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  1. Virtually all the modern bikes have a single circlip retaining the gearbox sprocket. Yes B40rt those older bikes were really quick on the road.
  2. It just depends on the style of section. When I rode the SWM for a bit at certain trials you could ride the middle course and still be top 5. At other clubs events I had to ride easy course. However don't be misled, all this is really saying is that if the sections are easy enough the bike is less important. A twinshock or aircooled mono isn't a patch on a modern bike in terms of capability but if you ride a modern bike in a twinshock event you don't see the advantage in the results as the sections are set for a twinshock.
  3. Appleyards were the last importer of these bikes. I think Harglo preceeded Sandifords as Beta importer before John Lampkin took it on. So I'm not sure who imported Italjet before Appleyards
  4. Squeezed in tight construction? 4 bolts , one jubilee clip and the entire air filter / rear mudguard comes off a scorpa / sherco / gas gas, allowing easy access to the carb. One more bolt and the fuel tank is removed so you can remove the plug. Total time 5 mins if you have never used a hex tool previously. Can you elaborate please @dadof2 ?
  5. Less oil = more friction, beyond a certain point, would this mean less power?
  6. Oil companies recommend we use more oil, I don't believe it๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. 1160 each way to Santigosa is my record. Wish I d started riding abroad sooner
  8. How many children has Dougie got. Nah can't be....
  9. @nigel dabsterArguing with an idiot is pointless. It's like playing a pigeon at chess. No matter how good you are it's still going to crap on the board and strut around like it's won.
  10. I've got the RR, I think it actually starts better than my GG did, it's usually first kick when warm. BUT RR comes with a keihin, is your bike std or RR Andy?
  11. Fit two Base gaskets might help
  12. I did that once, awful end to the week
  13. Hi Cleanorbust Nothing wrong with the gas gas, Ive had 8 over the years but I just wanted a change. I've got a 280 RR and I'm very impressed with it. Admittedly I've only ridden it twice. Feels lighter than a gg to ride front end is more stable. Suspension / power awesome . At the moment all I've done is wound some off the rear spring and turned the mixture screw in about half a turn.
  14. Hi On mine I've just removed the light switch further back from the headstock at the connector. For the mapping switch I made a loop to shorten the cable then zip tied this to the clutch hose where it enters the frame behind the headstock. Map 1 doesn't seem short of power
  15. I once rebuilt the bike but got the connections wrong so when the bike got hot enough for the fan it actually made the connection good for the kill switch. If it's running sweet for 10 -15 mins then just stopping you may have done the same