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  1. If it's that clean and the price is right,buy it ,it won't be uncontrollable
  2. 9/48 is too low,bottom gear will be useless,I don't think you'll put the 48 back on again.You can grind away the top of the pin that you want to remove and push the link out
  3. The cycle riding skills definitely help as you learn to get up and over obstacles just with body weight and loading the rear tyre to get the lift ,it also helps with balance.Takes a while to learn the throttle control when you try a motor bike,which is probably one of the hardest skills to learn.I don't think it's a coincidence that the Spanish riders all spent time on cycles before motorcycles to become the worlds best
  4. If the bike is in good shape and you like it,get the cylinder replaced and a new piston.If it needs a load of work,such as clutch,suspension linkage and all the consumables it could get expensive
  5. Can you post a video so we can hear it?
  6. The problem is observers have different views on how long,if at all,they will allow a stop,so the riders don't know where they stand.I accept that if you don't stop you won't get fived but a lot of sections can't be ridden non stop.Those that can trick ride well enjoy doing so and gain advantage over those that can't but risk a five through exercising a difficult skill.I feel we either revert to stop permitted or open the sections up and enforce the no stop rule,this middle ground is too vague
  7. Burning gear oil really stinks.Run it with the choke off first and see if it clears,it really needs a good blast to clear it out,not just in the garden.
  8. What voltage do you get in to the rectifier?The stator has different coils for the ignition and the ancillaries.The rectifier converts AC to DC current only,might be worth checking the connections
  9. Will it fire on a drop of fuel poured into the plug hole?Spark on these doesn't always look good.If it fires Id look at the carb.Does the plug come out wet or dry after your starting attempts?
  10. Both good,assuming they are similar condition,whichever one you like riding the best.Gasgas is lighter,and feels more modern,but has a suspension linkage to maintain which the Beta doesn't,Beta mudguards are easier to break and are expensive,carb needs careful setting up.Check out the forums on here regarding the Beta clutches and carb,hopefully they've both been done.Gasgas clutch rattles with the bike in neutral,quietens with clutch pulled in,4/5th gear change can be loud,gives an indication of how much work the bike has done as it gets worse with use.The gearbox won't take motocross style gear changes but is fine for trials use.
  11. There's a tiny fragment of the bits that broke embedded in the crankshaft gear and/or the clutch gear.You might need a magnifying glass to see it and remove it .Once you found it,maybe more than one,stone the damage smooth
  12. Hi all,I've recently got a 2013 300 factory replica.Had to remove the tank,I've noticed the cdi just sits there with nothing to secure it there apart from it sitting on top of the radiator and being held down by the tank.Theres a loop welded to the frame,but if I cable tie to that it sits too high and I can't get the tank on .It looks like the cdi is too big to fit in the space? Any ideas please
  13. Southern enduro MTB series is £42.50 to enter for 1 lap with 5 stages practice,then another race lap of the same.Most of the bikes look nearly new,roughly £4 k.The entries are over subscribed at around 200,so I don't think cost of trials would put these people off,but hardly any of them have heard of trials.Most people can ride a pushbike,a lot perceive motorcycles as too dangerous and won't go near one,These mtb riders also go out during the week for practice and training,it's a way of life for them Somehow our beloved sport needs promoting far more,but I can't think how and by whom
  14. Pleased with my Forma Boulders,good fit,comfort and protection.Possibly less feel than my previous Guernsey but not enough to concern me.Youve really got to try several brands to see what suits you best so a dealer rather than internet is worth the extra.You won't know by what suits others
  15. Plenty of them around here,South East UK