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  1. I did look and thought it looks a bit vulnerable. What hardness is the bolt?
  2. Bring back "stop for a 1" and most of the problems will go. However there is no way of getting rid of all the problems!!
  3. Its wrong. i was at a club trial with a big entry yesterday. Lots of riders would miss a section if there was a queue. Then double up on the last lap. All that gains is a bigger queue later on for those of us who are daft enough to stick to the rules!
  4. Why? If it does the intended job what improvement can be made? Fuel injection? Not everyone wants that by a long way. Look at the big seller at the moment. TRS. Nothing radical on that. Yet the Vertigo has all new stuff and isn't anywhere near as popular.
  5. I assume he means 4 laps of 10?
  6. If a diaphragm clutch is better you would assume honda would have it on bou's bike?
  7. I have put it to the east midland centre to have more centre trials with protected dates. But crucially they need to be trials that are worth travelling to. I don't want to travel 50 miles to a 4 laps of 10 at a poor venue.
  8. Changing oil every 2 or 3 trials is excessive and a waste of oil!
  9. I run the same throttle. The standard one is too aggressive .
  10. Things are always quiet in the summer. People are away. Doing other stuff. Making the most of fine weather. Lots of venues are too easy if it's dry in summer so riders don't bother. Get into September and the trials season gets going properly. Just local we have Brough trial next week. John McDonald trial then Hipwell trial. They will have good entries. Traditionally riders rode scrambles in summer and trials in winter.
  11. On an interesting note Manchester 17 had nearly 100 riders at a dead easy trial last week! Obviously riders are out there but are selective with the trials they ride. I often find nowadays club trials are far too easy and are getting boring. But the club's are trying to attract the riders who like these easy trials. One club near us run three routes with 50/50 on each! But they get good entries for their trials. Most poor entries for trials tend to have a good reason for it. Usually a clash with other events. A poor venue. A Saturday afternoon trial on the day before. Various nationals on the same day.
  12. Why would a parent nowadays encourage their child to do trials? Bikes are £5k plus. They get very dirty and need maintaining. You cant ride about in the garden or street on one. They get stolen a lot! Hardly anywhere for them to go and practice. If you take them to a trial you may end up observing. Wife doesn't want to go to a trial or she may end up observing. Compared to letting them mess about on a bmx or mountain bike its just too much hassle and expense. Or just get them an x box!
  13. The S3 championship is now too hard. It was supposed to be for reasonable standard centre riders. There was the option to put an elite route on for the top lads but this is rarely used. Instead they have some sections needing catchers. That is for the British championship. This championship is supposed to cater for 0ver 40s and 125 riders on the main route. Putting a championship class on the easy route has messed the job up. Good centre riders are riding that route instead of the main route. The easy route should be for clubmen just to make the numbers up.
  14. Trial severity is another problem. 50/50 routes have messed things up. Instead of a steady hard route with suitable sections now we have half the sections too easy for the majority of decent riders. And then some silly hard sections get put in to take marks off the best riders. So then good centre riders decide to do the 50/50 all the time as they don't want silly hard sections. Most club trials only need 3 routes. Beginners. Dead easy for anyone to wobble round. Clubman. Suits a lot of the entry who want a challenge. Hard route. For good riders. It's all messed up nowadays and you don't know what route to ride.
  15. Fisrt thing is there are too many national championships. People can't be at club trials if they are at nationals. Commiting to ride a national championship is an expensive job. £25 entry fee. Hotel and travel fees. Keeping a bike in a condition for the series.