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  1. It's how I bleed them when I have to fit a hose so will work. With the bars on right hand lock the clutch master cylinder is at its highest point. Back the adjustment off on the lever so there free play in the system then pumping the lever will cause any bubbles to rise. No need for a bleed nipper. Others may disagree but it's always worked for me and it'll take5 mins if everything is ok so you don't have a lot to lose.
  2. Just top it up, turn bars to right full lock and pump the lever. If the fluid starts to drop either the hose is damaged or loose or the slave cylinder seals have failed.
  3. Tricky dicky does.
  4. Where did you see that ? Just needs some more mud in the series and we might get some more variation in results
  5. If they really want it it's very difficult to stop them. Most security stuff will just delay them. Hopefully for long enough for their attendance to be noticed. Get alarms, chains, take the wheels out and get it insured.
  6. I hope it's wrong, if gas gas are going to support Busto, Fajardo and Dabill they've learnt nothing. Also what happens to the Peace brothers, Jack Price, Grattarola, Farre, Kadlec? Way to many riders already
  7. Are you talking about the bolt that fastens the clamp to the top yoke or one of the bolts that retains the actual handlebar within the clamp ?
  8. Ah the second favourite pastime of the keyboard warrior. The first is spending other people's money. Why don't the trade / acu / fim pay for.... The second is the same principle but it's people's time. I'm not saying that isn't a good idea @oni nou just asking who in the acu or local clubs has the time or money.
  9. By the way the event I mentioned is full, 450 entries. They have a brewery attending with a beer tent, a band , a dj and a mobile pizza company. It's a different scale altogether
  10. £65 to enter the MTB Enduro event at Alwinton this weekend. For that they get practice on sat pm and to ride the event on the Sunday.
  11. @on it whilst I can see what you mean if we got just half the people who go practicing every week to ride instead we would then have a lot more entries ? However we have to have a sensible approach as if we fundamentally change events to suit those that currently practice we risk the people who ride now leaving to practice. Which gets us nowhere. The issue is that riders now expect their exact requirements to be met. This can only be done for smaller groups if at all.
  12. Main thing was skimming weight off the flywheel and advancing ignition timing. More power but stalled easier
  13. Maco thanks for bringing this up. We had a discussion in this thread and others suggested something to try. Seaton Delaval club had an event coming up at a suitable venue so agreed to try out a conducted adult course. On the Thursday evening this was publicised via trialscentral calendar, front page, this thread and Facebook. By lunchtime on Friday Stanley Club had announced a similar event on the preceding day. Stanley are staging the same event again this week. More events for beginners is a good thing but why didnt they just run this weekend ? Too many trials in a centre aimed at the same riders is part of our centres problem with low entries. Stanley got 19 riders for combined trial and tuition, Seaton Delaval got about 40 for a centre trial including conducted adults and beginners. One trial with 60 entries each weekend would surely have been a better result for both clubs and for the riders who would have met more fellow beginners.
  14. A lack of time and effort is what's wrong with trials. Riders who expect to win because they bought a bike, clubs never looking for new sections never mind new land. Yesterday wasn't a waste of time in my view and it was my time. Numerous key board warriors will talk but rarely turn up. We go three people to have a go. One had ridden a beginner event previously. With three riders and probably 4-5 attempts at each section it took 2 hours 45 mins I think to do a lap. So more than 5 you will need more instructors. The riders all improved during the day. Wayne bought his first trials bike two weeks ago and went home having cleaned a section. Best thing for me was having done a lap they re fuelled and went back to the section none of them had cleaned. David Baker cleaned it in the end. So I'd say yes it works IF you have club members prepared to do it and riders prepared to try.
  15. I think you would struggle to find section that would allow such a varied ability level without compromising either the top level or the lower levels. This is exactly what's happening with club trials now I think. Centres with bigger riding populations can do separate trials but many can't. You then end up with riders at both ends of the ability range unhappy with the event.