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  1. If they could get it together it would be interesting. The Motor suited by lad better than anything else.
  2. Computing power has moved on since then. You have more power in your phone than was built in to the Space Shuttle. Hence it's more capable of running an engine. We had an OSSA TR300i and that ran well and the Vertigo on the latest maps also runs without problems. As for spares and problems I have had to get a spare mudguard and stickers, the Kick start needed replacing and we had a selector problem. All dealt with within a week.
  3. Made it public want to try again.
  4. Video OK? Combat 300
  5. You can get the ACU form filled in at the trial and send it off or pay a £3 fee for a ACU day registration. Either way you would have been OK to ride. It is possible to fill in the form online if you get a Code from a club you are a member of and can upload a photo for the card.. You only need to register for the ACU though one club but you can join as many clubs as you need to. At one stage in my Son's riding career we had Membership of 10 different clubs riding virtually every weekend.
  6. Ripon tend to do good conducted Trials. They run a few hours before the Main Trial at the same venue. First one will not be until the 22nd April though. I would also watch for Yeadon Guiseley Trials. They do run Conducted Trials at most of their Trials Club and Centre. Horsforth Does have Conducted alongside their Club Trials. The next Club Trials is next Week at Tong and should be a good starter for a youngster.
  7. Been running the Combat Camo at 25ml to 5 litres since August. No Problems. Convincing your self you have 25ml in the fuel is entertaining.
  8. With regard to Vertigo contesting the SSDT, wasn't it the ambition of the Owner to contest the event on his own bike? Gas Gas don't have that ambition or need to compete.
  9. It was pretty plain when Dibs signed for Gas Gas that the BTC was not in his contract. I was not surprised by the announcement as the SSDT does not seem to be on the factories radar at the moment
  10. Seems James has withdrawn his entry for the SSDT.
  11. Haven have new Clutch covers and they are made of Alloy instead of Magnesium. SHould last a bit longer than the old ones.
  12. Chris's Camo was supposed to come on Dunlops I think. Actually came on x-lites.
  13. Confirmed that the Newest Ice Hells have the same battery less system as the Titanium bikes.
  14. I have to say when we had problems with the Jotagas Steve Saunders went beyond what he should have to help us out. I do know he had problems with the bikes so was probably quite disillusioned towards the end. They also are a good bike that in our case was let down with engine tuning and trying to get the Suspension to give Chris what he needed. Hence to move to Ossa and Vertigo. As it stands The Jotagas with a good quality team and development will be a good bike.
  15. Chris Found the Rear to be a bit "Dead" and the grip wasn't where he wanted it to be. He adjusted the Reiger taking some of the damping out and tightened the spring up. It's where he likes it now. I think you still have to look at other bikes to make sure which is best for you. Chris would like to try a 17 Gasser to compare. But his favoured option would be the Ice Hell just for the Shock.