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  1. Simple exercise ; lay flat on the floor , Lift your legs up and bend knees , place your palms against your knees and push into your chest with your legs while pushing against your knees with your arms , Then switch up and grab the outside of your knees with your hands and push your legs away from your body while pulling them in with your hands ... Alternate about every 15 seconds for 2 minutes to start and your lower back will feel the burn ... Best back exercise I've ever learned ! Oh and RELAX on the bike !!!
  2. Have any of you folks heard of "cause I had a lengthy conversation with aforementioned lady today and she very strongly suggested if I move anyways to move to the denver area ... And a quick search turned this place up . I've done 3 different cars that have won at Pebble beach , so getting hired ain't a issue , It's just finding the right place that will pay for my talents . And mark my words I am gonna get remarried ! ( or live in sin ...) I hope everything works out as schemed , 'Cause I need to ride with you guys ...With a positive attitude ! And PS . that shop does what I'm best at ...
  3. I always do it by hand with a small bearing splitter , or carefully with a dremmel as above ...But the stem from the lower yoke is anther story , CAREFUL Press work with the proper pieces to keep everything square and true , if not things split in undesired places ...
  4. OK ; gotta be honest here ; My high school Fiance contacted me out of the blue ; she is smart , cuter than then, and quite successful . And I got my brain fixated on us retiring together in bliss ....Butt alas it ain't gonna happen , If she had been my first wife , we'd still be married. (never mind the 3 others I've been through ...) But as a single soon to be 57 year old that has a addiction to trials , where in the USA would you live ? I hate south Carolina , and ended up here by events beyond my control ... But now I want to liquidate this house and property and have some fun ... (my kids are no longer my financial responsibility ) They are grown up as far as I'm concerned ... So if you were me where would you buy new property / home ???? And Zelda , the Siberian retriever ( the trials puppy ) hates it here too !
  5. The very Last drum braked YZ's was basically the end of drum brake technology on motorcycles . Both shoes expanded outward at both ends , giving you almost total shoe contact , and other manufactures were already playing with discs , The YZ's worked just as good in the dry , But get them under water and you know the story from there ... I raced desert back in those days so I didn't care , I liked the feel of the drums @ 90 mph. But the discs were lighter and didn't fade away ...
  6. I started about the same time , rode daily too , Had life not got in the way I wouldn't have had the 30 odd year break that ended in 05 ! Kinda had to start all over again And man I need to move so I can play more !!!
  7. Who you kidding ??? That redhead and I look good anywhere ! But she does look better on rocky terrain ...:)
  8. I don't even have a garage ! just a shop out back ... And down to this old hobbled together 240....
  9. The best drums ever came on the last drum braked YZ's (for the front anyways) , 2nd best is the Fantic 300 . But with a little work just about any drum can be made to function good , Some can just be great ....
  10. I've been running avgas for years , Buy it , mix it @ 75:1 for my Fantic and shake before use ... I get it 5 gals. at a time , I'm lucky to have a small airport about 10 minutes from my house . And I've never had a problem storing it for extended periods .
  11. OK !! I forgot you two are in that neck of the woods ... All my kids are out of the home now and i've been given the opportunity to right a wrong I made decades ago ... So it's time to get off my a*** and do something I should've done along time ago ... Do we know of any high end British car restoration shops anywhere close ? I do have impeccable references for the work I enjoy doing the most ... Time to start planning the rest of my future ... Thanks , Glenn And I can visit my middle child who just moved to Glendale . So if I drive 24 hrs. to observe at a event ,to check out the scene and area , are one of you gonna use my Fantic ?
  12. I may have the option of relocating to the Denver area in the near future , How is the trials world in the area ? It's got to be better than here in SC .... Glenn
  13. My first impression reading the add was the seller had the bike built , but if it's the builder selling it , that I can see ... Lord knows i've lost time and money on project/passion bikes/cars/jeeps/trucks/ etc.... And life goes on
  14. But why after the expense of building it with all the new parts and labor involved ,Why do you dump it a month or so after it's completion ? That would scare me right off it ....
  15. Build a 83 fantic 240 ... And then have fun !!!! You can make it as modern as you want ...