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  1. thats partly why observers are hard to come by. Who wants to stand and watch 400 rides through a boring section from 10.30 till 3.30
  2. Is the carb tight in its rubber sleeves? Too much oil of filter. Mixture screw correct. Standard silencer or aftermarket?
  3. Discs wear. Check for a lip on the outer edge. New pads needed once half worn. Check there is a bit of play on the pushrod. Get it working as best you can. Ride with the brake on till disc is very hot. Pour on cold water. Repeat. If this doesn't work your master cylinder or caliper has issues.
  4. You can fit an amal twist grip if you want a slower action.
  5. You are way off the mark if you think other makes are in general more reliable than beta.
  6. I was once told by a top sidecar rider that" stop for a one" would be far better for sidecars as they struggle to keep forward motion in tight sections. Either the standard of riders is poorer now or the sections are set badly. Not sure which but observing sidecars is very difficult!
  7. Mine came from bvm
  8. I did look and thought it looks a bit vulnerable. What hardness is the bolt?
  9. Bring back "stop for a 1" and most of the problems will go. However there is no way of getting rid of all the problems!!
  10. Its wrong. i was at a club trial with a big entry yesterday. Lots of riders would miss a section if there was a queue. Then double up on the last lap. All that gains is a bigger queue later on for those of us who are daft enough to stick to the rules!
  11. Why? If it does the intended job what improvement can be made? Fuel injection? Not everyone wants that by a long way. Look at the big seller at the moment. TRS. Nothing radical on that. Yet the Vertigo has all new stuff and isn't anywhere near as popular.
  12. I assume he means 4 laps of 10?
  13. If a diaphragm clutch is better you would assume honda would have it on bou's bike?
  14. I have put it to the east midland centre to have more centre trials with protected dates. But crucially they need to be trials that are worth travelling to. I don't want to travel 50 miles to a 4 laps of 10 at a poor venue.
  15. Changing oil every 2 or 3 trials is excessive and a waste of oil!