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  2. Thank you both. Great info. Still no word back from Birketts.
  3. where do you live?
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  5. The Beta Rev3 plastic coil protector made a perfect protector for that water pump hose. You had to trim a little plastic of the long "tongue" part, and add a little spacer behind the securing bolt, but it was like it was made for it, and a perfect protector. Wiseco made a piston that brought it up to 270cc which helped a lot. You had to bore the cylinder and have it re-nikaselled but it was a good mod. Also a lot of the reed cages had no no reed stoppers installed so the reeds fluttered badly at bigger revs, so adding the curved reed stoppers helped at high revs. They were standard Yamaha stoppers we used to install from memory. British bikes ha a bigger flywheel weight installed. USA and Australian bikes had the lighter flywheel which helped. Our were also advanced about 4mm from the timing mark, pretty sure UK delivered bikes were set directly on the timing mark. Ohlins rear shock was the other thing - way better than that standard SACHS
  6. cant believe its nearly a year down the line already..thanks for the replies and advice. well rightly or wrongly I have bitten the bullet and purchased an old Franny B trials bike,and am currently doing a bit of work on it, prior to hopefully using it in classic trials I really could do with making some local contacts, to point me in the right direction next,as I really am starting from a point of zero knowledge thanks once again in advance
  7. He looks strangely familiar.....
  8. Turned the mixture screw out half a turn.
  9. If the silencer is one of Jims then why not just ring him up and ask ? He's a really nice bloke and i'm sure he is the best bloke to talk to seeing as he built the bike assuming its a "std" Drayton build not a home brewed one with a Drayton frame and parts.
  10. What did you do to get rid of the "dreaded backfire"?
  11. If you get a long screwdriver and going down the right hand side of the engine you can get the blade on the end of the header pipe had tap it loose it doesn't take much and it's thicker metal on the end of the pipe
  12. check the box in the bottom left hand corner of the footage and then check what round of the WTC you are watching..........not too good is it; from a professional perspective, let alone still mispronouncing riders names. I hope they never mention the minder and good friend of Toni Bou.......his name is Quim.....he likes cheese and reading Cervantes
  13. Glen 100% its catch 22 is the sensible approach be happy with numbers we have & spend more effort to keep them in the sport ? and do as we do now make new riders to the sport of trials welcome
  14. The only way your new Jitsie mixture screw can alter your tickover speed is by changing your mixture setting from previous...probably towards lean side. So either that has happened or you tweeked your throttle stop screw whilst digging around under there.
  15. The 4Ride sounded really intersting- pretty heavy compared to my OSSA, but has other very good points. Doesn’t reall matter since they are not available in the States- maybe never? My Explorer weighs about the same as the 4RT260- and is street legal (well, has all the street legal stuff and easy to plate in WA) But no longer made and with getting close to 400 hours, seems a good time to look for another bike to add. Like any of us need an excuse? Haha
  16. Description: My 2016 repsol for sale. 2 owners registered on a 15 plate, recent oil change good chain and sprockets, has the usual 4rt side stand (rubbish ) bike is in central Scotland. View the full article
  17. Well at least you will have no trouble adjusting the pilot mixture in future. I made a tool to do this as mine suffered from the dreaded backfire on over run, now spot on.
  18. @on it whilst I can see what you mean if we got just half the people who go practicing every week to ride instead we would then have a lot more entries ? However we have to have a sensible approach as if we fundamentally change events to suit those that currently practice we risk the people who ride now leaving to practice. Which gets us nowhere. The issue is that riders now expect their exact requirements to be met. This can only be done for smaller groups if at all.
  19. Not sure if you're in UK but have a complete motor for sale. Not especially cheap but they're open to offers and the postage is free! Worth a chat with them maybe?
  20. I said, not a problem, but the replacement fuel screw caused the tickover to alter. I had to increase it. Think heffergm may have the answer, tip profiles. It runs as it did before , just required the tickover turning up. Heffergm, took me an hour to swap it over, I'm not taking that rascal out again unless I have to 🤗.
  21. How does your spark plug look when the bike acts up? I have been noticing my plug getting sooty, black more and more. Cleaning the plug or changing the plug fixes the running problem. First I noticed that when the air filter got dirty, the plug would foul as described. New filter, very lightly oiled helped. Recently it has been getting harder to start and the plug is fouling when letting the bike warm up at idle. I have heard that this could indicate the valves need adjustment. I have not had time to do so. Once the bike gets warm and with a clean plug, it runs great.
  22. As far as I know, USA GG's did not have turn signals. Therefor, no need for a flasher. I do recall recently seeing an add for a flasher with adjustable flash rate that is intended for using LED lights in vehicles that originally came with incandescent bulbs. I think it was on eBay. Perhaps they will meet your needs. Good luck.
  23. Well, they tortured every name in every round, so I'm still confused, but I'm sure it's just me. Maybe it's a comment on the top 3 finishing order staying constant? That's not exactly news either...
  24. I think you'll find that, like the rest of the post, it is an ironic reference to the somewhat tortured dialect of the TV commentator?
  25. The new one might have a different tip profile than the original, which could explain some of the difference. Put them side by side to check.
  26. Description: Sherco 125, not the usual bashed about. Mature owner, ridden on the easy route. Very good condition. Road registered. Bike is located in Norfolk, I'm advertising it for my dad As he does not do the interweb. View the full article
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