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  1. You should only work on that old junk on rainy days,we had another great ride tonight and you coulda been there on that awesome 321,that's all I have to say...
  2. We run our Fun Trials events as "Gate" trials This allow riders to chose their own challenges,it's a weatherproof trials as you can just choose easier gates if weather is foul. Riders can't get upset with Trialsmasters nearly as much,and it makes for simple observing,any dab and no score for you in that section. Theoretically could be a safer trials but human nature seems to make guys just have to try the tough stuff (-:
  3. Mr Backwards! I saw him jump 5 cars sitting backwards when I was a kid. let me tell you,that Triumph was thye sweetest sounding motorcycle of all time!. He could flat track it backwards too. I believe he used to hillclimb it backwards also but I never saw that show.
  4. "Anybody can ride when it's dry" JimmyZ
  5. any frame without tubes under the engine needs a cylinder head stay to regain strength.
  6. I had Lasik done earlier this year at 57 yrs old,absolutely made trials riding much more enjoyable. I carry some readers in my toolbag as I can't see squat close up to fix anything,but I had lost my near vision anyway so at least I have distance vision now. Money very well spent!
  7. Recommend just swapping that focus for a van asap (-:
  8. Had a flat on my 2016,puntured new tire,slipped my 2010 rear wheel right on,rode fine except for hardened rear tire killing traction. Wavy brake disc no problem
  9. Dellorto carbs are no problem to get dialed in,all sorts of jetting is readily available. Dellorto direct in usa can get most anything,or the Dellorto place in UK. Where in USA are you?
  10. Break it up into to steps,start by just practicing the wheelie into the rock/log/whatever and it's ok to stop with the front brake,do the wheelie early enough that the front wheel drives into the obstacle. Get the feel of the fork compressing into the log/rock and rebounding,that's when you give the bike some help and jump yourself up and then push the bars forward.
  11. MX silencer 25mmx250mm long really woke up my 320TL,not really loud,has beefy sound. I did really like the quietness of the stock system,If just trail riding I would stick with quiet.
  12. 15 Pics from World Round Texas just got posted in my Facebook "Trials Riders" group,surely on of the Fantic pics is of yer bike (-;
  13. Haven't ridden my 2016 250 enough to get the filter dirty but in every other aspect it is a step above the rear tank bikes,turning at full lock it just feels totally composed,engine pulls noticeably stronger(Thinking about adding flywheel,but will put in more time on it first) Suspension better than a 2011 or 2010(I don't have enough time on 2012-2015 to fairly judge) Very happy I upgraded(And was able to pass my 2011 250 on to a new rider)
  14. Geez,Your supposed to invite me along when you are doing some Interesting trials related activity! BTW,SWM Jumbo is going to turn out to be a sweet trials bike,got it running and rode it some in the yard,feel good about spending money on it now.
  15. " Our plan is to have one single,distributor for Gas Gas trials and enduro bikes in each country"------That may not be the best move for the USA,very separated markets.