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  1. Anyone seen entry forms for this year's trial ?
  2. Newcastle??? Anywhere in Yorkshire, well is Tong not in Yorkshire? Fort William, been there but not financially viable for the organiser, especially under current single day format. Hawkstone not available / too expensive. Not sure why Bangor stopped.
  3. I've done this before as Oni Nou and others have said you have the connections wrong. Trace the wires from both state and kill switch.
  4. I user to swear by Ohlins shocks for the Gas Gas until the 2013 model which has a different linkage to the earlier pro models. I fitted to one to my 2013 but it didn't work as well in the sections as the Sachs original. After fitting a different spring I still went back to the original. Ohlins still better between sections and bigger impacts I would say.
  5. I went to a shop and asked for ATF Dexron 3 and they sold me a bottle with ATF Dexron 3 written on it. Happy to re state Dexron 3 works well. I might try the NILS trials clutch specific stuff next time I need to buy oil to see if it's any different but there's no real problem to solve.
  6. I run ATF Dexron 3 in my TRS and it's been fine. When I drain the oil I only ever get 300 ml out so that's all I'm putting back in.
  7. So do you want us all to stop replying to questions in future as in your view we don't know as much as a Gas Gas Mechanic ? It's an Internet forum, owners and riders share their experiences. Nobody's saying you have to take anyone's advice but it's a bit strong to imply the poster should disregard people who take the time to answer his question.
  8. Yes call gas gas uk and ask to speak to factory kev. They'll put you on to someone else as factory kev left in April to go self employed..... Look up Kev Hipwell on Facebook.
  9. Bk you mean Braktec? Braktec and AJP are the same seals just make sure you get the mineral seals not dot 4
  10. Number 3 slide is richer ( more fuel / less air ) than a 3.5 which is the standard slide. Kicking may well be a technique issue, get the kickstart to the top of the stroke and kick it quite hard. All I'm saying is it was always three kicks so don't expect much better than that
  11. Every gas gas I have had takes 3 kicks to start hot or cold. Jetting normally ok but at sea level it may pink a little about 1/4 to 1/2 throttle. If it does then a number 3 slide will cure it but they are about £60. Most people just put up with it.
  12. I'm confused as to what you mean. Are you saying as soon as the lever moves a little twords the handlebar the clutch stops drive to the rear wheel ?
  13. TRS

    When I got my TRS I still had the gas gas in the garage. If you line up the rear spindles the footpegs, swinging arm spindle and bars are very close. Only material difference is the head angle is steeper on the gas gas. In terms of riding position I find the beta feels much bigger than a gas gas. TRS very similar to gas gas
  14. I remember this coming in as a rule but didn't know it still applied ?
  15. TRS

    Mines only 4 months old, no play in the linkage yet, I've stripped and greased the linkage twice. Biggest advantage is the linkage design as the lowest point isn't a bearing so you don't damage the seals. Mines done a few nationals and santigosa three day so it's on its second set of chain and sprockets and rear pads. It's had one set of rear wheel bearings and I've bought a spare filter. I can't fault it. To ride it's lighter than a gas gas pro but the front is more stable than my 2014 gas gas. Probably a combination of better forks and the head angle isn't as steep. Mines a 280 RR, I came off a 280 gas gas racing, no issues with power it's got plenty. I've recently raised the gearing to make 1st a little higher. You need to try any bike before you buy one I would say but I'd buy another one tomorrow