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  1. Not quite the same, but the oil down the rocker cover defiantly works on a b40. Might also be worth removing oil pipe from tank and checking its flowing before attaching to pump.
  2. Magnet won't catch aluminium.
  3. Can't beat a stable existence !! Incoming ....
  4. I thought changing the length of the shocks, was changing the steering head angle the easy way ??
  5. At beginning of trial, stand in water about 6" deep for as long as it takes to get boots saturated. Then ride trial, should be broken in by end. Dry in a cool draughty place. (this doesnt work for lorica as it doesnt seem to hold any water)
  6. Damage to flora and fauna is becoming more of an issue, every year. In many of the national parks you are not allowed to cycle or run !! Interestingly, where bikes have created / maintained a path, in the event of a forrest fire, the path forms a natural barrier and can help control spread.
  7. The police probably have a haphazard system I have no doubt, but trials organisers have no access to it, so how would they check vins ?
  8. Try starting without choke, if it does its flooding.
  9. I think it was suggested that acu should support up and coming riders by increasing the license fee in line with Spain !
  10. @greychapel Would you be prepared to pay £300 a year for a license ? The fee isn't popular with a lot of Spanish riders, and would probably kill the sport in the UK.
  11. @ironbelly It is an open forum !! I've just never found the argument "if you disagree with me you must be jealous," a very convincing one.
  12. I have used leather boots from many manufacturers, they all get soft and lose some protection, when saturated. Sidi, being made of Lorica, don't seem to suffer from this. I initially found them a bit clumsy, but soon got used to them. Definitely the best protection I've experienced. (Incidentally, they are small, go up one size)
  13. @rootsman2 why not look him up on facebook and ask ?
  14. afaik - Andy's rule book - no text speak !!!!!!