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  1. Zippy I don't think there is a lot of performance difference between a floating disc and a fixed one. The floating disc will work a little better if both are equally damaged / bent I would think. Let us know how you get on as I'm still learning.
  2. Another issue with the no stop rules struck me watching the trial. For some of the big steps preceded by a tight turn it obviously takes time to go from low rpm to even 3 /4000 rpm. While this takes place the rider can't really creep forward or they would be too close. Worse perhaps for 4t motors. Still enjoyed the day but the rules need to reflect what's actually observed.
  3. Packed , tapered perforated tube
  4. From a practice point of view that makes sense, you can construct a section to practice a particular technique. But world trials should be testing the rider ability across a broad range of technique and terrain ? Last year at Tong Bou was very impressive the in the mud section I watched on the opening lap but a few others just couldn't ride it at all.
  5. I think people need to stop thinking that making trials look like F1 is a good idea. Yes the car park is impressive but if the rules are a joke and the sections are all man made then surely the main objective hasn't been achieved. I.e find out who the best outdoor trials rider is...Yes obviously right now it's Toni Bou but the trials test what Toni is good at. World outdoor trials should include all types of terrain over a season. Currently as long as the car parks good and the venue has WiFi nobody is a***d about the sections.
  6. I'd love to but it's a bit far from Chateau Quinn !
  7. Splatshop? Just fitted a jitsie one with the valve integeral to the tape. It doesn't sit properly where the valve is but it's taking three days to drop from 5psi to zero so I'm leaving it as is. I did use RTV on each spoke head as well
  8. Good point. RTL Honda £3500 when launched 1985. Disc models were even more
  9. @oni nou good post. A timely reminder of why rules changed from full no stop in the first place. No easy answers
  10. There's a great video which has been shared this week to show the effort and dedication the world's top riders put into their sport. But even as a fan of no stop trials I have to say that the so called no stop rules are just a farce. It's so variable it's completely unfair to the riders. We , and the federations , owe it to our sport and it's competitors to devise a set of rules that can be reliably applied. Fuji should not have done this but for him it's more points in the bag, it reduces the risk of him being out of the top 5. But the rule itself is the issue. Having sections riders are not permitted to view from within the tapes but are expected to ride non stop ? Ridiculous
  11. Anyone seen entry forms for this year's trial ?
  12. Newcastle??? Anywhere in Yorkshire, well is Tong not in Yorkshire? Fort William, been there but not financially viable for the organiser, especially under current single day format. Hawkstone not available / too expensive. Not sure why Bangor stopped.
  13. I've done this before as Oni Nou and others have said you have the connections wrong. Trace the wires from both state and kill switch.
  14. I user to swear by Ohlins shocks for the Gas Gas until the 2013 model which has a different linkage to the earlier pro models. I fitted to one to my 2013 but it didn't work as well in the sections as the Sachs original. After fitting a different spring I still went back to the original. Ohlins still better between sections and bigger impacts I would say.
  15. I went to a shop and asked for ATF Dexron 3 and they sold me a bottle with ATF Dexron 3 written on it. Happy to re state Dexron 3 works well. I might try the NILS trials clutch specific stuff next time I need to buy oil to see if it's any different but there's no real problem to solve.