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  1. Idlling ideas

    Couldn't just be getting too hot in the current ambient temperatures, requiring a bit of adjustment, could it?
  2. Decent trials tyre

    For what you are doing you could consider something like a Continental TKC 80 if it will fit in the swinging arm. Though a Maxxis Trialmaxx or Pirelli MT43 would probably be better. The ET01 claims to be a proper trials tyre (I have no experience of them) in which case they may be no better than the 803 for wear.
  3. Painting Aluminium Cub Petrol Tank

    In the days when I rode metal tanked bikes I covered vulnerable parts in clear Fablon. Worked a treat and could be replaced as necessary.
  4. Where do the two nuts on a new Michelin trials tube go?

    Apart from not using the locknut in order to prevent tearing the valve from the tube due to creep (which happens even with security bolts) you could also elongate the valve hole in the rim to allow room for movement.
  5. Beta Rev-3 270 rough running? Petrol Info?

    Having owned a Beta in the past (for 12 years) I would say that sounds normal. Try running without a tickover, as we used to do decades ago, and the noise should disappear. It is the inevitable result of allowing mixture in to the motor on the overrun. Having satisfied yourself on that you can set the tickover to suit then just enjoy riding the thing.
  6. Which model/year 4rt is best and why?

    As far as I am aware the only real changes came in 2009 with that year having different steering and a proper exhaust that did not have bungs to play permutations with, then again with the introduction of the 260 (which I found a bit softer off the bottom than my 09 when I tried one). If you ignore sticker changes there has not been much to report - perhaps they got it very nearly right the first time?
  7. New challenges ...

    Yes, grinder or file - you may need to add weld to build up the teeth if badly worn. Ensure the rests don't droop, ideally they should be just above the horizontal when viewed from front or rear. You can't ride properly if you are trying to stop your feet sliding off angled pegs.
  8. Freeride change

    Front forks and gearbox for a start, probably rear suspension unit too. Possibly fork yokes.
  9. I wonder...

    I know there used to be a lot of "performance enhancement" going on in the 70's world championships but it was not so easy to conceal seeing as the substances were generally packaged in pint containers☺
  10. How good to do ssdt?

    Leaving the sections aside, there's really only one way to become good at crossing miles of moor at a reasonable speed and that is to practice crossing miles of moor at a reasonable speed - not so easily achieved with most modern trials being as they are. The less your riding ability then the more you really need to be physically fit in order to finish - lifting a bike about wastes a lot of energy (watch the Ross Noble programmes, he was puggled to say the least and that was a dry year). I would suggest a structured training regime in the weights room. In the days when I rode the Scottish I was fortunate enough to be able to join in with just such a two nights a week, motorcycle specific, organised scheme. I still have the training schedule if it is of interest. Also, do it sooner rather than later. Better to look back on a "bad" Scottish than never do one.
  11. Pro's and cons..........242 v 247/8 cota

    I can't believe an original set up would have the airbox drawing air directly from the back tyre as that photo seems to show. Is this some previous owner's misguided mod?
  12. Softening a Vertigo

    I suppose I tend to Solarflares viewpoint generally as regards buying a finely honed machine then trying to make it something it isn't. Even in the context of limited bikes on the market designed to suit the real abilities of many riders, including me may I say. However, with specific regard to the Vertigo, surely one of the benefits of sophisticated EFI is the ability to adjust the response of the machine to suit the rider by programming rather than messing about with the fundamentals of the motor. Head inserts? Base gaskets? If these achieved any significant effect then the ECU would probably need reprogrammed anyway to cope with the changed parameters, so best to start with reprogramming. It would be nice to think that the manufacturer of the dearest and most sophisticated two stroke on the market would be interested in providing either info or programming to purchasers.
  13. Montesa 4rt Clutch clean

    It does, but at £25 a litre the ever careful trials guys looks for an alternative. I have settled on Rock Oil light as my choice. Plenty of threads in the past discussing this matter though.
  14. Observation

    In the days when I observed at the Scottish we were briefed that scores were not to be revealed to riders or spectators, only to other officials or accredited Press, so no problems with "knowledgeable spectators" or over excited riders. Has that changed? It was known that some observers had "favoured riders" with more local observers being firm but fair to all. Even in those days before every man and his dog had a camera it was not an easy job. I did however witness an example of poor (and unfair to preceding riders) observing this year. A winner from a few years ago, as it happens (but not this year's winner), pitched up at a section and, having ascertained that the observer was a pal from his locality, proceeded to move two very large awkwardly placed boulders from his chosen line with no subtlety whatsoever. I half jokingly asked the observer what the penalty for that was (it's classed as a failure and therefore a 5 in Standing Regs in case you wondered) to be met with a silent scowl. No doubt from which to give benefit in this case. There's nobody on here, including me, who hasn't put a foot on a rock in the hope it might move but taking the p*** is something different and should be dealt with accordingly. I recall such an incident years ago on Pipeline where, every time the observer's back was turned to view a competitor, a rider moved a rock, then the observer put it back. This went on for a while until an onlooking Steward took the rider's number and he was called to appear before the panel that evening. I daresay he was more circumspect for the rest of the week. With reference to no stop I have been very impressed, since the rule change, with younger riders' ability to flick the back end round on the front brake whilst still maintaining revolution of the front wheel.
  15. Rev 3 poor running

    You need to pull the silencer apart to really see. Or try the silencer off the other bike?