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  1. If you've got good parts connections , Like jonv8 !!!! And OTF , you'd of appriciated my CJ 7 ... 5.0 HO mustang motor , NV4500 granny gear box , Ford 9 inch diffs w/ oxlockers front & rear and custom made teflon sheeved leafsprings .... She could park one wheel on a 55 gallon drum and still have 3 for traction ... But more money than sense and I sold it at quite the loss ): And the VIN plate said Jeep Motor Corp. , not AMC or CHRYSLER !!! I wish their was a photo on this computer ... Glenn
  2. Well at least your smart enough to be investing in a REAL Jeep , not one of those Y things .... And get the Bultaco's and all the pieces you can , will be a worth while investment ! Glenn
  3. Here's her sexier side ... She is shy !
  4. Ok I looked and took some pictures ... Mine has allan bolts , flush into the clamps , I would believe that is as built !
  5. I'll have a look this evening , if I get a chance to go out to the shop ....
  6. I've survived with my Italian manuals for my Fantic ! and they are 34 + years old !!!! And guys if they can build a bike out of it and use it in the battery , ! light weight electric bike !!!!!!
  7. I've always cleaned / gutted / burnt out all of my fantic exhaust's ... A little bit of loosely packed material in the silencer shouldn't hurt and mellow the tone out a bit ... If I remember my exhaust tech anywhere near correctly , The midbox on a 3 piece 2 stroke exhaust is the expansion chamber ! Cleaning is good, I wouldn't worry too much about sound absorption there !... packing the mid box may slow down exhaust velocity and have adverse effects . Just my 2 pence worth , Glenn
  8. The Bush should be tight to the swingarm and rotate on the shaft , you've got some knackerd bushings .... Measure id , od. etc and get some needle brgs to replace the bush , Maybe ?
  9. Contact Bob at B&J racing in Tennessee , he has a addiction for old yammi's and may have what you need in stock , and if nothing else a wealth of info on your bike ! and or a 350 top end to make her correct ... Glenn
  10. All this Hodie stuff is cool ; but here's a real sexy trials bike ....(if your into older Italian redheads )
  11. Take a number .......
  12. Wow , Just WOW ! He even crashes cleaner than anybody else !! A legend in our lifetime .
  13. Hi Dave ; Contact B&J racing in Dickson tenn. They know a wee bit about TY's and can hook you up with ITSA events ... Great folks and great rides !!!! Glenn
  14. I'll stick with my Belstaff , One of them is going on 40 yrs old and the other around 8 ... The old one is better ......