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  1. New plug first.
  2. Was the original sprocket dished ?
  3. Breagh must be at least 65, possibly more.
  4. And if your going to swap, at least use one the same make/colour.
  5. Pete, do you feel the 4rt has improved your results ?
  6. https://www.cromwell.co.uk/shop/spindle-nose-and-workholding/fixing-components/fc06-m10-milled-t-slot-nut/p/IND4252035G?utm_campaign=pla+-+&utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping-pla&utm_keyword=IND4252035G&istCompanyId=6aa6787b-063e-4414-802d-129f235df603&istItemId=aqrxrtlpw&istBid=tztt
  7. I'll bet 90% are carrying alot more than 6kgs around ...
  8. Well written piece, I felt like I was there. The only bit that spoilt your narative was I2.5 stone ........
  9. Most dual rate springs on twin shocks, are soft and softer.
  10. Hi Breagh, just worked out who you are, it was very nice to meet you on Sunday, and to answer your many questions. I've checked the other details that seem to fascinate you, yes the spokes are double butted, the exaust is made of steel and the wheelbase is 59 3/4 inches. Sorry I can't answer about knitting or crochet. There is a clinic in Kirkcauldy where you can get treatment with complete anonymity.
  11. Andy, time you reintroduced the wa ker button.
  12. Under a grand, even made in China (at starvation wages) you couldnt make anything of usable quality at that price.
  13. Saw one in Aywallie, very effective, have a look at 3.17 https://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=YaGHb2_d50U
  14. Am I th only one that's struggling to understand why you have posted this comment ? Are you offering to sell one, or name the source, or ......
  15. Have a look here, you will get no concensus unfortunatly.