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  1. Michelin or irc tyres at 5psi front,3 psi rear,atf is fine in gearbox,its cheap so change it about every 8 trials,not sure on quantity.Beta importers are very helpful,google them
  2. The top Spanish riders all did cycle trials before motorbikes,so it definitely does help
  3. 250 beta with a slow action twiistgrip will be fine
  4. Needs a new water pump seal,and possibly the water pump spindle if it's worn
  5. Do you really want an old standard ty175?At that price I'd look for a Montesa 315
  6. If an item is discounted there's usually a reason.If the discount was enough to pay for the shock repair you're no worse off
  7. Turning the red thumb wheel adjuster at the top of the shock clockwise increases the damping.It should be possible to get the damping very stiff,if not I'd speak to the supplying dealer and get it replaced
  8. Turning the damping screw clockwise increases the damping.Is the spring preload correct.As it's a new bike I'd be speaking to the supplying dealer and the importer
  9. Separate and clean all the electrical connector plugs before you go any further
  10. The time limit started off ok,but ended up with sections too long for the time limit.The top riders in each class at theBTC were fine,the lesser ones ended up timing out too often.If this method was re introduced with a sensible section length for the time limit it would be a lot better than the present farce
  11. Engage 6th gear,pull the clutch in and pull the bike backwards,you should feel it free
  12. Standard spring is too soft,SXS do stiffer ones,check out their website
  13. I'd like to ride it before I handed over any money,too much of a risk at £1000 ,which sounds too much even if it's alright.Doesnt take long for the bills to add up
  14. Hoping not to insult you,but will you be better off with a 300?If you genuinely can ,buy the one in the best condition,there's not much between them mechanically
  15. What are you cleaning the filter with?Is it splitting at the joints?Try using Notoil filter oil,it washes out with washing powder,great product,nothing gets through the filter either