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  1. I just of thought of some things I have found with TY250s that might be relevant Someone had respoked the rear wheel and it was offset relative to the hub. TY twinshock rims should be centered on the hub spoke flanges Another one had a swingarm that had both swingarm arms bent slightly sideways
  2. What do you mean tyre centered in the swingarm? Centered between the axle tabs? Centered between the pivot tube ends? Tyre edges same distance from the swingarm arms at the front end? I'll measure some TY250s if you tell me what you are measuring. Please also confirm that you have the first type swingarm with the simple flattish plate gusseting rather than the later type with the formed, curved gusseting between pivot tube and arms
  3. About the tab washer, yes this mode of failure is more likely because the tab washer connects the sprocket with the nut, making it more likely that the nut will move relative to the shaft. However even without a tab washer, the nut may still rotate with the sprocket when it slips on the taper
  4. If it was me I would let TALON know about you issue. If the problem is the coating on the bore of the sprocket, it would only cause problems with bikes that use a taper mount sprocket, and there are very few bikes that use a taper to mount the gearbox sprocket, so they may be unaware of the problem.
  5. I think you are right about the nut becoming tighter when you ride, causing the taper to break the sprocket. The only thing that can cause the nut to rotate relative to the shaft while you are riding is if the sprocket spins on the shaft, so maybe 50 foot pounds is not enough to prevent slippage. I see that the sprocket came with a yellow coating which may affect how well the sprocket locks onto the taper (the angle of the taper is designed for steel/steel contact)
  6. I have that gearbox output shaft arrangement on my 348 and have not had a problem with the sprocket splitting or slipping. My sprocket is a TALON purchased in the 2000s. Some thoughts came to mind when I read your post: Maybe faulty sprocket (possible incorrect heat treatment process) Maybe a lubricant was used on the taper during fitting of the sprocket A clear photo showing the fracture surfaces of the sprocket should show if the problem is a faulty sprocket.
  7. I remember from apprenticeship college having to make a square plug about 25mm long and 25mm across the flats from a piece of round and a square hole in a piece of flat plate all with hand tools and it had to fit perfectly all eight ways and all the way along. Lots of filing in that one
  8. Yes there is not a huge difference in the voltage generated by the lighting coil compared with the LT coil. The ignition might have even worked with the lighting coil in the original position, because there are four magnets and the coils are opposed on the stator plate. I was working on a friend's TY175 and was having a hellova time trying to get the flywheel off. After many hours of heating/cooling it popped off unexpectedly and fell on the concrete floor (the bike was up on a bike workbench so it fell about a metre). One of the four flywheel magnets broke in the impact. Luckily the broken magnet was one that is only used by the lighting coil. I removed the broken magnet and the opposing magnet (to keep it balanced) and the ignition still worked fine.
  9. I don't think that nikasiling the bore would make any difference to how well it ran compared with a fresh rebore. Doing the clutch basket fingers sounds like something that might be useful though
  10. 03 is yellow graphics. 05 is red and black graphics. Maybe you could post up a photo of the stator you want to identify.
  11. We have a cut-off date of 1 Jan 1987 which seems to cover most trials bike originally made as twinshocks, but not the much-later RTX
  12. Here is what trials gas girlings from that era look like with the long spring removed Yours look like someone has fitted spacers to limit the shaft travel
  13. Why do you have to choose one or the other? There is nothing wrong with having some of each
  14. I only ride twinshocks but concede that a newby to trials would probably learn trials techniques faster on a modern
  15. http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Betor-Rear-shock-seals-Bultaco-OSSA-Made-in-USA-/252149753514?hash=item3ab54be6aa:g:FlwAAOSwhcJWNDK5