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  1. Well said Allan, but I thought you had "unclapped" that Scorpa now.
  2. Have you put the assembly in to water to see where the bubbles come from (a good argument against doing away with the bath)?
  3. I do hope you didn't pay an RTL price for that. If you do a search on Montesa 315 you should find the info you need.
  4. I'd raise hell with your supplier if you specified something else. The Pirelli can't be seen as a tyre suitable for use in competition. Tyres are the most important part of the bike - perhaps even more so than suspension.
  5. Given that you have to wiggle the filter past the flywheel it would make no difference - the other bikes have smaller flywheels (if any) so the filter comes straight out. I can't help thinking that Honda could have reduced the diameter of the flywheel by a fraction and compensated by making it slightly thicker to compensate, thus allowing straight removal via a small cover. Oil loss is hardly an issue as surely nobody changes the filter without changing the oil at the same time?
  6. The new, soon to be introduced regs yes, which don't affect current registrations. Read backthread to refresh your memory on the issue.
  7. Manufacturer finds his product superior to that of the competition - quelle surpris. What damage may be done by breathing in nano particles mysteriously not mentioned. I dread to think what's in it but the free bottle of 6T9 I was given is remarkably effective. I get excellent results from Elbow Grease, £1 on the high street, which seems to be citrus based and safe for both bike and owner.
  8. Alas, the points cam is part of the flywheel so you can't set the gap with the flywheel off - you have to fiddle about through the slot in the outer face of the flywheel.
  9. I don't see what registering bikes not affected by the upcoming type approval regs would have to do with it but do feel that a letter to the Committee to enable intercession with government (the ACU not being one of the bodies contacted by government) surely warrants a response?
  10. Over two months after the ACU T&E committee were alerted to this, still silence.
  11. I would guess that RYP USA website will hsve all the info you need to strip a Sherco motor.
  12. Rather than have two lots, one for the twinshock and one for the Beta, I ended up running 50:1 in the Beta witth no oil problems. In fact I'm not sure the slightly weaker mixture resulting didn't improve the running.
  13. Running with the "clip" on the inside always used to be standard practice on a trials bike to prevent the horseshoe catching on anything and coming undone. It still is with me but the brake pedal pivot bolt on the Beta does tend to catch the chain, even at that. You need to keep the bolt tight.
  14. People like to drain the carb without removing it to prevent problems with modern petrol left for too long. What it hits is of no concern.
  15. More helpfully, perhaps, I don't think you'll find much with a lower viscosity than ATF. However I think it has been reported that use of ATF can cause the plates to swell causing the drag.