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  1. I saw this on the BBC and thought you should see it: Trump distances White House from GCHQ wiretap claim -
  2. Just been watching the news that the White House will not repeat it's claim that GCHQ bugged Trump Tower πŸ˜…πŸ˜….
  3. You have days to spare every week copey so please complete your post. In fact you could have done more last night, I was watching you drink beer and watch TV through your microwave.....
  4. Breagh there was a serious post from a schoolboy dad on here a few years ago, they lived on the Isle of Wight. He thought it was completely out of order to drive as far as Yorkshire for a British Champ round πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Even when the north east of England centre stage a British champ round there's still an awful lot of the UK North of that trial
  5. I'm by no means the best mechanic in the world but fitting a rim tape isn't that hard. Once it's in properly it last for years. I've ran tubes before in a split tyre, fitted a patch to the inside wall. It's ok short term but if you get a puncture you are out of the trial unless you can get back to the van and generate enough pressure to fit another one. It can also damage the rim at the valve hole when the tube slips.
  6. So what happens when the bike is upside down?
  7. This thread has gone seriously off topic, I certainly haven't helped. πŸ˜‚However unless you are a landowner, and your land can hold a trial, and you can convince various authorities that you are correct its not really your opinion or mine that matters is it ?
  8. Quite happy to go with that as a solution if I could get it to work. A keihin has a single breather on a gg/ sherco / Trs. I drilled a second one using the casting for this purpose on the left side of the carb and connected this to the float bowl overflow. This was on my 2013 gg. My flawed logic being I didn't want a number of tanks collecting fuel. So if I connected two together I could have one tank for the original breather and the fuel would recycle from the overlow back into the bowl. I hoped the length of pipe would provude capacity to deal with the fuel. It didn't work, the carb flooded quickly. Base principle is that the breather tube has to allow air in but this means it allows fuel out of the same route when the bike is dropped. It might work if we had bigger diameter vent tubes and installed one way breathers rather than a tank?? If you simply fit a small tank to the breather you cut off the air supply and it will vacuum lock. I'll try the breather next..... Any other ideas?
  9. How's fuel going to evaporate in the rain ?
  10. From an environmental point of view we should all have efi or do something to prevent carbs leaking fuel. I'm not so concerned about what comes out of the exhaust. On an efi system the fuel is effectively sealed to prevent spill if a one way breather is fitted to the fuel cap. On a carb system the bike spills fuel when it gets passed a certain angle of lean in any direction. Keihin / Mikuni much worse than dellorto in this respect.
  11. No issues with transmission. To be fair I've only ridden the bike three times. The shift feels more like a sherco than a gas gas pro.
  12. Ross it's probably about 50% as heavy as my SWM was after I took two of the six springs out of the swm. With only four springs fitted the swm did slip in 5th and 6th. The TRS is almost the same weight as my Gas Gas and lighter than a Beta in my experience. My TRS is a 280 RR, doesn't slip doesn't drag.
  13. Virtually all the modern bikes have a single circlip retaining the gearbox sprocket. Yes B40rt those older bikes were really quick on the road.
  14. It just depends on the style of section. When I rode the SWM for a bit at certain trials you could ride the middle course and still be top 5. At other clubs events I had to ride easy course. However don't be misled, all this is really saying is that if the sections are easy enough the bike is less important. A twinshock or aircooled mono isn't a patch on a modern bike in terms of capability but if you ride a modern bike in a twinshock event you don't see the advantage in the results as the sections are set for a twinshock.
  15. Appleyards were the last importer of these bikes. I think Harglo preceeded Sandifords as Beta importer before John Lampkin took it on. So I'm not sure who imported Italjet before Appleyards