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Trials in the future.


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Like most I've plenty time on my hands at the moment . How does the forum feel the sport will go once it all passes ?

Can't imagine we'll pick up where we left off, few of us won't feel the impact on finances and for a long time.

Also are the days of just jumping in the van and heading off at a whim over, will it be local trials only?

What about the clubs? It's tricky enough running Trials and added restrictions would be a real chore.

Also would landowners be so keen to let us use there land?

Also, what about the manufacturers, most are pretty dodgy at the best of times, will they even resume.

I know I sound kind of bleak but we've had it so good for ever and probably didn't know  how privileged we were.

Pretty sure things will start up again I just can't see us starting where we left off.

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I think it depends on how and when this is brought to an end, a vaccine, herd immunity or a treatment. The only option that sounds like it could be quick is an existing treatment for something else being proved effective, if that happens everything may more or less return to normal, if it takes years then a lot of society may be very different.

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Totally agree with the previous post, I think the social distancing thing will almost become normal behaviour for a while and that should help to control or reduce any future spread of this virus. There are numerous efforts in different countries to find drugs that will stop people dying and getting sick, in my opinion its only a matter of time before it can be controlled and possibly eliminated as a threat to us all. 

I reckon people will be desperate to get back on their bikes when these restrictions are eventually lifted, I know me and the guys I ride with definitely are. 

Let's be optimistic, history has proved that human beings are capable of great things when faced with situations like we are currently dealing with. Motorcycle trials is a fantastic sport/pastime and in my opinion it will bounce back better than ever! 

Hope the UK round of Trial GP goes ahead in July, got my fingers crossed. 

Stay safe folks, our sport will live on! 

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This is merely a glitch for mankind, we've had many, as history shows, and as a species we move on and build, and go on to better things.

Yes, people will loose loved ones, which we all know this is tremendously sad, but we will move on, hopefully with wonderful memories of the ones we've lost.

As some companies/ businesses may struggle and perish as a result of this virus, when we do move on, there will always be someone else who steps up to fill the void. Things as we know it will not stop, they will just evolve.

This should be a time to remain positive, try and be optimistic and think of the future, not dwell in a past.

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Depends . I am hoping for a short sharp shock but the hint of 6 months earlier is worrying. I don't think Boris acted early enough , should have been stricter , who knows ? I doubt we will see any sport this year be it pro or hobby , I think it will take us a few years to get over it if it drags out . 

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12 hours ago, jonboy883 said:

He was always going to be "Damned if he did, Damned if he didn't"

if he acted on the scientific advice he was given, then that's all he could do!

i guess this year's Summer Series is off then?


He didn't act soon enough. He didn't get PPE or ventilators ordered early enough. They lied this last weekend about numbers of tests. I know a nurse in Manchester who is self isolating for a second week cos she's not had a test. Too many mistakes and inaction.

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2 hours ago, huski said:

Also remains to be seen who will be in the financial position to afford it after this,whenever that might be.

One interesting thing I've seen since moving is the knock-on effect of the 2008 crash, it hit far harder here and many people haven't fully recovered economically.  Old bikes are kept working for longer and on more of a shoestring budget, people don't buy and sell nearly as often as in the UK, but they do get out and ride their bikes (also, bikes don't depreciate in value as quickly).

It would be harder in the UK to gather some friends and just go and make a friendly competition out of the way somewhere I guess, because of nimby-ism and litigiousness, but I bet it's possible with a little creativity ... my point, in short, is that if people want it to happen they can find a way, and a lack of money just requires a change in thinking.

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as a club (Sidcup) we're not going to be running some events (so lost money on a years budget).

how the recovery works on the other side, no one knows, so thats hard to forecast

for bigger plans (we have various capital plans) they are all on ice


does that mean our 2020 is a write off, not entirley (we might lose 3 to 9 months, hopefully 4-5 months). we, nor anyone (gov, etc) have no idea when / how the return will be done


as a group of clubs (NKTC) or centre (South East) we're going to lose a huge chunk of our calender but it shouldn't be the end of the world


for the ACU (or other governing bodies) there is going to be a huge hole in the finances over insurance payments, i'ld expect there are some negotiations to take place.


for riders, shops, equipment manufactures, importers, manufactures, etc then there are some huge issues - to what extent HM treasury help is suitable, accessable, relelvent that a whole big debate.


stay safe everyone

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16 hours ago, neils on wheels said:

I imagine some dealers and possibly importers too, will struggle without bike and spares sales for a few months.

I wonder if the business rates relief will apply?  Are trials bikes "leisure"?  That would sure help a lot of people.

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