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  2. ttspud sub class, problem solved.
  4. Edinburgh police have now acknowledge there is a major bike theft problem, and have launched "break the cycle" initiative. What has prompted this, a fourteen year old was killed on a stolen bmw after an extended chase. The actual thefts seem to be of secondary importance !
  5. What ????
  6. What is the best gear for bogs ?
  7. Governing bodies may make the rules, but it is unpaid amateurs are expected to enforce them. Professional riders /teams should respect this and not take the urine.
  8. I once saw a cyclist smile, or it might have been wind !
  9. £42 for a custom cable, you could buy a cable, flux, solder and a soldering iron for that.
  10. Does it make any difference when your using a 6" brush ?
  11. When did the UK pay off its war debt to USA, was it 1958 ? Still paying
  12. If it ain't broke, run less 2 stroke until it is ......
  13. 😵 No need to shout young man.