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  1. RIP..sad news indeed!
  2. Thats all fabulous news. Pleased to be able to say that some of us NON USA folk read that book too. It helped me a great deal when I started out. Bravo Bernie for writing it!
  3. My teacher in Hong Kong had what I thought was a great way of helping with this. Start with the front wheel up against a wall and a brick under or half under the back to jam the bike against the wall. Now sit and eventually stand on the bike. Handlebars are straight. When you feel that you will fall to the right, try to turn right with the bars. When you feel that you will fall to the left ..try to turn left with the bars. Of course, you cant really turn because the bike is jammed against the wall,...but it teaches you that the force of falling can be counter-acted by the force of turning the bars. Not sure if that all makes sense...a video would be best of course.
  4. Thats a shame... (meaning that you've been ill Andy). Hope you manage to shake it off soon! Too bad about the trial too, but these things happen I guess! It will just make next year all the more worth waiting for. Get well soon!
  5. Fantastic news! Great to see that Andy and WVAC have made the huge effort to put this trial on again. I've observed this trial before folks and can say it is an excellent trial and the venues are terrific. Also note that you can ride on a modern bike....and I guarantee....whatever bike you are on you're going to have a good ride! If no work comes in for me on that day Andy I;ll be there and will be happy to observe. Hope to see lots of riders there supporting this great trial.
  6. agree with old trials fanatic. The best way to get people to observe...or help with admin is the gently gently approach. No-one will volunteer or want to spend their valuable free-time in an atmosphere which is unfriendly or unwelcoming.
  7. frame and swingarm look REALLY good.
  8. Good point. Never thought of that one before.
  9. Absolutely agree. Get some advice...but better still, buy yourelf a lesson with someone worthwhile. Also, read the Bernie Schreiber book. There is one for sale on TC now. Great book! Also the ryan young dvd, and the steve saunders dvd. Dont just assume you'll learn through trial and error. Its possible you could be using a completely incorrect technique. You MUST be mindfull of that, coz if you are, then you will just be practicing the wrong technique and be getting better at doing it wrongly,...if you see what I mean. Always seek advice from a pro, not just from the local pub.
  10. Oh no, I must be getting old. Dont know all these trendy greetings. Boas to you anyway! Never mind if you dont know Mike!
  11. What does boas mean!
  12. Welcome, Hope you enjoy trialscentral and find it as usefull as I have. I have a colleague that has a nephew in Portugal that rides trials. I dont suppose you are Mike Allens nephew are you?
  13. Mmmm...52 weeks riding per year. That reminds me of my time in Hong Kong. I suppose I COULD still ride 52 weeks of the year here in UK, but personally Id rather keep my nuts than go riding in some of the weather we've had over the last few months! You lucky guy!
  14. Just rode my first ever trial with Ledbury MCC. What a friendly club, and what a lovely trial. All very clearly marked out, good variety of sections...and what an AMAZING venue!! Never been to Clyro before, and frankly I couldnt believe my eyes. Looking forward to the next one already. Keep up the good work, and thanks for doing enter on the day...very helpfull for me, (selfishly) since I never know untill often the day before, if I will have to work or not. THANKS!
  15. Jeez...that REALLY takes the p***. Is there ANYTHING that is on the side of the good guys in this country!