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  1. Mintex T&O run by Richmond MCC - normally around June time on the same ground as the Scott - 2 laps of 30 sections - about 45 miles total - A and B class riders. Scott trial but on a smaller scale for the youth riders.
  2. That's like saying you can't buy a football because you only want a kick about and aren't interested in joining the local team. Lots of people enjoy their bikes and riding for what it is (supposed to be) and relaxation! You sound like your going to start press ganging people as your next step. It may be worth listening to what the people that don't come to trials have to say rather than telling them their just wrong.
  3. And that's where your entry's are
  4. So if apparently the system works so well and there's no issue why is there a thread asking where all the entry's are? No wonder only about 5 internet warriors ever post on here. Says it all
  5. Yes and it works great bar a couple of little glitches, but not many organisers use it unfortunately
  6. Pretty sure Toms not yet old enough to ride anything over a 125 on the road. Think you gotta be 19 to get a full licence.
  7. Yeah I had thought of that, strange feeling this is going to cost me a new mudguard though lol
  8. Hi everyone, Is there any alternatives to the standard rear mudguards for a late model Rev 3. Maybe fitting one from another bike etc? Its a late model 2008 and I really really don't want to pay £100+ for a rear mudguard. 'Ive spent a lot of time giving the old girl a tidy up and an engine rebuild and was hoping to fit new plastics. Any help appreciated. Thanks all :-)
  9. RFX flexi levers - have a look on ebay, Beta clutch mod and run ATF in gearbox - this sorts most of the clutch issues out, Gas Gas front mudguard - al late model one, or I understand a Mont one will also fit, both much more flexible than the stock beta one.
  10. That looks great, that would be a real big step towards solving the issues of directing people to venues. I have been asked how to get to Hawks nest so many times, very difficult to explain -- now you just need to download the app and go to facing.underline.valid I really like this idea, check it out
  11. Also Earl Shilton also do training days, they would be ideal I would think, and only £20 for the day, great value. There's actually one running this Saturday, I'm sure if you where to get in touch with the club they'd book you a place.
  12. As above, undo the top clamp bolts first, normally a pair of circlip pliers is enough to remove it.
  13. Fits well, strong its not! Bends easily, I was disappointed tbh.
  14. Just what I need. Which year / model do I need to order? No idea about such gas gas things. Also is it a straight fit? Thanks in advance
  15. Eat pies before you get on ya bike, exercise for the arm and mouth