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  1. I'm 80 now got cancer. Been treated for the last 3 1/2 years I still ride if I don't ride I observe I still love it sometimes I finish sometimes I don't but I allways enjoy it exhausted or not
  2. stanmet

    Strange but true

    What I did with my stator cover I drilled a hole in the outer part of the crankcase tuned up a spigot the right size for a plastic pipe and glued it in with arldite sealed the stator and had never had corrosion inside in two years
  3. Could'nt have said it better myself ?
  4. Hi Bruce my Morgo oil pump has ball and springs in the crankcase
  5. My iPad on safari is ok no problem
  6. But then your dads a real trials rider old school ?
  7. Thanks Brucey hope to see you at a sidcup trial some time
  8. I like what you have achieved nice bit of work but I still prefer the early distributor outer case on but I will do the oil seal mod on the kickstarter shaft thanks for sharing your work and ideas
  9. It might not be water getting in but condensation not getting out we used to put a breather on top of the casing with rubber tube routed higher up the frame use to stop moisture getting between the points
  10. I prefer it with the cover on easy to keep clean and a bit of protection still good luck to you
  11. Jon could you tell me the size of the hose on your filter thanks
  12. stanmet

    Gone 4 stroke

    If you get a long screwdriver and going down the right hand side of the engine you can get the blade on the end of the header pipe had tap it loose it doesn't take much and it's thicker metal on the end of the pipe
  13. stanmet

    Gone 4 stroke

    Up is on when engine running down is on all the time you need to put it down if you haven't started it for a while just to top the carb up phut phut is normal lovely aren't they enjoy
  14. Bike fits ok in a berlingo
  15. I run mine without the dished spacer and it's no problem and light lever
  16. I spray mine with damp start never had a problem Stan
  17. If the lever is down petrol is on all the time engine running or not if lever is up petrol is on when engine is running.
  18. Its a fairly easy job if you lean the bike right over so the petrol is away from the tap undo the retaining bolt and replace the two copper washers either side off the tap it's a 10mm bolt
  19. Maurice hocklng deryk sadly no longer with us hope your well Stan
  20. Hi dan my beta 4T is 2012 unless the last owner changed it for some reason ? It's good now so no problem just trying to help with measurements
  21. Hi dan my beta 4T comes as standard has the six thicker plates instead of one at each end like the later two strokes witch are 3mm thick the surflex plates I put in are 10 thou thinner reducing the pack by 60 thou making it a lot better and some free play on the thrust washer that I didn't have before
  22. Hi the Honda crf 250 are to small as well
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