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  1. Does the continuous tone rule not only apply to vehicles of an age after the date when this rule was revised? A pre'65 should be ok with a bulb horn? Not that a tester would be likely to know or consider this. I've always found it puzzling, for a safety related test, that it should be acceptable for a tyre to be presented in a "damaged" state, the wall having received the attentions of a buff. I don't see how you could remove the writing without leaving marks.
  2. I would try 71zman's wiggle first, it won't cost anything if it does not work.
  3. I did wonder why you were stripping the whole thing just to remove two springs...........
  4. Once you start using it properly and there is a bit of airflow round the casings it may be a bit cooler in that area.
  5. 'Fraid I can't help with that. Beta UK did have photos on doing timing which might show this.
  6. Have you got the backplate in the correct position? Use the old screw marks as a guide.
  7. It's nice to have something a bit different but, frankly, I would heed Breagh's advice and employ the proverbial bargepole.
  8. I wouldn't worry too much about precise tickover, just set it to what suits you once you have had a chance to get used to the bike. I almost always used first on my Beta, but depended on section type as it could pull fourth if needed: it is very much a personal thing depending in riding style.
  9. From (distant) memory, clutch was 250cc and gearbox 550 but someone will know exactly. I think you could do better than a 30 in the clutch, given modern oils.
  10. The cheap hour meters don't seem to last very long. I have no idea if the "better" ones at £35 are any improvement on that (but would like to hear from anyone with experience of them). You just wrap the wire round the plug lead - but the Beta is not so critical that you can't just estimate the time each week.
  11. What really matters is whether the clutch works when riding. As you have been in there we now know all appears well visually and there will be oil in the casing. Start it up and push off as stated above but hold the clutch lever in all the time as you work up the gearbox - it will probably free off when you hit fourth gear. If not then keep riding round with the lever in until it does.
  12. Nice to get the chance to start from scratch and ensure the "PDI" gets done properly - grease every thread you can get at.
  13. I wouldn't be too hard on the previous owner - packing out the shoes was standard practice in the old days, especially where the cam did not have a splined fitting.
  14. A MAR with brakes? Somewhat of a novel concept that. I seem to recall the main purpose of the linings on the Ossa was to remove rust on the surface of the drum ☺
  15. If it has been left with petrol in the carb then it will probably need a strip to clean out the gunge before it will start. If carb is clean it should start fine with fresh twostroke mix.