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  1. Скотланд, четыре сезона в день.
  2. You'll probably find it harder to bunny hop with new shock, the lack of damping in knackered ones gives good lift !
  3. I agree completely, best solution is to get your mummy to do it for you.
  4. Think the Kia was born because the British Bike / Sammy Miller became "unpalatable".
  5. Once you have all the gear above, its a relatively cheap sport. (Apart from breakages !!)
  6. Back box now half the width with single outlet, perforated tube type.
  7. One of the "obstacles" trials has to overcome is/are ego's. Many potential riders arrive from other disciplines with years of experience, and expect it to be of benefit ! The reality is that very little is transferable.
  8. Just a little background info. I do know Baldilocks/Glen, he is a long time enthusiast with good intentions who does contribute to the sport. Trials run in his area are usually very good and well supported.
  9. Never heard of a rotax clutch that doesn't drag .....
  10. From the man who cant tell the difference between 19 and 18
  11. White wire disconnected, looks like an earth ?
  12. It would be an early number if it was your first attempt ?