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  1. Setting Race Sag? '17 Raga (Reiger)

    I'd always set my rear suspension up with sag previously but you don't need to do this with the Reiger shock on the RR. Out of the box they don't have sag, neither does the vertigo with the same shock. It doesn't top out like you would expect and provides greater lift. I presume something is different in terms of damping compared to other shocks I have used. Its very good, if you need a heavier spring for your weight they are available.
  2. Gas Gas factory bike detail

    Anyone seen the video tour of Casales Vertigo. They have tiny in line radiators in the hoses, Dougie calls them an intercooler. Just a thought to make bikes more suitable for the longer trials could the FIM specify a minimum coolant capacity ? Much more useful than a minimum weight as it should aid reliability?
  3. Casales on Dunlop

    Aren't some production bikes coming with Dunlop now as well? Still Michelin for me 😀
  4. Cant start up the bike

    I did here someone at a trial saying that either taking the lanyard off or leaving it on was draining the battery. Try leaving it on and see what happens
  5. Busto and Fajardo to Gas Gas

    Fajardo seems to be rejuvenated this year. As ever its difficult to determine what actually is happening. Is fajardo riding that much better or are Fujinami and Raga just riding worse due to injuries before the season started ? Cabestany also has hit a bit of form compared to last year. It's not dull and I think the qualifying helps. Being able to watch it live is great.
  6. 241 fork oil

    Thanks Peter
  7. 241 fork oil

    Hi Can anyone remember how much fork oil goes in a 241 Fantic? Thanks
  8. Efi

    this is actually quite an interesting thread but I think Yamaha may be about to make petrol trials bikes obsolete regardless of EFI or Carbs. Factory videos of the TY E look like the bike is already way more capable than any of us, no outtakes are included of course
  9. 2018 RR

    I run the nils oil. It's almost like water it's that thin. You could try putoline light gear oil or something like that, a bit thicker oil will make the clutch softer. Just try moving the Iever toward the centre of the bars ?
  10. 2014 4RT poor rear brake

    It works and isn't dangerous in my experience. No different to crossing a stream at the foot of a long descent
  11. 2014 4RT poor rear brake

    Red galfers are the best pads 👍
  12. 2018 RR

    The TRS
  13. Dougie Lampkin book...

    Surprised given the detail around the move to montesa that vertigo are hardly mentioned ? Enjoyed the book all the same
  14. Montys in Trial 2 this season

    And some of the riders were in the top class until recently. Very impressed with Toby Martin this year
  15. MAJESTY questions

    John shirt will have been a dealer for Yamaha as I think the bikes came through Mitsui Yamaha