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  1. Funnily enough, chain grease is designed to stick tenaciously, so once it is in to the fabric it's bound to be hard to get out. The solution to your problem is to adopt the old wax cotton trousers ☺ Though you may find that Elbow Grease spray does a good job of removing oil stains. I never have a problem removing mud with normal washing powder. Have you tried soaking overnight in a solution of this?
  2. A pal once went from near Duns for an advertised test ride on an Italjet at Sammy Miller's.........fitted in to other things on the trip admittedly.
  3. You don't actually need a visa to visit Scotland and, if you take the trouble to look at a map, you'll see that they are only just in Scotland, being very close to the border. Not so very far if you are genuinely interested (I have no connection with Border Bikes by the way). There's plenty to see and do in the area to make it a worthwhile combined visit, even if only for the Jim Clark museum which also happens to be in Duns.
  4. I would imagine a lot of them prefer it - a proper day's riding of a motorcycle. For instance, notwithstanding how much of the Honda purse he is receiving, how long will it be before Toni Bou, as a mature adult, tires of spending his days bouncing a motorcycle around on its back wheel?
  5. The Jitsie adjusters won't do anything if the standard ones allow use of the full length of the slot in the swing arm. I don't recall ever having owned a bike where they did not, but I've never had a Gas Gas. If you don't want a second spring clip then you could peen over the head of the pin making it a rivet.
  6. Disconnect one of the pipes and leave for a week? Won't solve the issue but may confirm the source of the problem.
  7. I think you'll find that, in law, an Oset falls within the definition of a "motor vehicle", hence won't be covered by household insurance.
  8. Back in the day I used to use cream cleaner for sinks with a hard plastic brush and it did a reasonable job of cleaning the surface.
  9. Use a strap wrench. Sammy Miller used to sell a metal version with a threaded clamp that went round the outside of the flywheel for the Bultaco but works on anything. It may still be in their catalogue.
  10. Not really. Some did have markedly different characteristics, which either suited a rider or did not, but I would say from recollection that, broadly speaking, they all developed at a similar rate pre monoshock. What buyers perceived as better is another matter as I doubt anyone could have forecast what the next year's big seller was going to be.
  11. Yes, and no. The rider was the real difference even back in the heyday of the 70's. Bikes could be different but not necessarily better or worse.
  12. It has been known for a businessman to buy out the opposition in order to reduce the choice for potential customers and hence gain sales, but I can't see Jotagas as competition for TRS in any sense of the word, far less at a level to justify putting money in to getting rid of it?
  13. Clearly you don't have enough slack in the cable. Remedy that before going any deeper.
  14. The answer lies in the wording of the standard ACU entry form, assuming you ride ACU. I daresay AMCA forms are similarly worded. Have you actually read it before signing at any time? There are those who would consider it prudent to be familiar with a document that could be used for or against them in a court of law (which, sadly, is the reason why these forms exist).
  15. Yes, it's not your problem - Sale of Goods Act - your dealer needs to sort it out.