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  1. Kev at GasGas U.K. Is the man to sort this.I wonder if it's an iffy main bearing as you say it's starting to vibrate.Tha supplying dealer is legally responsible to fix this,your contract is with him.I suggest your dealer sends it back and claims the cost back from the importer
  2. Mud

    Will it pull 4th?can you get a bit of run up before the begins cards,momentum really helps when it's slippy.New rear tyre at 3.5 psi makes a big difference
  3. Definitely take it back,it's not the obvious things.I wonder if you made an appointment whether they'd fix it while you wait if possible
  4. Sounds like the factory can't keep up with demand..If it's the bike you really want wait for it,don't buy something else just because it's available
  5. £4000 buys a lot of bike,and is a lot to spend on something that feels great in the dealers car park but might not suit you at an event.Its worth asking people at your local events for a go on their bikes,you may find a bike you hadn't considered suits you best,If you could raise £500 more the TRS are now available second hand,a lot of people rate them very highly.All modern bikes are superb,make sure you choose the best for you,which will most likely be a 250 .300s are too much for most unless you're good enough to win group trials or harder
  6. A good machine shop can repair it.I fixed one by machining a new post,milling away the remainder of the old one and securing it by a countersunk Allen bolt from the back of the basket.It lasted the 2 years I had the bike and was fine when I sold it
  7. Easier than you think.Needs a new gear change shaft,about £32 from Haven Trialsport.Take clutch casing off,clutch comes off complete,held by one Allen bolt onto the shaft.Selector mechanism is held by 2x8mm head bolts in the bottom of the casing.The change shaft knocks through to the clutch side,it's quite tight in the bearings.The new shaft pushes into the back of the selector drum.Theres a later shaft available which fits but it's £120. Pm me if you like
  8. This has been asked before,brake works fine without it,took mine off a year ago
  9. All modern bikes are good and will out perform any clubman anywhere,buy the one that suits you best
  10. He is Gasgas no1 rider,they justifiably want him to have his best chance at world level so he needs as much time as possible on WTC type terrain,also acclimatising to the higher temperatures found at most WTC events.SSDT is a very different thing,he can come back to it if he wants when his WTC career ends
  11. Nothing to do with the fuel injection,the motor has a cross hatch pattern on the bore which holds oil better.,Someone I know whose family business is go kart tuning has one and they stripped the top end off to check it over,it was fine.Gas gas pro main bearings are lubed by the gear oil too,but you wouldn't run one on 200/1
  12. It's maybe ok,but why risk it for the sake of £15
  13. Brown oiled Hebo offer very good protection that doesn't disappear when wet.Mine took a bit more wearing in as they are very stiff when new,done about 60 trials in them,reckon they'll do another 60.Theyre a little heavier than Gaern or Alpinestar but I've never hurt my feet in them
  14. Majority of the people that have ridden mine rated it highly,but they seem reluctant to buy one.Most think they've gone bust,can't get spares,have gearbox problems and anything else the rumour mill can dream up.Difficult to change people's perception without some supported good riders on them which would need to come from the factory pockets,not just the importer
  15. You have to remove some of the linkage to access the shock bolt.I wouldn't expect the shock to be comparable with your friends 2015 ,they weren't brilliant when new..I had a go on one back then that had an Ohlins fitted ,it was so much better than my standard one.