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  1. The best tuned and with the lightest wheel assembly
  2. Further to JC2, Fuel tank cap for 115/116 is push-in while 137/138 is screw-in cap 137/138 frame has different headstock gusseting to 115/116. 137/138 has very thin gussets without folds Some 137/138 have same rear hub as 115/116 Some 137/138 have left side rear brake pedal
  3. I'm thinking this either means south west US or south west UK
  4. I have a theory that the people sensible enough to buy a Beta 200 are often also sensible enough to keep riding one bike until it is worn out. They are not usually a young person's choice for a bike because youngsters are only allowed to ride a 125 until they are 17 or whatever, by which time they are usually quite competent and full of beans and want something with a lot of stick. Riders starting trials or returning to trials when older than the "junior" age group fit well with the Beta 200. My wife started trials at about age 45 on a Beta 200 and loved it.
  5. I'm not recommending this because it will cause the springs to sag prematurely, but I've seen people leave the clutch lever tied against the grip while the bike is parked. If you haven't already changed the gearbox oil you could try doing that. I'm not saying it will definitely work though because I don't know what is causing yours to stick and shiny clutch plates is the usual reason for them sticking rather than contaminated oil. I don't know if you have tried this but if you have somewhere with a bit of room you can start the motor, push off as you select first gear, shift up to 4th or 5th gear then pull in the clutch lever and work the motor against the rear brake. A sticky clutch will usually break free immediately. The higher the gear, the greater the torque on the clutch.
  6. got married
  7. I see you have AMAL hand levers and that the lever at the engine end of the cable appears to have been slightly lengthened over standard. Those two things mean that the leverage ratio for the clutch on your bike is close to ideal for feel and providing enough pushrod travel for complete disengagement. Creaking is usually caused by a dry or rusty or dirty cable and/or dry cable ends. The clutch spring preload on OSSAs is adjustable so that is something else you can experiment with to get the ideal clutch set-up. You can adjust the nuts on the clutch springs so that the clutch has just enough drive to allow the motor to be kicked over with the kickstart lever without slipping, and that will usually allow just enough drive for you to use all gears without the clutch slipping under load.
  8. There are alternatives to AHRMA
  9. Yes the aluminium tank with fibreglass cover a good thing. I was after a tank for my M85 and was thinking about buying the Sherpa T tank from Inmotion but really wanted the Alpina shape and fuel capacity. Luckily I was soon able to buy another M85 that has a decent M85 fuel tank. I also have an M80 and two saddish M80 tanks and am trying to decide whether to fix up one of the old tanks or get a new one from Inmotion
  10. How well the anti-bottoming will work will depend on how well you can match the original shape. The way you achieve the shape is not important
  11. looks good shakennstirred. I've also seen a trials OSSA with a repainted steel KD80 or KDX80 tank that looked good
  12. are you saying you saw a new replacement fibreglass over aluminium Alpina or Sherpa T tank?
  13. Yes it's a common failing in those forks. The flare can be machined off which is what I did. I've also seen people make aluminium replacements
  14. It's a fairly common procedure for people who rechrome fork tubes to straighten them before they rechrome them so if you want you can probably get yours straightened quite economically
  15. If you line the bends up in both tubes so they are both point the same way (either forwards or backwards) you will have the best chance of the sliders moving freely