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  1. Stick some duct tape over it and borrow a bicycle computer for the MOT test - tbe easy answer.
  2. The 05s had various bungs in the exhaust in two or three places but if your MoT man is that fussy then they wouldn't make enough of a difference.
  3. BBC news this morning - farmers and landowners will have to earn their subsidies after Brexit by way of looking after the environment. The last time (about ten years ago if I remember) that legislation was introduced along those lines venues were lost with no apparent involvement from "our" side. Let's hope that this time round the ACU engages with the Authorities at an early stage to prevent a calamatous effect on the sport.
  4. Actually, there was a Haynes manual for "Bultaco Competition Bikes". I happen to know where there's one still in the sealed wrapper. Covers Alpina '72 to '75, though published in '79 so does this imply no Alpinas after '75?
  5. I always found that gaiters did a good job on my bikes in the twinshock era but you do have to look under them occasionally and let the area breathe. However, it's not very practical to fit them to a modern bike; if you take the spring out you will see that fork travel is such that a compressed gaiter would reduce this travel quite substantially. Not a good trade off for the small benefit.
  6. Actually, if you just keep the clutch held in as you go up the box it will probably release as you hit fourth.
  7. Evening "almost all sections" Why change and leave yourself lacking for the rest, few though they be? You've paid for six gears in the box and you probably don't feel the need for a higher sixth so use second as suggested above. You don't really want SSDT (11) gearing for the average section; they are a bit straighter that week so first can be higher than normal. I'm sure you'll get used to it as it is.
  8. Now there's a rule change that might make more of a difference than no stop - all bikes to arrive at the trial in the equivalent of a mini pickup :-) Seriously though, isn't it about time the FIM, if it seeks any environmental credentials at all, did something about a 70 kg bike being hauled round the world in a massive truck doing what must be single figure mpg? Never mind electric bikes, that's not where the real issue is. I'm not a follower of car sport but aren't there "rules" there which are supposed to have some sort of environmental effect, even if only nominally. Couldn't motorcycling do something that actually would have an effect.
  9. If that's the chrome framed, Russian engined, RTX from thirty-odd years ago then I think you will be out of luck. Not many were sold and I doubt if spares supply was great even then.
  10. You might find the mains making funny noises in due course.
  11. Sadly, if you have transported it home, let alone taken time to photo it, without draining it and getting it running then you are probably too late to avoid damage. The essential bit is to get it running and hot in order to evaporare off all the moisture before rust starts. Bent conrod is another matter of course.
  12. I seem to recall some people extending the slot fully to an open end in order to be able to remove the wheel in the event of a puncture once the spindle bent, though clearly that's not what has happened to yours. The third bearing conversion was not foolproof as the too small diameter spindle would still bend but just be more difficult to remove with the extra bearing. A top rider here got a spindle made up in stainless; it sheared. I found it intriguing that the 21st Century Ossa also had a badly designed rear wheel setup.
  13. The more waves the lighter, compared to a blank disc. And I daresay there is some surface cleaning effect from the edges.
  14. Other than gearing up for the Scottish, this is the first I've heard of anyone wanting to change the Rev 3 gearing, having run one for 12 years and spoken with many owners over that time. If you have standard gearing (see my earlier comments on rear sprocket size) then your gearing can not be "set up wrong"; it might not suit some particularly odd going (no idea where you are) or someone else's personal preference but it does not cost much to try a 9 so by all means give it a go. With standard gearing on my 200 I could use fifth in some sections, which does not suggest overgearing. Let us know how you get on but if gearing is too low you might not get enough go when you need it.
  15. The way advertised prices have been going I think it is a forlorn hope to find the level of condition you want at that price.