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  1. I have "Tip Top bead sealer" Paint it on to increase the rim size. Designed I assume for pitted alloy rims. My new Irc is stopping up better with this. "
  2. I assume your a wind up merchant?
  3. Also the plug needs changing regularly.
  4. I get a feeling that the mixture screw should be 4 turns out? That info may of come from Beta uk ssdt preparation list. Try less oil on your filter. Often they are over oiled.
  5. Unfortunately a lot of selfish fathers instil this selfish attitude in young riders. Often in youth national trials where times are tight you will see daddy holding the bike in the queue whilst little lad walks about in the section till the last minute so the rider can be onto his bike waiting at the front of the queue for him. Only the rider can get the bike round the course so this should be stamped out at an early age.
  6. Have you tried it without the air filter?
  7. Something I had never really noticed in the past was the amount of wear on discs. This has caused me numerous problems. Once pads were worn down anywhere near half thickness the brakes would be sticking on and binding. I assume because the pistons were too far out. Check your discs for a distinct lip on the edge.
  8. Can you imagine if this was car tyres that went down like this. There would be a lot of warranty claims!
  9. Sorry no idea
  10. You are right. They have a stiffer sidewall and softer tread area.
  11. I'm have tried a new type IRC that isn't supposed to deflate. Starting pressure on lap 1. 4 psi Finishing pressure. 3.5 psi Starting pressure on lap 2. 4 psi Finishing pressure. 2.5 psi. This was a rocky two lap road trial. Probably better result than older IRC but still far from acceptable. I have now given the bead two coats of Tip Top bead sealer to see if it will help. Lomax road trial on Monday will test it!
  12. I would buy that USA made mixture screw if it was available in the UK. I seem to remember mine is four turns out.
  13. Paul rides a few trials still. And uses the same trials gear now that he did back then! Still tighter than most Yorkshire men could even dream of! He does play golf more though.
  14. I wonder who pinched my filler spout at the Jack Wood!
  15. If you believe half of what rumours you hear you won't go far wrong!