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  1. Best bike I've ever had at the SSDT. Cleaned sections on that bike that I never cleaned again in 1999 and it was a 1994 model bike. Rear suspension is actually very very good and despite its weight it comes out of holes and absorbs impact with the front wheel better than any other bike I've owned. It was never trendy but even more so than the air cooled Yam it made you a better rider.
  2. Ssdt gearing

    I did the ssdt on rev 3 betas and just left the gearing standard. It was still quick enough on the road. Yes 1t on the front will make it quicker on the road but you'll struggle to use 6th on the moors and some of the tracks so over the whole day it may not be faster. I'd suggest that you gear it so it suits you in the sections , don't worry about the rest. Cleans make you smile
  3. Ssdt gearing

    2t or 4t ?
  4. YAMAHA have a new TY

    Yamaha have an exceptional record of producing great bikes to make the average rider better and making that same bike for years. Honda make good bikes but not always so easy to ride
  5. Bluetooth ECU

    Except that in the trials world most of us do our own preperation and maintenance. I can do some jobs on my car and van but to be fair they require less maintenance than a trials bike. If your trials bike has to be plugged in regularly at a dealer or importer that's a big increase in cost as well as time depending how far away they are.
  6. Snow

    Experience is very relevant here. Kids always want to ride regardless of the weather. I do remember nagging my dad to take me to trials when we had snow / ice. However there aren't many kids riding now to do the nagging, most older riders just don't think it's worth the effort. Finally all the officials are older than the riders themselves.
  7. Bluetooth ECU

    Diagnostics is a huge step forward. It's why I wouldn't buy one, like many I don't have time to drive back to the dealer if it doesn't run properly or won't start. Especially if it's at a trial and you have to retire. Needs to be standard then I might think about one again.
  8. Bluetooth ECU

    While it looks flash an ex Vertigo owner has pointed out that the previous bikes had 3 or 4 maps you could select by pressing a button. Now you need to get your phone out which will take longer and you could damage the phone or run out of battery. Wasn't the previous system more practical?
  9. Toni Bou Sidelined with 3 Broken Vertebrae

    I think world trials have introduced some machine changes to make the bikes safer which trickled down to all levels and should really be compulsory. Lanyards, solid sprockets , the shark fin sprocket guards, disc guards, bar pads and now the new style rear discs. Nothing has really been introduced for rider protection. I'm almost six foot tall and modern trials boots only go halfway up my shin. Last time I caught the footpeg with my shin it got infected and took weeks to heal. So I've now started riding with mountain bike shin guards inside my riding jeans which I don't really notice. Some trials pants include protection but it doesn't reach the top of the boots. Back protector may be a good idea.
  10. Jet washing bikes

    Wash the bike, clean with Wd40 or similar. Remove air filter box, strip and clean carb, clean inside filter box, fit clean filter, re fit filter box. Occasionally start bike at home but rarely. Bike lives in the garage which isn't heated. Ive had no issues in the last 15 years I've been doing this. I think some people are trying to solve imaginary problems. My bike is currently out of use , I went through the above routine about a month ago and the bike has been in my freezing garage since. So after reading this thread earlier I've started it this afternoon. It's absolutely fine, no rattles no grumbling mains no big end failure, same as it always is.
  11. VAUXHALL Vivaro 2015 New shape

    My 2006 Trafic is on its original gearbox so I'm keeping it until it's banned under the emissions rules
  12. Rear Brake Woes

    They are a pain to bleed. Took mine to a friends garage who had a kit to suck the fluid through the caliper bleed nipple. I just poured fluid into the master cylinder at the same time and it was perfect in 30 seconds. For some reason the syringe method didn't work.
  13. Toni Bou Sidelined with 3 Broken Vertebrae

    Arguably the best trials rider of all time has just broke his back. Time for change ? Farre's crash last night was yet another lucky escape
  14. Toni Bou Sidelined with 3 Broken Vertebrae

    No stop just hasn't worked for me it's a farce. But can sections be designed in such a way that the rider doesn't have the opportunity or is at a disadvantage if they stop to set up / prepare for the next jump ? Applying a time limit and making the sections longer just led to the better riders getting further ahead. Watching Bou at the Scottish round he could land his wheels right first time whereas most others needed two or three hops to get the position they needed. Over the course of a section they just ran out of time. Applying time limits and the sump rule to current indoor sections is just dangerous. We don't want it's a knockout but some earth getting dragged onto sections would reduce grip and give 1st rider an advantage instead of hopping from one dry rock to the next ?
  15. 2018 RR

    @duggan a TRS is very similar to ride to a Gas Gas but I find the steering a bit more stable, better in a straight line.