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  1. The time limit started off ok,but ended up with sections too long for the time limit.The top riders in each class at theBTC were fine,the lesser ones ended up timing out too often.If this method was re introduced with a sensible section length for the time limit it would be a lot better than the present farce
  2. Engage 6th gear,pull the clutch in and pull the bike backwards,you should feel it free
  3. Standard spring is too soft,SXS do stiffer ones,check out their website
  4. I'd like to ride it before I handed over any money,too much of a risk at £1000 ,which sounds too much even if it's alright.Doesnt take long for the bills to add up
  5. Hoping not to insult you,but will you be better off with a 300?If you genuinely can ,buy the one in the best condition,there's not much between them mechanically
  6. What are you cleaning the filter with?Is it splitting at the joints?Try using Notoil filter oil,it washes out with washing powder,great product,nothing gets through the filter either
  7. 240 fantic,with some good rear shocks.The top tube used to bend,so making the head angle slacker and making the steering poor and reducing the ground clearance.I took the engine out of mine and straightened the top tube with a jack resting on 4x2 timber across the bottom tubes .Fond memories,it took me from novice to expert very soon after buying it,back when trials only had one route.In my opinion it was miles better than the competition till the monoshock yam came out
  8. Check that it sparks,if it does clean the carb as already suggested,drain the tank and refill with fresh .Clutch is probably stuck,free it by pulling clutch in,engage top gear and pull it backwards,you should feel it free.Brakes might be sticking but no big deal
  9. The Factory Rep is a brilliant bike,the suspension is a lot better than what you had before.Definetly fit a slow action throttle and run it on the cloudy ignition map.10t front sprocket makes too much difference I feel,11/44 is better.Its not the best bike to learn on,I've just bought one and it takes some getting used to,it'll do anything if you're good enough.I recommend a lanyard kill switch too for when it does get away from you
  10. The bike is great to ride,very light,grips well and is well made,just needs far better marketing.Dont think the latest colour scheme helps,nor the lack of supported riders.Haven Trialsport,the importer is very helpful.enthusiastic and knowledgeable and holds spares at a reasonable price.Needs the factory to promote it better
  11. Is it revving really high when it misfires?If so I think its hitting the rev limiter.Do you know of another one you can compare it with?4t motocross bikes have a limiter,I think yours has too
  12. I'm thinking of a TRS as my next bike,wondering about spares availability and cost,any typical problems I should be aware of?Do they pull 4th in the mud,some 5 speed bikes 4th is too high.Is the Raga worth the extra?Thanks in advance guys
  13. If it's new,take it back to the supplier.
  14. Wouldn't want to go much more than £2000,it's 6 years old after all
  15. Kev at GasGas U.K. Is the man to sort this.I wonder if it's an iffy main bearing as you say it's starting to vibrate.Tha supplying dealer is legally responsible to fix this,your contract is with him.I suggest your dealer sends it back and claims the cost back from the importer