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  1. Newbie Bike question

    Hi Solarflare.
  2. 340 Dellorto carb settings

    Its also got an air screw on a petrol screw carb !
  3. How To Check If A Motorcycle Is Stolen

    If its registered - https://hpicheck.com/bike-check?gclid=CjwKCAjwpIjZBRBsEiwA0TN1r1IFOwsQy8BBfHCqNV1O6aCKg4znc8o76nySGhZ7ClamtjK9a8rbrhoCBMAQAvD_BwE
  4. Sherpa Electronic Ignition

    If you ride 1 finger on the clutch, I'd go for light, otherwise standard.
  5. Sherpa Electronic Ignition

    250 or 325 ?
  6. 320TL running rough. Crankshaft oil seals gone?

    @the outlaw Any joy ?
  7. Sump bolt and oil change

    Couple of things to do, check the kick start is tight on the shaft, take the plastic pipe on the gear box fill and extend it up under the tank, fit a pipe to the breather on the flywheel and again take it up under tank.
  8. MAJESTY questions

    Info on how to convert to majesty spec :- https://plus.google.com/photos/109171438807732712015/albums/5694268572989036097/5695714225111077714?banner=pwa&pid=5694606578210398034&oid=109171438807732712015
  9. Sump bolt and oil change

    Everybody does that once ! The hex bolt is the kickstart return spring stop. Oil is normally drained from the allen key one. See video on how to re-tension spring, this was done by Martin Matthews at motoswm. Have look at his site if you need parts, new and second hand. (Excellent fast response) Oil is 1200cc, I have used 5:30 car oil for years. You will get conflicting info on this.
  10. Best Levers

    There is slop in the lever of the 3 position shown above, but an acceptable compromise IMO. Good quality, well maintained and routed cables are essentially for a light clutch pull. Unless you have exceptionally large hands, domino's are a fair stretch for all day one finger clutch. If you don't use the clutch they are ideal and very good quality.
  11. https://www.acu.org.uk/centres-clubs/
  12. Observation

    Can anyone name another sport where competitors and officials make-up the rules as they go along, and still have an overall winner at the conclusion ?
  13. Struggling

    Lifting the back wheel is a good technique to practice, some steps are so undercut that there isn't anything for the back wheel to slam into.
  14. Trials gloves

    Sorry petal, touch a nerve did I xxxx