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  1. For those that couldnt be there.... --Biff
  2. So I haven't seen it commented on here. Did Bou come off of a yellow bin backwards with a foot down for a one? I wasn't there obviously but it looked like he had a foot down rolling backwards. I will try a screen shot. --Biff
  3. Sorry im a day late... rock on! --Biff
  4. I dont think many have tried to make excuses for hillarys loss. Its no secret that she wasnt a strong canidate and probably wouldnt have been a strong president. Hillary wasnt ideal and isnt. Terrible??? As a political leader yes but as a canidate??? Come on... popular vote was won by data!!! Donald runs his days by telling people that they are bad, dumb, horrible, corrupt and against... some of those he is now looking toward. I just cant say that running a country by telling all other countries that they are morons is a great way to make friends. This tact of calling people morons is definetly not the way to unify a country.... Lets pull it into a trials perspective... we can all understand trials right??? You enter a section and take one of those "dumb" dabs. Maybe two or three... The rider is now frustrated... they may have put a ton of energy into it.... they are now exhausted... would the first thing you want to hear "your horrible"??? That is considered cruelity. That is considered bullying. Bullying will not be tolerated in this world of trials we live in. Its a horrible tactic and just throwing slurs at each other wont do anybody any good. If i have bullied any one i owe them an appology. Dad of two... i think you are certianly some one that deserves that from me. I will try to make that personal some day but dont think that this means we agree on many levels.... i am sorry. Your voice is valid even if i dont get it. Trump will bring a whole new level of emotion that many are not prepared to accept and several are quick to exploit. Becareful with your anger and strong words or be prepared to be told that you are the worst trials rider at every dab you take... Oh hillarys experience.... she kinda slept at the white house more than any other canidate historically... joke. --biff Stop your us vs them mentality. We vs we is how it sounds and if we vs we isnt what you mean then step out of the we...
  5. Open mind here... and bound to p*** off some Trump followers in the same sentance. Trump is a used car salesman... as a New Yorker seeing a fellow sleezeball i think its not far off. My first statement doensnt mean i think hillary was great or even optimal so pocket your "us vs them" mentality. The us has a really low unemployment rate at this time %5 and 3.8 liters of fuel is about $2.10 or €1.89 or £1.55. We arent really struggling. People here are affraid of their guns being taken away.... well i own more guns now since the admin thats supposed to eliminate all of them as opposed to the one that is supposed to open the door to a vote equals a gun. I dont know many who own less. Trump will upset the status quo. I agree with that and think it isnt a horrible thing to question some aspects of many of the worlds super powers. The USA occupies a ton of countries. I dont think we need to. If he fixes that im ok. Trump is going to make a mark... yea... it will go one of two ways. I am personally concerned? Of course i am. I am married to an EU citizen who may not be aloud to visit based on a whim. I work for a global company that is a focus of inaccurate statements by the guy incharge. I have to explain and represent a country that reacts on emotion rather than on data or facts. I am also surrounded by citizens that feel like they are owed or entitled to something by default or grandure. There are many here in the US that feel this way. We do need a trump in our world for us to question the way things are. I think that its critical to bring it up. I dont think that its a good idea to go "all in" on a person who cant keep their story straight nor is it ok to single out any religious belief or ethinic group in doing so. If the US needs to take a cultural stance then lets rip up our constitution and start over. We are the youngest and apperently the most vocal so what is stopping us? Here are my personal wants: -Food (preference toward non spicy but i wont keep that out of the market) -clothes (i have enough now but anything that shows my dancers legs is optimal) -shelter (got one available in detroit if your interested???) -happyness (this includes good people who are welcoming and open along with those who challenge your boundries) -ride when i want... (i have that now on multiple levels and continents) no president has or will tell me when i can or will ride trials.... Im about to move from the US. I wont change my citizenship as i dont think its critical. As a world i think we should all have a moral consistancy but there are those that are ratical in the US and other areas that dont agree. That will stop the US from being the land of the free if we dont change the strategy. Ride trials Be nice to each other Dont try to push each other Dont try to one up the next person on ignorance alone Focus on your morals -- Biff who has no one political agenda and has a great heart. PS Do something nice for some one this week. Team WGASA bought a pair of trials boots for a thirteen year old girl last week because no one wants to see a thirteen year old girl with broken ankles.... that isnt race, culture or religion... if you cant see past that then pull your head out!!!
  6. I am having my buddy who created this cool thing print me up a GasGas flywheel cover with WGASA logo imprinted. The shock plate that he uses is really neat for 3D printer users. --Biff
  7. Yea PA has a ton of top riders and great terrain. I have ridden several events in Morgan Town WV just south of you and we even hold nationals just to the west of you there near Wheeling WV in Ohio. Heck just the other week i was riding just south Breezewood not to far from where you are located. Williamsport and state college are known for their riders and riding. --Biff
  8. Time for a chain and set of sprckets... --Biff
  9. Yes happy belated birthday axulsuv!!!! --biff
  10. So MotorTrend TV has a monthly subscription. You can subscribe to that with out being a prime subscriber. I am currently subscribed to both however. You can go to Motortrend TV online and go watch the same thing from your PC. Amazon prime also has the 2011 indoor series available for purchase. That was the season where Fajardo couldn't figure out which bike was his so he rode several brands . As for Free? Nothing is for free when you have to send a film crew around the world. Be thankfull that its available at all especially on Motortrend TV where fans of RoadKill and Dirt Every Day roam. --Biff
  11. After witnessing two of the Randonne JianShe powered bikes implode within moments after being started, it has me thinking. Has anyone tried transplanting one of the Yamaha based Scorpa power plants for the Randonne versions. Here is the JainShe engine that has questionable quality characteristics: Here is the Randonne with that power plant and electric start: And here is the Yamaha based Scorpa with the non electric start power plant: I have ridden a few "hopped up" 143 versions of the Scorpa and its nice. I really don't enough about the gearing, clutch and flywheel between the yamaha TTR, YBR and Scorpa to tell you whats different but If you combine a good power plant from a Scropa into the frame of the GasGas Randonne you might have a really cool piece of kit. --Biff
  12. At the recent trials held at the USA AMA museum it was anounced that the Helmet laws for AMA members will be tightened. I have several dozen helmets here in the us and one on europe. The rules are similar for both regions but different in acessibility. Here in the states the two authorities on helmets are the department of transportation aka DOT and Snell rating (probably no relation to the trs importer). Snell ratings are done by callendar by callendar year and are generally enforced by the auto racing officals. DOT is a bit of a farce here because you can buy a helmet and it might have a dot decal on it but tge governing body isnt really paying attention. I have purchased $20 dot helmets. Yea im not cool like that. In my state and numerous others a helmet isnt even required so i consider "something" better than nothing. Here in the states i can go to a store at midnight on a sunday or saturday and buy a trials legal helmet. Our big box stores here never close.... to be honest i can usually buy helmet, gear and hardware 24 hours 7 days a week here. Of course its not trials specific or branded but it wil allow me to ride on sunday because a bolt is a bolt and gear is just as protective as you make it. Now the picture you posted is of Logan who i met as a todler and his dad louie is an awesome person. I cant speek as a rep of Logan but i have asked about the full face and it gives him confidence. I draw parellels to spine protectors in europe. Only a hand full of riders here use spine protectors. Virtually every EU rider i meet use spine protectors. I have one by optima. In trials here we just ask that you try and protect your noggin. I know of your sean hes a good guy. If you show up in the usa and need a helmet or boots just ask around. We will point you toward a resource. --Biff
  13. Omg Cascao you are clinically insane. Hats off to you sir. Love the fact that i am not the only barefooted person in the workshop. Cant wait to see your next project. --Biff
  14. The Pampera of the 90's and early 00's was more based on the water cooled Hiro trials engine. I think the EC from that era was heavily modified if it was based on the orignal Hiro design. Correct me anyone if i am wrong. We have several other experts.... --Biff
  15. The air box should be filled with batteries. Make the old carb connection a plug and be done with it. A gasgas air box could go on and off in minutes. --Biff