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  1. Advice on buying a Vertigo

    Only way to tell is to ride them. Chris always goes for the 300 as he prefers to have the oomph available and he can control the Power on the throttle. He warms the bike up using the softer maps before riding on Map 1 and 4 once the bike is warm. They do engine brake but the newer the model the less they do it. Latest is that it can be dialled out if you use the App and the Get injection. The original Camos were a bit more temperamental but the later the better. The Ice Hell is slightly better balanced, The Fajardo is a great bike if you like throwing it around and the engine mapping moved the game on, the DL replica is better if you are a steady rider. The engines a bit flat for my son. They are pretty reliable but you still need to maintain the usual suspects, bearings, pads etc.
  2. The Trial today at Post Hill has had to be cancelled. They have been unable to find course markers available to mark the Trial out.
  3. My boy wants to ride

    Given you are based in Europe I'd stick to 125 bikes as The FIM make the rules here and 125 is in the rules for anybody up to 16 years old. As a thirteen year old he should be challenged enough until he gets the hangs of it!. If you have a Gas Gas then the 125 version is a good bike being flickable revvy and it feels light to a young rider. You'll have the bits already and it's just a matter of finding a good one if you follow the second hand route.
  4. Beta 80 keeps killing spark plugs

    Check to see if there is an Iridium Alternative. They can stand the heat and will last longer.
  5. Sherco vacancy??

    Various Facebook posts tend to indicate that Cabastaney has parted ways with Sherco.
  6. 2018 Vertical 300 maps

    ??? http://www.getdata.it/data/documentation/sito/Gestione_motore/WIFICOM/Manuali/GD_MUP_0003_AC.pdf
  7. Toby Martin to a Montesa?

    Does the ride include the BTC? The Montesa Has not proven to be that effective unless Bou is riding.
  8. Seems a retrograde step to me. Probably about staying in WTC and costs rather than the better ride.
  9. Trans oil?

    We switched at the last change to the Castrol Transmax Z as Chris was losing clutch feel as the oil warmed. Not had any problems since. Helpful it's longevity seems to be good.
  10. New Club

    Welcome to Batley Classic and Modern! http://classicandmoderntrials.club/
  11. New Van Trials Chocks

    Looks good. Would need to clear the Side door of the Primastar but what I had in mind.
  12. New Van Trials Chocks

    We have bought a van to transport the Vertigo. Does anybody have any recommendations for wheel chocks or a way to hold the bike. We did look at one that holds by the foot pegs but aren't sure it works with Trials Bikes. Its called the MX Lock and load. Anybody used it or anything like it?
  13. Dave cooper rack on a volvo

    I used two straps both about 10 metres long. I hooked on to the rear front loop, wrapped it round the rear tyre though the top hoop several times leaving enough to go though the ratchet which was on the rear hook. The Front went from the rear loop. twice around the fork leg though the wheel twice around the outer fork leg and though the ratchet and gently tightened up. The Ratchet goes on the same loop on the crossbar as the strap.I used some Pipe insulation on the rear Upright to stop the wheel paint being rubbed away. Even if it was cut the rear would need them to stand and unravel it before making off. The Bike went as far as Surrey from Leeds and back using this method. It allows the bike to move gently but not dismount.
  14. Fajardo replica

    Chris Found map 4 very useful at Cowling Cragg the other week. His bike was pretty much the only one not trailing smoke once warm.
  15. Fajardo replica

    A different bike to the 2016 bike that preceded it. It's more like a Gas Gas in the way it rides and the Heavier duty rear spring and different linkage are a real improvement over the 2016 for riders who like to stop and bounce. It also is very good on traction as well. Apart from that it looks great, I still have to change the air filter and it just goes when you need to fiddle with a carb when you change altitude.