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  1. That's the way I've always bled the clutch, just make sure you have a bit of freeplay in the adjuster before you do it so that the piston returns properly & clears the hole May take you 1/4 hour but it is definitely the easiest way
  2. Get the #114 main jet if possible, in theory colder temps should require larger jets as the air is denser. The smaller main jet may have been fitted when used in competition as the throttle is not open for long especially when compared to using on the road Biggest problem you may have is finding parts for the TK carb as they aren't very common, the later models with Mikuni carbs are easier to get parts for as the jets are the still the same in new bikes
  3. Worse case scenario is you have to get it drilled out. Try buying a 10mm hex bit that fits a socket set & use your longest bar - not ratchet when you apply the heat, if you can get the axle to turn but it still won't come out then it is stuck in the steel sleeves in the swingarm & you'll need them & probably all the suspension bearings as well
  4. Very nice. Is the different looking brake pedal due to the lowered footpegs?
  5. The manual I have is the Cycleserv B model one which works on both newer & older models. The 250 is not covered by any of the major players from what I've seen & is definitely less popular than the 175 Having lived in Wellington & owned a Beta you should have met John Lawton the Beta importer, my TY is actually owned by him with me being allowed to do whatever I like to it like aluminium axles with the front replicating modern bikes. There is a lot of great riding in the Wellington region, I've spent a lot of time in the hills behind Paraparaumu riding both trials & trail riding with a bunch of other trials riders on our bikes
  6. My 250C had the pump removed when I got it, the drive was still there & was all that was required to keep the cover sealed. I removed the drive & fitted a blanking plate kit from TY Trials when I rebuilt the bottom end as there was no point in leaving it there If memory is correct the oil line connects directly to the cylinder on the side of the intake unlike the later models which used mikuni carbs & had the line connected at the front end of the carb
  7. Depends on what you're riding, if tight then a blast up a bank then normally I'd pick a point where I can change up before launching although different bikes do change whether that is needed. Some sections require a few changes
  8. Have a check through some of the older threads, from memory hot exhaust is a symptom of the timing moved too far in 1 direction. Copemech should be able to confirm which way it is out
  9. Going off the part number & description on the dimensions look to be 19x28x0.3, fit a lot of different models so should be available from yamaha nz, even the cover is listed as fitting up to 2013 model xt250 Part number 401-22127-00
  10. Beta used to have bicycle type units mounted into the top of the fuel tank, they were hardwired from the rear wheel
  11. For what the basket is worth I wouldn't bother filing the fingers, it's very hard to take the exact same amount off each 1 I replaced my basket along with the rubber dampers last year, total cost was under 40 pound. Splatshop have a step by step guide in their blog section on how to replace the parts As a bonus you should end up with a quieter motor after the dampers are replaced These are the parts to order to do it
  12. Splatshop has a great reputation worldwide, very helpful when you need advice as well If you think you need a new barrel they can get it replated for you or you can use a later model 1
  13. Have never owned a bike with the slow throttle, quite a few bikes come with the white fast throttle tube standard
  14. Have definitely seen a photo of him having the beer online in the days after his passing
  15. Simple fix then, a lot cheaper than needing to strip motor down