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  1. Aly Gear changer for SWM

    240 fantic I'm told.
  2. Is it just me?

    I like Andy too 😃
  3. New piston and rings - sources and opinions?

    "Dinging" downhill could be a loose exhaust / air leak. Overhaul 30 - 40 hours !! Every decade more like with standard maintenance and sympathetic use.
  4. Kenny The Rooster - Contains Adult Humour

    @oni nou. Just for you ...
  5. Move the point one two places to the left, IMO.
  6. Piston slap confirmation

    BSA's run a metal slipper tensioner, no spring, just adjust and once set seems to last forever, as does the primary chain. (also running in auto tran fluid) Maybe yours could be modified to suit ?
  7. Electronic Ignition

    @pschrauber tell you tomorrow Patrik, long single lap trial with refuelling out on the moors. Typically the ignition would overheat and feel like it was running weak. It's on the TX300.
  8. Is it just me?

    Competition licenses in Spain are about €300 pa, think I'd rather spend 30 quid to watch a world round. 😃
  9. Trial bike for single trail riding

    A twin shock would be perfect IMO, 5 litres or more fuel capacity, decent height seat makes them reasonably comfortable. Certainly much more comfortable than a modern bike. Something like an swm is very reliable generally, and with 6 gears is capable of keeping up with traffic. You still have the capability of a trials bike so pretty versatile too. Something like a Pirelli mt43 on the back would wear a bit better, and not be so exciting going round corners at low pressures. A twin shock should also hold its value reasonably well.
  10. Electronic Ignition

    New ignition delivered this morning, very easy to fit. It comes with full instructions, but they are almost unnecessary as its very logical. Bike started first kick, all good so far 😃
  11. TY 250 A shop manual and questions????

    To check when the points open you need a bulb / buzzer and a battery to supply power. You will have little success with power generated at virtually zero revs.
  12. Piston slap confirmation

    Did you check for 10mm play having rotated the crank in several positions ?
  13. Where are all the entries????

    Coming to the NHS near you, embrace the change ???