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    Fantic 301

    Probably not worth very much but value is a relative thing. I would say its worth about £500 - £600 as it is and £1000 fully restored and will probably need £600 to restore it if you do the work yourself.
  2. My money is on Mick Andrews
  3. but what a shame about the music !
  4. Shouldn't be a problem other than wear on the fan but why would you want to ?
  5. No Fivebrick. The last thing I would want to do is add MORE weight. I would want to move some of the weight I already have over the driving wheels
  6. Which would be easier to push up hill or to stop going down hill.... ? i) a car with an empty fuel tank ii) a car with an full fuel tank simples
  7. blocky

    Promo Vid

    If it makes me ride like that, ill have two !
  8. I bought a 10% stiffer spring and I would say it improved the suspension by about 10%
  9. He's on honeymoon but should be back soon. If its a major problem drop me a pm and i'll forward your message for you. Paul is reliable and provides excellent service. I'm sure he will be right on the case as soon as he gets back.
  10. blocky

    Bantam Spares

    Thanks. You were right. Interesting bloke to deal with
  11. Can anyone suggest someone who could supply me with a bolt that I need in order to complete a Bantam engine rebuild. The bolt I need is one of two that attach the gear selector quadrant to the engine case for a 4 speed engine.
  12. Just sent him off an email but he doesn't list them on his website
  13. Finally found a replacement. Once it was in my hand it was very obvious that mine was damaged. Next problem is the bolts that attach the cam plate assembly to the casing. Can anyone suggest anywhere I could get a replacement or have one they are willing to sell ?
  14. Indeed Totalshell. In-fact I have already seen that site but you can't quite see enough detail of the selector fork to tell if the one I have is damaged or not
  15. As you both say... I would also expect there to be 2 arms and I suspect that this is where the problem is but there is no indication that anything has broken off. I bought the engine off ebay in a supposedly "ready to use" condition. Needles to say that when I stripped it I found the big and little ends were scrap as were the bearings. In addition, this sector fork was disengaged but there was no sign of any broken off parts.
  16. I'm currently rebuilding a bantam D10a 4 speed engine and i've got a couple of problems.... 1. The 3rd / 4th gear selector fork keeps popping out of engagement with its dog. I'm pretty sure that the selector fork is damaged but it doesn't look like there is any breakage. I have (hopefully) attached a few pics to help explain the problem. Is the fork damaged or am I doing something else silly ? 2. I need to replace the bronze bushes in the final drive gear. Are there any hints or tips for this ?
  17. blocky

    241 Crank Seals

    Can anyone please tell me the size of the flywheel side crankshaft oil seal on a 241 ? I think it will be the same as the 301 if that helps
  18. blocky

    Gas Gas Plastic Tanks

    The JTX had a plastic tank
  19. Water pump impeller ?
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