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  1. information

    Chances are that it was registered at the time - you may be able to recover the number.
  2. Headlight

    No, but as you obviously don't want to rob capacity from your battery I suggest using a mountain bike light. Good performers can be obtained at prices ranging from very reasonable to totally absurd.
  3. Rebound cartridge in Brake caliper fork leg (ok?)

    As your forks won't know left from right they will probably respond to all three of Newton's laws of motion as before, all else being equal.
  4. Next item to modify (for me) Rear Brake Lever

    Have a look at some old SSDT results to see how well a TY 175 could fare, particularly in the hands of Peter Oakley. They were winning awards all over the country at many levels. Even beating Montesas☺, especially when I was piloting the 348.
  5. Ossa MAR alloy tank.

    I have seen an excellent new tank, made in France or Germany I think. Modern materials (seems to resist ethanol) and super replica of a Mk 1 tank. Presumably they do Mk 11s also. Somebody on here must have details I'm sure.
  6. 4rt 2017 weak engine or high idle

    Looking at that video either the bike has been set up with far far too much slack in the cable or something is causing the throttle mechanism not to bottom out on the stop thus resulting in the excessively high tick over and concomitant slack in the cable compared to what you had before. Too high a tickover would also explain the poor starting.
  7. forks

    There's also the factor that a modern fork action is not what the original specification was intended to produce so experimentation may be necessary to suit individual requirements.
  8. Chain

    Made by Regina, but to Renthal specification I believe, so not just a packaging job.
  9. Beta evo 2011 250 won’t start after fuel over flow

    You could do as suggested above, or having spun it over with the plug out and throttle open, then try to start it with the throttle fully open and petrol off. That's how we used to solve the problem with early Bultos etc that often gassed up, as we referred to it.
  10. Cracked clutch cover on 2014 Racing

    I'd suspect something causing the shaft to move, possibly something getting between the kickstart gears. Better investigate once the case is off.
  11. To Nikasil or Not to Nikasil - That is the question.

    Rattling like a bag of spanners was pretty much the norm for these bikes in the Seventies. Indeed somebody trying to sell me one actually claimed the horrendous noise from the motor was the spanners rattling in the toolbox.
  12. Beta 2019 models? When release?

    Maybe Beta have it right - they seem to sell very well in the clubman market, which has to be bigger than the would be trials ace market that must have the latest thing. Perhaps the clubman prefers consistency rather than big change. There's a lot to be said for a proven machine, notwithstanding some comparatively minor but well known issues. I daresay the UK importer has a lot to do with it as they seem to be highly regarded for customer service compared to other importers.
  13. Piuma green frame colour

    A decent paint supplier can scan and match any colour.
  14. Beta 2019 models? When release?

    New fork oil!
  15. Finding Gas Gas parts

    No it wouldn't, I have had a 125 ml tin of Heldite for years and used it on various things (bikes, plumbing projects, kicking the tin over) and there is still plenty left. If you think 11 quid (it may be much dearer in France of course) is too much to sort your problem then you're maybe in the wrong sport (and I'm a typical tight trials rider, disinclined to unnecessary expenditure). Lidl and Aldi do boxes of O rings from time to time at little cost (probably less than a pair of genuine ones).