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  1. Piston slap confirmation

    Think I'd get it rebored and a new piston rather than ride it,itll never go like you want it to.It looks superb
  2. GasGas 280cc flywheel weight

    Ride a few events as it is and see how you like it.The weight does make a big difference to the bottom end response,also helps grip and makes it less likely to stall
  3. New 2018 Beta 2T 250 Clutch Oil - Elf HTX740 ?

    Be a good idea to change the oil now the bikes run in anyway.If you've already got the oil you mention try it,you've nothing to lose.
  4. Should I buy a 1986 Honda TLR200 that won't start?

    Go for something newer that runs $1000 sounds too much anyway
  5. I don't recognise it either,but it was meant to be in there and must have served a purpose.I wouldn't ride it in case something else goes wrong.Im sure others on here could tell you what it is/what it did,wait for more replies
  6. Citroen hydraulic suspension fluid from a motor factor,£5 a litre
  7. Do you have free play at the lever before the master cylinder piston moves..If the master cylinder doesn't leak there's nothing wrong with it,sounds like there's not enough fluid in there
  8. Rev 3 poor running

    Probably not what you want to read,but we had a2007 rev3 which wouldn't run right when hot and it defied all our attempts to fix it too.Gave up with it in the end,too frustrating
  9. Best small van on a budget

    2.0 hdi Citroen dispatch/Peugeot expert/Fiat Scudo,all very much the same.Im on my 3rd,if you can find an 04/06 model which has been maintained and not done much a huge mileage it'll be just the job.Can get 3 bikes in at a push,2 fit easily,and plenty big enough to change in too.Side door noise I overcome by a ratchet strap pulling the doors together at the top and just use the back doors.Locks are rubbish on the key ,ensure you get one with remote central locking.They need the cambelt and water pump changed at 100k,oil and filter every 8k,mechanically pretty tough,although electrical problems aren't unknown They do about 38 mpg average and cruise 75ish comfortably,and don't rust
  10. Owners manual 2009 anyone?

    Take the disc off and get a nut welded to what remains of the bolt,undoing it as soon as it's welded.Drilling it out is possible,but it's hard to drill it accurately unless you have a pillar drill
  11. What did I buy?

    I had a301 new back in 86,it was brilliant at the time,being one of the first monoshock bikes.Suspension linkage bushes wore out quickly but everything else was fine
  12. Clutch bite point keeps moving?

    Definitely hydraulic,start with bleeding it
  13. Rear suspension sag.

    Your static sag would be better at 10 mm,which would mean it would sag less with you on it.The standard spring is a bit soft for you and as suggested I'd have the shock off and check the damping,I assume you've tried the damping adjustment screw to see what effect it has? I never thought the Sachs shock on my previous Gasgas was that special,the Reiger on my present one is hugely better as was The Ohlins on my sons bike.Rather than spend on the Sachs if it's not working properly I'd put the money towards replacing it
  14. Argie bargey by Marquez

    Marquez got off lightly.He was the fastest man on track and would have overtaken Rossi and Espargaro easily.Rossi lost valuable points through no fault of his own which could alter his championship position at the end of the season through possibly the best rider in the world riding like an arrogant a--e.
  15. rear wheel nut

    Sounds right