable to throttle and carb slide by doing the reverse of taking it apart.
  17. I was told on Avation fuel they mix something for high altitude to keep fuel from gelling or something like that i used in my sweet bike at the time was told i shouldn't .VP fuel staion carry 101 octane at the pump. Alot of motorcycle dealers carry race fuel in there shops too. But getting back to your problem doesnt sound like its the type of fuel. What year is the bike? whats the plug look like? how about the tail pipe clean or sooty? I did have an after market muffler on mine that the packing came loose and caused the bike to do as your describing come to think out it.
  18. What is the best way to renew the throttle cable on a gasgas txt 280 pro 2004 please. Got a rough idea, but would like, if possible, another point of view. Or if someone could give me a link to a video showing how to do it. Thanks in advance.
  19. So the clearance is 0.9+(whatever it was before). That's at least double what I was using on my kart engines. And I used to adjust the squish with paper gaskets on the cylinder base.
  20. Thanks for that important information. I searched the web and found a site explaining the differences, and how to get them to work:
  21. Ducati anniversary red is ppg 473.101. I have a Ducati and the red is very close if not identical Imo to the beta colour. Ferrari rosso red is ral 3024. The Ducati and Ferrari colours are supposedly meant to be the same, but I don't have the ral code for the ducati red to check (their paint is supplied by ppg).
  22. What you've got there is a Chinese copy of a Taiwanese OKO hence why it was cheap. Haven't heard anything positive regarding these unlike the genuine oko which gets good reviews. .how did it go
  23. good Lord. Is quite simpler than what they showed online!! thanks for the link! I guess he was right! I m going to attempt to do it myself. I have checked into the Honda but for now this is a cheaper bike to learn. I just broke the seat assembly today. was trying to learn some sitting wheelies. I have called a couple gas gas dealers and am waiting on the price for a new one. as for now I repaired with some rivets and is reinforced. doesnt look the best but is stronger than factory
  24. Hi, I've got a Black and Red Oset 16 24v, seems very low on power, new batteries fitted, earth wire was very black so i've renewed it bypassing the connector block and soldered the joints. I've also renewed all the connectors to the batteries, everything "looks"ok I've tried 3 x pairs of batteries, the latest ones were £40 a pair off ebay. It hardly pulls me (15 stone) my old 12.5 pulled me better, if my 8yr old rides it on full charge she gets 30 mins max and the last 10 mins its crawling, just seems restricted. Ive tried disconnecting the speed control to no difference, the tyres are over inflated and the chassis rolls free. I've emailed Oset twice and no reply at all, i've contacted the facebook page and had one reply promising a reply the next day, i'm still waiting, useless! Any help is appreciated.
  25. Here the colors they match RAL pretty well: - Frame red is RAL 3020 Verkehrsrot, - Tank blue is RAL 5013 Kobaltblau, (not Stahlblau, that color code has too little red). See here: The right picture shows gas tank and seat which is blue too.
  26. Heading off in a few minutes to the SQTA 2nd championship round at the Overflow property, expecting 30C and high humidity,,,,,, but thats normal for here, will loose a couple of kilo's,,,,,, thats good
  27. Who's modified their earth point on 2015 onward bikes ? Where did you go back along the loom to ? What core wire did you use ? Can you post a picture please ? Any one done any worth while mods on 2017 bikes yet ? What have you done ? Regards Ted.
  28. I would love to buy a Fantic Section,especially for £500 or (just about) any price if I could find one for sale!
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