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  1. 2019 Beta. Let the speculation begin!

    Fair enough,didn't know about the 2018 models
  2. 2019 Beta. Let the speculation begin!

    Ktm 2t all have carbs,all 4t have FI.,wonder why? Would Beta know something that KTM don't?
  3. New Bike

    John lees in Northamptonshire are your closest stockist I think
  4. Seems the land agent has something against trials.This is the 4th time they've done this for some reason,don't they want the money?
  5. Should I drain the carb

    Use super unleaded instead,it doesn't go off like normal petrol
  6. Top End Carnage

    Piston was in back to front.I wonder if you might be better off sourcing a replacement engine,it might be cheaper
  7. Beta 4t

    Take them back as they're brand new,don't touch them
  8. Busto and Fajardo to Gas Gas

    Fajardo may move,think he's as good as he's ever been but not going to improve,If Busto has a good year he might not want to move unless HRC offer much more .At the moment he(or anyone else)would be number 2 at Honda.If he has a bad year would Honda want him back
  9. Sherco barrel and head trouble

    Makes you wonder how they survive,pity you can't name them so others don't get caught
  10. Beta evo 300 2014

    If it's blown a lot of coolant out check the head gasket (maybe O Rings) also.Are you sure your fuel/ oil mixture was good and it hasn't nipped up as suggested.Was it being used hard just before it stopped,if it was idling it seems unlikely it seized upIf all the above checks out ok I'd suspect the stator
  11. 4rt steaming like a kettle

    It can be either coolant escaping or piston blow by sending fumes out of the breather,you need to find out which.If the coolant level isn't dropping you know where to look next.Not sure what blocking the breathers will prove.Is it overheating,which it will if the head gaskets gone
  12. 4rt steaming like a kettle

    Does the water level in the rad drop?
  13. Think the way is to take the banjo bolt out and measure,also measure the master cylinder bore
  14. 2018 evo fuel cap

    My Jotagas had that problem .I solved it cutting the thread deeper with a triangular file and reduced the overall diameter with a flat file.Shouldnt have to on a new bike though.
  15. Does this sound right

    Strip down time,definitely main bearings ,hopefully big end OK,hard to hear anything else