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  1. Question for you.... Is AMA and CMA now a combined thing? would be nice to not have to purchase an $80CAD membership for the one or two events we ride there a year now that the O in MOTA is on hiatus. --Biff
  2. Biffsgasgas is full of it... He has also has major log on problems for the past few months and is just trying to survive in life so he isn't really that concerned about oni nou. He would probably share a beer with that person at some point in the future... Yea that was my first video. Its normal. Ride and have fun. --Biff
  3. Breaking news here. Bike is found and recovered. Trials is a small community here and because of this they were quickly able to get it back. Great work trials people! —Biff
  4. — biff ps bennifit of being part of one of the largest vehicle oems infotaimment systems. I jam out to this every day. Trials riders are welcome to visit.
  5. —biff
  6. —biff
  7. –biff
  8. .I apparently have a GYM... I haven't been there either zippy. --Biff
  9. Thanks for the info. I was just on his site and ordered the filter.

    Do you think this bike is worth enough to trade for a smaller motor cross bike for my son?

    What would this bike be worth 

    Thanks again


    1. biffsgasgas


      Thats pretty clean bike. You should be able to get 1800-1500 CA$ for that.


  10. There are a ton of Fantic's over on this side of the pond. I know of at least 6 here just around the corner from you in the Detroit metro area. If you need parts close call mike at the Tryals shop in New York. He can assist. --Biff
  11. Thanks Andy, Nice troll free information. --Biff
  12. So either X trials official sponsor is France or Thierry is getting too old to travel... 5 out of the 8 events are in France???? insane.. --Biff
  13. Andy needs to get himself a Focus RS.... drift mode baby! drift modddeeeeee --Biff
  14. That is so neat. Glad to have you here. --Biff
  15. Oh no!!!! This bike was much prettier in person. We will keep an eye out for it Jim! --Biff