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  1. My ty's all virtually feel like they are going to fall over. Make a friend with a tree unless you are trying to restore. --Biff
  2. Oh yea forgot the special shout out to the site! --Biff
  3. So this winter I have been working on a new "special edition".... Soon to be debuted in a USA national near you.... Special thanks to my wife for letting me build this for her. --Biff
  4. What you absolutely must have for your chinese oko carb is the clear float bowl. Nothing says you have made it like that trick piece... --Biff
  5. I have a Chinese oko carb on my ty. The only issue I have had is floats sticking every once in a while. I bought a trick bit for it that you may also want to get. I will take a pic of that here in a bit. --Biff
  6. The shorter the stroke the more one depends on compression... the smaller the piston the more you depend on stroke speed... put in you're back pocket. Not wrong but basic. for this example speed and simplicity doesnt mean we have to dictate perfection. A trials bike is a tractor. Lets try a base gasket and clean up before we analyse molecular structure. --Biff
  7. Well thats a bit harsh... i know that i have been critical of dadoftwo in the past but no need to get nasty. Lets keep focus here. Personal montra here for me is "offer someone an olive branch dont hit them with it." Discrediting isnt a positive way of proving ones point. Dadoftwo is smart at pointing out a possibility but doesnt need to be scolded for being wrong. We should be in this together. --Biff
  8. Wow that end gap quote is huge for a GasGas. I have always known them to be .3mm to about .375 on the 280 and 300's. I would clean up the piston skirt, Pop a base gasket on and run it. As you can see its not a horrible job to get to and Pistons come with rings but it will be advised to do the whole cylinder piston and rings as a kit. I would run it first with a new base gasket after you clean up the piston. All you have to lose is a base gasket at this point. --Biff
  9. Rebuilt the mrs engine today. Jesus and the gasgas resurrected today! --Biff
  10. I run 80:1 in my 09 Raga. Yes its ok but i change a plug each year. --Biff
  11. Keep it up Pat!!!! Smage, Frexia, Roper then Putt and Davis is the order. --Biff
  12. Your water pump is probably on its way out. There is no oil in or near the cylinder head. --Biff
  13. Yes the revised irc still come off the rim. Multiple rims. We are calling them "i r ceeing you dnf any moment". At 5 to 6 psi the leak slowly and around 3 ish become a bracelet. My dunlop d803gp's have ridden half a loop in sections flat (only on the bottom mind you) just to make their way back to the pits for a repair. I have found the sidewall on the irc to be stiffer not softer. --Biff
  14. I have checked many national and world round in the past. Its tough and I can't say that I am a flawless checker. One thing I tell our checkers here is try to be fair and consistent. If one of the checkers read this please don't think that we are trying to single you out. I know that the camera isn't everywhere. --Biff
  15. So a dab with your left foot as you cross a ribbon then a dab with your right foot equals a 1..... Got it! --Biff