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  1. ty250a ...do i need new fork springs?

    Or less pies but I'm not 1 to speak about that
  2. ty250a ...do i need new fork springs?

    If you do replace the fork springs then look at getting them from majesty yamaha, they're a possibly a bit firmer than standard at the beginning of the fork travel & gradually firm up through the rest of the travel. I fitted both the springs & damper rods at the same time & the improvement in fork performance is huge
  3. Leonelli 1210

    The 3 other options Splatshop have are these, hopefully 1 is correct. If you email the guys they should be able to confirm if there is any functional difference https://www.splatshop.co.uk/leonelli-regulator-thyristor-12v.html 2 wire https://www.splatshop.co.uk/sherco-diode.html 4 wires as fitted to the older generation Shercos & Bultaco badged bike https://www.splatshop.co.uk/sherco-diode-comex-new-fan.html 4 wires as fitted to later model bikes that Scorpa also use
  4. It's a 250, only TY250 clutch covers fit on TY250s unlike the 175s. The clutch side gasket is unique to TY250s as is the crankcase
  5. Very nice.I'd say it looks more like a C onwards bike going by the engine covers Who supplied the short header pipe?
  6. Ty250 Wes exhaust system

    To keep the original shield would involve having mounting points welded on Majesty Yamaha sell a cover that looks to just clip over the top
  7. Ty250 1974 lower rear mudguard

    Same part but you may be missing part of the airbox were the rivets attach at the side
  8. Ty250 1974 lower rear mudguard

    That's the correct airbox, if you had the correct lower guard it would have sealant between the airbox edges & the guard & small rivets holding it in place. Unfortunately it looks like part of the airbox on the left side has been cut off, it normally comes partway along the side of the guard if that makes sense This is what the airbox & inner guard should look like, see how there are some rivets at the back that go sideways This is the listing for it, from what I can tell it would probably be cheaper than just buying a new inner guard & you already have the filter & lid. In their other listings is a used rear guard which also has free UK postage so you could sort it all in 1 go https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1974-YAMAHA-TY-250-AIRBOX-MOTOCROSS-TRIALS-TWINSHOCK-CLASS/253683358043?epid=24020303214&hash=item3b10b4d95b:g:4A0AAOSwwAdbHpnl
  9. Ty250 1974 lower rear mudguard

    What are you using for a filter? The airbox is attached to the lower guard, normally plenty available on eBay from the states but it would pay to get a new connector tube from Clauss Studios. If you don't want to run a standard airbox a replica inner guard is available from a few different places, majesty yamaha have the inner only for 74s, DC Plastics do both the inner & rear guard for 74s
  10. Show Us Your Ty

    Ignition cover is 74 model which is not unexpected. Very correct looking bike apart from that
  11. Yamaha 1974 TY250

    Normally you should be able to find 1 on eBay in the states, finding those sort of parts for the later models is almost impossible
  12. Weird engine noise from clutch side

    If you have chipping then the gear needs replacing, will only get worse if you don't
  13. 74 ty250 frame queries

    Have you seen the A model frame on eBay, looks okay in the photos
  14. Sherco 290 shock

    If you can find a TRP grab it, I fitted a new 1 years ago & it's so much better than what was fitted standard as would be an Ohlins
  15. Gear Shift Not Springing Back

    That's should be the gasket you need. I forgot that that age motor routed the coolant through the clutch cover to the cylinder, you will need to replace the oil as well