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  1. its been some time since i looked but tubeless tyres are effectively not designed to run at the mega low pressures we run them at
  2. let me reassure everyone that in this worst case scenario the ACU (assuming its an ACU event) would supply the club/its offcials with legal representation (eg a barrister) so clubs/offiails can be legally covered. I would also say/note that if one looks at the insurance section of the handbook, there is also a medical malpractice cover (in addition to the earlier notes about first aid being outside of the realm of suing)
  3. try and
  4. the posts above list some good local dates list putting an ACU hat for a second - the idea is nice to try and have a national dates list, i belive it is populated from the permits database - ie when a club asks for an event to take place it is recorded for insurance purposes - the extrapolation to a dates list is a stretch because there is no human input, but its better than checking a million website or having to phone around. Andy has a calendar (see and so does TMX, but both depend on users inputting dates - i'm (as an organiser) as guilty as many others as i don't put our dates on either
  5. MX related but this always used to be a cracker;
  6. as the first reply says every different area of the country, even different clubs within each area, have their own ideas about what is "right" i think we all (worldwide?) try to go from one pair of gates to the next pair of gates, but quiet how these gates are identified certainly varies. so clubs have 4 (we do), 5, or even 6 different routes through a section so the see of colour that you see can be very confusing. yes do try asking the observer, but they might be confused too or harassed. as a back up find someone else who is riding the same route (colour) as you and watch them or even walk the section with them. PS obviously what we do in the south east is right, with pairs or yellow, red, blue, white, white with black cross - the rest of you are just wrong! PPS i think the inward facing arrows as used by the Scottish might actually be a better idea
  7. firstly ascertain that the print vinyl is one for "low energy" surfaces eg or lots of other vinyls suppliers make similar products. the second and perhaps more critical step would be for the thickness of the laminate used. most normal graphics for everyday use are 100 microns while for "mx quality and thickness" there are specials that are around 300 microns. there are about half a dozen guys in the UK doing mx graphics with the proper stuff as a business, its all buy-able for anyone with a printer to do but economies of scale for a one off make it prohibitively expensive. eg Danger UK, spiral gfx, etc (there are more out there) thirdly (maybe firstly) the graphic designer need a template for that years plastics so what they draw up actually fits. disclaimer - i work for a sign supplies company but we don't make and i don't supply any of the guys that do this sort of work (ie i might be slightly wrong and/or i've no financial gain from this)
  8. as someone who organises a lot of MX and enduro, the sliding scale of relatively safer trials is compared to these others is truly staggering they way i would pose the question, is what sort of injury stats are we getting? knowing various high up in the ACU, i'm not ware of any statical trend in trials in a particular area that would cause one to ask for a solution i mentioned lanyards on the other thread as its something that is happening slowly (all youth, several British championship classes and now almost all sidecars), but i can't say organisers that we are experiencing problems that would cause one to say lanyards are the solution similarly full face helmets, gloves, solid discs, designated first aiders etc would imply that there is a problem that needs solving now as organisers and/or sanctioning bodies/federations we can improve best practice, offer better officials training, first aid training, risk assessment skills, etc to help, maybe technical official training for trials and enduro to improve technical control to ensure these bike specific measures are being enforced. but show us where the problem is then lets come up with a solution, rather than have a solution looking for a problem
  9. without getting to down and morbid, it is the safest motorcycle sport when compared to enduro, mx, grass track, circuit racing and finally "real" racing. You just have to look at the TT deaths every year (not to pick on the TT, look at various Irish Road races and Manx GP, Southern 100, etc) to realise we are very different levels of risk. But by all means lets not be complacent - we've various steps in place (helmets, medicals, risk assessments, bike safety features) to reduce accidents. Reading between the lines one would infer that lanyards will become compulsory in the future (as an example of safety features still coming in)
  10. weight over the front ??? ("f*** the handlebars" is what im normal told to do) others things like what gear, what tyre, what soil, etc
  11. re the above MOD land fee and pre entries why would you hire MOD land, *** without *** pre-entries - because of the MOD charging system you have to pay them the £1.1k even if a handfull turn up ...
  12. off topic - but doesn't "MC" stand for motor club (ie cars and bikes), while "MCC" is motorcycle club. you get others with "MC & LCC" (motorcycle and light car club). i think the law abiding thing is something to do with north america - but i could be wrong
  13. i beg to differ, i'm under the impression that many operate differently to this - ie no observers. Obviously several clubs have practice areas which operate in a similar fashion. Check with your federation (ie AMCA) what is OK (i've been to and ridden AMCA club trials run under this method) as to evening trials - we tried for a long time doing 4 in a row (at the same venue) around the longest nights - ie 1 each Wednesday for 4 weeks - we found that the novelty wore off and the numbers dropped. we now just run two, spaced out by about a month. We put a BBQ on and get a wide range of people - from youths coming straight from school all the way to workers (like me) getting there at 7pm and riding till dusk (then take the markers down!). Really depends upon your riders in your neck of the woods - good luck!
  14. He did look like he was having fun on it I've thrown up the photos i took on a public facebook page - many aren't too good (don't do a lot of photography and it was drizzinling) - and i was mainly watching the chairs but caught many of the high numbered solos
  15. to go off at a tangent - ignoring the rest of thread (which is a key issue) and they key question of why rules/regs/conditions/etc couldn't be issued (even with no organisers announced) .... let me ask this - those of us who sit back and observe ACU politics know that once elected the position is a "job for life" (ie until you age out under "over 70" rule) - sitting candidates are almost impossible to dig out without mounting an extensive and long term political lobbying effort requiring vast nationwide contacts to get 13+ votes. Thus it looks like no one is interested but they are just avoiding the confrontation. this analysis might lead one to a variety of conclusion to reform in a variety of (controversial) was the ACU democratic process, the committee's role, etc, etc (another discussion for anther day) keep up the good work!