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  1. Bike pick-up - strapping it in?

    I found only one rear seat had to be removed and a timber arrangement as you suggest filled the footwell to prevent the wheel sinking making removal of the bike much easier. A strap round the top yoke and wheel spindle to compress the fork slightly before lifting it in prevents roof lining damage.
  2. 2 stroke oil

    Recommended ratio by Beta was 70:1for semi-synthetic when I had a Rev3. It lasted 12 years on that before I sold it with no signs of wear. This year's "must use" oil will change next year when a bike manufacturer gets a new oil sponsor so don't get too hung up on make of oil (but I'd avoid supermarket own brand☺).
  3. Montesa Cota 247 Break In Period

    Back in the day Montesa boxes could be problematic - too many shims, where Bultaco did a good box that only had one shim. Might be worth a strip and check if you're fussed.
  4. Softer Dellorto carb spring?

    I think you've answered your own question - Japanese carbs always seem to have longer, softer, springs. Try one of those?
  5. Sherco 290 front sprocket

    You want to look at Hondas with the sprocket held on by two bolts and a small plate. Loads of movement in every plane though it doesn't seem to be harmful (but sloppy engineering to my mind, apart from the float to allow sprocket to self-centre on chainline).
  6. Hi guys

    Best guidance I can give is be careful where you go "down the woods" as local polis have been equipped with off road bikes to pursue those doing what they shouldn't where they shouldn't due to the immense high profile problems locally with scrotes running amok on stolen bikes (of which you are no doubt aware). It would be a shame to have your bike confiscated.
  7. Montesa Cota Newbie

    Your friend's been very lucky - don't see many that good. It all seems to be there so, if it runs OK, with an oil change then there's nothing to do bar the paperwork, road tax being free and no MOT required at that age.
  8. Comerfords Tiger Cub

    I think the Comerfords Cub came out late '66 (info from a recent article).
  9. Comerfords Tiger Cub

    I'm seem to remember that, somewhere on t'internet, there is the launch article, featuring Gordon Farley, from Motor Cycle News or the Motor Cycle, whichever one it was. Probably gave the full specification.
  10. hanguard install 2013 sherco 250st

    If it is a fully equpped standard bike then there should be no need for "add ons". Better to concentrate on the change in technique required to ride a trials bike than what gewgaws to spend money on. Once you have some experience you will be better placed to judge whether or not the bike has any deficiencies.
  11. 16 4rt cooling fan problems

    Fan relay sits in a rubber "box" just behind the steering head. It is commonly used as a starter relay on Hondas so pattern parts are readily found on the internet for about a third the price.
  12. Long range tank/seat on 4T

    I got one of those but it needs a small diameter funnel to fill it. They're also available with a full size orifice so look carefully.
  13. Long range tank/seat on 4T

    I don't suppose you'd get away with a GTX can slung from the belt of your jacket as we used to do, but a proper petrol container in a backpack seems a better way to do it. Gives you more choice of bike if nothing else.
  14. Piston Kit

    Whatever happened to the Dynamin (I think that's the correct spelling) pistons Sammy Miller used to sell? They were a lot lighter too though.
  15. Anyone Recognise This

    Ah yes, I remember the John Lee Firefly.