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  1. Another great trial, riders having fun and good old gerd still a dab hand on the Fantic......next year Lee. Cliff
  2. Some people dock marks when the bike comes to a hault, some dock marks after a few seconds of being stationary. For me i count to 1000 and if the rider hasn't moved i'm semi sure they may have stopped. I would confirm this with the rider that they did stop before docking them any marks. Riders who ride to fast through my section i'd dock them a 5 because its not a race. I'd also dock a 5 marks if i don't like the rider, or the clothing they are wearing is not to my liking. They get a 5 if they don't say 'thank you' at the end of the trial and a 5 if i get the smallest amount of mud splatter.....I follow the ACU rules to the book. ......its only a hobby at this level.
  3. Whats my special dispensations now being a fully paid up club member - wink-wink
  4. spud

    New Ossa

    Hello S3, riding enduro's and surprisingly i'm less injured than my trials years.....will be riding the erzberg in 2011 and going for the win Baldilocks, living in a bottle of tomatoe sauce and being thumped continuousaly- yes i ride enduro's and am on the sauce
  5. Your contribution does not come from your car its more a personal release
  6. spud

    New Ossa

    Nice looking bike but not as good as the Scorpa SY
  7. The biggest mistake i made in 2003 was selling my SY. I then went on to buy: Gas Gas, Beta, Sherco, Montesa 4rt and now i'm back with the SY. This time its an 08 and its staying with me even though i don't ride as much as i used to. I'm no hopper but i can hop this bike more than any other and it gives me confidence when ever i ride it, something the other brands hardly ever did. I've had a few offers to buy the SY, will i sell it.....no chance. If there was one thing i would change it would be to have the rear mudguard shape of the 07 bike (pointy) i like the angle makes the bike look cool but the mudguard is blue and my 08 its white. I did try and heat the rear mudguard and hold it in shape but it returned to its original shape, any ideas?
  8. I'll be keeping an eye on fleebay for the soon to be heaps of fantic parts for sale.
  9. The best Twinshock models from the large scale production manufacturers are the bikes which cost the most money to buy now, which brings it back to: Honda, Fantic, and then Yam, SWM, Bultaco......But for me its the Fantic 240
  10. excellent performance well done David ..... not forgetting Bill who i suspect did a lot of prep. work to the bike - top rider and a top bike
  11. 93 postion after day three.
  12. Clicky: http://s406.photobucket.com/albums/pp147/s...amfantic001.jpg Clicky: http://s406.photobucket.com/albums/pp147/s...amfantic002.jpg
  13. One for Team Fantic and any other owners, I've been looking through some of my bikes documents (paperwork) when i bought my bike last year and came across a large amount of Fantic gumf. Have a look at the pictures theres so much stuff it may appear a little small but you may be able to make some of the stuff out. The key bits and bobs are; I've got post cards of Gilles Burgat (world champion 1981), Jean-Pierre Goy air turning a 200cc and British rider Steve Monk riding the 240pro. I've also got stickers and sow on Fantic badges. Looking through the ACU 1983 compliment Fantic hand book i see riders of: Tony Scarlett, senior trials champion riding a Fantic, Andrew Clinkard, intermediate champion riding possible a yamaha. Darren Snell, junior champion riding a yamaha 80. The best bit is the Fantic plastic carrier bag....lol just trying up find the upload pictures bit anyone?.......
  14. I don't want to appear childish when i say: COME ON TEAM FANTIC!!!!
  15. Rider 44, David Pye has entered on a 250 T/S! Does any know any more info about the bike other than its a 250cc? For those of us with an unhealthy interest in T/S Fantic's isn't this great news and even if David finish's last its an acheivement for a T/S Fantic.
  16. i was wondering what ill fate the wife had done to her husband "they were my husbands".....lol
  17. spud

    Xispa Signs New Rider.

    She's in need of a helmet i wonder if she'd like mine
  18. The Poll Tax riots had a big turn out would it be the same kind of turn out at her funeral? House prices are preceived value (all in the mind) in this country. The value of a piece of metal machined, milled has far greater value than house having a new kitchen installed. The kitchen only mantains the condition of the property but machining a piece of metal adds value.
  19. spud

    Exmoor 3 Day

    I'm assuming the section was on the third day and pictured above, in which case i fived it and luckily for me there were no camera's. As you'd expect Team Fantic were in there supporting mode cheering loudly and even the observer took the p**s.
  20. spud

    Exmoor 3 Day

    Seems i may have spent most of the trial asleep and the only thing to awake me was the 'Clunk' sound......not another 5
  21. spud

    Exmoor 3 Day

    Team Fantic what a team!!....excellent trial thanks to bill and officials
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