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  1. So who will win the six days? Dougie must be favourite but I'd love to see Michael Brown win having been second so many times. Jack Price has ridden before on a 125 but should do much better on a 300. What do people think ?
  2. How about fitting higher bars? I think Jitsie make some
  3. No he means the opening world championship round Andrew that's why it's posted in the SSDT forum πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. To be fair you were the only clean on my section on Sunday
  4. Had my RR since Feb. So far I've bought a spare air filter....
  5. Ouch. Can you remember the location? I'll be starting the santigosa 3 day on good Fri. From the pavement outside the sports hall along the road turn right up the street across the main road and into the hills. The police are there and stop any traffic when a bike approaches. My bikes taxed and insured but it's not a requirement. Youth classes take part. I had hoped we could do something similar in the UK at more rural trials under the legislation. Maybe not...
  6. Legally can you be stopped from putting a bike in the back of a car ? Good way to get round van speed limits and should also be cheaper on ferries and the tunnel?
  7. Entries for this event opened at midnight on the 31st March. By last night I understand 145 entries had been received with the club limited to 200. So if you want to ride this event you had better be quick. Website is Alwinton2
  8. I have used 80ml to five litres for years on various bikes. I have done the same with my TRS as I tend to ride longer single lap events. I tried 60ml to five litre recently and couldn't say I noticed any difference. Linkages and head bearings have been stripped once, they had been greased properly at the factory. Mines a 280 RR, very happy with it
  9. I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Trump distances White House from GCHQ wiretap claim -
  10. Just been watching the news that the White House will not repeat it's claim that GCHQ bugged Trump Tower πŸ˜…πŸ˜….
  11. You have days to spare every week copey so please complete your post. In fact you could have done more last night, I was watching you drink beer and watch TV through your microwave.....
  12. Breagh there was a serious post from a schoolboy dad on here a few years ago, they lived on the Isle of Wight. He thought it was completely out of order to drive as far as Yorkshire for a British Champ round πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Even when the north east of England centre stage a British champ round there's still an awful lot of the UK North of that trial
  13. I'm by no means the best mechanic in the world but fitting a rim tape isn't that hard. Once it's in properly it last for years. I've ran tubes before in a split tyre, fitted a patch to the inside wall. It's ok short term but if you get a puncture you are out of the trial unless you can get back to the van and generate enough pressure to fit another one. It can also damage the rim at the valve hole when the tube slips.
  14. So what happens when the bike is upside down?
  15. This thread has gone seriously off topic, I certainly haven't helped. πŸ˜‚However unless you are a landowner, and your land can hold a trial, and you can convince various authorities that you are correct its not really your opinion or mine that matters is it ?