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  1. Havnt been on in a while thanks for that Rich , totally forgot that it lists parts in the parts cat. Cheers though yeah will try that too.
  2. Right well i got another bike 08 raga 250 got the stand which needs putting back on as its always handy when your having a break, just never got any bolts could some kind soul please check what size they are im guessing they will be same in most... its got the 09 frame so 09 onwards might be best. Thanking you!
  3. Not bad thanks, miss getting out on bike, and having a few more mates with them now think its time i got another one.
  4. Its not illegal if its for personal use anyway is it ? May be wrong dont quote me on that. This site usually works... but like said if you put it in google you'l get a few sites pretty much all the same. vidtomp3
  5. Ahh cheers... wasnt there when i came back on so just wondered. Didnt mean to sound rude in anyway.
  6. Ah this answers what i put in my return thread... will await its return.
  7. Not a newbieee but havnt been on here in at least a year and half, from when i got rid of my 07 gas gas , after another gas gas now probably about an 09 and want to get back into it Must of taken me about ten goes to try and remember the combination of username and password. Oh and Andy any idea when the classifieds going to be back up ? Lew
  8. Also to make it stronger cut up abit of old Inner tube and slide it over where the crack is it will hold the mudguard together stronger.
  9. Yeah im about to do mine around the bottom of the frame where its starting to wear , the strip it comes with is pretty useless really when its the edges that wear. someone want to make a template? ha.
  10. I run my Gas Gas on about an 80:1 mix might be all it is try it.
  11. Personal Preference basically they all ride different go out and try as many as you can... you wont need a 270 like said way to much power for someone starting out.
  12. Thats probably because it is / was the gasgas uk shop site.. but now sell bits for other bikes too
  13. What colour are they the wheels? They look as if they fade to black half way round? looks smashing! did you put all the extra's on it yourself after buying the bike then ?
  14. If its the big rubber flap it will sit ontop of everything when you have the airbox off above where your carb and things are etc... il try find a diagram sure theres one about somewhere ... not quite sure how they seal the airbox i just know i tape up the drainage flap at the bottom so nothing can get up into it, then undo when cleaning airbox out etc etc. hope some of this is some help.
  15. I think i need my suspension sorting on my gasser it doesnt spring back up really ... dampening ?? Im on a 280 and my shock is black i thought just the ohlins came in black because someone i know has a 125 and theyre shock is yellow and thought all 07s came with sachs or ohlins? that correct?
  16. Id say that was a gas gas 320 or what ever they were , even thought it says *note in this wasnt another gas gas* hah.
  17. Hmm might try some , will 20mm be too high you think ? Im about 6ft and always seem to be arching over and can feel it in my back on long 1 lap trials.. or is 10mm sufficient?
  18. Im putting my bike rack onto the back of my corsa sport but the suspension is lowered so the shocks are stiffer on the back so shudnt bottom out or hit bump stops, i doubt it will make the steering that light they only weigh about an average person really.
  19. Didnt think the 08s came with the red frame ? or have you had the black one sprayed?
  20. they are obviously a good design if no crap gets to the car must say iv checked and checked my airbox after practice and the air filters not even dirty and anything that gets in goes on that tray they have which is great.
  21. buy some cheap water proof trousers like the ones you get in a pack with a coat for like a tenner do the job great..
  22. Tube deffinatly easiest way mine wouldnt seal properly onto the rim so just banged a tube in , you cant really tell unless your a real good rider would of thought.
  23. my friend said he gave in , had a bad wrist apprently.
  24. the clips should go back on if you dont damage them while getting them off if they are loose id get new ones though.
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