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  1. TY250 spacer size

    I've managed to misplace the sprocket side axle spacer on my 250c & the bike is over an hour away so measuring the swingarm gap isn't going to be an option this week. Does anyone have their rear wheel out & can give me the sizing to turn up a new 1? Due to wear in the hub the bearing isn't the standard diameters but the width is the same as what came out, normally the spacer would stay in the wheel but I must have knocked it out at some stage
  2. Sherco 290 front sprocket

    I see it's a Jarvis replica like mine, these were the last that they made. The tank & guard graphics aren't available anymore so I'd suggest getting rid of the rear bolts & running cable ties to allow the guard to unclip in the case of a step off. It was 1 of the first things I did when I got mine new & it has definitely saved me quite a bit of money
  3. Sherco 290 front sprocket

    Can't say I've ever noticed much play on my 290, maybe pull the outside circlip & slide the sprocket out so it is over the part of the shaft that doesn't have the sprocket on it normally & see if the play is still there. I suspect there is something wrong with the sprocket rather than the shaft
  4. Laziest way to clean rust from a tank?

    I've read of a water & molasses mix being used in Australia for rust removal, as non toxic as you'll ever get but does take a bit of time. Have a look on the ozvmx forum & you should find a few different threads on this problem
  5. TY 175 rebuild

    Which of these parts are you meaning, the needle clip or what is called the spring guide? https://www.tytrials.co.uk/trailandtrialsuk/prod_935653-2325-Slide-Needle-Clip-Spring-Guide-TY125-TY175.html The needle clip is pretty common & should be available from Yamaha, the spring guide/seat is listed as NLA on Partzilla. Personally if you're doing a full carb rebuild I'd buy the full kit from TYTrials as your needle could be worn
  6. TY 250 forks

    That makes sense & would be the only true comparison When I get back in the country I will be stripping my forks to have bushes fitted to remove the play in them. Will be the perfect time to do damper rods & springs. I've been running a 17mm aluminium axle threaded into the base like modern forks for a while & I expect the springs & damper rods would make them as good as they can be without trying to stuff modern forks inside them
  7. TY 250 forks

    How would you rate them in comparison to the set with the emulators in David? I'm looking at fitting both the damper rods & springs into mine once Steve gives me a shipping price to New Zealand
  8. TY 175 rebuild

    The flatslides carburate better at low openings due to the slide being smooth on the bottom.
  9. Power to HT lead but no spark

    Quite possible for it to be the HT lead, 1 of the times I thought I had a dying stator it turned out to be a crack shorting directly to the head. My ignition is the same type & age Have you talked to the guys at splatshop, they'll be able to give you things to check
  10. Dt250 piston rings

    The rings that came with my TY piston are the same, goes behind the lower ring to help give more sealing pressure
  11. hi guys

    No real club as such but a few riders from memory, get in contact with PeterB, he lives in Auckland & is the former gas gas importer
  12. hi guys

    What part of the country are you in Willie?
  13. Crankcase damage

    Reading what Feetupfun has written I wouldn't bother about replacing the case if the shifting hasn't been affected & there aren't any leaks. Looking at Partzilla's listing the B & C model used the same cases which are unique to TY175s so I would say any TY175 case should be the same if you decide you really want to change cases
  14. Crankcase damage

    If it hasn't been leaking then you're probably safe to use as is Getting it welded should involve stripping the motor fully & takes some serious skill to do it properly without causing distortion. Not familiar with the 175 motor so I don't know about the steel cap, a photo would help to confirm that welding isn't needed
  15. Sherco 250 twistgrip

    Pretty sure all Shercos come standard with the white throttle right from the beginning