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  1. Is the air screw on the carb wound in too far,wants to be about 1/1.5 turns out?.If not take it back,assuming the supplier is local enough
  2. Don't buy a 4 year old trials bike without seeing it,generally if it's advertised cheap there's a reason.300 factory Sherco is a bike for a good expert,the Beta you mention would be a better choice,maybe £200 too dear though
  3. £2000 sounds too much for one of the last ones that had some of the problems sorted,let alone an earlier one.The main thing is do you think it suits you and do like riding it more than another brand ?Your budget should get you a Beta or Gas gas 2012 which is what I'd be looking at for a private sale.If you really do prefer the Ossa make some enquiries about spares availability other than from the vendor
  4. Could be a good choice ,as above really on what to look out for.If it does need anything check out the cost,can turn out more than you think.Clutches on them range from good to awful,but there's a lot of talk on here on improving them if you're mechanically minded.Ride the bike,making sure a Beta suits you is what matters
  5. Squirt a can of tyre sealant in it.,might seem a bodge but it works and it's quick and easy
  6. Lot of bike for the money,but if you need parts that are Ossa specific you could be stuck with a bike that's unrepairable and worth very little .Id choose something more mainstream ,too much of a gamble,One day you'll want to sell it,which will be a problem for any decent money
  7. Certainly looks like James will be on Beta,but not sure whether that means Uk as well,he didn't with GasGas
  8. Mountain biking is good,fun too,builds your legs and lungs,also does more for your upper body than you might think
  9. Do you have a friend with bike knowledge who could view it with you?Does it look like its properly maintained with no rounded off bolt heads.The motor will probably rattle from the clutch,which will stop with the lever pulled in.You need to test ride it to ensure everything works properly.It might have brakes made by Formula which were terrible and would need replacement which could get expensive. Could you post some photos of it ,also a video of it running so we can help you more?
  10. 6speed gearbox on Gasgas,5speed onTRS,buy whichever one you feel is the best for you,Raga had a hand in the development of both,there's not a lot of difference between them,both superb
  11. Not sure the engine has seized,I'd have the clutch case off and also the clutch ,then see if the crank turns
  12. About time Beta addressed this problem,diaphragm clutch like the other brands?
  13. Hi all,anybody tried the new 2017 IRC tubeless rear tyres?Do they hold air and stay on the rim OK?Are they still the best in the mud,or are they still best avoided.Thanks in advance
  14. So would I,but don't feel confident with their lack of marketing and support,about which they don't seem to care
  15. Insurers generally want the bike stored in a brick built building,this poor guy has a metal shed,but insurance is the best answer if possible