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  1. You have sex with your buddies !!!!
  2. Your not aiming particularly high if your only ambition is "not to be an ahole"
  3. I've corrected your spelling. " The way I saw it, these guys were cheating for a living or at least to make a few bob. I had Monday morning to do that."
  4. Your in danger of moving into the weird zone, see you there !
  5. We all have proper jobs, it's called fun.
  6. Does this apply to the tube type to ?
  7. I give up
  8. Try a new plug.
  9. Are you loosing coolant ?
  10. What's the worst that can happen ?
  11. Phew, I'll sleep tonight !
  12. Burning oil does have a different smell, and tends to hang in the air longer. Check the gear oil when its had time to settle, mark the sight glass if its easier. You should then have a better idea of whats going on. A decent hot air paint stipper will clean out an exhaust, be prepared for a lot of smoke, even if the seal hasnt failed.
  13. If it only smokes when it gets hot, and your not losing gear oil, whats burning ?
  14. You said it only started smoking after 2 laps, in my experience this isnt crankshaft seals. They would smoke from the start