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  1. Mud

    I was , but I'm not gonna even comment , Tire pressure & throttle control .....
  2. I used to be like that .... And in my youth got paid too ! but lets not venture there , Palm Springs Ca. early 80's ....
  3. It'll be a run straight out I-40 !!!
  4. Biff I really wish I could , But got a overflowing plate right now . Lots to get done , little time to do it ! But i'm happy as a clam in mud !
  5. Minor Change in plans !! Got a buyer for the homestead ! , But destination has changed ! We just found a home in Bakersfield , Ca. so we can be close to family and start from there . Any luck at all and I'll be westward bound in 30 to 45 days ! And on a different note my dear Daughter starts another internship (paid this time !:) ) in mobile Alabama on dophine island (sp?). studying the fishy's again . And we found here a solid '98 honda crv for her travels . I'll bring it to work and throw a T/belt , water pump and major service at it and send her on her way in a week or so ... Life is getting Wonderful again ! Glenn
  6. No more contemplating : with info I received in the last few days , I just gotta do it asap !!! What a long strange trip it's been ! Glenn
  7. Got the payoff quote on the house , This should be doable with a little more style than I thought ... Real estate is climbing steadily around here right now
  8. Jacob ; where are you at ? I'm in south carolina , and you mentioned the "low country" , PM me and maybe we can ride , I've got a little space and a mess to play on .... Glenn
  9. Do2 , gotta give you that one , applies to more than just vehicles ! Life in general these days ...
  10. Bill Pye is most likely you best source for any proper info ... If your in the UK ....Or anyplace else !!!
  11. My Shedworks unit is top Quality ...
  12. Old enough to know better , and too old to give a Damn ! Just kinda how I feel lately !!! Beautiful Beamish by the way !
  13. HHMMNN ... maybe check with who you bought it from ???
  14. I Can't wait to ride some ROCKS !!!
  15. I'm a old time enduro rider/ desert racer , I have my old Fantic and been back into Trials for about 12 or 13 years now . At a event around 7 years ago , Bob Ginder (of B&J Racing Fame) Jumped on my beloved 240 while I played on one of his tractor yamahas . He came back on the Fantic , asked me for a couple of allen wrench's and proceeded to adjust my bars and levers . Then he went off and rode her a few more minutes and then handed my bike off to one of his buddies . After a select few others rode my precious bike I got her back .(all the while while grinning riding his trick TY ). And I rode a couple practice sections that were set up ...And after the initial WTF! this is weird ! I relaxed and got a whole lot more comfortable on my own bike ! and I rode better that day .When I got home I painted marks on the bars and lever clamps , took pictures and got out a magnetic protactor and wrote all the angles down ! All of my other bikes to date have been set up as close as can be to the same angles . Bar and lever position is a major key to bike control !!! And I've said it before bob , But thanks again ...!