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  1. Why not get another pinky ?
  2. You've gone very quite @shakennstirred, someone put your your computer on a high shelf ?
  3. Hardly think spending £500 on a 40 year old trials bike is extravagant ? Or to put it in context, 3 months depreciation on a new bike.
  4. Breagh and I swapped bikes and rode a lap, standard Bultaco against "modded" swm, I'm still in therapy. (Breagh and I are slightly different dimensions)
  5. You forgot, "and a decent carb" 😃
  6. Why would the supplier send replacement parts if there wasn't a known problem ?
  7. I'll bet your 5'8" @shakennstirred
  8. Is this not a warranty issue ?
  9. A smaller carb will "improve" bottom end performance, just what a 349 doesn't need.
  10. I'm positive he has offended Merkel and XI, how many positives do you want ?
  11. I think you are just about to find out ....
  12. @johnnyboxer so why buy the Repsol, surely the standard one is more than good enough ? And is it completly standard, no after market foot rests, exhausts etc ?
  13. Funny how they never answer a question that doesn't suit their agenda. Looking forward to @mikeoxbig posting his carb settings when he has spent a fortune in time and jets, for the benefit of the trials community.
  14. Stick it in th pit bike class, problem solved. It performs very well, and could put many young men on modern bikes to shame.
  15. Speak to your ebay seller, I'm sure they will have all the information you need.