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  1. OSSA fibre glass tanks.

    Those "weld seams" on the white tank are present on all the original fibreglass MAR tanks I've worked on
  2. Plug fouling

    I ran a BPR5ES for trials in a hot part of Australia in a Beta and it seemed to be the perfect heat range. If I was flogging it along tracks or on the road I would use a cooler plug
  3. Applying decals

    The window tinter who showed me how to put stickers on said that he used the cheapest brand of trigger pack window cleaner. He reckons it worked better than an expensive brand of window cleaner.
  4. ty250a ...do i need new fork springs?

    James (on the blue TY250) could do with stiffer fork springs
  5. ty250a ...do i need new fork springs?

    The TY250 springs I have bought from B&J are quite a bit stiffer than standard springs. Your springs may be a tiny bit shorter than standard but do not exhibit much wear so their rate should be pretty close to standard. If you use additional spacers with the standard springs, anything longer than 9mm additional to the standard spacers will cause the fork springs to coil bind on full compression.

    If you are stuck, replacement crankshafts can be made by suitable machine shops
  7. M91 Sherpa clutch

    If you can still kick it over with only three springs then it will probably work OK. There are many ways to reduce the clutch pull force
  8. Please help

    Posting a video on youtube may take a lot of guesswork out of answering your question
  9. Tony the B models in Australia came with the same engine covers as the C and D models
  10. Bultaco M80

    This is a series 1 M80 frame with the tank resting in place
  11. Bultaco M80

    "top of the frame mountain"? If you mean those non-standard mounting lugs, they are definitely non-standard and yes they would be in the way of an M80 fuel tank. Would it help for you to see what a standard series 1 M80 frame looks like? A stand mount on the swingarm is also non-standard for a series 1 M80 but would be a great improvement if done properly.
  12. Kick Start "Click"

    The kickstart shaft and the return stop for the kickstart shaft needs to be set up so that the return stop holds the ratchet teeth apart. Some people accidentally leave out the shim that johnjsy is talking about and the ratchet teeth may not fully disengage. This MAY be the cause of your noise Another possibility is that maybe there was a problem with the return stop or the shim was missing before you rebuilt the motor. You didn't say what the history of the motor was so I have no idea if this is likely or not. I know that I have discovered many mangled kickstart return stops and kickstart shaft shims missing when disassembling 5 speed Bultaco motors.
  13. Rear brake pedal spring ty250a

    I see the messages about this on facebook and agree that the spring shape is not quite right
  14. Rear brake pedal spring ty250a

    Second photo is correct fitment of spring. The arm should be pretty much vertical when it contacts the spring. Spring only has load when pedal is depressed
  15. Improving Fork Action.

    I don't know what Greg Harding did to his Fantic 240 forks but that is what I'm comparing mine to.