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  2. Cota 247 Motoplat Ignition Set-Up... Clueless!

    Thanks again Keychange, I'll give that a try. TBH, its going to be an engine strip and rebuild next - I've tried the 'make do and mend' approach, which hasn't exactly proved fruitful, so best to bite the bullet and get properly stuck-in from here on. Cheers for your help, encouragement and guidance... all greatly appreciated.
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  4. Ossa TR300i 2013 fan won’t start, boils

    Hi xull, looking more like a simple connector problem, that was a lot of corrosion on the ECU pins, definately squirt Wurth type OL in there, both plug and socket. As the bike was fine when put into storage, it is very unlikely that there is a head crack or O ring passing. The ECU takes the temperatrure reading as an input and will output a signal, probably a 12v signal, to the fan relay to operate the fan. This relay is located at the right side of the voltage regulator just below the "tank" cover. It has been know for these relays to work loose and therefore not operate, they are a plug in unit. Pull it out and inspect the relay terminals, they may also be corroded. It wouldn't hurt to disconnect all of the wiring connectors, spray them with type OL and assemble with dielectric grease. Good luck with this. Bye, Peter B.
  5. Softening a Vertigo

    For Jimmyl Question 1. Yes , but not a Vertigo. In fact , not even a bike or a two-stroke anything. Question 2. Yes , in my view - there would be a discernible change. Question 3. The “alteration” will lower compression and change the torque onset-point of the rev-range. The scavenging effect and the swirl characteristics will also be changed. Since the EFI map is “fixed” - then this alteration will have no effect on the mapping. Without the presence of a Llambda sensor in normal running - the ECU will time and fuel the combustion at the same amounts it did before - subject to that small variation in scavenging , and the effect it has on the intake of air/fuel mixture at certain engine-revolutions - further compromised by the introduction of uncharted and un-researched combustion-chamber dimensions. The spark-plug will also be slightly removed from the flame-front , taking you even further away from optimal combustion-efficiency.
  6. Poly Fork Guards?

    Does anyone make polypropylene or polyethylene full length fork guards? I think the carbon fiber looking ones are ABS and they break way too easily.
  7. Ossa TR300i 2013 fan won’t start, boils

    Right hand side as you sit on 5he bike, towards the front of the engine case. It will always get hot with coolant being pumped through it but in my case it was too hot to hold your hand on for a moment. All that being said your fan should still kick in
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  9. Thanks! That's what I figured out, green bladder so I went out and used 5W fork oil (couldn't find my Magura bottle from my KTM days). DC
  10. 300rr 2018???

    i have not seen it but Its the same lawn mower for the past 15 years im sure...... nothing to get excited over or to get your wallet out for...... Also most riders i know take kickstands off anyways.
  11. Under the cap is a bladder type piece. A green colored one mean mineral oil and black means brake fluid. That clutch for that year was mineral oil from factory. Usually mineral oil is red or blue meaning its probably magura blood or shimano. Brake fluid is a brownish color like but being a 2013 the fluid probably looks like mud by now. Standard bleeding works well actually. So just pump and crack bleeder or syringe the clutch it doesnt matter its pretty forgiving to bleed. I think the clutch is the easiest to bleed as the air will work its way out the top by pumping the lever and tapping on the line. good luck
  12. Softening a Vertigo

    I’m sure in school during exam time you were always told to read the question and make sure you answer accordingly and not answer a question you though was asked. If only politicians stuck to this concept tho 🤣🤣 there is nothing wrong in tweaking a machine to suit your style or type of event as every bike is a compromise out of the box . But I also don’t always understand why people buy 300 cc expert bikes and then try to make them into a sportsman machine. ( or 4stroke andvtry a change them to be like a 2 stroke).
  13. Ossa TR300i 2013 fan won’t start, boils

    Checked connectors now and measured Ohm. I get about the same value as you Peter when cold. Also checked that I get the same value on the ECU connector. Checked after a quick run when it boiled and got a whole different reading so I’m guessing it works 🤔 drained the coolant and the first stuff that came out had a creamy color ? Smelled like some sort of alcohol. Not sure what previous owner used. Gonna check the pump impeller now if I can understand where it’s located. I was think I can see movement in the coolant. At least seems like it’s getting some circulation.
  14. Softening a Vertigo

    Apologies for not replying sooner, but I was trapped under my bike whilst unloading it from the van, what with that and a trip to the manacurist to sort my broken nails I’ve just not had a minute to myself. Thanks for your concern over whether I should “mess” with my bike or not, I didn’t necessarily intend to alter my bike. As you can see from the post it wasn’t specific to a certain cc, more just a general query as to whether anyone had tried it and what effect it has? I had basically been riding back to back a very-very soft bike along with my 250 & it was a thought that perhaps people have altered motors above what the fixed maps offer? It seems fairly common amongst other non FI marques. Vertigo UK sell both high and low compression heads (but only for the 300) also a flywheel weight kit which I presume fits both cc. I’d be interested to know how you find yours “theluckyone”. Might just be me but I find the engine braking effect (possibly from the FI) greater on my Vertigo than on any previous 2 strokes I’ve ridden, presumably this would lessen with the flywheel weight as well as slowing the ability to rev up? Enough from me, I need to get out to the van and scrape up any Titanium residue that’s been left from where I keep dropping my bike so I can recoup some of the cash that I’m losing.
  15. Ossa TR300i 2013 fan won’t start, boils

    Hmm. Haven’t checked the pump yet. I’ll check first chance when the bike is assembled again. Going through some wires and connectors now. Im guessing my main issue is the fan not turning on though? Or won’t it turn on if the coolant ain’t circulating ? The problem just started after winter storage. I’m just assuming it has something to do with it. First run and it boiled after just 10mins of easy riding in the woods so.
  16. TWINSHOCKS ARE A'COMING............

    Here's an interesting one of my cantilever Ossa :
  17. 300rr 2018???

    I see the 2017 300rr appears to have gone up by £100 to £7599. I was thinking it was about time they came down a bit??? Any sign of the 2018 300rr? Looks like all that's different is a new side stand and stickers?
  18. Softening a Vertigo

    To “tame” a system , I would generally look at retarding the ignition - and adjust fuelling to optimise complete combustion. Vertigo’s map 3 may well do just that. I don’t know. It should do it individually in all gears of course. The person to speak to is Nick from Vertigo. But if you are looking at inserts and spacers and stuff like that , then you may be exceeding the parameter-limits of your bikes available maps on it’s ECU - forcing it to attempt to compensate (or tune) but failing. The GET ECU and software is a different kettle of fish , in that the user can program 5 maps of varying insanity - or not , depending on their needs. But , once again , it’s all about the figures between which the ECU can control. The GET ECU will have those limits preset in it’s associated software that is licensed for your bike. I agree with 2stroke4stroke in that your first port of call with an EFI system that is not tuned right for you - that would definitely be a dealer or manufacturer remap.
  19. I need to bleed and probably flush my 2013 TXT Pro 250 clutch line (engagement has become inconsistent after I looped it, so I think air got in there). The previous owner replaced the clutch (and brake) master cylinder caps by nice S3 anodized ones, which doesn't help in telling me what's in there. Is there a way to make a difference by looking at the fluid? And what's the best way to bleed these things? Push fluid through the bottom with a syringe? Thanks. DC
  20. Laziest way to clean rust from a tank?

    I’d be concerned about leaving it at all. Especially when ferrous chloride causes irrepairable liver-damage - and the escaping gasses are volatile. Wouldn’t want your dog licking it , or a spark from a barbeque wafting over your fence. Do a small test area of rusty material - paint a small amount of test-mixture on with a brush , and adjust the strength from that indication.
  21. Beta or TRS

    As the title says im not sure which one to go for. I have a 2016 TRS 300 which i have owned for over a year and i have had no problems with it, but its time for an upgrade. I was originally going to go for another TRS but i was at the local bike dealer and he had a TRS which had cracked its interior cylinder head and hes having problems getting parts to fix it. This has made me worry if anything goes wrong with my TRS parts might be difficult to get. As well as this there are two TRS dealers where i live, one of which doesn't take trade ins . The other is a good 2 hour drive away but will take trade ins, but i am waiting for information on what deal he would be doing. I was down at a local trial today and i had a go on a 2018 beta factory 300 4t, I thought it was very good and my local bike dealer can get the parts for them no problems, and he will take a trade in. But im not sure on what to do as i like the TRS a lot but i also like the beta. But there are several things which put me of the Beta as well. from what i gather taking the carb out of them takes a long time and parts can be expensive. But i like the way they are cheap to run. Any advice would be appreciated many thanks
  22. Gaunt Suzuki

    Had a couple of "clockwork mice" back in the day
  23. Scott Trial help, please.

    Sponsored by Wyldes Motorcycles. Roundhay Road In Leeds, I guess ?
  24. Ossa TR300i 2013 fan won’t start, boils

    For coolant testing just use regular car stuff, cheapest you can find. I doubt fuel mix will have anything to do with it. Is the pump actually circulating coolant? With the engin3 running and the rad cap off can you see coolant movement? Hav3 you checked the pump impeller to make sure it is not worn or sheared? I had a pump that had a worn impeller (rubbed on the outer casing and wore down) that caused similar boil over issues. Went through a whole load of head off, replace o rings etc before figuring it out. In the end I had the bike running and noticed th3 outer casing was too hot to touch due to rubbing, this is what led me to the impeller issue.
  25. Laziest way to clean rust from a tank?

    I do have enough to fill it, my plan was to put it in, leave it for an hour or two, and pour it back out. I deal with lots of volatile stuff at work, so I should manage not to blow myself up!
  26. Beta Rev-3 270 rough running? Petrol Info?

    Still an air leak at exhaust.
  27. Beta Rev-3 270 rough running? Petrol Info?

    The popping I can get from mine is like adding up 5 or 10 of those pops. It only happens when winding up the engine and chopping the throttle off.
  28. Gear Shift Not Springing Back

    That's should be the gasket you need. I forgot that that age motor routed the coolant through the clutch cover to the cylinder, you will need to replace the oil as well
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