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  1. Is this what you want?
  2. I wonder if it's something to do with front is easier to hit on things & by floating is less likely to bend?
  3. Fit oversize linings turned to the same diameter as the drum, you get full contact that way so they'll be as good as possible
  4. From what I can see your woodruff key was 3/4 sheared rather than made that way. Just refit the stator in the same position that it was in, looks like centre of the slot going on the witness marks from the washers Should be pretty close to right
  5. For seals & other parts Thor Lawson in the states is the man to use. I bought the parts & manual off him when I rebuilt mine but rather than buy the internal bush I made new ones out of aluminium bronze that I had left over from a job at work
  6. Not the most blatant example caught on video either, there is 1 where Bou backs up right beside the observer with a foot down then his minder is further along the section emptying the whole bottle onto a couple of rocks. Looked to still get given a clean
  7. In 1 of the videos I've seen he backed up with a foot down a few bike lengths into the section & got away with it, it was 1 of the sections that towards the end his minder is very blatantly washing the rocks. A farce probably isn't a strong enough description of what I think of the whole situation
  8. Must have been missing something as the bearing should be shorter than the sleeve around the shaft
  9. There are 2 or 3 different swingarm extension plates available, 1 type involves cutting the swingarm plate off at approximately 45 degrees the same amount both sides & welding the new parts on. The ones shedworks sell should lengthen the swingarm 40mm or so. The other type I've seen on eBay involve cutting the end of the axle slot off & sliding the new part in for welding which should be easier to get the axle slots perfectly inline. These ones may give slightly more length
  10. I'm wondering if top friction plate is in wrong place or pressure plate not lined up with the marks on the hub. Been a while since I've been inside my motor, push rod is turned down both ends to different lengths going off photo on Splatshop's site, could be in backwards with the shorter length at the clutch end
  11. The main point he makes is pretty true, when someone of Trump's age makes rules for short-term gain they won't be alive to deal with the consequences but those of his age & younger will have no choice. Think of how different things are now from when you were his age, you certainly didn't make the decisions & those that did are generally not with us any longer
  12. Have you tried different oil heights? Lower the level by 10mm & see if it helps
  13. Anytime you see a level quoted it will be with the fork compressed & no spring, rod should be extended as well
  14. Self tapping screw wound in gently then pulled out with vice grips. Don't wind it in too far or you risk damaging the bearing
  15. Engine number should be above the swingarm pivot