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  1. I think what the top guys ride just puts an idea in your head sometimes. Id always want to try a bike before actually buying one. But I also take account of how the local riders do on a bike I may be interested in. The two best examples are the TYZ and the 4rt. I never looked at the TYZ as a potential bike. At the time of its launch Tarres had just signed for Gas Gas and at British level Saunders, Braybrook and shirty were riding well. The TYZ seemed dull but a friend noticed first that our level of rider after buying a TYZ did much better. So I tested one and then bought one, it wasn't capable at world level but made the clubman a better rider as it compensated for your errors. I really did want a 4rt having never had a four stroke. Despite Bous victories no rider at my level in my part of the world has ridden better having moved to one. I can't ride one for toffee either so I haven't bought one.
  2. Ok two questions. If I put a 14t gearbox sprocket on my Gas Gas will I be any nearer to Toni Bou in terms of results? If I'm stuck in the snow in my car, at a standstill on a hill, should I try and pull away in 1st or 6th gear ? Better riders can ride second as they are in control of the situation and online most of the time. However they don't ride ssdt sections in 4th.... You have to ride the bike at the speed that suits you not the trial winner. If you can't keep up with the speed of the bike you won't be on line for long. Laggan lochs is one of the very few traditional sections left where the line is less important as everything is loose and moves rider to rider. That kind of section most will ride in second. That's my last post to you on this subject dadof. You're not riding and it's not even your question. Good luck Africa Jon, hope you enjoy the best trial in the world.
  3. Dadof no other motorsport is relevant to this conversation. People who have ridden in the event in recent times are contributing and trying to answer the original question using their personal experience. However you appear to be quoting Sammy Miller from a different era with different sections and different bikes and implying this is better advice and we are all wrong. Let it go.
  4. I got up trotters burn in 1st, and the big waterfall at Gorton in first but that's not often used. Witches burn needs second but its a lot more open, its also bigger ! I've never ridden a vertigo so I don't know how the gearing compares to a Gas Gas. The steps are often as much about technique as the gear you use, as you point out the good guys are quite relaxed and accurate whereas everyone else has a bit of fear / adrenalin running so will probably hit it too fast. I used to find by the time I got to the step in second id be offline
  5. Agree Cleanorbust I'm not knocking Sammy Miller but id pay good money to watch Dadof2 try Meall Nam Each or Lagnaha in 3rd on a Bulto Bikes and sections move on, its not the 70s anymore. I last rode in 2013, i'm just giving the guy the benefit of my reasonably relevant experience
  6. ive said that to lots of people as well. no Microsoft product enters my mind when riding a bike
  7. Most of the very good riders use second all the time, I find it much too tiring and I end up going to fast everywhere. I think the very good riders use hardly any throttle but make better use of timing and suspension. The different bikes are also geared different, second on a Beta is much lower than second on a GG. If you can use second and you get better results then do so but for most of us 1st works.
  8. Do we have to go round this loop every time someone buys a gas gas ? Don't people ever read previous posts ? The filter box isn't a design flaw as it does its job very well. Modern bikes have a low seat height. At some point in the early 90s the separate seat disappeared and was replaced by a filter box you sit on by most manufacturers. This means that the intake cannot be under the seat like it was on an air cooled mono. On the gas gas the intake is behind the shock so yes you do get mud and water splashing in. That's the point of the flap on the underside, any material amount of water drains back out. In reality in really deep water it can get in that way but it's limited by the design of the flap if the bike is going forward. The filter was also moved and is now inside the box not at the air entry point. This means all of the mud in the filter box hasn't got through the filter. It looks bad but it works very well. I always clean the filter but 99 times out of 100 the carb is clean after a trial. Design has to be a compromise, the gg filter box provides a very low seat height and a filter system that prevents mud and water getting to the carb. I rode a pro in the 2009 SSDT, a very wet year and the bike never drowned once. On that basis, in my terms, it's not a flawed design, it does exactly what it was designed to do. The same principles have now been used by Sherco, Scorpa and TRS 👍
  9. Took it off mine. It helps keep the pads against the disc when going through deep mud or water so the bite point is more consistent. The downside is that the pads rub slightly on the disc. Last time I rode in the alps on the very long downhills the front brake kept overheating, this didn't happen with the old style caliper. I think gas gas team riders take the spring off or run the old style caliper
  10. Agree it's the same spot Harold Crawford drowned his yam by the looks of it
  11. Rappers is correct. It's the same year Vesty was British Champ as I observed them both at the Travers. 1982 I think
  12. I don't think Gerald ever rode an RTL ? Glen Scholey did but he was sponsored by Trident boots I think
  13. Chris Myers 1986 the year Tony Scarlett won
  14. I think under acu insurance the organisers are covered for third party but not the riders. Is there not a way round this if the machine is in an organised event where the injured party has someone to claim against?
  15. Prices for RR have been released today. £5949 for the 280 compares well to other brands