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  1. Batteries need to be replaced more often than pistons and they cost a lot more... Good point, batteries are expensive I agree, but if we are talking running costs don't forget, petrol and 2 stroke mixture is I suspect is dearer than recharging the batteries, judging by what local Nissan Leaf owners tell me. So there is a balance. My main point about electric trials bikes is they are quiet and non smoky and in more densely populated areas that is a big plus, especially for regular practice.
  2. Sounds like the e bikes won't fry your brains or any other parts except maybe your toes! And no worse than the petrol jobs, don't think we have hydrogen or diesel ones...yet. ...from "The intensity of magnetic fields in seven different electric cars, one hydrogen car and one petrol car were measured in order to ascertain whether they approach the recommended limiting values for human exposure. The measurements were carried out using real cars in a laboratory and during road tests. The highest values in electric cars were measured near the floor, close to the battery itself and when starting the cars. In all cases, exposure to magnetic fields is lower than 20 per cent of the limiting value recommended by the ICNIRP. Measurements taken at head-height are less than 2 per cent of the same limiting value. In the case of petrol and diesel powered cars, exposure was measured at around 10 per cent of the limiting value. In other words, there is little difference between electric cars and petrol and diesel cars." Read more at:
  3. Well I guess if you have a secret section in Central Park NY and live across the way up on 5th Avenue there, you can afford the bucks! OK it's for the better off rider like the Tesla Model S is to the similar sports car buyer. Although in my neck of the woods there are 4 titanium framed Vertigos sculling about and they weigh in at Uk £10,000.
  4. "I don't think numbers are important here" With respect, I think they are. Watts and Kilowatts in E bikes are comparable to cubic capacity in petrol engined ones and for example the Tesla cars are rated in BHP as described by Jeremy Clarkson road testing one. The Gas Gas with it's15 KW motor is going to pack a considerable punch in any language.
  5. The T 18 I am told by a decent rider who has tested it in Span is that the bike equates to a 200cc 2T like the Beta. I asked several times about battery longevity and that what what was said, and you get two. An experience World TC minder Brit said the Gasser was quotes 'bloody powerful' and flew out of the sections. Ok subjective but the published figures put it up with the 250 2Ts. Incidentally 15KW is capable of giving a nasty shock not to mention melting the carelessly placed screwdriver. As for claimed output no doubt they will be tested. Not all Trump tweets are rubbish by the way, some seem spot on in a rough way. The South of England is densely populated with lots of semi eco nuts and not in my backyarders, so an optional silent bike makes some sense. Other places probably not.
  6. About £7,500 UK Pounds
  7. Señor Nou. Speaking to the importer today who has ridden it at the factory I can confirm the T18 Mecatecno Dragonfly now has a SIX speed gearbox and the battery lasts for 4 hours. It comes supplied with two batteries. Two demo bikes will come into the UK first for possible customers try out.
  8. For comparison from the manufacturer's quoted figures for the three 'adult' electric bikes... Assume that 1KW divided by 747 = 1 BHP. Note also bike weights. Mecatecno T18 10 KW, 13.4 BHP, 58 KG. 5 Speed box and clutch. Electric Motion 12 KW, 16 BHP, 72 KG (Weight varies) Direct drive no clutch (to speak of). Gas Gas TXTE 15 KW, 20 BHP, 68 KG 6 Speed box and clutch.
  9. There is a short movie clip of the Mecatecno T18 on the Mecatecno Facebook page, scroll down to the video marked 'Mecatecno Passion' It rocking a skate park somewhere on the Peninsula. The music is irritating (to me anyway) but it gives a good idea of the bike's capabilities with a decent pilot. I was told that EM's interests are with other projects and works not the 5.7 so not that keen on evolving it, a pity. The electric Gasser/Torrot is super powerful and if it ever appears may even have a form of traction control taking feedback from the driven wheel to the CPU.
  10. I think I would have asked for a 5 at this section, even allowing for 3 minders and a tow rope! From the UK Daily Telegraph
  11. Casales came to Butser Limeworks with John Lampkin as we set out the BTC sections, although he did not get on a bike that day. At the event itself especially on the first lap he had a fair bit of trouble with our going. At first he seemed to find riding the chalk and beech tree root strewn cambers pretty hard where the local riders like say Sam Hallam were clearly much better. He visibly improved as the trial progressed. The Spanish take motor sport seriously and they give it cultural bling and I guess they think its cool. On the other hand here in the UK the establishment seems to only tolerate it maybe because there are no horses, sailing boats or oars.
  12. Shercos are decent bikes, but It's about time he (re) tried another make, and dare I say it, one that is more successful at the top levels. At my local inter centre gig recently, with very tough sections, it was almost all big Gassers and Betas, only maybe one or two blue or yellow bikes.
  13. The Sherco 200 was only 162 cc and I think the Gas Gas was about the same. Had they been genuine 200 cc they would have been better for the more novice adult rider who I assume they were aimed at (like me), and in turn that might have increased the market. Beta seem to keep a 200 going but I was told only for the UK market, is that true?
  14. I think you are being a bit hard on Sherco. The 2007 to 2009 models were well sorted and in my experience reliable. The back tank design 2010 to 2014/5 were innovative but perhaps not the best approach in retrospect. The newer Scorpa (post 2015) made by Sherco with Sherco engines etc are fine (including stickers) so I don't imagine the newer blue ones are any different in quality.
  15. Retiring or not (and I hope not) Albert C has a proper trials rider's hall and staircase. The Beta Rev 3 from his 2002 World Indoor Championship Win?